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Kurt Metzger is a stand-up comic, writer, and host of the "Can't Get Right with Kurt Metzger" podcast. His latest special, "30 Minutes with Kurt Metzger," is available on YouTube. www.kurtmetzgercomedy.com

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What's going on buddy. Good to see you. It was fun to see you last night, too. Wait are we on yet? Yes, that's great that we opened up right on right on you puffin Last night was fun. Oh my god. It was a towel dude. I was remember today that he said that Deliverance was his Barbie He said so many a sides like that there was so many like you know Tony said something really funny He said you you watch him you die laughing And then afterwards you can't remember anything. He said, no, that's right. And then I start to have recall. It's like I got abducted and then the memories come back. So when I woke up, I was laughing because I remembered. He said, he said about, he goes, I need to get a root canal. But I couldn't get it guys. I couldn't get a root canal because I was in Oklahoma. You know, every life is sacred. You ever have a back alley root canal? Ha ha ha. He was just everything about him was just so silly and so casual. It was very, very, very. And when he pulls out the recorder and starts playing that little flute thing. Yeah, he learned to do that over the pandemic. No. He learned to play record. The fact that he uses a flip phone for real. I guess he has. He wants to go. Yeah. I guess he has a iPhone that he uses for social media. When he was I was I was want to send him shit and I can't because he's I guess he's taking the calls on the flip phone. Yeah. Yeah, he prefers to be out with flip-sod. Yeah. I think he prefers to be with the flip phone. But I think he's right. I think he's right. I think if you have a cell phone that's all connected to the internet, a smartphone, but you don't use it that often. Every now and then you check it, [2:01] that's probably the way to go. You know, of course he's right. Yeah. Everybody has North Korea in their pocket at all times. Yes. Yeah, you really do. Are government, their government, everybody's government? You better hope it's multiple governments, so there's at least some competition for your data, and it's not just one monopoly has all your data. Right, how much have you paid attention to the TikTok thing, whether they're with their trying to do this ban on TikTok. Too much because we covered it and it's because, well, here's what it's, besides controlling and being able to take shit down whenever they want and doing, we're trying to, yeah, we are a China by the way. I don't know if people think we're not China, but we are China. And but now the real push was coming because of Israel, not because of, you know, all the Hamas videos or whatever But his really supposed shit Tiktok sensors people tiktok's not like a free speech something platform, right? So the shit is really soldiers are posting themselves is getting out and what happens is the kids are on tiktok and [3:02] you know It hasn't been 1944 forever it's been pretty woke here so now that's clashing seeing seeing this shit that you know remember a song been loud made a huge comeback think about a I don't know how many months ago oh right right right people just discovered his letters god he makes sense I think he's an industry plant. There. So what are these Israeli soldiers putting up on TikTok? Well, all the war crimes that they do at now. No. Look, I would never... Really? I want to make this clear to everyone. I would never listen to an Arab, okay? So I want you to understand that. I would never believe a Muslim about nothing. You don't have to ever do that. Look at not America what they tell you. Israeli news, Israeli politicians, their ambassadors when they come here and talk, listen to what they say. Cause that's what I unfortunately did, and it was quite disturbing. And what's even more disturbing is when I tell my friends, [4:00] here in America, they go, yeah, no, they get war. Nogasaki Hiroshima, right? You've heard you for the old Nagasaki Hiroshima. Yeah Rock combo. Yeah, you'll kid Dresden. Okay, this is like how naive I am Jimmy was putting up because I could see the stories ready loading up for the whatever the next segment I see Israeli ambassador in a UK, Dresden. So what I think it's gonna be is she's going, how dare you compare what we're doing to Dresden? We're defending ourselves. Okay, that's what I think, you know, that what a normal human would do is go, I would never wanna say Dresden is okay. Did you ever eat slaughterhouse, Kervonigit, we'd read the book in school because Did you ever use slaughterhouse, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, Dresden, we got to do Dresden. Explain Dresden, what took place at Dresden [5:05] from people who might not know? I don't remember what city it was. We fire bomb them. Fire bomb the entire city. Yeah, indiscriminately. No, no, no, not indiscriminately. On purpose, targeted civilians to break their spirit. But keep in mind, Dresden, as much of it to crime, but that was like the wars going on and on so then they started doing shit like Dresden evil shit we didn't do not hear a sheema that weak two of the war right right was dressed in why was dressed in so heavily bomb this is all of the three day out bombing attack intended to force a German surrender level the city and left tens of thousands dead and probably more than that by the way it's's, look, I thought everybody knew it was a war crime and actually everybody did know up until, like you know, people thought natural immunity was the thing until a couple years ago. Yeah. That's, this is one of those. So I'm disturbed by that. So she was essentially saying we have to commit a war crime. Right. Or we're doing a war crime. in the war, because in her brain, it's 1944 all day. No one from the cellar would point it out this mindset [6:06] and it's very insightful, because not 1948, when you got Israel established, it's 1944, right after this shit happened and you're real mad. They live in 1944, but we lived in Wokey Times. So the clash between the cultures, every time I hear an Israeli official or military persons or fucking BB speak It sounds like someone's embarrassing immigrant parent that doesn't know not to say gay slurs here in America Every time So again, I do not support Hamas or any Arab or Muslim I hope I make it clear I'm one of the good people and like the good people I yearn for us to go back and fight them You remember back with that was already me when we knew what was what before we went to all this kukukaka I hope we go back to those days in fact, I was liberal. I'd also hope that the Obama times that was so great [7:04] Times of a less or be the less confusing enemy Yeah, yeah the times of a less or to be the less confusing enemy. Yeah. Yeah, it was more clearly established what was going on. This whole... Dave Smith knows shit, by the way, when you have, we probably had him recently, right? Yeah. No, Dave's the best at it. Dave knows he, I'm very proud of Dave consistently because he really knows his shit. He doesn't talk about things unless he knows his things and he goes very, very deep into subjects. He doesn't talk out of his ass at all. No, not at all, dude. No, not at all. He goes very, very deep into subjects, really gets an understanding of them and then fucking debates people and really knows what he's talking about. He actually contributes to these conversations in a very, very meaningful way. I know him a long time, dude. I'm very impressed with him right now He's very impressive. He's very impressive He's the end he's hilarious too. It's like he's both things hilarious comic Very impressive. You see on Pierce Morgan. Yeah, I did see that so my buddy Gary from the erotic one on Pierce Morgan with Kim or the other guy the critical drinker and then these two chicks from most English [8:04] And it was on Pierce Morgan. Pierce Morgan is getting like the YouTube talent pool of whatever to come on and debate these topics. He discovered all this. It's like, are the Oscars over? Or are the Oscars irrelevant? And I cannot wait to ask Gary about it because the question, he like, how come Barbie didn't win an Oscar was actually like a topic And like just imagine like of an international news show To feel like Barbie I'm so as incredible Imagine being upset. How come I'm gonna. I'm gonna. I'm gonna. Yeah, listen Even if it was like really good, it's a Barbie movie. You know Batman Dark Knight, he's ledger. He's the reason that one, just his performance. Right. I mean, maybe he could say that for Barbie. That's a pretty fucking good movie. That's a different kind of movie though. That's a dystopian movie about crime, written city. [9:01] Barbie? Barbie's fun. Oh, it's like talking about Barbie was crime ridden city. Like, it was a good idea. But how can you compare the two movies? Well, Oppenheimer's a movie that people will be watching decades from now. I'll tell you how. You check the algorithms and you see what topics are trending and you just put them together like you're a fucking AI and you make a TV program out of that horse shit and you discuss it as if it's a thing. Can you imagine you must be doing so well in life if like that's one of your your your issues about like who got who got some but the Oscars at all I looked at it. And that at Barbie not get it. Yeah if you were just like if you're just passionate about the Oscars I think you're an idiot right but if Barbie got it, I didn't even know. It was on a toy. I saw John Cena naked on the internet. I didn't even know it wasn't a movie called Barbenheimer. I don't know. They mashed those together to save the theater industry that got killed after COVID and also all the movie suck. [10:01] The theater industry did get killed though. Everybody knows they can stream things at home now, so they just started giving it to you at home, and then they don't have to pay as much. Yeah, a lot of great reasons to stay home forever, God, I don't know if you know what you're piling up. Oh boy. Don't even go out no more, man. Boy, the COVID really did in the streaming thing. It did in all the thing. Hey, it really did in the theater thing because streaming movies at home so much if you've got a nice TV and boy you get a big ass TV cheap now like what's a 65 inch Samsung TV cost right now when I remember when they first came out with plasma screens you get cheaper than insulin I'll tell you like a 24 or 28 inch plasma screen and it was like $20,000 dollars and I was like $20,000 for a TV that's crazy Yeah, now a TV like that is free. They just give Technically as low as $400 what but that I mean that's the oh my god That's insane stuff, but yeah, whatever sure has some sand. It's still 4k [11:01] Yeah, hey, you know what let me see what that looks like for It's still 4K. Yeah. Hey, you know what? Let me see what that looks like. For $397 from Walmart. I don't think it's TV. Best Buy, it's $399. You sound like you're doing an ad for them. But no, but look at that. That's insane. 65 inches, 4K. Look how thin it is. 400 bucks. Those fucking things were so expensive at one point in time. So now watching movies at home is awesome. Do you buy any, like, I always thought, and I'm not smart with money in any way, but like top of the line technology, such as that, like, 20,000 dollars when it first comes out, never in my life, even if I would have the disposable income for a $20,000 platter, I go, of course, another thing's coming out tomorrow. And this was going to, that's how it's always been for this stuff. But it wasn't when those $20,000 TV's came out. It was a long time before anything was better than them. Oh, well, it is when they first got the technology from Roswell. So it's going to be more. [12:09] This is, I think we're talking about like the 90s. So like, see if you can find an ad for a 28 inch plasma because they were plasma. And let's say, let's just say like 96, 1997. I was working at the Wiz selling cell phones and PCs. Prebuilt like a Dell, like not Dell, Sony had a Pentium, you know Pentiums. And very little markup on it was not the good department. I used to make my own. Well, that's what a smarter person would do. An idiot would come to our store and buy it there. Well, I bought that too. I bought, there's like, they were always getting better, but you could do a lot with, you could buy motherboards and you could, you learn how to put like the little, the jumpers in place with tweezers. And when you know it's interesting, the tweezers and the jumpers were like master and slave. Oh my God. Yeah. And I don't know what they call them now. [13:01] Can you edit this out, James? Yeah. Okay. So what year is this? It says 97 is the first Fujitsu Plasma screen. That was like 42 inches. Fujitsu. Oh, I think is that the first ones? I feel like it was more money than that. I feel like it would say how much? Still $9,000 is supposed to $400. Like that $400 one is infinitely better than this fucking clunky hunk of shit with low resolution. No, that's what I'm talking about. That's why buying it at the very beginning, I mean, it's like, dumber than buying a fucking boat. In 2003, Plasma TV was $10,000. Oh, that was 70 inches. That's pretty big. That's why the Black Friday line started getting so crazy because everyone was looking for good TV deals and whatnot. Right, right, right, right. I killed three now when people try to get when they get aggressive. Those are the front those and laptops like the first big thing. But black, black Friday sales are some of the darkest moments in humanity. You see those people fighting over like boxes of shit like [14:01] What the fuck? I think I'm looking at the greatest country on earth. Frankly, Joe That's what I think I'm looking at the greatest country on Earth, frankly, Joe. That's what I think I'm looking at on Black Friday. On African American Friday, excuse me, excuse me, Joe. When you say these guys are getting in trouble on TikTok, like, I'm not on TikTok. So like, what's not, you're not a pedophile? Yeah. So what specifically are they putting up on TikTok that's getting in theing off like blowing shit up into I don't look at it. I don't want to go on TikTok for any reason. I don't care about anything on it. But we have the show we show clips. You know like the clip of Wolf Blitzer, you have a clip of Wolf Blitzer, where he has the, I don't know what rank the guy is. This is in the early part of the work. And the guy's English is not, usually I have pretty good English, but his isn't great, right? And wolf who used to work for APEC, okay? Wolf's not a pro on the side of everything dude, right? And he goes, so they just blew up some refugee camp and to get this one guy to get this one Hamaz and will say, wait, you dropped blew up before there's 400 500 people with that [15:09] camp and you're like, that's why I'm like wolf's face. He's just like, are we gonna go? Yeah, oh wait, I forgot the best part. I don't want to say best part, but on wolf's face, and you could see wolf is like, what in the fuck? This one talking about and he goes, well, did you get the guy? He goes, oh, we can't confirm. He might have not even got the guy. And Wolf does. They say they can't confirm. They probably didn't get him. Of course, and Wolf. So Wolf knows that. So Wolf, he's like, we have to go to a break. That need to watch that. Yeah. I was trying to find it. I have the clip from the show. So is this one of those ones going to get us in trouble? I don't. I'll hit it. Probably, right? No idea. Well, let's play it just for us. I don't think I have to even find it. Oh, yeah. Find a chance at this. This is it. This Let me get back down to our breaking news here in the Middle East. A massive explosion at the largest refugee camp in Gaza. [16:09] Joining us now is Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht. He's the international spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces. Thanks so much for joining us. I want to ask you first about this massive blast that we all just saw. We saw the video at the Jabalya Refugee Camp in Gaza. Is there anything more you could first of all tell us about how this explosion happened? I will thanks for having me. So we'll be coming out in the next hopefully hour with more dhasa by an update you now that I'm going to be a senior. This is a Scottish Israeli dude. Like what is this possibly that accents crazy? Do you know Australian is really I know but the accent with the flag I'm like my brain is going what's going on here? It's got a collect from it We've got bombs there. Okay, go ahead Hamas Commander in that area Sadly, he was hiding again as they do [17:03] behind Within civilians and that's all I can see at this point he was hiding again as they do, behind the within civilians. And that's all I can see at this point. We're looking into it and we'll be coming out with more data as we learn what happened there. Oh, it is Scottish. So can you confirm it was an Israeli attack that destroyed a big chunk of that Jabalya refugee camp? Yes, I can. We went, we were full. And were full of the target. Here's where Wolf gets upset. Senior commander Wolf will be updating you with more data as the award moves ahead. But even if that Hamas commander was there amidst all those Palestinian refugees who were in that in that Jabalya refugee camp Israel still went ahead and and dropped a bomb there Attempted to kill this Hamas This Kamaas Hamas commander knowing that a lot of innocent civilians men women and children presumably would be killed is that what I'm hearing? [18:02] That's not what you're hearing. We, again, we're focused on this commander. Again, you'll get more data who this man was. It killed many, many Israelis. We're doing everything we can. These are very complicated battle space. There could be infrastructure there. There could be tunnels there. We're still looking into it and we'll give you more data as they all are moved ahead. But you know that there are a lot of refugees, a lot of innocent civilians, men, women, and children in that refugee camp as well, right? This is the tragedy of war, I mean, we, as you know, we've been seeing for days, move side, the villains are not involved with I'm not pleased, move safe. Just trying to get a little bit more information. You knew there were civilians there, you knew there were refugees, also it's a refugees, but you decided to still drop a bomb on that refugee camp attempting to kill the Samas commander. By the way, was he killed? [19:01] I can't confirm yet. You know the updated, yes, we know that he was killed. He said he was killed. About the civilians there, we're doing everything we can to minimize. I'll say it again. Sadly, they are hiding themselves within civilian population. Okay. Again, we are doing this thing like that. You get so gay to shoot through all the people. It's sad that there's people that's normal and that's just war. Putin, by the way, is the most evil man in the world. For nothing is fucked up as that. No. So look, hey, they do have to do something crazy though when you see the difference between people looking at things objectively versus people that look at things tribally. Yeah. If you're on the right side, you support Ukraine against Russia. Russia is the invader and Russia's this horrible country. Right. And they won that right thing. Right. But this thing, just a disparity in death count. I don't want to hear about weekers ever again. [20:01] Don't tell me about the fucking weekers. No. Because they got a lot better than Gaza. The Wiggers, or living like kings, compared to that shit. So all of a sudden, see, objectively. They had a nice job with a cot. Wiggers, they got a nice job at the factory and a cot. They're getting work experience. They're learning to trade. The thing about the Wiggers is we don't even really know what happens to them We don't know what they're doing to them right because they deny that they put them in camp It's a lot like want on them. No well without no. It's like wantonimo when I was there I asked somebody about week cuz I you know most people by the way don't even If we bring it up they go oh don't say that when you say what I was there you went to go onanamo Bay or you went to... I went to China. It's something Jesus Christ cursed. It wasn't Guantanamo. It's a cursed part of the deep state. I went to... I went to Guantanamo. What is a solar soldier videos reveal, cheering, destruction, and mocking gods and dialysis? [21:00] The idea of social media videos found Israeli soldiers filming themselves in Gaza and destroying what appears to be civilian property the footage provides a rare and Unsanctioned window into the war Yeah, so that's why tiktok's and so the guy from the ADL we played the recording of him going I can't remember the name of the He goes we need we got to get on this we need the kind of genius that was behind Talit or people didn't know what he was saying. Just force everybody to use a flip phone, like a tell. That's why I said is, it's all those soldiers should be, no, no, you can't trust you assholes with TikTok. You're too wacky. How am I gonna brag about what I'm doing? Yeah. How am I brag? Hey, if we could do shit like that, to bet we couldn't, we could have won those two wars we lost out there, huh? If we could just starve, hey, you're all gonna be starved until the Taliban surrenders. Yeah. Why didn't we think of that? Right. We're not as good at fighting as them. I guess is what it is. Well, they're involved in fighting on their own shore every day. Yeah, against people that they hate with, I would say a racial thing and I know it's real because I did is really go for 10 years and the the [22:05] whole top now here's what I find I think I'm pleased to graduate if I'm wrong but I think if I had converted because I was like a big thing like you know you know and I think if I had we could have moved to Israel and I could claim my birthright of land. Yeah. Well you can move there. Like if you're an American, she has dual citizenship, but I'll bet you you can do that. Have an American Jews down over there to avoid prosecution? Well, every country