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Gary Clark Jr. is a Grammy award-winning blues guitarist and singer. Look for his new album, "JPEG RAW," on March 22. www.garyclarkjr.com

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So how much of a relief is it to have the album done? You've been working on this for a while, huh? Yeah, it would be a relief if I got a chance to chill out. I just kind of mixed it, mastered it, mastered it again. That took a little while. And I was supposed to go on vacation. I was going to take a trip and go chill out and think about it. That didn't end up happening. So I just turned my phone off for like two or three days. And then it was, let's go talk about it and break it all down and you know so it's a relief it's finally done but it just it's kind of kept going so I haven't had a chance to chill on it. Those breaks are important right? Those just vacation breaks just shut your brain off breaks. Yeah yeah I don't yeah I really I really wanted that one. I really, really wanted those moderators. I needed it. I just wanted to go be by myself, just camp out in the woods by myself. Oh really? Yeah, just be completely solo. Oh, yeah. And just chill out. You know, I was, I just made 40. I was just wanting to go chill out and go, wow. You know, reflect and be like, wow, this first 40's been pretty cool. Like what's going to happen in the next? And it was like, boom, New York City, tonight show, Questlove looking at me. And I was like, this is not what the plan was. And sometimes you got to force the plan. And it was all those other people. Yeah, absolutely. You have a lot of people to make happy. Absolutely. But I'm also excited to do it. Sometimes if I get too comfortable, I get comfortable just being comfortable. Right. And then nothing gets made. Yeah, I kind of like to get out there and get the nerves going, blood going a little bit. Yeah. [2:00] Get out in front of folks and figure it out. Yeah. Well, that's a little bit of a vacation from the creative process of making it, right? Because the process of making, you were, I mean, I know you were locked up. Yeah, you locked yourself up. You do it. When you do it, you go all in. Well, I think I still care about this shit. You can tell. I really care. People are like like what the hell are you making a whole album for? It's about singles. I'm like I still like listening to a full record putting a record down you know having the needles scratch the thing and playing it and then you know flipping that other side and seeing what's happening I still like listening to a record from top to bottom. If there anything that I've ever learned? It's a do what you like to do. It doesn't matter what the trend of the business is, just fucking do what you like to do. Oh yeah. You like albums make a fucking album? Yeah, sure. And so yeah, that's what I did. I mean, I was locked in. [3:01] A lot of it was by choice too. You know, it was like I just love being in a spot. I built the studio. I was like, well why not fucking use it. Yeah. You know, so that's what I did. Kind of to a fault my wife was like, you know, you gotta get out of there. You know, trying to hang with you, getting me out of me out of socialize me and stuff, but I was just I was just locked in You know just nerding out trying to Make noise organized noise, you know, but the end is beautiful I said the end result is beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. There's so many layers to the music man I got it last night. They sent me a link But then the link needed a passcode and I could have get a passcode and then last night they sent me a link, but then the link needed a passcode and I could have get a passcode and then last night They sent me the link. So while I was writing last night when I came from the store. Listen to the whole album Awesome. Oh man. There's so many the the music the sounds like right off the bat. There's so many layers Yeah, it's like, you know, it's very [4:02] You could tell it so much thought into it There's a lot of smoking the air It's very, you could tell it's so much thought into it. There's a lot of smoke in the air, a lot of mess gal. A lot of meat outlawing. Yeah, it was just, and there was nobody saying, usually it's, for me, people expect a certain thing. And I get, have talks. I don't know strings on the album. Stay away from singing falsetto stuff because your core fans don't like it. And I was like, I just don't give a fuck. Like I didn't care. I was, it was in the middle of COVID. So everybody was locked down. I was just like, my phone was down. Nobody was talking to anybody. I just got weird, man. I don't mean that is so crazy that anybody is around you that gives you that kind of advice. Well, it's folks that are in the business and I guess people, I've been told that I'm not, I'm a hard act to put on a shelf. [5:04] You don't know where to put me. So they don't know how to market. Or so this confused kid who plays power chords and listen to Nirvana who also loves Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre who thinks that Thelonious Monk is one of the baddest dudes on the planet who wants to play harmonica like Sonny Boy Williams. And they're like, what the fuck are you? You know? So you're Gary Clark-June. Yeah, yeah, exactly, exactly. But it's a weird time, you know, like just people want to be able to call you something. And then you know, so they tried to do the whole next-gymy Hendrix thing and that didn't really work out. I kind of rebelled on that and they're like, oh, fuck, now what? You know, so here we are, you know what I mean? It's, but there's no reason not to try shit. All my favorite artists tried shit. I mean, that's why I like, you know, Prince, like, unapologetically, Stevie Wonder. [6:00] You know, that's also why I like hanging out with you motherfuckers, cause y'all just be trying shit. You know where the wall is when you hit that motherfucker go. Oh What the thing about our thing is we have to do it in front of people yeah Yeah, so it's me Stone in front of a computer going. Oh, this is