does that. I mean, that's like a thing. American Jews, if someone's coming after America, I thought Meyer Lansky tried, oh, am I thinking of the Godfather with a guy had Yeah, right no my or Lansky did he do that? But I think there's a thing applicants much meet one of the following requirements one have at least one Jewish birth parent or two Have converted to Judaism. That's easy. Well my wife. I've been that you don't need to be religious to qualify to fit in our trips. In fact, many of our participants are. [23:05] Oh, you told my birthright. Yeah. So that's, so he goes, that's what I'm saying. The ADL guy goes, we need the people that came up with birthright to put their heads on this TikTok thing. Well, the, the Jewish thing is a wild thing because it's a race that you can join. No, it's not. It's a really people think of it as a race. Like, you know why? Because Hitler thought of it that way, sure. Also, a lot of Zionists think of it that way. Bunch of Jewish people don't, you know, ultra orthodox Jews, which I always liked ultra, because that's like the whole thing. But you have to accept that some people feel that Jewish is a race. I, yeah, called anti-Semites. I know, but there's like people that feel like there's a bunch of different races and Jewish is one of them I don't know how to do it. But but it is a thing right? It's a thing that some people believe right. Well, yes. Yeah, that's a thing you can join Imagine like imagine if you could join being Asian. We'll be Goldberg did it successfully [24:03] And she's never looked back She called the Holocaust white on white rock and she's she's It was insane basically that's just some white people Fucking it wasn't about race what because she did the homework of anti-racism that she was you were supposed to read those dumb fuck books but no one believes by the way anymore it's done you're supposed to learn that anti-racism anti-racism is that it's impossible that done oh it's is done with anti-racism no no there's still people embedded like ticks that are but it's it's over because now a bunch of people have finally figured out to have a goddamn lawsuit because all this weird ass shit was never legal. It's been rejected by, you know, remember, California, I think, what did they strike down here? Or they didn't vote for like, uh, uh, um, I'm blanking out of it. But now there's lawsuits up and down and people are winning them. You must have talked this, didn't, do you have James Lindsay on? He didn't bring up like any of this of that somebody from a college has got like 25 million oh Starbucks murder girl from Starbucks the manager and these guys want [25:11] to use the bathroom and it was during the BLM times right and it came out that the higher-ups were like she didn't really have any they were like we can't fire a blackbird so just fire the white manager so it looks like the fact so and and so their thinking is not about their racial feelings, they're like optics in this media time. So that's what's so gross about bringing these corporations into these moral things, because none of them are moral. And it's like Mr. Burr, we were seeing Mr. Burns turn good on Simpson's and he made little Lisa slurry. And she's like, Jesus,'s a worse when you're trying to be good. That's what it is. Yeah, well, they're only about money. And if you attach money to a DEI score and say, well, this is how you get tax breaks. This is how you get it. Proversions, incentives. Yeah. It's very perverse. And it's all just a control thing. And it's very ingenious. And it's next door neighbors to a social Social credit score, right? A DEI score is a corporate score that's not even as very similar to the way [26:07] the real problem would be, we institute that nationwide. Okay, we already have for individuals. So we already have that first of all, there's a whole bunch of people that are debanked, the people that I don't even like many of them, some that I do, and they've already, what's, to the very concept of shadow banning, you know, Ian with, he was here with a tell, you find answer. So he got his, I think his account shadow banning is why would it be shadow banned? He said like four things that are definitely gonna get your shadow banned. Are not offensive even, but there are things that you shouldn't bring up like around COVID or, and even now on Zuckerberg's platforms that you're not gonna be sure. But why is shadow banning a thing? How is that, how did anyone who isn't a piece of shit go along with the idea that we don't have to tell you what you did and we're not gonna tell you what we're doing to you and that's our right to do that. [27:00] Okay, well, not only that, but they're all agreeing that they're going to do something to throttle the opinions of people that have problematic opinions in their eyes, but it's not illegal. How's it working out so it doesn't violate any of the customer any of the agreements that you sign? Well, you signed away all your rights to everything already. So go fuck yourself. But, but how's that work? You could do all that goofy shit you want, but, but how's that work? You could do all that goofy shit you want, but, um, my, my analysis right now is wipe-o thing. The shit collapses under its weight, because you can only go so long telling people to ignore reality. You know, the Soviet Union collapsed from everybody. Like, we're getting the stage now where people go, we all know it's a scam. And the next stage I've had is like, wait, why am I saying we all know what to scam about all the things? It's not too far. Next lockdown, you lock people down, they got nothing to do, but look into shit. That's why a lot of prisoners know like more current events than Bill Maher. Like people that have been down for 20 years, because it's nothing to do, but read and learn things if you're smart. So they did all the society. So some people and they said, don't do your own research, [28:06] which is such a suspect, don't go into daddy's forbidden closet of mystery. Oh, okay, I won't. Don't look into Hillary's, but that's a hilarious one to infantilize people to the point where you're telling them, don't research things. Yeah, we'll handle that. We're the professionals. Meanwhile, we lie all the time They're doing to us what they did to Haiti and the shit we do to all the countries They're gonna do to you so the shit we did to Haiti Which is never let them have their own leaders and coup them when they had one elected one That's us now now that's us. We're gonna pass the laws. You can't vote for the guy you want Why is he even being allowed to run it all if it's such a Fascism has come I don't even understand any the messages are so mixed and the only way to believe them is to be Highly frightened all the time New York Times has just started doing this new thing on Instagram [29:04] Where they take the actual writers and they have the writers talk about the issues? I'm leaving and when you see when you see the right they don't understand what they're doing This is exactly who we thought was writing these things Very a feminine guy and this woman that it's like the kind of woman it seems like you Do at a party like like talk down to you and it's just to your thought. Yeah, exactly. The type of people that would, you know, these like, these ultra liberal out of touch people. Yeah. And these people are talking about one of the guys who's talking about Donald Trump's words being taken out of context that it would be a blood bath. You could see he was talking about the auto industry and the economy. And then this guy starts bringing up other episodes of violent rhetoric. It's hilarious. But yeah, God. Yeah, God. Look, give me some thought. Oh, God, what I guessed. Seized on those comments and said they were an example [30:01] of him calling for public violence or predicting violent actions if he didn't win in November. His supporters said that those comments were taken out of context. Like the punch him in the face, I'll tell you. Trump has a history of using violent rhetoric dating back to his 2016 campaign. That language took on new significance after the January 6 attack on the Capitol in 2021. And throughout his third campaign for president, he's been getting a lot of attention for the way he talks about violence and retribution on the trail. He suggests exactly the same. So this is the New York Times. It's all full of work. This is these hard-nosed reporters with the cop a coffee that are like fucking chasing down leaves and they're pulling their hair out and they're meeting people in back alleyways. This is Woodward and Bernstein. Do people think that's still? This is Woodward and Bernstein. To people think that's still... This is Watergate. Like, no, but I mean, they're essentially like ultra hard left activists that are masquerading as journalists and everything has their opinion on it. There also, there also masquerading as activists. They're bourgeois tweets. They have a lifestyle brand, which is homosexual in the city guy or gal [31:03] and I work in the paper. They do the same amount of work as when you see those a day in the life of Google, first of all, the chair. It's Twitter, yeah, that video. That video's amazing. Yeah, and they don't even make that, well, New York Times, that's the big time. So all the plum jobs, you know, like it's kind of similar to when people were mad that sign-failed. They were like demanding, you know, why riding in coffee with sign-failed in cars isn't a diverse enough. Yeah. Anyways, because I'm sign-failed every time they bring these things up to them, I love his fucking response to that. But at a place like New York Times, they have to go, oh, we need to bring these so all like exactly, but you could guess what they look like. All of them have moved up from like the gamer gate, which at the time I was an adult and I was like, I don't care about this, but they've all were moving up in the world of media. Because where's the money coming from? You got to hope you do well enough at making little smear articles on a shitty video game [32:02] website to get picked for the big leagues and some people did. Yeah. And they've been moving up and then you read like me I like oh my god 20 years have passed and then I see like that's that little twerp like if the one that got shame fired actually went somewhere in life. If I like like there's people like him that work with the DHS to about the terrorism of you know saying whatever whatever the fuck this idiot's referring to. Well, yeah, they've they've become embedded in intelligence community. Well, they're all it's all a thing of like your career, right? If you want your career, you can either say the truth about a thing or you can worry, or you must not want to have a good career. Yeah. Oh, your career. Go keep all people have to do is not be a punk to their career. I'm not saying careers don't matter. I'm saying I will never be a bitch to a fucking career. Who would do that? Yeah, but you don't have to. See, the difference between you and a guy working in government, it's a very stark, stark conscious. [33:00] Oh, no, in government. You're a new comic. Yep. Yeah. But even comedian incentives got perverted. Perverted like I work in government at a certain point. Did they know? Yeah. Well, they only did with people that suck. Not like they didn't with good comics. Okay, I don't mean like I would never say that dumb ship you like I like, whoa, it's killing comedy. No, comedy is a thing that's been around the whole time, what it'll kill is like your Disney fucking corporate figure out how to sell it to people. Yeah, that's killing that. You're the movies. Right, but not standups to lowest rung, dude. This is the one like, oh, I see it to real laugh when I was telling it to tell any of it about people go, he's a failed comic. What I think they mean is- We said that. Oh, people, it's like an insult people throw around. Tell me about who. Well, the example I'm thinking of why I say this is, because I sidekick on Jimmy show, there's a bunch of people that are like hardcore, blue, no matter who, that were like friends of his and, well, Martin, that are like, fuck you, you're despicable. [34:01] Like this unbelievable, it's your duty, you know, like it's your duty to vote for the lesser of two evils, remember the 2016 shit of like the moral outrage, right? And then, but your choices are, I didn't pick the right evil for you, that's, and you're judging me for that. Because you didn't take a stand in the right direction. There's nobody who's not evil. There's only way it's going to work out. They don't even say the right direction. They go the less evil direction. Like I'm supposed, my heart's supposed to slow with emotion. Also, you're not supposed to stand up and say, hey, both of these things suck. Because if you do, then you're on the wrong side. But mine's better though, admit that. Mine things marginally better than I think to that like a child. They was on the talk about that if you talk about Biden about Biden being corrupt They was like oh my god in comparison to Trump like why are we comparing him to Trump? Let's pretend Trump was never born if Trump was never born and it was Biden versus you know Fill in the blanks how long was Trump in the government RFK junior? How long was Trump? If you have just Trump just Biden versus any politician if they were just running and they get to pull up all this shit [35:08] that he did while he was vice president, all this shit his son was involved in, all the stuff that they absolutely know, like unaccounted for millions, where did all that money go? How did these people get all this money? Like what would you do? They don't do that. How much would he get paid? Why were you getting paid so much for this university? Were you at a job where you never showed up? And you just... Any up buddy else that was a Democrat, Biden was in prison, like Obama was running against Biden. Imagine a world where he wouldn't get taken down. It was like that. He ran, like that's who he was before he became Vice President. That's who he was in 1988. His nickname was Uncle. It'd be, his uncle Joe, that's not because you're good. They call you Uncle Joe. Like, he was, he was creepy, like creepy uncle. Remember Obama would go, oh, that's Uncle Joe. Because Biden was like, get a shotgun. Remember those clips that go around where he was like, [36:01] you know, and that's all all that was when he was running for 2020 or wasn't it? No, no, no, when he was when he was Obama's vice president and you know He's a gaff machine Biden would say goofy shit. Yeah, he always he always says goofy shit His brain worked yeah, and the way the white and the white house was hugely embarrassed by it all the time And the way they would do the pitch about like that's Uncle Joe That's how they would pitch him and then then he was a Joe. So you're saying Uncle is like his old or goofy or dumb. Like how I'm an unmarried Uncle of two. I've never heard Uncle uses a pejorative before. That's why I'm confused. Like a crazy Uncle? Okay, crazy Uncle. Because you're more sure about Uncle Joe. No, like Uncle Joey. We call Joey Uncle Joey everybody calls Ted new Jan Uncle Ted but the when they say that's because you see you're thinking about it like a poor person right now from there from their standpoint their standpoint is a condescending oh that's that wacky uncle yeah that real upper upper-class view of calling so you're talking about it like the way someone from [37:02] a normal place in neighborhood thinks about family. Yeah. That's not how they think about it. But I should even run a bonkel. It's, first of all, if Trump's only been a government for how long, Biden's been there for 50 years and we can go easily look up all the damage he did to all the people. Yeah. That's why there's so many undecideds and various things. This is my point about it. Let's pretend Trump doesn't exist. Pretend Trump doesn't exist. I would like to. And then tell me, how come RFK Jr. can't get on the primary? Just tell me. If this is a real democracy, you tell me why this guy who's a candidate, who's environmental attorney, who's, you know, got, even though he's got this voice issue, he's extremely articulate. Yeah. Very good speaker. Very good recall of controversial ideas, but who the fuck doesn't have controversial ideas in the world of 2024? Who doesn't have controversial ideas? The guy knows what the fuck he's talking about when he talks. [38:02] When he talks, you could hear a guy who knows what the fuck he's talking about when he talks, right? When he talks, you could hear a guy who knows what the fuck he's talking about. That guy from The New York Times in my world has controversial ideas. My I think what he's saying is controversial about taking things out of context, talking about violent rhetoric. By the way, Biden and Obama in 2020 were both talking about who could beat each other up. Why? Because they're dumb old dudes. A good one, old dudes. So, but he's, when he's saying I liked a punch him in his mouth, that's what he's talking about. And when he's saying that people should be executed for treason, well, guess what? That's what I can hold on. That is actually the fucking, that's the, that's what happens to you if you get tried and convicted for treason. That's the punishment. The punishment is execution. It's kind of always been execution. You shit. So what I'm only saying is saying that that's violent rhetoric with that guy saying in my mind is like trying to look, he says bad enough things as it is instead of distorting what he says, which [39:07] now makes me not trust you, just say what is actually going on. And also talk about the evidence that shows it Biden is insanely corrupt because both of those things are true too. And if you don't want to talk about one because you think it props up the other, you're a part of the problem. Do you treat your innocent in palizing the whole country and treating us like we're children? That's right. And we want to know why didn't RFK, why couldn't he get in the prime minister? Like if this is real, if this, if democracy is real, you guys don't just get to decide who runs your party against the will of the entire United States. But they're experts. But isn't that insane that no one has a problem with that, but everyone thinks that if Trump gets into office, he's going to become a dictator. You've been talking to De Niro again. Yeah. I don't even listen. When De Niro starts talking about Trump, I love him too much. [40:00] I just channel. Is he like, you saw, you ever see being there with uh... buters dollars i think he and trump hate each other personally i think that is yeah i think it probably what are the uh... he seems mentally handicapped i'm not kidding he seems meant like i don't know i have a few he doesn't know about he was a bill mar bill mar has more to ask him i don't it's crazy bill mar would ask anything you know there's a national guard in this in the fucking subways and shit. Yeah. So Bill asked him, we think about it. He goes, I don't I don't know. I don't know about that. If there's anything I can do to help. I should be asking Robert DeNiro about his two things. Awesome movies and divorce. Yeah. Like, help me. What happened to you? I would love to ask you about that. With a divorce, tell me what happened if you want to talk about it and tell me what happened with these awesome fucking movies. I don't need to know Jack's shit about his politics. Well, he doesn't, that's the thing. He just tells you he feels away. That's all he's got to say. Yeah, but it's almost like it's almost unfair to have a guy like that on a public show and talk to him about politics. Do you reminds me of when the beauty pageant contestant can't pick a thing on a map? [41:06] Yes, and they're making fun of her. Yes, right? They mock her and I'm like is that fair to do to her? That's not her area Why they made her have a speech and she got stuck in a loop and she couldn't get out remember? Yes Oh, remember she didn't know what to say. She's like and then I think She's bad. Women need to do more better. She has locked up. She has locked up. She locked up. But everyone is making it seem that she locked up because she's a complete and fucking total idiot. That's not. She's in a pretty contest. Not only, but that's not just that dude. Anybody could get locked up like that. You're on stage in front of people with TV cameras pointed at you. You've never experienced that in your life, and you have a panic attack. It doesn't mean you're an idiot, and that's also robergenera. LAUGHTER LAUGHTER LAUGHTER LAUGHTER LAUGHTER LAUGHTER Yeah, you're talking about this. It's the same thing, it's like, why is he talking about this? [42:01] Why is he talking about this publicly? If you're gonna come out and say that you have a really deep seated hatred for one of the two people running for president, and you can't just be here, he's a bully, he's a piece of shit, I hate him. I think you probably, if you're gonna express yourself about it and alienate 50% of the country, which it seems like it is, you're gonna have to do better than that. You should have some specific things. Like he did some real estate deals with people in New York. Let me tell you what he did to fuck people over. I would love to hear this. Yeah. Let me tell you what he did that was fraud. He did this and that. Like if you're supporting what New York is doing to him right now. Like guess what? You're gonna shut down construction. You're gonna shut down all these real estate developers who all over their homes. Kevin Leary was talking. Kevin Leary from Shark Tank was talking about that. Dude, Kevin Leary was, we played the clip of this. He ended up like, yeah, but the girl wasn't on me there. She knows he's right. They're playing a part on there. She's not that she's stupid. She goes, but is it? No, we want to do business in it. It's crazy. They cannot say anything positive about Trump and they don't understand [43:09] but by doing that, it delegitimizes everything else they say because everyone knows they're coming at the fucking news with a slanted perspective. And there's no objective news. There's, it doesn't exist. You have right wing fox, and you have left wing, everything else, and you will be fucking confused as shit if you watch both of them back to back. I would just not watch any news for a long while because of that, it's just I have a job where now I have to learn things. Dude has been wild watching you. Like, is all the years that I've known you to watch you like completely flip into full on conspiracy mode when we first when we first met was probably like what 15 years ago or something like that maybe more and I would be frankly smug up I remember making fun of what's her name uh Jim Carri's ex-wife because she thought you know her kid shot got [44:02] altered and I had a joke on by guys just because he's half Canadian and it comes off like, but no, I was being glib. I was being glib. Just like Tom Cruise said to Matt Lauer, you're being glib and he was right. I don't think that's not Jim Carey's kid. That's someone else's kid. That's how he the connection between vaccines and autism. If you just bring it up, people's hackles will get up and they'll start getting excited. Don't even talk about it. Don't even talk about it. They get very upset at you and everybody feels complicit because they vaccinate their kids and everybody feels like they don't wanna be attacked by being anti-science and there's that pejorative that gets tossed around that they hit me with so many times during the pandemic and time. Right. Dude, but not only that, it's not technically a vaccine. Yeah, I know. It was an experimental medication that had never been widespread distributed to the fucking [45:00] world. It had never been done. Yeah, right. Well, biological women have never had dicks before, but it's a world of miracles now you know we live in a world where anything is possible better yeah easier to clean women did you see that there's the the bike rider say well I don't know why you could say I'm not a biological woman I'm a woman and I'm biological so it's it's on my passport it says I'm a female that's a girl no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Might not have been Trevor know it could be any it might have been Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy it wasn't maybe Jimmy found either way. No Seth Well, I think it was Seth I think it was that but either way no, you're not You can get a woman pregnant. This is so different. Don't say you're not a biological male because now we're talking in terms of science [46:04] If you're getting me to say that you identify as a woman So you're a woman you want me to call you I'll do it. Yeah, that's what I want to say you are now a biological woman That's not true and if it says on your passport now female someone's lying Okay, you're lying you could say you you wanna be identified as a woman. Who gives this shit? But if you wanna say you're a biological woman, that's nonsense. Now you're making me deny the scientific understanding of the human body that took forever to achieve. Is that so much to ask? They had to figure out chromosomes. They had to figure out the X and the Ys and they had to figure out all. There's so much they had to figure out the x and the wise and figure out all there's so much they had a lot of it is never known look at a fucking pretending to make sense look at the fucking guns on this savage first of all trev listen to this listen to this basically no published research on this question however [47:00] uh... there's good reason to think that there isn't but i think it's irrelevant because we allow all kinds of competitive advantages within women's sport. Because who gets singled out for scrutiny is based on... By the way, out Canadian, they're all goofy up there. It's Portland Times 100. Report these Canadians, man. They lost it. We'll keep going with this. I want to hear the rest of it. The fragile, weak cis white woman from the rest of us. Rest of us. You're a fucking dude. You're a fucking dude. I think she's better. That's not the full clip. The full clip is she goes, well, I am biological and I am a woman. I remember that. I remember that. You're a biological woman. Like, did you sit there and let someone say that? This is the problem with television. Yeah, someone as bright as him too, to sit there and not say something. It's, he's playing a game. They're playing a game. You go stay within the lines, color within the lines. Otherwise you're gonna get in trouble. Well, but obviously like nonsense. [48:02] Fucking nonsense. Dude, I'll call you a woman just for dressing too nice. I got no problem with that. I have no idea. If that's what you'd like me to do, I will do it. That's not the problem. The problem is when you try to get me to deny science, you start saying shit like I'm a biological woman, I should be able to compete with women in women's sports. Men with 80 to 100 times as much of the testosterone much testosterone at no competitive disadvantage. And that fact has not been picked up by a broader media level. What was that fact? So what was that again backed it up? The still relationship between natural testosterone and performance. There's no relationship whatsoever between unaltered natural and dodging this testosterone and sport performance. About 0.5% of elite male track and field athletes at the world championship level are below the women's average of testosterone. Heating with men with 80 to 100 times as much of the testosterone at no competitive disadvantage. And that fact has not been picked up [49:02] by the broader media land. Oh go, first of all, stop, stop, stop, stop, hit the brakes, hit the brakes. So here's the problem with what she's saying. First of all, there's many advantages of being biologically male. There's larger lungs, there's larger hearts, there's larger cardiovascular capacity. There's the more of an ability to generate force because you have larger, stronger goals. Of course. This idea that because guys who are cycling, who by the way, when they take their blood, let's try to understand when they're taking their blood, because if they're taking their blood and measuring it during a fucking race, they're destroyed. Their bodies are destroyed. It's actually been argued that the Tour de France is actually safer to do on the drugs that Lance Armstrong took. I believe not on the drugs, because it's so insane. Yeah, no, I fully believe that, dude. That's why they all were doing it. Exactly. Well, it's the only way to win. And if you took a, that was the thing about Lance Armstrong. Like, if you take away his titles, which they supposedly did, but nobody buys it now, [50:00] and everybody knows, you take away his titles. You got to go to 18th place to find a guy who didn't get popped for steroids It's a fucking Everyone knows now. It's a dirty. Yeah, everyone knows everyone knows no one gives a shit. Lance Armstrong go anywhere No, nobody gives a shit because I always fuck the fuck up. It's fucked Okay, males with the highest testosterone levels were significantly faster And the 20 meter and 30 meter sprint trials compaled to males with lower testosterone levels. Yeah, shut the fuck up, you're lying. Well, you know what makes me, for them to just sit there and let that person say that and broadcast it on television, like this isn't live, you can check that. You can stop. Oh, good boy, dude. Yeah, you could research this. Yeah, you're making a point a very important point saying that there's no competitive advantage for test austro which we all know to not be true which is why athletes get popped into testosterone this is a guy for the u.s. is a work is a guy for the u.s. one of the u.f.c. heavy [51:01] weights is just got popped he's he gets suspended for four fucking years because they found nonindodginess, exogenous testosterone. Oh, and dongenus is human body producing. They found, they actually get it from wild yams, which is kind of crazy. Yeah, it's like, yeah, they make exogenous testosterone from wild yams. I never heard that. Yeah, it's like a wild, wild yams. I never heard that. Yeah, it's like a wild, I believe it's a Mexican yam. That's so fucking good. That's why Mexicans have so many kids eating those yams and fucking up the storm and start cartels and doing fuck out. But yeah, so when I had Navitsky on, who was the head of Yosada, who was the guy who busted Lance Armstrong. He was saying that conceivably they might be able to get around this by developing testosterone of animal origin, like extracting testosterone from animals, which could be possible. But right now, that's theoretical. But we know that they can find out whether the testosterone that's in your system is exogenous [52:02] or non-indogenous based entirely on the carbon isotope profile. So they could they do these carbon isotope tests and then they could find out if it's from the wild yams or if it's from a Human being. The carbon you measure all kinds of shit. Well look, look, so I might have butchered that obviously because I'm a moron but I'm pretty sure. But it's much as I chicken that clip. Yeah, well that's that chick is a guy. But okay, and a liar. And who's trying to justify what they're doing and dominating a woman's sport with their goofy fucking rainbow glasses on that they're not just cheating. Because what they're doing is cheating. And what he's doing is being a little fucking cheating supporter by letting this person say these lies, which he as a fucking man knows isn't true. Oh, well, okay, this is what I find unbelievable. So she just said some bullshit about, well, there's no study that shows us that. So you know, all these shit about Test Osseroent, I saw the footage of how it works out in the thing. We don't have to talk about none of that. [53:01] You won, you beat everybody. I'm watching you like Captain America running around the black guy on the track and then the second one. Are you like, whoa, how'd that guy beat that black guy? That bad. Like what is everybody fucking crazy? We don't need to get into none of it. You're just happening to be a woman and be the best ever. I go full force it. The best move you can make is to be fully into it. And I say the women plus community, it's about time, leave those losers in your wake. Dude, I find it hilarious. This is the most like thing that has made me snap, you know, over the last couple years. This is the thing? Well, no, this thing, oh. This is the thing? Not this specific thing. But you, you've been snapping. No, no, like like you've had a lot of things that made you snap. What I mean, I mean, what snap? No, I can. I can pinpoint it. I can fucking pinpoint it. Really? Yeah. And why when I say snap, I mean, I'm not on any side of left or right and I'm not voting for president. I don't believe in any of it. Right. And I went back my black friends in comedy in New York, although I haven't talked to God for yet, I apologize them personally for dismissing [54:06] their conspiracy shit. Every black guy conspiracy that I was told, that I went boo, like, I apologize to that. Which one? Oh, when I see God for a guy, I tell him, because God for you, he's to come on race, where's he from, he's to try, and he go, yeah, they to put black men in a dress and I'll go, nobody twisted flip rolls and Zarn. And uh, little did I understand. Of course they do. They want to put everyone in a dress except women. I guess I'll give an apology because they want everyone emasculated. Very many white men. It's way more black men. If you think about the number of overscarish the most, put them in a dress. But it's why the rock has to be in a two to two. It's on place. But Brock Lesnar in a dress. Right. If he wants to be in the movies, he should do that. Right. Right. Right. Because you're scary. Oh, he's a nice, not a scary. Right. Right. And especially these like feminine men that sound like New York Times reporters are the ones who are putting together his films, you don't be great, put the rock in it too, too. So get his toes done, get his toes done, [55:08] get a manion of penny. So much of that is that, by the way, no, that uptalk, well, basically, it was violent. Here's my advice. Here's my basic advice when anyone is talking about anything important and they talk like this, don't listen. It means they're not sure what they're saying is real, so they're hedging their language. And less you're like deep in tech, unless you're like a programmer, and you just like, you're basically talking like, you know, people down here say y'all. You know, like if you live in Boston, you got a Boston accent, you know, that's you. Like, okay, you're just trapped. You know who that guy is? On Twitter he'll say y'all. Hey y'all. Right. D.I. Yeah, but they're not he's off in the South. They don't want to say guys. So they say guys can say y'all. Whereas like a straight guy who's in a football who lives in New York, they don't say y'all. Hey, y'all want to go get a fuck a pizza. Do you want to get pizza? Yeah, you use yeah, but you don't say y'all if you're a straight guy in New York City [56:10] No, who's like a from Long Island? Maybe for a joke who wants to go get pizza y'all want to get pizza like what y'all? Who fuck are you? You don't say that appropriate? You guys allowed to appropriate Southern culture Well, I get to say y'all unironically, I've been here for four years. Well, they're the fashion segment on our human centipede that is our country, so of course they digest it and then shit it into your mouth. All the ladies and my family have adopted y'all. I find it too preposterous at 56 years old, to step in and change my vernacular. This is exactly what I was complaining about is what you just said right there, you just just start saying y'all, well, I'll give you. They like it. They like saying y'all, it's fun for them. They like being Texan, so it's cool. I don't have a problem with it, but they're also none on television. Y'all are talking about Gaza. Y'all have to understand That there are tunnels and you're all of those hospitals. [57:06] Y'all need to know. Y'all need to come up out of them tunnels, first of all. Yeah, like how about you tell Hamas enough? Because if you don't, that was the thing that drives me the most crazy when people talk about, you know, well, Hamas is doing this and Hamas doing that. These people, they voted in Hamas. Like these people are the poorest of poor, deprived of sanitation, education, proper hospital care, food. What the fuck are you talking about? How are they gonna rise up? Just run out and get shot and mass until Hamas runs out of bullets and then you bludgeon them to death with rocks. Okay, what is that? The voting for Hamas by out of bullets and then you bludgeon them to death with rocks. What is that? The voting for Hamas by the way, they forced a vote there. They're like, you have to have a democratic process and then they voted for the same way Fatabi came a party. So they voted, then they go, you voted wrong. We're putting you in a concentration camp. [58:00] And so, okay, why did you have them have a vote if there was a vote for Trump, Trump is a moss here for like Keith Ollerman kind of people. Trump is voting, vote for Trump is voting for a moss. It was in 2016. That's why they've been punishing us with shitty movies because they're like, you're a homos. Now, I wanna just- What? Punishing us with shitty movies. Yeah, everybody, on 2016 when they were like, we I all am asking you a line of the on this planet in all of media because you are Hamas frankly all of you I want to thank them for that because they really made my ratings go up because it was like a bottleneck It was like there was none. Yeah, it's like you could be a guy You can that's where the hatred is that's where the hatred is yeah, that's part of it You know, yeah, it's foolish It's so foolish it's threatening to people. It's only threatening to morons. That's right. All different perspectives are only threatening to morons. Unless those people with a different perspective are trying to control your life or trying to fucking cheat and pretend that they're a girl and dominate girl sports. It just takes rainbow glasses. [59:01] All you gotta do. Yeah, rainbow glasses and you're in. I extra believe you because you have. With your jacked arms. How much can that dude deadlift? That dude looks like a house. Does that dude still have a dick? That's what I wanna know, which is the most crazy one. I hope so because. That is the most crazy one that they can have sex with women and claim they're a woman. His girl dick. Is sheeness and then into the locker rooms and yeah, and wave that dick around everybody's face and everybody's fine with it. It's a woman. Yeah, yeah, I'm more than fine with it. But I had no idea this was even going down until I criticized that fighter, that Fallen Fox fighter, that fought twice without telling women that she was trans. It's like a dating. Twice. It's like how on a dating service, you're supposed to say, do you like, can you tell me if, dude, this is same, yeah. I saw comics arguing that, yeah, you shouldn't have to tell people. Like what the fuck are you saying? You should have to tell people if you owe taxes. You should have to tell people everything. You should have to tell people everything. [1:00:01] If you're getting involved with a woman and you're really in the one she's really cool and let's say you make 150 grand a year You're doing great You're out there and you find out this lady is like 90 thousand dollars in debt to the IRS like what and you think about getting married like Now I take that on hey, why are you out? Why are you so in debt? What the fuck? I feel like it's a scam like I got played if I found out some shit like that. I don't think I should have to tell a woman that I'm married. But if you're a guy and you find out that this person that you're falling in love, you're thinking about having a family with and God, she's so cool. And then you go, oh, you have a dick that seems like you should tell people that. Yeah, well, Jerry Springer tried to handle those disputes back in the day. My favorite one is there's this trans guy with a hijab on. He says people are saying, why are you cosplaying? I am not cosplaying. Cosplaying is when you're pretending to be something you are not. I am a Muslim woman. [1:01:02] That's why I am wearing the traditional Muslim. And then there's this like lady, this Middle Eastern lady, goes, I will pay for a one trip round first class taking fee to go there. You won't need round trip because you're not coming back. Yeah, what are you talking about? What is? It's like you should have gone with Moorberk, dude. Put a full burka. Right. Cover the whole deal. Because that's like an elegant, wearable pronoun with no surgery. With a full deal. Yeah. And you're like, oh, that's a woman. And you're like, oh, she have a dick. I don't know, I'm not her husband. Either way, at the end of the day, you're flying off a fucking roof. Like, this thing, this is a game that you can only play in America. You try playing that in these countries that you support Hamas. Do you really? Okay. Yeah, we support Hamas. Go over there. Go over there. Go over there. With these fucking rainbow shirts on and watch what they do to you. Like, what are you fucking saying? You go to most parts of, you saw Bruno, right? Yeah. Okay. He almost got beaten to death for walking around all gay in that Hasidic area. [1:02:05] And he tried to go provoke in Syria like Islamic terrorists by being Bruno. And he would show him gay porn. And they would go, oh, John Keriak would tell the story. He was a consultant. And he'd go, oh, that is no good. They put on their glasses. These like old-ass terrorists. He'll go extra mile to find the people for the thing thing and they'll look in and they'll go, no, that does no good. When he went to Israel, that dude never breaks character. He had to break character to tell the Ashiva students, hey, no, I'm Sasha Cohen, so they didn't beat him to death. So like anybody trying to look, the gay thing attaching it to a cause is the same as if you're my friends and animator and the animators union has declared a position on Gaza. That's to break their union to attach it that has nothing to do with you. If you work with your surpassed side, I almost think it's an opposite because that's deliberately attaching something that is don't attach your cause, BLM. We support our minds. [1:03:02] They're very forthcoming right in the beginning in a bunch of dippy liberal Jews gave them money, didn't ya? And they told you they liked Hamas, but just now you're mad. You just now figured out, because you don't listen to people. So like every cause, it's important. Oh, that is important. Your gay, it should be its own thing. Don't try to attach it to a thing that's not local with you That is a bunch of people dying. That's a really important thing on its own But that's how people think is you try to like how we do laws, you know you you put earmarks You don't try to earmark other people's fucking right thing with your rights supporting Hamas is insane Well, then why do you do it Palestine? Yeah, right? That's? So why don't you do it? So why don't you do it? So why don't you do it? So why don't you do it? So why don't you do it? So why don't you do it? So why don't you do it? So why don't you do it? So why don't you do it? So why don't you She shows you how segmented all this shit is because it used to be that woke included [1:04:08] like any form of anti-semitronism is. Exactly. Fucking right, right? October 7th was when the woke ended, was October 7th. Because that's when a bunch of people found out that what B said was right. We were white on white violence. Oh, I thought, oh, I thought what, John Stewart is a classic like, oh, I'm like, we should be together. We're like, no, no. And they told you in BLM times, by the way, if you paid attention, but you dismissed them because you're like, you don't let, I'm telling you, that was the end of it because now a bunch of all this woke shit, you know, people go to the left and, and I don't believe we, I think it's a puppet show. I don't think we have any real thing besides the corporation. But they would push this shit like we're all in this together. And then that's when you start seeing the Instagrams of like, I stood with immigrants because blah, blah, blah. I stood with BLM and I stood with Gaze. And now I stand alone because I am a Jew. [1:05:03] Do you see that? You get me to answer round? And that's the moment when I knew right there. It was like, oh, you're like that ADL piece of shit was shocked. You're not gonna back us up all the way on this thing. We followed you on all your crazy shit. What? ADL thing with who? The guy from the ADL was furious on October 7th when they went on Warpath because the Wokeys weren't supporting Israel. The ADL supported that, like that kind of bullshit we just watched. They supported that. They supported BLM. So now this is how you repay us by not going along with everything we're doing. So that's why I'm saying Woke died on that day. It should have been dead a long time ago. Yeah, it's because people understand that it's just crazy now. The left is couldn't. It's just tribal. It's very tribal and it's very, like even in the right, like look what's going on with Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro. Like what did she say? I want to know what she was fired for. Because was it criticism of Israel? Was it, I mean did she show that Edward Snowden video that he put up on Twitter that shows [1:06:03] that maybe Jerome bombing those kids that are those men, I should say unarmed people that were walking towards the rubble that clearly weren't causing any danger to anybody that's bombed them. Yeah, no, it's your duty. It's just like for Biden or whoever you like, you're supposed to cover up for them because you have things like they were always saying they're only targeting Hamas and everybody else is a casualty. Well, if those guys are just unarmed civilians and they're walking alone, that's what they appear to be. Dresden. And you just blast them from the sky with robots. This is the tragedy of war. Yeah, this is insane. And no one knows what to think now because if you can't talk about that, if you can't say that's real, then you're saying that genocide is okay as long as we're doing it. And that is what we're saying. And if you're saying that from a perspective of someone who literally went through the Holocaust or your people, your tribe went through the fucking Holocaust and now you're willing to do it? I hope the irony's not lost on you. [1:07:01] It's so nuts. It's so hard to imagine that someone, we're a culture. A country was like officially founded in what, 47? 48. 48? Okay. Officially founded. So that's so recent. And you guys are willing to do what was done to you that led you to believe that you need to start your own country. You will only do that at least in a small scale in Gaza. Like, there's nothing left if you see the videos. Let's see some recent footage of Gaza because they, have they stopped bombing? I know people are calling for cease-fire. Well, you know, you know, one thing is going to help in San Francisco, the City Council all got together with Masson and they voted on a ceasefire and Dance to the same one the ceasefire passed the ceasefire pass which is really important They were all these fucking freaks with blue hair all dancing around with mass on please show that because it's one of the most wonderful things on the internet [1:08:02] These people are swimming in a sea of human shit With needles flying by like logs on a raging river with the wrong kind of mask on everyone's in a tent Robries are out of control the fucking stores have all moved out of your town and would you vote on? Not me. I'm a ceasefire in Gaza. You got to see it though. You got to see it. Watch. I got to find it. Okay. It's so preposterous, it must be readily available. Unless the Google is trying to hide the truth. You know what it reminds me of? It reminds me of how our own government, instead of fixing any of this, just gave all our money to Ukraine. It's very similar, the concern for somewhere else that's not your immediate area you should probably, you're like, clean your room, like Jordan Peterson says. Yeah. America, the, the, the, they, how about we clean our room? How about you clean your fucking room, bitch? There's people all over the fucking floor like, yeah. Well, how about when they, when GJing Pink came to San Francisco [1:09:01] and they did clean it? to San Francisco. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. They did come. Look at these brinks. In dipalus-teenian sentiments, Islamophobia and xenophobia. Please, please, please. I want to grease with this resolution. I- Please, please, please. But look at them all dancing around. Well, they fucking- they all have masks on. Look at these fucking crackpots. Those are the right masks. Yeah, the fucking K and- The things you all must do. Look at these fucking people, they're literally insane, all of them mentally ill, wearing masks, but those liberals, they're fucking blue to the death to the death of them. They're in a full on suicide cult. They've watched the K of their city and they like it. They're happy. Until they get personally attacked and then they wake up. [1:10:02] But until they get personally attacked, they are all in on equity and look at these like it freaks like with the book they have the palestinian uh... traditional scarves on it shit god look at all these people are such crackpots look at all the dead eggs and i'm that is the guys well how many of those guys are guys i mean who knows what's going on with that three generations for which those big head gray aliens that's like, we're wondering what are they turning into? I wonder how many trans men become conservative. They start juicing them up with tests to ask for them to go, you know what, these fucking guys are making a point. You know, it is all about discipline and hard work. I wonder what, what like the political leanings of trans men are. The Reddit comment on the videos is they're covering their faces on purpose. They don't get identified. Oh, shut the fuck up. Those people wear those goddamn things everywhere. And why kill the fun, Jamie? Why even pull that up? Why even inform me of the truth? What is this gonna be? People need a different curisinal. I'm trying to have a biased worldview like the New York Times to a different direction. Should I cut my subscription off? I want the world view on the title too. [1:11:07] Don't show up wearing scarves to be paid attention to and then want to cover your face you fucking coward. That's part of the problem. It's part of the problem is everybody wants to be performative but nobody wants to take the heat. Put your fucking face out there goddamn it. I wish. This is nonsense. People should know that you're a nonsense person. But they do know, because they know that San Francisco is imploding. So you know just by watching the city. That's why they move there, so they can, again, like be a nonsense person. Well, they probably were there forever. There's a lot of people that have been there forever. But then there's also like benefits to living there if you're a homeless person they actually pay you money They pay you money. There's a lot of services like they're just There's a giant goddamn industry that's involved in homeless and that's one of the things that holy on noir Uncovered on the show it's not Colin Well his name is Collins his real name's Collins. Yeah, it's a cold. Yeah, cold. Yeah, cold. Yeah, it's his Instagram [1:12:02] Oh, I didn't know that. So anyway, he went to San Francisco and he was like, what is it, a funding issue? Like what's going on? He's like, there's a crazy. And one of the people he's talking to was a lawyer and he's a lawyer as well. And so when the guy was talking to him, he was saying, don't know, you don't understand. It's a scam. Like there's all these people that make hundreds of thousands a year working in the homeless department. They don't want to clean up the homeless. Of course. Because their jobs go away and if they're the only people in charge of cleaning up the homeless, it's basically like those Boeing mechanics that get to sign off on their own work. Like, oh, that's great. I did a great job. Oh, I didn't know that. Yeah. That's why fucking blades are great for this guy, dude. But when you, that's what the whistleblower thing was all about. No, I knew that the whistleblower was insinuating, was that they've done a horrible to service by not having safety inspectors instead letting the mechanics sign off on their own work. They're trying to save money and cut corners. And by doing that, he's saying this is super fucking dangerous [1:13:00] and he's saying all these problems that they found with planes. And then he decided that what he had done was so horrible that he needed to leave this earth. Because he's all guilty for being a snitch. Yeah, he also disparaged a great company. And definitely wasn't there. What grandfather worked for them? He definitely wasn't killed. No, well people, a lot of suicide. I know, so. Sorry, I've been sniffling. Yeah, that that was a fun one that story important suicide you're gonna quit suicide definitely do it before you testify well you know that i have to figure out how they were bringing crack into the hood just as the rapper said and he shot himself twice in the head because he felt so guilty no you're uh... you're conflating a few things you're um... you're thinking about... Gary Webb, no. Oh, that's Gary Webb. I was talking to Michael Rupert. He was another one. Oh, no. Yeah, well... He was the guy that... But Gary Webb did that as well. But Michael Rupert was actually a Los Angeles narcotics investigator. And he's talking in the assembly. [1:14:02] That's the guy who says... Right. Right. in the assembly, that's the guy who says, right? It was on C-SPAN, right? Yeah, we wanted to make Gary Webb, because we had a quote from him. Right, right, right. And Gary Webb was the guy who shot himself in the head twice. It happens. Well, if you do it once, you probably should finish the job. If you just get it. Hey, if you fuck up, you blow the top of your head. I like it. Yeah. I see if I want to go all the way. Because first of all, you know how hard you get knocked out if you shot yourself in the head. It's not like you're just going to be fine. I don't know. I will never do that. Well, he goes, he has a quote where he goes, I realized when he was reporting on that story, I had never reported anything important in my entire life until that because when that happens when you shoot yourself place in the head That means you did report on a real thing and sometimes you had no I Over and over I hear from people like Jay Botticharya the doctor where they find something wrong and they think everyone's gonna be happy They found the problem, you know because this is important and no it's bad for business [1:15:01] Just like the homeless thing you said that's everything. Yeah, everything is incentivized to keep the thing going and not and it's bad for business. Just like the homeless thing you said, that's everything. Everything is incentivized to keep the thing going and not any. Exactly. And it's all about money. And that's the number one curse of our culture and humanity. But it's also like the thing that makes people want to fight against it, which makes good people rise up. So you got like a bunch of factors that are happening at the same time and it probably forces more of these good people to be more good and more just because they realize like hey there really is evil in the world. God's anointing for sure yeah. Yeah there's real, what's you saying? God's anvil to hammer you out on. Yeah yeah it's like it's almost like you need something. I think there's always been something that people have been battling against. There's always been evil and good, at least in some sense of it. It's just, it's, it's, it gets so confusing when the good does evil to justify fighting the evil. It's like, okay, well, what are you? Are you in a rush to kill Hamas? Will you have to kill everybody else too? [1:16:00] I'm just truth in the eyes. Just tell the truth. Like, because good and evil, I mean, I believe in those things abstractly, but it's such a vague thing to say. Right. And there's, Ben's on what side you're on. There's apparently radically different views on what constitutes that. Like that poor woman is being persecuted in sports that you attacked earlier because of your phobia. Yes. That was evil. That's evil. You should feel ashamed that you said that she can't. Look, like I said, right now it's gotten so crazy that all you got to do is just not think about how will the, am I being a loose cannon by just pointing at the thing that's in front of my fucking face. Right. Just do that. Everybody could just start by doing that. By not, you know, don't, all my friends, back when, uh, the thing is that all these DEI scores that these corporations have. This is a giant percentage of the population that's under Soron's eye all day long. It's called slavery. It is kind of a form of mental slavery. It's not, you could always quit. It's not real slavery. [1:17:01] It's the credit system. But there's something about it that's so creepy. They're enforcing, for the first time, in the history of our culture, they're enforcing an ideology on the masses and they're changing our definitions of what's acceptable and what's not acceptable, including men competing against women. And they've dabbled in minor attracted persons. They're dabbling in people who are too spirit or elf kin or fucking, they're dabbling in the most extreme weird stuff. It's just sort of like, prime you and get you ready for furries. Furries are fine. I will never accept them. Well, furries are having a good time and they're dressing up like chipmunks. I'll tell you what, when Duncan and I did a podcast as Ferries, I got my respect for the furry community because it's hard to keep those things on. I can't imagine fucking with those things on. It gets hot. And this is a cool studio, you know, the temperatures control. This will grow. You put that thing on, dude. And you know what a diaper furious? You know what a diaper fur you. It's phobic. Yeah, they shit. [1:18:05] That's the lowest form of furry. Oh, the regular one's shit in litter boxes. No, I hunt them. So I'm going to tell you what to look for. You'll smell them coming. We're now gel. I have a job as you know, turning off people's smart houses for being racist. So the way I see it, it's a good thing. Wanna hear a first story? Yeah. So, this is a two-parter. No, but yeah. So one, I will tell you. I know. One, we were in Pittsburgh for UFC. And we just randomly happened to get there on the day there's a furry convention. So as we are driving... We're the odds. Okay. Crazy odds. As we're driving from the airport I'm in the rental car going what the fuck is going on dude No fucking idea no idea so finally we get to the hotel the hotel bar the manager guy Explains to us. There's a furry convention. What is this lucky? [1:19:03] Quite a few years ago. What a way to find out. At least, I mean, it's probably in the neighborhood of 20 years ago. Oh my God. Yeah. And you do that. No, no. The UFC popped in 2005 is probably after that. Any diapers? Maybe, no, I think I might be off, maybe 15 years ago or 14, anyway, quite a while, at least a decade ago, a long time ago. So, I'm not that hip on furries. I should not be. I should not be. I should be. I should not be. I should not be. I should not be. I should not be. I should not be. I should not be. I should not be. I should not be. I should not be. I should not be. because of the furry convention. And I'm like, what? So he explains they all want their food delivered in bowls on the floor, and these people are all furries together in this one hotel. So they're acting out there in the lobby together. They're all furries. Everywhere we go, those furries. They're sick of the Cosby. It was fun. And I mean, you're doing nice. I don't care if you dress. It's weird. Well, it's a request. You know, you put the food in the bowl and paying money. [1:20:05] You know, I'll just put it on the ground. You can get it extra 20. Yeah. So, but he told me that they wanted to put a litter box. One of the guys requested a litter box in the lobby so they could piss in it. And he's like, no, it's so crazy. So anyway, years go by and I'm hanging out with a friend of mine in Utah, in the mountains, Elk hunting. And he tells me that his wife is a teacher at this school and that one of the parents had requested putting a litter box in the girls' bathroom because the girl identifies as a furry, so, or a cat or whatever. So I go, what? Are you fucking serious? So I talk about that on the podcast, and then people call bullshit. They say, there's no evidence. There's no evidence, but the attack, the amount of people that were calling bullshit was crazy. [1:21:03] And they were angry. And it got candid to the fans stuff. So somehow or another me telling a story, my friend told me that his wife told him about this public school that she worked at, where they were in Utah, where they were saying that a mother was requesting a litter box. So, a plastic terrorist like that. So I go back to him and I say, okay, listen man, I need to know, like ask your wife what actually happened. So the wife didn't work at that school anymore, it was like a year or so ago, or maybe even more. So anyway, the wife says what I recall was that a mother had requested that a litter box be installed in the girls room And I said was a litter box ever installed. I don't think so or I don't know. Okay, well that's it But the idea that people wouldn't want to shit in a litter box if you're dressing up like a furry does Why is that so far fetched that everyone's so angry? [1:22:01] Not far fetching and saying that I'm pumping out misinformation when it's not perfect. I talked to a fucking manager of a hotel told me personally, he got a request to put a litter box in the lobby during a first visit. That's true, that's why they're so aggressive about that one. That seems so weird. I don't care if you want to wear a fucking chipmunk outfit and have sex with each other. Have a good time. If that's what you're both into, who cares? For the same reason. But why is it weird? Are you saying that there's kids, there's no kids out there that are so mentally ill that they want to use a litter box? Because I don't think you'll write it. That's what I'm saying. Don't talk about it. Right. I'm saying. Don't talk about it. Right. But transferring them to another parish. But I don't think you're right. I don't think anybody would be willing to say that there's no one out there who's not mentally ill enough to want to use a litter box. Because of course there is. There's a spectrum of mental illness. Long saying is not mentally ill. It's fine. I understand the depth of what. Yes. That's what gets really weird about the whole minor-attracted persons thing. [1:23:07] They're trying to slip that in as an identity. And people say, why you talk about this? This is not real. No, it is real. You have to understand it. It seems so crazy. It seems crazy to me. I don't want to bring it up. I don't want to talk about it because it makes you look like a fucking loon. It's a good point. But it is real and there's recordings, there's video of politicians expressing how we have to recognize their identity as a minor retracted person. I won't look at it. I've seen it, it's infuriating and it's the same kind of people that you expect to be using those New York Times Instagram videos. Because they're talking about the story they're covering. It's the same kind of people. It's called members. When you said you could imagine what they looked like, it reminded me of like back when a, remember like all those famous nudes came out on fucking the fapeting. It was called the new on the juice. And so I was watching some video came on my stream on YouTube about it. [1:24:04] And I'm looking at them. They're they're talking about you know they hacked and got their stuff and their their communications. And then immediately the guy like the one guy they got arrested and he looked so much like what I imagined. He looked like they look like an AI read my mind and drew him on the scale. Yeah. It's amazing and there are there's the big thing is autism is apparently the biggest is huge and so shit like furries and there's all these malleable people that are like they're real smart about like making like lists and iceberg lists of shit. But they're like two-dimensional like sailor moon brain. That's why I asked you this This is old, this reference. But Chris Chan, do you not have you not? There's Ken Burns, documentary's about it. That guy, or his woman now, but look at him. What are you talking about? You went in 30 different directions. What is Chris Chan? What? [1:25:00] It's the most documented human ever ever never heard of them right? No, then this is such an old-ass reference like if somebody is young you're like yeah, I know about Chris Chandee But when I first saw about Chris Chand Jamie Okay, so what is this story? It's too long to get into but this just I'm gonna say he is You should look it up yourself on, oh, there's like a genius, Gino Samuel, this guy, jibby, great documentaries. He's the singularity, the thing that Ray Kurzweil would talk about in the future when our technology and we merge and whatever, that guy or woman, he's the fucking singularity, that's where it goes. And so all the things you're talking about. Singularity of woke. Singularity of technology and humanity. It's like this weird, autistic, always online fusion. Oh. That shapes your, but you gotta begin with the right clay, which is someone autistic, not being raised right. [1:26:00] Right, right. And every phase of it you can watch. And at some point someone told him that you can't, like to some belief, I know, I don't exactly talking about it, it sounds crazy. Somebody convinced him you can't be held responsible for your personal actions if you transition. Cause he's doing wild shit over like Sonic's arm, color being changed, like really out of control. I can't even, you gotta just see it yourself. And so now I'm just gonna cut the end. He ended up raping his senile mother and going to jail. Here's what story ends. It's like an inverse Jesus. Like instead of coming out of a virgin, he rapes his senile mother. It's, he's the singularity. That's what it is. So they, remember how they promised? Oh, it's gonna be amazing. You're not gonna die. Even in black mirror, you'll be stored in a hard drive and live a great, you're best less being like, no, that's not what's gonna happen. It's gonna be the slow, like, just a person who is not, they're not all there and they can be conditioned into anything by outside influences. [1:27:03] Right, and then you can hear the question, like what contributing factors are leading to an increase in the amount of people that are autistic? Anime. Yeah. Starbugs. I got one word, anime starbugs. Yeah. Yeah. Like what is it? What are the factors? How much of it is environmental? How much of it is the people having kids at an older age? Do you think it's like a contribute to it? The Michael Keaton Batman, when the Joker talks and people would die laughing and then Batman figured out it's not the makeup or the shampoo or the something. It's when you use combinations of them. Yeah, that's probably a combination. So my guess it's like that. Yeah, it's probably a combination. It's definitely probably a combination, but it seems like some medications seem to cause it and no one wants to say that. And it's fucking bananas to watch people do mental gymnastics for pharmaceutical drug companies just to sort of substantiate and validate [1:28:01] their own decisions that they've made. Joe, I know. Instead of just looking at it. In New York, I met three people, three adults, that all told me they were the first kid ever to be prescribed prozac. Three of them, it could be any of them. Yes, they all look like Woody Allen, even the chicks. You see, do it. You see, do it. You know, it told me who's on prozac for the time Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Oh, that's right. Oh riddle it. Oh, yeah riddle it is more of a speed. That's how you thank you. It's riddle is basically out. It's it's the same kind of HD thing. Yeah, I think as your depressed, right? That's a SSR. I hear something. I don't think it's an SSR. It's the one before. It's the one before PAXO, which is not the I look. Apparently give it to your kid they can't just leave a love pro's act so much that she wanted to be [1:29:07] She wanted to be Cremated and then put into an urn that shaped like a pro's act pill. She's being funny. That is I'm funny and funny. That's very funny So selective serotonin re-uptake oh It is that's yeah, so that's pro's act. That's the term flux flu Oh X That's the term flu o x t Flock's a team. Flock's a team. So that is pro-zac. So it is an SSRI. Why is the pro-zac one make people more silly though? It seems to make people more speedy. It does? Yeah, I know a few people that have been on that one. That one makes you a little speedy. Like where you're like, whoa, what's going on? I don't want to mention names They get a little speedy but The riddle in one is like straight up speed the kids on it. That's what Rollins was on Yeah, dude the kids on it my friend. I got a friend that is from Georgia They put it what he's a little kid, okay? [1:30:02] He was put on 60 milligrams at aderol a day as like a eight year old. Oh my God. Do you know how, I mean, that is like, that's so high. That seems so crazy. Dude, the panic attacks I've had from very small amounts of Adderol. Oh my God. I'm a little kid, I must have, and he, like, you know, he's a real aversion to any of that kind of shit because of course because he's like Who's the guy Johnny Depp played the white he's like whitey bulgar like yeah, they tried out drugs on him and now he hates all drugs I only like to be part of the Harvard LSD studies. Yeah, isn't that weird how all these things About that whitey bulge was a part of that Yeah, all these major people were I it's you know You know say extraordinary claims. Yeah, all these major people were. It's, you know, you know, say extraordinary claims. Yeah. You need extraordinary evidence. Okay, I agree with you. At this point, it would be extraordinary to claim that they're not lying to you all the time [1:31:00] and that thing you'd tell them about where people don't even wanna talk, no, don't even talk about this so much as for a litter box. Don't you know we're at war and there's a war on us, so we got to overlook before the war stuff. This is quiet, but they were just saying I was a liar. Like look, I didn't lie. I told the story that my friend told me that his wife told him, I did never. But it's not, the thing is it's like that it got connected with. So I'm like, what are we saying here? We're talking about a person that thinks they're a cat. Are you allowed to do that now? Like, what do you, what do we sneak in the door in on? James Lindsay, you know, he's got good videos about because I didn't go to school to learn these important concepts. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. And so, queer theory. I've seen these. So, he has a great thing that explains it. The whole point of it. And you can kind of tell what the deal was. The point of queer theory was not, it's against being gay or trans. The point of queer theory is to destroy the concept of normal, [1:32:02] expressly in it. Right. We're oppositional to normality. So that's why you hear like, that's heteronormative. That's why they're saying gunnophiles instead of your straight. Or like, you, you, you, you. Gaga, gaga, what a downgrade. It is right out of the Orwell Playbook to change the definitions, change the words. It's right out of the book. It's right out of the book. You didn't even light it as a playbook, everyone is. But everyone's following it. But everyone is just completely pretending that that doesn't exist. Well, just important people with good jobs. Guy of files. But you got files. There's a men's health article. But guy of files second. Guy of files. There's two of these two. That's the majority of the population mental illness that didn't take long that didn't take long didn't oh gynecetyl gyneosexual and gyneophile there he is and there's dispute over what are you gyneophile are you fucking fascist you're crazy oh yeah you know he was a gyne file. See, there's a file on it. Imagine if like, he got to a point where you weren't supposed [1:33:09] to tell someone if you were a guy or girl, you're supposed to figure it out in the bedroom and it was like a surprise, like, oh, a dick. I hate this. Yeah. You find it. This is what a pussy is? Yeah. Looks like someone put an M8 in a cat's asshole. Oh, that too. The fake ones. But you wouldn't have to do that if you just keep your dick. If you keep your dick and still be 100% a woman, I think we'd have less of those surgeries. We can. It might be the best way to stop those surgeries. Cause that's another stop you from orgasming. Oh, so I know, I have two friends that have transition. But back in the day, my friend in the art institute, cause everybody, oh, what are you gonna cut your dick off? And my friend was like, no, most trans do not do that because exactly what you just said. It's new, this is new, where you get the bottom surgery, which I gotta warn everybody, they haven't perfected it yet. If you wanna not know some shit, [1:34:02] we think a cat litter box at schools are disturbing requests to know about. Look up the maintenance of that shit, and maybe just think about keeping the dick like the classic Transway. This is an autistic thing. You've had people on explain it. Yeah, and so that's- How am I gonna try? And the former, dude, never mind people's sexuality besides that Q3 bullshit. It's surgery and like the ethics of plastic surgeons, like what they did to Michael Jackson Madonna's faces. Imagine that on your kids dick or their tits. And they're not going to think your kids any differently than they think of some lady who's getting their six nose job. Yeah, it's yes and they impress. Yes and we need that. We're not going to wait till you go to puberty They got the ethics of that. I don't want you going to puberty like we don't want it There's no evidence. I don't fuck you know you don't even know this kid will find out the whole thing is so insane And when the lawsuits start rolling in that's like one of things is interesting It's like New York Times started writing articles about detransitioners That That's right. And that's when it's getting serious. [1:35:06] When these people feel like they have to step up and make articles about these transitions. That's one of the synch and ship. Uh-huh. That's the rats fleeing the synch and ship. I never said you should do that. Someone online, I forget who it was, commented on Twitter. This is because the trial lawyers are now getting involved. Finally. Yeah, but that's probably the only thing it's gonna take also their kids got you know like that that one ship for New York times her kids Developmentally slowed from masking and she was a big time shut up shut up She was a big as she's in ping about when is that what you talking about yeah, and then she goes oh it affected you like when Dick Cheney realized that Lesbianism's cool because he had a lesbian daughter. Oh, but not only that, then she started talking about how there's real evidence that most of the people that died and that they were called COVID deaths are not from COVID. Yeah. Yeah. We knew that a long time ago. But she was talking about it on CNN. [1:36:00] They were like, what are you saying? She goes, I estimate the death to be about 30% of what the reported death rate is. Like, you're supposed to have had, at this point, if you're following the science and not doing your 10 shots by now. Is it 10? It's up, it was eight when I was making fun of this months ago. And now it's 10. Imagine if you're really updated. How many people are actually updating? I have to bring them in here. They're probably teeth are falling out. The fuck eyes are glowing. How much time do you have track marks from vaccine? You have like literal pink eye. You're you're fucking hemorrhaging inside your eyeballs. How many shots if you're current with your COVID vaccine? How many shots would you have received? If you started getting them in? What was it July of 2020? Good luck with that search whatever fucking year was was it 2021 when they start rolling them out? Not soon enough wasn't 2020 you didn't need to take all that time with the testing we did we'll try Well the the best one was the ones that they released the by-valent ones where they didn't have any human testing. [1:37:06] Well, I guess they actually did, didn't they? In the law? It turned out it doesn't work at all. Not only does it not work at all, it actually works worse. Well, good thing you can't sue. Yeah. Hey, good thing you can't sue the one drug, they're probably more honest because you can't sue. Isn't that weird? Well, weird that you can just lie to people and you could force people to take things and you could hide the side effects and you can't sue them. That seems, I don't wanna say it seems corrupt because that seems like a bad line. Yeah, that'll be real. I don't mind. You'd be way the fuck out of line. Yeah, that's like saying that somebody asked for a litter box at their kids school. Yeah, that's not a line. Shut up. He's not alone. It's not alone. There's no way they would do that to you. Over and over and over and over and over and over again. And you keep falling for it like fucking Charlie Brown going for that football with Lucy. I'm not smart. I'm that Charlie Brown stupid. [1:38:00] How do you still go take the kick now at this point? God damn it, you tackle Lucy. Like I don't take her out. What are you gonna do with a lot commanded us to do? Oh God, does not allow Lucy to play games with you. You're supposed to be able to beat her. You're looking at her with her own covered hair, pulling her man's football. A lot is a sign of the fucking feminism rise. Or rather, Lucy is a sign of the fucking feminism rise or rather a luci is assigned the feminism rise a lot does not want that uh... wall if luci is like dominating trolley brown a lot would not be a logic wants balance you know for sure but he definitely wouldn't want luci kick a trolley brown's ass i mean that would be uh... get the fuck out here with that this bitch needs to be put in their place uh... what was Charlie brown's crimes though Had he if it depends what he had done point Charlie Brown was an infidel So that might be like the worst punishment we have for you It's perfect a woman's gonna laugh you dick It's just I just I'm concerned that it seems like all this stuff is accelerating to some sort of a boiling point. Do you love it? [1:39:06] You want to lie? Why? Because my girlfriend's like 10 or 12 years younger than me, so she sounds like hopes and shit Like but Well now that the ball when the bombs hit like I I did drugs and Drink and smoke for it. No, these healthyers, like you're doing a die right with me. Oh, did you try to extend your life? We're all going together. I barely work on them. That's what you're happy about. That you put your life up, so it's fine. It's, in fact, if it doesn't end, I'll be like, oh shit, I should've handled my life better. Well, there's a lot of people that live like that, right? If the populist never comes, like shit, all these preppers, like, can I spend all my time, can it peaches and shit? No, that's gonna be the, be nice to them because pretty soon. Yeah, they're the only ones. They're gonna be the people that have like the ability to generate power with the sun. Yeah, they figured out like zero point energy [1:40:01] and they're backyard while you're taking around string theory. People don't understand like power's only do you so good if society goes down because there'll be no more communication. That's the great, like what we're are now is we're electronically connected to everybody. So you know how to get places, you know what's going on, you know the news, you know the weather, you know the fucking highways, you got a map. I think I do. Yes. You're just, if you're, if you have a cell phone that works and you're in a car and you are traveling in this country, you have an incredible resource. And then all of a sudden that's gone. And you don't know where the fuck you are and no one has a map and no one knows how to read a map, even if you fucking had it. And now all of a sudden, the world is a mystery again, just like it was in the 1800s, the world's a mystery. Everything over that hill is who knows? It could be hostile Indians. I feel like it's like that. It's like that. I feel like it's like that with all of the stuff. I think it's, I don't, what in the fucking you trust? Every time I find out a new thing, I'm like, I have to have like a period of PTSD time. [1:41:05] Right. There's a possibility of finding out. My point is, if all that shit goes down, it's not gonna matter if you have power, because you're not gonna have any communication. It's gonna be gone. Everyone within one generation is gonna be a fucking moron again. No one's gonna have any idea of what, they're gonna have stories about what society used to be like. And then look, we have stories now from my generation of what it was like growing up with an answering machine. We had an answering machine, people would call and they'd leave a message, it was crazy. And you could call your own house and listen to the message. It was wild. It was a danger, what is it, the old west? I had a danger. Yeah, yeah It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. It was wild. [1:42:00] It was wild. I'm like, wow, this is like after the apocalypse, this is what this will be used for. The place with the old movies, it'll just be a guy. And then, it will, like, yeah, with the solar power. It felt like I was at the, like, oh, we have the apocalypse and this is how we're getting by. Dude, you gotta realize like before Google, before internet searching, you had to take people's word for shit, you know? People would just tell you things. You'd be like, what happened? Like imagine you with your conspiracies, but an existing pre-internet. Like, do you don't even know what happened to Haiti? Do you know what we didn't Haiti? Like everybody was like, what the fuck? And Kurt's crazy. You know what's fucking sad? There's like, first one, we haven't even gotten to my conspiracies. D's the big one? That my biggest one? Yeah, I want to present believe Eric the dude for the the Raytheon thing that whistleblower that came out during the little titty peak of UFOs we had over the over the summer when they are like, you know, they they announced UFOs are real, Uh, which is fucking crazy, by the way. [1:43:05] Right. Uh, and I know, I mean, yeah, I know you would give a shater of like friends would, but it's not enough information. It's, it's really annoying the amount of teasing of it. But meanwhile, the Titanic submarine imploded around the same time. Everybody knew that's, you're really, oh, it's a distraction. Now that's Horset for nerds, a distraction that Titanic submarine story or putting a butter dick on the Bud Light can. That's a quality America distraction, okay? Like this stuff, they got you, just like Haiti, Haiti and UFOs, your program, not the camera. You're going all over the place. Raytheon UFO, that's what I asked you about. What are you talking about? Raytheon in the movie. To do that, I was texting you about. Which one? Eric Hacker, the guy that came out and the Ritian that said Nan Ordica. Right, you got to tell people what the fuck you're talking about. I'm sorry, people that are listening have no idea what you're talking about. Yeah, I thought this was just the word hanging out not doing a show. It's okay. Yes. So he's talking about how he was a [1:44:09] Oh, I guess he was a fireman out there and yeah, yeah, he lives in Alaska and he was saying there's direct energy weapons You know about so oh you have a lot of physicists on the show So I follow that and I've so I already knew about the ice cube neutrino detector just from following Science channels because without any of this Listen to what he says because it sounds so cookie. Are we allowed to the whole podcast? I gotta find the I probably am looking for the clip. I think oh, that was a whole podcast. Yeah, I think okay But anyway, it's interesting because I'm listening to the guy talk way. It's interesting because I'm listening to the guy talk. Well, this is still four minutes long. Okay, but just give us a little something. Third-party contractor for the National Science Foundation. I function in a dual-role capacity as tradesmen and a firefighter. My responsibilities required me to be more informed than most of my crew [1:45:04] and offered me complete access to the facilities. What I learned from this unique experience needs to be shared with the entire world. The technology at the South Pole Station certainly can do what it is presented as its primary purposes and, unfortunately, much more. The ice cube neutrino detector is presented as a passive listening device for the purposes of the science as presented, but I'm going to skip right through the chase folks. I have provided documentation that proves that the 5,160 what they call DOMS that are embedded in the ice can actually transmit at 2047 volts each. That gives us a long list of things to consider. It is effectively a multifaceted directed energy weapons platform that I will list rapidly a few things that it can do. Vehicle detection. We're learning that these off-world craft, on-world craft, hours or other [1:46:01] nations are also emitting neutrinos. So this makes the South Pole station effectively an air traffic control station for this new level of equipment that nobody is discussing. In addition to the ability to detect neutrinos and the exotic vehicles, I have provided documentation that shows that this is also a system for faster than light communications. In the past Gary McKinnon has hacked NASA, found the all-foral fleet, the list of captains, and it's apparent that if we have faster than light vehicles moving throughout the system, we're going to need faster than light communications. This is that facility. Unfortunately, I have other bad news. The season that I was there, 2010 to 2011, we converted from construction to operations and maintenance in both the elevated station and the detector array. Unfortunately when they first fired it up, that was when we had the earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand. There was two incidental shots before they were able to target it correctly. [1:47:03] This is an earthquake generating device as well. This is the weapons of war that we have to deal with now and what Raytheon's hiding. No. Remember, Havana Syndrome? But don't, don't neutrin, so if it's a neutrino detector and a neutrino projector, don't neutrinos just... No, they're not projecting them. No,'t know. What is it projecting then, if it's going... It's going extreme frequencies. So, like ELF and all that shit. So it detects neutrinos and then it projects something else. So it does a different thing it does. This can be used for many applications. So the detector detects neutrinos. That kind of makes sense. Like why would you give the fuck about? That's a few issues. Yeah, but here's the question. Like why would you give the fuck spend so much money to detect neutrinos in space? But if you say, oh, with these UFOs emit neutrinos, like oh, and you could eventually use them. Because otherwise you have to be able to track something [1:48:00] that instantaneously appears and disappears. Air traffic control for UFOs makes sense. The legit, when I'd watch about Ice Cube when it first came out, nothing with this. That was the reason it caught my interest was, but for some reason, there's neutrinos that are coming out of the earth and not from space. So then, so I'll remember these old details, and every day's like, goddamn, Kaiser Soze, I figured out, I'm just sitting there. I thought new Trino's just go right through everything. That's right. But look, I don't know how that would be. When a Trino interacts with the Antarctic ice, it creates other particles. In this event graphic, a move on was created that traveled through the detector, almost at the speed of light. The pattern, the amount of light recorded by the ice cube sensors indicate the particles direction and energy. Wow. So I get how you'd be interested in finding out like the rays from space and what's going on. But also if they're got a dual purpose and you actually know that this can detect whatever [1:49:02] the fuck these things are. What do you think those things are? And what do you think that? What is detecting? No, UAPs, UFOs. Do you think that a lot of them are ours? Yeah, a lot of them, right? I'm sure a lot of them are ours. But maybe some of them aren't. Where will we get that technology from? Right. Where will we get that? Right. Because that, you know, but the TickTack thing is so boring, but it's a fascinating topic. Those things appearing back in the 50s that we didn't invent that in the fucking, whatever, whatever they for a song, we didn't invent that. No, the thing is like when you have that guy, the first started calling them flying saucers because they were skipping across the sky. Like, no one had that technology back then. No one had the technology to fly something in insane rates of speed, incredible maneuverability that shaped like a disc that didn't exist. So at some point in time, it wasn't ours because we had propeller planes. [1:50:00] The idea that we had these weapons of war and our weapons of war were propeller planes and we would open up the bottom of it. It's basically a reverse convertible. I just drop a bomb out of it. That's what they can look down. You could literally, you go, Dwi, you would just like figure out, drop it now. We boom. We just save a bunch of Nazis just to figure out how to get beyond that. be on that, you know? But let's say it's, no, they didn't find, like, let's say they did find something that wasn't us. What do you think they'd tell you about it? What do you think they'd hide it for, I don't know, 80 years, like the JFK files are 60 years. There was a Trump set about the JFK files. No, what? He was talking to what's that guy's name? Nipal Lutano. Oh, yeah. And he said said he goes, why did you break that promise? Yeah, why? And he goes, if they showed you what they showed me, you wouldn't tell anybody either. I didn't see that. That's what Trump said. Yeah. I didn't see that. Yeah. Yeah. That's what Trump said to that judge. Um, if I think there's, there's only one reason to hide it [1:51:00] at the CIA kill count. You know, shit. There's only one reason. And probably not just the CIA, probably the mob, probably a bunch people. Probably a lot of motive. A lot of motive. A lot of people wanted him gone. They were, they did not like him in Dallas. When he came to Dallas, like Dallas was a red state in a red city in a red state. They did not like him. He wasn't liked by everybody. This idea that he's liked by everybody That's now that he's murdered. Yeah, right. Everybody loves you after you get murdered right and if You imagine if Obama got murdered how much they would love him now. Oh my god We're looking but we're looking at Trump and then Biden is fucking bumbling old dead man Yeah, we've looked back at the days when our president was like well spoken and We'd be so pumped. This is a silly place. We live in a silly place. Is this a silly place? Yeah, well, that's a crazy thing. I didn't know he said that. I'm gonna go find that clip. It's what he said. And that does not read. Does that register? It has to be something that's so egregious [1:52:01] that you would realize, this would throw the whole country into disarray we would completely lose trust in what I think we is nest I think the CIA is necessary I just think they're out of control I think the FBI is necessary I just think you're not supposed to fucking do some of the shit being who how many people did you have in the fucking ground in January 6th tell us that think, but I think for legitimate crimes and dangerous fucking terrorists, that shit's important because sleeper cells are fucking real. Like they knew that something was going down in Russia and they tried to tell them, they tried to warn them. Stay away from any mass gatherings, the United States. The United States intelligence agencies were aware that something was going down in Russia. They warned them. They warned them. They did. I'm sure that's what it that was. But listen, the point is that can serve a function. You do need some sort, like, like this guy from the CIA was on Schultz's podcast. Yeah, I don't like that guy. [1:53:01] Wait, what is it? He's the cool CIA guy. Okay, I just it was hair. What is it? He's the cool CIA guy. Okay. Okay. I just had the hair. Yeah. All right away. I'm like, what are you doing? Yeah. He looks like he's from old school. He's the Dominican kid from old school. The young one with that same hair and the fucking. But I'm watching him on a lex. Well, I think it was Lex. Lex. Yeah. It was Lex first. Yeah. Um, and he goes, yeah, you know, they all tell you this great story of how they look for people who are sociopaths. And he goes, they don't like me to say this, but I feel more comfortable around gangsters and something. And I'm like, so here's, I'm naive, as I said, and I go, well, I know why they don't want you to say that, because it sounds like you're a criminal like a gangster, but that's not why. It's so he looks cool for the kids because they're recruiting, it's recruiting season all the time. It's, ooh, I'm a cool grantee after auto and look at my dumb fucking hair. That's what the fuck that is. I don't know what, you got mad, look at you. Because that thing of warning them, dude, the spin of that story. [1:54:01] Let me get to what I'm saying. Yeah. So what he was saying was there's sleeper cells in like Chinese communities. And one of the, I forget which guy on Shultz's show brought that up and he asked him and then he was like, guess it's true. And they're like, what? He's right. This is real. And that Chinese nationals will embed themselves in these like, expat cultures. Well, they're not expats. What is it called when you have a, they explained it on the podcast. What is it called when you have a culture that is essentially, they only speak Chinese, they hang out with only Chinese people, they're in a Chinese village that's inside of a city. Oh, right. There's a term for it. But there's a term for that. and he was saying that in that, like we would do that. If there was something like that that existed in a foreign country, of course we would do that. We embed our intelligence agents into that country. It's a responsibility. That's the only way you find out what the fuck is going on. So of course China's doing that. Oh, you don't think they for two seconds. I think they're doing that too. I think they're doing that right. Well, the crazy one. [1:55:05] I don't believe it at all. Did you hear about the drones, the bases that were happening for weeks? No. What did I send to you the other day, Jamie? Do you want me to send it to you again? This is something Melissa Chense at me. There is apparently a fucking shit ton of drones that were hanging around this base for weeks and They didn't know who would look at this mysterious drones swarmed Langley Air Force base for weeks dude weeks The unidentified drones were such an issue that assets were called in from The unidentified drones were such an issue that assets were called in from around the government, including a NASA WB57 high altitude jet. So they're trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. If we're at some weird stage where they start implementing these things that we've been calling UFOs, that maybe at least some of them are controlled by someone that's a human being. [1:56:05] I think many of them are controlled by someone that's a human being. I think many of them are. If they're that level where they can just buzz around air force bases and no one can catch them and no one can stop them and no one knows what the fuck they are. For some, you know, Raytheon is a weapons company that's in Antarctica. They're just to make concern for science. Yes, they're just concern for science. Listen, this is a neutrino detector, which is really important. As someone who loves science and talking to scientists, I support Raytheon's desire to not just create weapons, but also do well for humanity. Two shades, sir. Yeah. Yeah, and I support there getting young women into STEM fields. Yes. I support that. It's women. And I caught Rachel Maddow's speaking engagement there about how we need to shovel money into Ukraine And I accept and believe it and that's right Ukraine what a conspiracy to say that wasn't gonna work out What a crazy conspiracy to say they haven't been winning they would be better off They would have more if we didn't do fucking anything [1:57:01] They'd be way better off than they are now which is fucked Dude, I want to do a reality show with Conrad Gregor and Zelensky just doing coke together in a mansion didn't do fucking anything, they'd be way better off than they are now, which is fucked. Dude, I wanna do a reality show with Conor McGregor and Zelensky just doing Coke together in a mansion. Zelensky's gonna try to fuck Conor, it's gonna not work out. So, this is gonna try to suck his dick, it's gonna be a little hit him. Oh, kill him. Just one little thing, like the shit like Is like a lot of people say if you bring up anything with hate like oh this conspiracy that's the saddest fucking shit in the world There's no conspiracy about it's all shit. It's fucking crazy That's what again don't tell me how bad Putin is after what you guys did to fucking Haiti the whole time They were so mad at Tucker for going and talking to Putin making him a human People were so mad. Okay and Tucker for going and talking to Putin and making him a human. People were so mad. Okay. Which shouldn't you at least, if you want to decipher what they're saying, shouldn't you at least listen to what the enemy, supposed enemy, whatever it is, leader of this country that's invading Ukraine has to say. [1:58:02] Shouldn't you want to listen to what he has to say? Even if what he's saying is a lot, you should be able to have experts analyze what he's saying and say, this is not factual. This is the true reason why he attacked the NATO and intrusion into specified areas that they had forbidden. That's not true. And here's how we can show it. But they don't want that at all. Yeah, but they don't want to hear what he has to say. Okay, so here I'll be the fucking dipshit from CNN or whatever. Yeah, but a qualified person should middleman this information and do like, you know how we want Twitter to censor more, not some jerk like Tucker Carlson. It should be Christiana and Amman poor. And then it gets filtered. Oh, that's a great point. Yes, I'm sorry, that's a number. Don Lemon should be the one talking to him. Yes. And then they should go over it before you see what Putin had to say, don't give him a platform. Humanity. Don't platform him. You imagine sending Don Lemon to talk to Putin. I was thinking about it. That. I'm into it. [1:59:05] Be wonderful. If Elon's listening, Elon. Do you imagine if Don Lemon could talk to Putin in Russian? So he could badger him the way he could. I can't imagine Elon. I can't imagine Russian. I can imagine him doing the same interview he did with Elon Musk to Putin. Exactly. And I would love to see that. Well, if they did it over Google translate so that they could do it like when them Samsung phone. So they can translate it. You know, if you've seen those Samsung phones, it translated instantaneously. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is this fucking amazing new phone that has AI built into it that allows you to translate things in real time. So if you have a Galaxy earbuds in and you're listening to someone talk in German, it will translate it into English in your fucking ear, in real time. And it'll also translate on an app where one side of the screen, the screen's cut in half, one side of the screen is facing you, the other side is facing me. You speak to me and Farsi, it translates it to English and in writing. And then I speak in English and translates it into Farsi. [2:00:03] Question, is it better than Google translates job of translating other languages? I think it's a little more sophisticated because it's built into the phone. And it's built into AI feature that's built into the operating system. It's like, they're the first company, Samsung, and this phone in particular, is the first company to not just use AI for photos because it uses AI for photos as well, but it also uses AI to make like a synopsis of a website. So if you go to a website and you say, give me a summary of what this website is saying, it'll break it down and bullet points for you. And do that with your notes. So if you have notes, so you write a bunch of crazy shit and Samsung notes. You say, You say, My manifesto? Exactly. Or you're set list. And you say, Hey, summarize this. It'll summarize it. It'll break it into paragraphs, parts that fit together and things that make sense. Oh, I'm pretty sure. And put some try it now. My point is they're getting to a point where Don Lemon really could have a fucking conversation with Putin in real time. If they could do that Russian to English to Russian and as long as there's [2:01:10] someone there that stops World War III, as long as there's someone there that like like no they misinterpreted that word that word means this which means the opposite of that it's a you know it fucked up the AI didn't catch it right. The last translation I tried to read of that, it fucked up, the AI didn't catch it right. The last translation I tried to read was, let's see what I bring it up is, of course, now here's my number one conspiracy I'm emotionally attached to, is President Macron's wife is a trans woman. I have to pee. Let's come back and talk about that. I get to pee too, yeah. That's my favorite. We'll be right back. Maybe you can become white. Sammy Soslo is becoming white, no one cares. I thought he achieved it. He's basically more white than I am. That's, I used to have a whole bit about penis whitening about Sammy Soslo. He's the, he's the penis whitening. Yeah, they do it by laser. Did they really? In Thailand it was like, they lighten your penis? I, I hope it's not as big as it used to. Yeah, move over asshole whitening. [2:02:05] Jesus Christ. Yeah, that seems, they heard that's the best part of being white, the dick of it, and they were like, they want it. They do it by laser, dude. The great white will. Everybody wants a moby dick. The great white will. Oh, um, people that's not it. White Yeti dick. Imagine if like one of the blackest dick porn stars with those giant 14 inch dicks, one of those guys just decided to just whiteen it up, whiteen up the whole dick. You know what that would be like? 14 inch dick white would be crazy. If he did that, okay. Yes, it would be. Who's that singer that she lost weight and everybody got really mad at her? Like she betrayed them. It would be like the turning of, turning out of doubt. Like you whiten a 14-inch dick on black history month. [2:03:00] Like how dare you? How dare you? How dare you? How dare you? How dare you? That would be like a cry. I bet you'd be a lot of backlash. If I'm like, no, I just think it looks better. That I have me so-so-to-thing as wild. He just looks so good when his skin was darker. Like I don't understand. He looks so weird now. Yeah. Hey, you know, it looks good? My crone's wife. Yes, that's what we're talking about. So, so this story, even if McCrones wife, as a candidate, so one's alleges that McCrones wife is somehow or another a biological man who transitioned at age 30 to become a woman, even if that's not true. McCrones wife was 39. No, an older. When he was 15. I think that's the age. He was probably 14, not 15, by the way. Yeah, it's trying to make it work out. So, remember Mary K. Littorno and the Hawaiian kid or the smoking kid? Yeah. [2:04:00] Like, I found a picture of them like, imagine that story right where she went to prison You know for rape right and then came out and married him and they had three kids and our divorce Imagine if instead of that they ruled France That's where it ended up right and now that's the less crazy of the story Well, it's not but yes, that's the last case somehow But it's the less crazy because the crazy version of stories that it's actually a man. That's the unacceptable part. That's the part where they're gonna sue. How dare you say that our underage fucking rate marriage that is the president and first name your friends. Don't add crazy shit to this. Don't make, don't make our trans Like a asshole. I this is the point that I love about the clown world armageddon happening is um The priorities are so cocked up in everyone's head because of changing markets. I guess I don't know what the fuck it is And the Antarctica beam The clown beam in Antarctica that is clearly been turned on is ever [2:05:04] That dude that's the first thing when I heard him like, wait, that's, that's the least batshit part of the story. That there's a transfer slate is the most, but it's crazy because it's been hidden for so long, but the most batshit part is evidently true, which is, yeah, she was 39 and he was 15. Right. If it's, if we're being fair. Okay. The age changes. Okay. Look at this. Okay, here it goes. 40, please. It was the after school drama club of La C, how do you say? La C, La Providence, that she and Emmanuel Macron first met. She was in charge of the after school theater club that he attended when he was 15. Alongside her daughter Lawrence, who was in his class. Cool. The relationship is attracted controversy as she is his senior by close to 25 years. And Macron described her as a love often clandestine, [2:06:01] often hidden misunderstood by many before imposing itself. Oh, that's a very French way to talk about it. Well, well, go back to that. Don't go away. Look how crazy that statement is. I love often clandestine often hidden, misunderstood by many before imposing itself. Well, you were getting molested. In 89, that's exactly what that is. He's done a Reynolds. Yeah, this's so crazy. In 89, Bridget McCron, then with her, how do you say your maiden name, as was yeah, unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the city council of truck, tur shine, truck tur shine. It was the only time she ran for office in 2017, Bridget McCron played an active role in her husband's presidential campaign a top advisor was quoted as saying that her presence is essential for him during this campaign uh... in manual mccron stated upon his winning of the french presidency his wife would have the role that she always had with him [2:07:01] she will not be hidden not translating why would you hide your wife? Yeah, why would you propose creating an official first lady title as the spouse of the French president currently holds no official title coming with her own staff office and a personally allocated budget for their activities, following a crown's election as president and is previously outspoken stance against nepotism, a petition against his proposal was gathered more than uh... two hundred seventy five thousand signatures and the French government announced that brajeet macron would not hold the office title of first lady and would not be allocated an official budget so they push back so the just the real facts of thirty nine fifteen often clandestined, often hidden, but eventually imposing itself like what? Just married with three kids and raped a student. Yeah. And now here's the thing. Did the three kids come from her penis or the three kids [2:08:01] come from her vagina? This is what, so if they didn't come from her penis, that means that she gave birth to them, which makes sense. But if they came from her penis, if this was Candace of saying, who gave birth to those kids? If those are her kids, she was the father of the kids, and the woman, but is that, where's the mom? So that should be easiest. Like this is the actual mom. This is the person that you were married to and you had kids with before you became a woman. That should be a person you could find. I've not heard that though. There's one picture of a woman. So if you're saying that she's definitely a man. No, I'm not saying you are, but if someone is saying that, I'm not saying you, I know you don't have a dog in this way, but if someone is saying that McCron is actually a man, that you have to, like, if she has kids, and these are her kids, so you have to find who had the fucking kids with her. That's right. [2:09:01] You're saying she's a man. That's a big question. Where did that woman go? She vanished? She should still be alive. If McCron's alive, the woman she had kids with probably also alive, the kids know that that's not their mom. What are we doing? Okay, no, look. All, those are all the valid questions. Yeah. But so I can't find the video more on YouTube. She had a link to the, this is how we got on this topic was there's a link to all the compiled evidence over the years. Okay. And it's the woman that made the babies. Well, they were like, where's the husband that she had? They were like they can't, they, there's one picture got released. They sued about it. But there were no pictures of her for the first 30 years, except the 70. Right. She's 70. There's not a lot of pictures of me and I'm 56. From your first 30 years of life? There's a few, but until cell phones came, well I was also on television, right? So I was also a comedian. So there's more pictures and photos and videos of me than would be normally with most people. But the pictures of me from the time I was young, [2:10:01] there's only like a fucking handful. You know what, I guess wealthy French people didn't take pictures. Like, like, like, like, But it's also, it's like a different time. She's 70 years old. Like they had to do a photograph, like, Oh, I see what you're saying. Yeah, I mean, it's like, there's not a lot of photos. You know, they weren't digitally, if they weren't like people's, Like people say words the photos of Michelle Obama pregnant like probably in her fucking photo album Yeah, what is what why would she put them online? That's a crazy one to bring up that's another one That that one was like the first ridiculous one big Mike one which led to this McCron one which seems Yes, yes, the McCrones older. I want okay. I should say in's older. I love it. Okay. I should say in this country, I haven't heard about it. I haven't heard. In France, they've been talking about since how long? How many years? At least three. There's been lawsuits. There's been lawsuits. Yeah. It's it's it's didn't just start like like last month or anything. Well, then big Mike was going on a long time ago to though. I didn't say it wasn't. But you said this was going on before Big Mike. [2:11:06] I said it. You said this was new. I did the misinformation of that. But I think Big Mike was probably first though, no? Wasn't that like, didn't be like, listen. I never heard. Joan Rivers said that Michelle Obama was a man before she died. Was that a joke? I thought it was a joke. I thought it was a joke too, but the way she said it wasn't like, joky, she was like, walk, oh come on, everybody knows, Michelle Obama's the man. Like, remember that? Yeah, like, would big Mike kill you for that? Well, I think she died because she had a thousand plastic surgery. But yeah, she was going under. Yeah. She sees these big black arms coming over. He's like, with big Mike Bro, oh no Whoever did Madonna's face was working on Joan Rivers first and perfect on the craft the face killer the You go to see if you can find Joan Rivers saying Michelle Obama's a man the video Given a boarding pass with the wrong name on it [2:12:02] I went through five different security passes and then a woman at the gate who will not look at my passport, who will not call Continental, who will not call for help, who will not reach check into their records. It says to me you cannot go on. No, she is a moron. What? There had nothing to do with that, Jamie. Look at the title, sir. I know. But, but that's not it. If you go to it, that's not, that's the wrong video. It's absolutely the wrong video. Why would they hold on, Jamie? Jamie, there's a video of her and just walking into her apartment building. I'm right here. I just playing the one that's it this is the one or the first one we have it with Obama so let's just calm down got it no Michelle is a trend I'm sorry she's a what? a transgender we all know oh no pretty funny how she said okay we all know it so what year was that Jamie [2:13:03] that she said that I have no idea, let's see if we can find that. Okay. Well, I'll assume before she died, did she say it? Well, and Boeing is a terrible, there's a damn company. Yeah. The Lynx, he's a Coke. That's Coke. Yeah. And it is feels can be any genocide. Well all the questions you said right at the top about like where's the woman? There's a lot of math of like for this to work out. Well let's ask this. But then make it look. This is how we can find out when. When did she die? 2014. Okay, so it was 2014. So it was 2014 that she did that. We're shooting in 2014. So it had to be before 2014 that she did that, where she did it. 2014, so it had to be before 2014, because she was dead at 2014. So 2014 or before, she said, Michelle Obama is a man. So this is like 10 years. Have you ever heard that before her? I never heard it. No. I didn't even hear her say that until years later [2:14:01] after she was dead. The Obama being gay thing was really shock me because that's something because back in the day, he was a Muslim and not from America. So the idea that he was secretly gay is so like, what? Like, you saw I got the guy's book. You know that Muslims particularly like in Afghanistan, there's like those clean, shave and boys that they pass around. So like dancing boys in Afghanistan. There's like those clean, shaven boys that they pass around. You're the dancing boys of Afghanistan? The bells? They do gay stuff. So what does that mean? He's a hard-groomed Muslim. He's a Taliban. But that guy that Tucker had on his show was that was so fucking bananas that he decided to do that. Have that guy on. The guy that said he sucked Obama's dick on Tucker show. That dude. I took the crack money from him, then I sucked his dick. I sucked his dick in. Like what? Yeah, it was a... What are you doing? Pretty hot. He was a young Obama. [2:15:02] He gets... It sounds like a hot like a porn of like I was in town. Yeah. He gets, it sounds like a hot, like a porn of like, I was in town. Yeah. I go, you know a guy they go, yeah, that is college student. Hi, I'm a young obo. I'll do whatever man. It wasn't he like a senator at the time or something like that. What was this guy claiming? Was he a law student? What was he claiming? It was something less something funny to laugh at. The only thing that's like a real undisputed thing was that news that came at, because Mike McCray was down here and does a good Obama impression. He called in it and it'd come out in his biography. This is by some liberal college professor. There's like a paperback of it or something where it's letters to his girlfriend he used to be with. He used to be like this white girl in college, I guess. Yeah. And so he's like, I have sex all the time with men in my mind because I'm trying not, do you didn't see that news? Yeah, okay. I didn't see that. So this is a funny joke what Craig had is doing. And he goes, hey, look, I was trying to bang girl, with pink hair, to the fuck would write that? [2:16:06] We were trying to break up with her and... Here's how he tried to let her down before. I'm really into guys in my head. Like, take the hint. Yeah, it's a crazy, and then, so here's what happens. Because the thing becomes hard to find. So the stiffer you say it, what I was saying was, yeah, it's all crazy thing they're saying, but they've done such crazy things To counteract it that it makes you go wait is something that you didn't think anything was there But then the way the director like wait, did you do something like right? You could make it Tom Cruise Remember when he sued because people said he was gay and you know you don't remember that it made him really he's not gay By the way, it made him look really gay. Like, Hulk Hogan, when his wife said he was gay with Brutus and Barbeafcake, Hulk said if I was gay, I'd celebrate it. And he was dressed like he's clearly gay. And he goes, I would celebrate it. [2:17:02] And if you react to it in a way like that, and you know, it's like old rich, old money rich families that are unaccustomed to like anything less than full PBS respect. Like, like, and so they don't know how to react. And they're from, it's like the old school way of dealing with problems. The thing is about being 70, I didn't even consider that dude. That's a great point. How does 70 year olds deal with scandal compared to now, how you would deal with it? And it's like the same techniques of covering up a UFO. Like they have to use to cover up their weird thing. Well this scandal is, first of all, it's real simple. No matter what, even if you're just a woman, you're a bad file. Even if you're just a woman, you're a bad father. Even if you're just a woman. Well, so that's one. Number two is very easy to find out if you're a woman. We do a chromosome test. I think I met like in crocodile dundee. He just got a picture. Oh, who knows what's going on down there. But very easy. We can extract some DNA and we can find out [2:18:02] if you're a man or a woman. Yeah. That's very easy. Yeah. Now, if you have an... I take less evidence, even. X, Y chromosome, you're a fucking guy. Here we go with the conspiracies. Oh, this is your conspiracy talk now. If you could prove that, that would be the wildest thing. Like what Candace Owens tried to do. Do you think that's what got her fired? No, I say that as a joke, but it was something that. It has to be a pile on, of multiple sort of offenses. Yes, I think that's what it is, but uh, so pedophiles just for the record, they don't, they don't, they don't. It has to be, because that's not true. Do you remember when they try to put pedophilia in the psychology book as an orientation? Yes. And so at the time, I had no idea what, like, well, it was like you gave for kids, right? That's not how to think it. And Neil Brennan-Toynes, who's dating some psychologists, is no, because gay would be, you would marry, you wanna get married and be with the person, you know what I mean? Like the thing of gay, an orientation, not gay, excuse me. [2:19:05] Orientation is you wanna have your like tooth brush with their toothbrush ultimately, and with petafiles, once you get older, they don't want you no more. So if they're still together all this time, that's true love and not pedophilia, but it is rape. Pothomones? Well, I don't even know if it is. It's not pedophile anymore. People go with France. My girlfriend, well, it's France. Have you ever heard that? Yeah, it's France. What, we should examine France. Zawai, they give kids wine. Well, that's where fucking, what's his face went over when there was wanted for rape, the director, Roman Plansky. That's where he's from. Yeah, he went over there and they're like, no, we keep him, he is one of the virus. Because they get it. This is normal. This is normal. The home of postmodernism. He says normal, 13 is normal. Yeah, you are so uptight with your own. You say with it problem. Yeah, it's just like, even if at the end of the day, he did marry his teacher who is a woman. [2:20:03] It's still bonkers. That's more bonkers than? It's all things bonkers. And but the really bonkers thing is like, if this person has kids and they're a man actually, and they had kids before they transition, where the fuck is the woman that had the babies? Dude, I was laughing before because I thought you were saying the kids might have came out of his dick hole. I just realized I misunderstood what you were saying. I was like, it's hilarious. But there has to be a woman. There has to be a mom and then there's the kids. The kids, the kids you have to pull the kids, it's like, who's your mom? Who's your mom? Who's your fucking mom? Where'd your mom go? What happened? Okay, that's your. We're all Michael Jackson now. Yeah. We're like, it's a mystery who the mom wears this. Can I just keep Cheek swab from you, ma'am? I just would like to find out for sure, because I'm rooting for you to be a man. Because it just makes me... I would support this more. More, so crazy and so bonkers, I'm rooting for it. France, you ever see the old dinner, like Brian Vokey has Connick told me about it. [2:21:06] I never, and then what is that stuff? It's a CBD bomb. I got a tight muscle in my lower back. You ever use this shit? No, I thought you had a rash. I was like, what's that? No, no, this is CBD MD. This is, it's really good stuff. CBD that you put on your muscles and it like significantly relaxes your muscles. And it's a roll on so you can kind of like dig it into the muscle. And it moves since things up. Yeah, you was like, is I should I hit that? No, I'm not gonna do anything for you. I don't think you should share those. No. No. No. The Macrom thing, moveosehan. I forgot because I was thinking about that. That roll on? That roll on? Yeah, even if it's just what it is. But when Candace Owens had that whole show about it, I was like, you see? She said, I will stake my reputation in my job. Yeah. My professional reputation. [2:22:02] Oh, draw deep or do? Oh, that guy, yeah. So Brian reminds me, I don't remember in the 90s in an interview and like, I want to say Vanity Fair, he just said when he was younger, he raped a one and he's like really young like nine or something. He goes, yeah, that's when I did my first rape. What? Dude, put it down. Okay, so that's how I reacted. I was like, come on. And I looked up and sure enough, I don't remember. I think he was in a movie called My Father the Hero, which was a Disney movie at that point. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, weird movie. Oh, it resurfaced is what happened. In 1978, interview, Depardot reportedly confirmed a story that he first participated in a rape when he was nine years old and he had participated in more rape since then it was fran We had too much wine What is Francis like super rapy? Rapier What the fuck Yeah, it's just like such by the way france is the country that [2:23:03] Haiti had to pay reparations to for not be slaves until 1985 through chase bank. Yeah. What? Yeah, chase is the media. Is that great? Change the order business? They go, this is a thing called a computer. I think we should get out now. You wouldn't let him. This is going to be ugly for us. Okay, let's pull out of this reputation. Well, France couldn't take that to arbitration because it seems like they're getting fucked. But there's no, that makes back dudes. So that's the crazy thing in the world that, because you always hear like it comes up, like an LA, Gavin Newt, American Psycho hair here, he's like, well, we're gonna do slave reparations just in California for like some great, and people get mad. Obviously, what they done in Boston today. Another white hoodie. The heads of these black churches want $15 billion in reparations from the white churches to the black churches. [2:24:00] Noise. And they're out there, yes. And this should be paid us follows It'll be like five billion dollars at first an upfront payment and then another five billion and like they've got it mapped out That they're they're actually demanding fifteen billion dollars from these white churches. Right. What's the angle guys? What are you talking about but all that it's all like not money? What are you talking about? But all that, are you saying? It's all like not the money. It's all crazy. It's to get you to fucking give a shit. Every petty stupid, so the reparations, I would say to people, fight about that. Not that, that's absolutely bad shit when you just told me. Yeah. But when people talk about slave reparations, they talk about like, first of all, do you think that that would be the real tragedy of our government spending would be on that? We gave like $300 billion probably to Ukraine. So for that amount of money, not only could you pay slave reparations to the wrong people, they could be half people that just got here and nothing to do with it, you'd have enough [2:25:01] lived over to pay all the white people that feel bad about reparations, they could have reparations, and you'd have plenty of money for other shit. And like, so then every time somebody argues about, oh, what is the morals? Like, you know, dude, we give all our money to go kill other people. You could have a candy land of morons should hear for years if they didn't do that. Yeah. I feel like an idiot, even like, but we can't do it. But I don't know. That money came out of nowhere. Like where was it? They have a magic machine. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Do you not get out of the world? An article cloud beam dude, I'm telling you. Yeah. Yeah. We were talking about the UFO thing. Oh, you had sent me a video of a UFO thing that I sent to Jeremy Corbylon, he says it's bullshit. Which one? The one where the plane gets circled by the drones. Oh, okay, so, like I know that video went around, [2:26:00] but I was listening to that autistic man talking about the ins and outs of how they looked at it. So you know, if you go on that like rabbit hole shit of all this stuff, you know, like, you know, they know I do. So you know, uh, how, uh, who's the guy Jack Parsons that, that was a, the father of rocketry in America. There was something they call him and he's the guy blew up from forminated mercury. Elrond Hubbard stated his house, and he was like, they were trying to bring about Babylon, rise, Babylon spelled wrong, by the way. Which is that Aleister Crowley Thalima kind of bullshit. And, to make me laugh so much every time I think about all the history of rockets, these dick-shaped objects that we shoot up. They, okay, one part of rocket scientists, all the stuff I can't do, right? The other part of it is going in the desert and jerking off and looking into El Ron Hubbard's eyes. Hahaha. They're like the key component. Also, the rocket sheen, this country's connected to two things that are evil. Nazis and Satanism. [2:27:02] Yeah, well, if you think it's evil, jerk off and look in the eyes all on how big an in grade for a but it makes me lap so it's all this weird magic. Yeah. So it's all this weird magical shit and it's so closely so now when you they talk about the they don't go it's this weird debate like I don't think it's ET's a text or dimensional something and there's a lot of religious kind of channels that are like obviously these are the Nephilim from the Bible, all that bullshit. And I don't think, see that thing that boom is actually, that's a video game? That's from a video game. No, it's not, it doesn't match up. It does, but it does match up. It does match up except for some parts of it. It looks like it's partially altered. But obviously, if you're going, there's a video that breaks it down how it matches. Not only does it match up, the edges match up precisely at certain points of it. It looks like an altered version of that image that's like a stock footage of some kind of explosion. [2:28:01] And you're doing it through filters and you're adjusting the way the image looks, but a visual effects guy went over it and explained multiple reasons why he thinks it's fake. Well, that's a good point. That's a good point. It's actually an expert. Well, you should know that a visual effects guy expert also went over if CNN discolored your face and he said they did it. Come on. You think they're really? We did. This Jimmy. It was on Jimmy and then hired guy. Right. That's, here's the point. Yeah. You like, you can't trust that now. Like, they're gonna do you personally. And then you're gonna go, well, this, like, I won't say I know or don't know on a thing, but the way I look at it. I think that It could be because there's a lot of those videos that are bullshit. That's the point as soon as the questions around a thing That's not solved. We're like, well, wait. What is this? And there's some weird. Hey, maybe someone put that out as disinformation There's that why are like if if there's nothing and they've been doing this It's just they want to make us think they have UFOs Okay, that's possible totally that is [2:29:03] Crazier That if they just found something the government to create a George Lucas level law of aliens in the popular consciousness for no reason other than to like hide what you have nicer shit that flies That's insane. That's fucking like hiding that your wife is a man and You're the president of France. It's that level insane. Sort of. Why would you trust your anything about your country ever again if they did that to you? Well, because it's military secrets. And they've always hidden military secrets. Yeah. They hid all the military secrets about the stealth bombers. They hid a bunch of military secrets. And you know what? A lot of good is had the actual existence of area 51 no i know yeah why would i so now that i know they're lying every fucking time and then if i'm lucky in twenty years i'll be allowed to know or the president will will go i looked it over and and i you wouldn't put it out there either i think i would put it out there but you know i would i [2:30:01] probably should be president but that that's the thing like, who said this? I can't remember who it's on my quote, but the nation is as sick as it's secrets. And that's how, whatever is in there is how sick, sick fuck of a country it is. Right. If it's so sick that it's actual aliens that are visiting us and they're using human beings as like vessels for souls. And I don't buy any of the stories of like, do you remember men in black? The great will Smith. The great wills. And the open. I come Slapy. You're mean. Okay, so the Slapy Smith, the narration with, uh, timely, where, where them? We're the ones that handle the things you can live your stupid fucking moron peasant life. Right. Thanks, guys. Thanks. It takes a great seat. I handle the information. Only someone that we tested as great as Will Smith could even handle the knowledge of knowing the truth. And he's doing helping you out by keeping it in my movie, right? [2:31:03] But what's the message of the fucking move? All the movies, the message is, yeah, we need to have these people that lie because it's too big of a truth. Yeah, that's what they all say. You need to lie, motherfucker. You need to, for your power thing to work, you need to, not you. So that, no, they don't have to lie. It's always bullshit, They don't have to lie. The only thing they have to lie about is they want to keep the business going and It's never been for your good that they lied. It's for the the good of the people who fucked up before so they don't get in trouble Right and they sell to you like it's your fucking problem Damn, Kurt, you sound like an old man on a porch. That was my goal in life I embrace it mad about the government. Yeah, no, I'm not mad about it. I'm mad about people not being, knowing about it. One of two things is real. Either it is ours and they are awesome at keeping secrets, much to our dismay, or it's someone else from another planet and they're also awesome at keeping secrets, which is even kind of crazier. [2:32:01] Both things are pretty crazy. If they can really keep under wraps the fact that we have been visited forever by extraterrestrial beings, that's pretty nuts. And if it's not, and it's just a con story that they're running to try to mask some sort of a secret propulsion program that's been going on since the 1980s, that's pretty crazy. Well, let me ask you this. Think of the stunning amount of time, they've been able to keep this secret that maybe women don't have dicks. The things that they keep secret are so insane. Like, of course they can keep a secret. You know how you keep a secret? Roy Cohn, the great Roy Cohn, showed us how to keep us, you know, two can keep us, three can keep us secret if two are dead. The old, the old sack. No, two can keep us, three can keep us secretive, two are dead, the old, the old saying. No, three can keep us secret. If each of the three guys agrees to stick his dick into something, he shouldn't stick it in on camera, and they each have that blackmail on each other, and then you can keep all kinds of secrets for a very long time. Now you're talking. So what do we do to make sure that people keep secrets? We have him suck a dick with a skull mask on. Fred, he's a good two two. Yeah, film it, right? [2:33:07] Dude, why do Fratz, the things you've heard about of like, oaky cookie or all that shit, big J knew all the names of all of them. And you're like, wait, why did you have to do that to joint? I went to an art school, they ain't have Fratz, but oh, I know why. That's how you pick a president. Yeah, no shit. You don't wanna president that doesn't have any fucking footage of him sucking a dick with a clown mask on. I won't accept it. Then you're never gonna be able to trust that guy. What if he goes rogue? What if he goes JFK? Yeah. What if he crumbles under the weight of the hideous things he knows and gets the bright idea, snitching. Exactly. I would encourage snitching on what's great about right now. This is the other reason I'm not unhappy, even though it continues to like, are you getting, I'm at every single new thing. Oh, so nothing I've ever heard was right. Right, okay. Right. That sounds great. I love watching at every level it's collapsing. [2:34:03] And you don't have to do anything, except be a disgruntled enough employee to be like, fuck it, I'm saying it, I don't care. So now the P Diddy thing, which like for two years, I would tell people is, I mean, it's horrific, but it's also hilarious that it was like the big secret that P Diddy had make a bunch of these guys suck his dick and do weird shit. Oh, do you think the government does it? Well, P Diddy does it. Homes in LA. Okay. I am erated by federal agents through the conspiracies of P Diddy are like, you know, that as above so below that like magical shit, the rocket scientists say when they jerk off and look at each other's eyes. But I was it. Duncan'll know as above. Hey, as Duncan, but as above so below, you've heard that saying? Yes. I want to write a hermetic magic book called As the Carpet Sew the Drapes by Kermis Metz Traginos with all my occult knowledge that I picked up from looking into UFOs. [2:35:03] These things are like reflections all the way up. So like at every level of society, there's something, like Vince McMahon went down. His empire, you have given out Canadian top hats, the jugs. At every level, there's something. I want to joke about it on stage, but people, nobody follows all the same things anymore. So it's hard to the things I want to make references about There's like no common culture anymore of like we all saw this So you got his burn time explaining the first part of the story and With Vince McMahon dude all asked is anybody know like people that know no Like what he did right or what it's claimed that he did? I only came out because he didn't want to pay her the full money. If he were paid three million to do all horrific things and you're like, yeah, I'll do that. Then I'd be like, well, that's not a assault. But this fucker didn't want to pay because he has a history of fucking people on shit. And And all he had to do was pay what he agreed to, and she's a disgruntled employee and good for her, [2:36:06] because that guy shit on her head. They're having a three way thing. They don't say what position I don't think. I hope it's Eiffel Tower and not a blowjob he did this during. Two on one with I'm guessing Johnny Lee and I does, I don't know, another executive. So they're both, they're both insects with this girl. This man gets up, shits on her head, and then he goes, I'm gonna go get, you guys finish up, I'm gonna get a shower. This is what's written in the legal. He defecates, he say defecates. Okay? Yeah, you're, we'll finish up, I think we're all, I think we're all done here, Vince. Should we, I think we're done. Should ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wonderful man who respects women, but he's got bad vowels. Well, Jim, Joe, that's a great steel man, [2:37:07] and but I would just say respectfully, the part where he goes up in a shower, you guys finish up right there is where I break with the idea that he just lost control. Well, he didn't want the party to be over just because he can't control his bowers. It seems very considerate of him. You guys finish up, I'm gonna shower. I'm sorry. Yeah, you get a show on the party You go get a 30-minute shower Vince. I'll sit here with this chick. Imagine having sex with someone with someone else's shit on their hair while you're having sex No, yeah This guy's shit like clearly where your face is but I'll finish up. Oh Well, hey miss you want to finish up you with the that's so insane You with the the's so insane. You with the stone cold steamer that you have. Oh, maybe we'll just chat about nicknames. There's nothing for this to crave that you just did the depravity of shitting out people with feces. Okay, this is it. [2:38:01] Oh, my example of man's extreme depravity. May 9, 2020, he defecated on Miss Grant during a threesome and then commanded her to continue pleasureing his friend with feces in her hair running down her back. All the McMahon went to the bathroom. Wait, I didn't see this part. Wait, wait, wait, I didn't see this part. Upon his return from the bathroom, McMahon and his friend actively resumed the three. You she didn't get in and hose off. You showered and went back. You started the girl who's heading back. You should on. Why get a shower? Oh my gosh, was she didn't shower? That's right here. Remain covered in this film. He got showered and she stayed. Oh my God. With a bottle of clothes. I on a like how they just described it as his filth his filth i mean is that like is this like a legal document like that legal term like his filth he gave her a Polish car washing [2:39:05] goes and cleans himself what the fuck man um yeah well that's, so the P did he thing. Yeah. The disgruntled employees have been coming out years ago on the whole mafia has a podcast now, by the way. You might have seen. Everybody has sn... And people will get invested in it. It's so much better than the mom has podcast now. All, and they have rivalries. Did they get it? And there's like people that are like watered. He's a snitch like they're now like if you have Stockholm syndrome good They're a snitch. That's why we have this great show the fucking I hope everyone snitches What the fuck are you talking about? So I get criminals he has a right to say as a fucking criminal don't snitch you the citizen of the good country Your spot Edwards knows not supposed to be hiding out in Russia with the bad man. Right. He's the guy that did the right thing, right? No, some of us, we kill snitches. Like, what is it? But it's all fallin' apart. So, the P. Diddy quote is, it's Jaguar right, said this, [2:40:04] I'd xemploy him. The P. Diddy quote is my it's a Jaguar right said this at X employee of him He goes if you can get a man a sook you dick you can do anything as in a man that does not want to do that Yeah, that's a real it's like a affirmation. It's like a real afram it power affirmation for someone But we know that people can get depraved enough to shit on people. That's real I mean that's all to you buy Port-a-Potty, and that's what Instagram models do for 50 grand a pop. We know people are depraved enough to try to get straight guys to suck the dick. We've all heard of it. That's pretty light. I thought you guys were going to ask me if I wanted to suck your dick. Does that just straight stuff, dude? No, no. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no to pay that money, the conversion, you're gonna send your kid to a camp so they can talk him down to just being gay. [2:41:07] Right. You know, hey, he told me he's a diaper, he has a fa\u00e7ade, could you just tell him he's gay? And he's a cat. And he wants a litter box. He thinks he's a cat. They want a litter box. Oh, so the covering up of the litter box thing, do you see that principle, a play of like, don't even talk about it. Yeah. Because it's the same principle as if you talk about John Stuart puttin' a medal on a Nazi or Canada applauding a real Nazi, it helps Putin, the bad man. So cover up the fact that the Canadian House of Commons gave a standing ovation to a real World War II Nazi. Why, by the way, why is he hiding out in Canada? That's been allowed? Oh, that isn't funny. Yeah. The way people realized what he was saying, when he was saying that... He fought Russia. Yeah. My girlfriend went to Jacksonville Public Schools and she picked it out. She's the one who said something first. Just wait, would that mean that with the Nazis? [2:42:01] I'm like, we all learn that that just like it from Call of Duty games, just a few here, like not that long ago. Isn't that insane that fighting against the Russians, you can say it as a positive thing now, even if you did it while you were a Nazi? You can say it like they're communist still. They act like they're the Soviets. He wants, dude, if you say this, anyone who's, if you see Montevian, go Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Empire Now if you just some Joe Schmo say that to me. Okay, you just don't know nothing That's your right as an American people in charge saying that stupid fucking shit that he wants to rebuild it You're a fucking either a liar or you're a fucking chump you're probably like a you know an innocent chump like quick Chroma or some shit, but that's domino theory You're still selling domino theory to people the Vietnam may be a nom that thing that we lost And they're doing great Communism has never worked. Well Vietnam won and also it's a great vacation spot. What the fuck are you talking about? [2:43:01] I don't believe in communism. Okay. I thought it doesn't work you talking about? I don't believe in communism, okay? I thought it doesn't work. So why are you spending everybody's money to go make a thing that doesn't work, not work? That seems like a waste to me. That's our entire first half. Now it's Russia. We want a weakened Russia. A friend of mine said this to me, who's a comic, he was business good. We're weakening Russia. Oh, the guy with the hair that you brought up, that CIA guy, he was listening to reasons, this is great. We get to, we have old weapons we weren't using. We get to use those on the battlefield and see how it'll be for coming war with China, of course. They wanna fight Lindsey Graham, Miss Lindsey Graham's like, they wanna fight to the last man. Oh my. That's a great impression. Yeah, it's easy. Oh, they want to. This is the best money we ever spent. There is something really crazy about watching that guy. Roy Chongay beat the drums of war. He's been doing it my whole life. But when he says it like in an aggressive way, when he makes statements in an aggressive way, [2:44:02] it's very bizarre. He's a good actor. But it's very bizarre. He's a good actor, but it's very bizarre. It's very bizarre to like listen to it in his voice. Yeah, well, that's a different, we're just the gentlemen down here. It's not any, it doesn't mean any. You don't have to do a conspiracy theory about me. We are gonna make them pay. Like what? Down they will fight to the last man. Okay, so here's our... How is that inspiring? Joe, you troops. You just said the thing, so they're saying this like, the see how he's going like, there's a great idea. So we want Russia, there are enemy. So we got these crash test dummies that we're gonna just grind them into hamburger. Isn't that good? And use our old weapons, we weren't using and creating jobs is that good? No, that's despicable, that's low within any shit. I've ever heard about another country that we wanna have a war with another country. We're not a secret, openly bragging about it. We're gonna get these other people who can't win and they're not winning, by the way. And just kill off most of the pop. [2:45:00] Well, all their able-bodiedied people average age 50 of their soldiers. The average age of soldiers 50, you know where that? And you crane? Yeah. How many soldiers have died? I don't know, I don't know for sure, but it's at least half a million if you include people that can never do anything again. That are just injured, you know, the wound didn't shit. The numbers they tell you are always lied. They're the same shit they did with Iraq and Afghanistan. No, it's working. You're always just gotta keep putting a little more money and like a drunk, you just gotta keep putting more money into it. You Korean is lost a half a million people. Able about it. Yeah, well, the deaths are probably that hot, you know, you gotta do correlitos way method with the numbers they give you. So they tell you it's 50,000, it's probably 100,000. Sosso. You gotta look at it like that because everything's a fucking lie that the people that you're supposed to believe say. So now, what the fuck, man? Yes, so now, now, our first wife, our main wife Israel needs us. So our side piece, Ukraine, hey, he's Linsky. [2:46:02] We had it was a great while it lasted, man. It's time to, you know, it's getting weird now. Yeah. Like, he's gonna say he's pregnant. That's his last move. But America, it's, I'm pregnant, it's yours. That's all he's got left. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm pregnant with a war. Okay. Here's the sad old men that look older than me? I'm realizing now that I did hear something about it. And there was also, they were talking about how they stopped people from trying to escape to make them fight. There's a $300 rubber mask that looks like from the movie Drive that you can get to look old so they don't grab you and put you in a fucking van. Oh my God. Oh, they're taking everybody by the way. Women, they're putting in force. So they've lost. So they lost, that's the truth. Why don't we just kill another fucking amount of them until, by the way, Rich is not weak. They're doing better. I feel like Wolf Blitzer. [2:47:00] But you made Ronshire weak, right? Like I weekend confirmed that We didn't when Tucker went there and showed the subway actually this was John Stuart Well, he says something great like on a whole bear Colbert show about clearly who overcame from a lab We work with them again by the way for the record and then he's fucking does this he goes well, that's the price of freedom You have the national guard in your subway and it looks like shit and you're saying, oh, we're so free here. That's why our subway, that's why nothing is running correctly. That, he's smarter than that, that dude. That's fucking shitty. Well, it's also, it's echo chamber thinking, you know, and you find ways to support what the echo chamber has sort of established. Stop doing that. Yeah, stop doing that. You don't have to fight nobody. You don't have to march. Just stop doing that. Everybody at once. It'll end the whole thing. Yeah. Yeah. It's a problem. It's a real problem. And it's also a problem that's being used to manipulate people to think one way or [2:48:01] another. you know, they'll use that. And manipulate you with that. Just comment, you know, a lot of times I'll look at some, like a kooky conspiracy thing, like I was reading about, what is it, monarch, the one that's like after ultra. And it was making me laugh because the thing they're saying is like these, the scientists have kids in these cages and they shock one cage and they go, I love you and they don't shock one. They go, I love you not and shock the other one to make them a, it's like a mind control conspiracy. But while I'm reading it, I was laughing because it just sounded like a metaphor for our actual entire society. Like, I don't know if that shit's real. I'm sure it could be, but I don't know. But when you read it, it sounds like a metaphor for all of society. The I love you. Maybe I can't William's talking about the homeless people seeing all these illegals getting cards with money. That's a great point he made. Like homeless people, you're laying on the ground, watching people that aren't from here getting, that sums it up right there. [2:49:01] It really is like at every level, there's this fucking, just like a scam and you're supposed to buy into every level. Every level. The homeless people thing is a great example. Just to poor people in America, realizing that these people are getting $10,000 a month. That whole fucking thing that they were trying to do and with Eric Adams and New York, that you get an ATM card and you get a certain amount of money. Do you have a debunking of that? Can I just debunk that real quick? Yeah. The debunkings are worse than the go, no, you guys, it's not, I know you're an alt-right conservative guy, Joe, and you're making it, but you have to understand, it's actually cheaper. See, they were actually giving them, like they're spending more giving them money before this. The card is just to be to streamline it and it'll actually be cheaper in the, you were giving them more money before this. And that's your debunking. How much do they get? No, no, it's only enough when you add up all the family members, Joe. [2:50:03] Now see you're getting conspiratorial again Just enough to buy food and diapers and things that you know people from here need if they all get $10,000 Is that real that seems so insane? Did I move to Alaska from my room? I've got $700 a one-time the people in Hawaii you know me are missing still? Did they ever find those missing kids? The thousands of them? Or did Oprah find a buyer? I don't know. Yeah, they didn't do nothing for them people. But they're gonna be baffled. They don't vote for Biden. They're gonna be baffled. Imagine if these people are literally getting $10,000 checks and the people in Maui got $700. You don't feel mad you're not what happened right that's what I'm getting to like this is the world that we're living in This is how upside down everything is and people that want to pretend that anything makes sense whether it's on the left or the right People that want to pretend that any of this makes sense You're all out of your fucking mind a family of four is expected to receive up to $350 per week under the program which will last six weeks city officials. The program would begin with 10 families on Monday [2:51:06] expanding to about 115 families or roughly 450 people over the next week. Wasn't there something about keeping $10,000 in an account on an ATM card? So what that was about? I bet you the numbers. He was connected somehow. The mayor was supposedly connected somehow. It's New York, of course. All the, everything's corrupt at every level. It's not a little bit, it's the whole thing. Oh, you're on the meow, correct. Well, I like that. I'll write this up. Yeah, one more thing. One more thing? Yeah, it's about Haiti. No, Danny Shaw, you should look up if you want to know. It's like really upsetting. And because now the people, what I'm seeing on the channels that I like to, where they're, I'm more conservative, the great now these Haitians are gonna come in. It's like the reason all these people are rushing in and it's intentional. It's 100 potential, all these NGOs and shit. And the corporations want to flood. [2:52:01] With immigrants, it lowers wages. They need the military needs soldiers. We've done this many times throughout history. You saw gangs in New York, right? And Irish. Yeah. Okay. Um, they want a, uh, it's all military age men being brought in to completely like, uh, uh, fuck what's the word I'm looking for well you eliminate read legitimate patriotism because if you got people to come from other countries then you arm them and have to go against the people that were here originally dick durbin saying on c-span that that's what we're doing this is the ten thousand number but i don't know where they get the oh it's just as up to we give migrants up to ten thousand dollars each in taxpayer money with no ID check, no restrictions, and no fraud control. So that means they get $10,000. So I don't know where they got that. Maybe that is like the limit for the $350, like when it gets to. There's things here that it's $1,000 up to $1,000 each month. [2:53:00] So maybe it's like at the end of $10,000 they cut you off. But also the, what I've heard, maybe it's not true, that debit card can only be used at particular places. Yeah, for the things that cost the most in society now, like, edge and shape. People that have a business connection to the company that's issuing the money, that way they can get all the money. Yeah, that's, so look, so that's crazy. That's a hundred percent crazy. So that's your Democrat side But the people doing that flooding in besides the ones that the government and these companies put it on purpose We fucked their country up and the people on top know that We that's how we got like member a cooking cowboys With like the Cuban the Maryl boat lift and all there's waves of this as because we went somewhere And we they have shit that we want and we take it, you know, like Hitler did. Just kidding. I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, okay, and we go, hey, Haiti, it's pretty fucked up by your not slaves. I hope first you're paying France back. Number one. [2:54:00] Yeah. You're paying them back into the 80s for the not being slaves and we're and they have lots of natural resources all those We're a idiom like rare earth minerals. We need for electric EV Initiatives around the world their sweatshops. You thought it was all wegers No, we make Haitians do we've invaded for them wanting like 37 cents more to make Levi's We've invaded them like four times. We're about to have Kenya invade them for us. How would do it Ukraine? The crash dummy method, because it doesn't look good for us to invade while we're yelling at all these invasions. Putin did. We're doing worse to Haiti than anything he did to Ukraine on any level. That's a fucking fact. But Danny Shaw, if you want a good source, that's the guy. Okay. What's rap is up? Kurt, you're the man. Dude, that, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, How did it go into Jimmy Doorshow? You immediately became two. [2:55:05] Yeah, once you see it, you cannot see it. It's horrible. I don't recommend it. I don't recommend it. The end. Alright, thank you. Bye everybody. Thanks for having us. That was fun.