so crazy right? Put it on my phone and then going all right. Let's see. Let's see what other people they would see how it comes to life But you can create all kinds of magic alone That's a different thing. Well, I might think it's magic and you never know until the thing drops So we'll see what happens, but yeah, I feel good about it. Thanks for listening Oh my pleasure You know, man, dude, I don't't know your thing kicks off our fucking night almost every night at the mothership. Woo! When we get in that green room, when we get in that green room, when we get things popping, that's, I don't know your thing is a fucking, that's a work of art. It's just a classic. It's kind of a rude, it's awesome. Yeah, it's awesome. It's awesome. Yeah, but congrats on one year, man. Thank you. One year. Yeah, it's crazy. That's awesome. [7:11] It flew by. Yeah, it feels like we just opened. Y'all been doing it, man. That bird on the street. Y'all are taking over. It's game-changing. It's fun. For real. We got so many guys moved here now. Oh, I know. They're my neighbors now. Way out in the country. Well, that's the smart way to live, man. I tell everybody I go attack it from the outside. Tony Hinch live, he likes living in the city. I'm like, that's great, everything like that. But you're gonna go crazy. You wanna be outside. Get that balance. When I lived in LA, I lived way outside of LA in Hills in the hills with coyotes and mountain lions. I'd worry about hawks. Yeah. You know, those are like the things that I would think about. I'd like just that quiet, just quiet, and then get into the crazy, and then get back to the quiet. It's choice. Yeah. Just have a, like, the way you're doing it's perfect, living that kind of tree, just really nice. Yeah. When you got outside, and drink a cup of coffee and your porch, man, you're just chilling Just birds and shit. Yeah, beautiful grass and trees. [8:12] I've become such a fucking nerd brother. I've Been sitting outside and like walking around my house. I've gone to the camera store I spent way too much money on camera gear, trying to capture the perfect clip to send national geographic of the Mexican Eagles in my backyard. Yeah, Mexican Eagles. I'm just sitting out there with the crazy zoom lens. Oh, yeah. Why it's stalking us? Trying to get this shot. Oh, it's, yeah, I spend way too much time out there, but you know, it's... So you got one of those big crazy nature lenses? I'm that guy. Oh, wow. I think I might quit music and try and get a gig doing that. I get off doing that. Yeah, I'm, yeah, I'm, yeah. It's a Mexican music world. Wow, what a cool looking bird. Yeah, man. feel the weird. [9:05] Crested Caracara. Yeah, yeah. Is that you say it? Caracara? Caracara. Caracara? Caracara? Mexican Eagle. What a fucking beautiful animal. Yeah, yeah. You have those in your yard? Yeah, there's like, there's some families like three of them. They swoop down and hang out all the time. At Hawk, it's trying to sweep in on my chickens the other day. The chickens in the backyard and all of a sudden, the chickens talk on, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, flopping their wings and running around and I look at them, this is Hawk. Come on, circle on. You gotta watch out for those motherfuckers. I saw Hawk's hoop up a kid and I didn't think about that. I moved down to this on video or something, I don't know if those were fake. Probably an eagle. Yeah, but I was like, I didn't even think about having to look out for that in the country because the hawk came down and swooped up or swooped down and got one of my chickens right in front of my boy who was like five at the time, he's like, what is that? I was like, woo, that's the world happening. You know, that's the world happening in nature. That's nature. [10:05] That goes down in the real world. Exactly. We think that we've constructed the insulate ourselves from it. And think that we're the most powerful. I mean, when you sit out there and you see a hawks whoop down and grab another sizable animal and just take off with it, you're like, okay. You know, okay. You know, it's not that safe. I mean, I walk around out there on my property and there's been a couple of times where I've almost stepped on a rattlesnake. You know, my wife and kids just stepped over a rattlesnake getting out of the truck right there in the driveway and there was a little baby rattlers that had no idea. right there in the driveway and there was a little baby rat, a ratler that had no idea. I looked down, stomped on his head. I was like, you know, you don't have to think about crazy things like that, you know. Going fishing, my daughter caught a water moccasin. Oh shit. Yeah. Fishing line? Yeah, she was all excited. Daddy, I got a snake. [11:00] Oh, yo. Not that one. Not that one. Not that one. Not the one you want. Wow, on a hook. Yeah, on a hook. It was like when I was a little kid, Poles, it's like an Elsa or one of those little princess. Right, right. You know, realing in God mouse. Wow, like nothing. Yeah, country. I didn't know they bought, they bought on the line like that like they They'll tag bait. I didn't know that either Yeah, yeah, yeah, so come get some of that if you want to step out of the city, you know, yeah But I love it though. Yeah, I did too. I love getting into the madness. I don't want to hate on it. I love wandering in. I love wandering around downtown with the camera, popping in the certain spots. And you know, I check in on y'all. I'll go to the blues spots and catch the madness [12:00] and got excited myself. Check it up a little bit. And then just take it back home and get the zoom lens out and Nerd away. Well, it's a good balance of different things and if you want to go see like live shit like this town is so good for that Man, there's so much live performance going on. There's so much comedy. There's so much music. Yeah, you know, it's great I like seeing the musicians Watching the comics and the comics watching the musicians. I love watching music because I have no talent. I love watching a thing where I have no talent in. I've no I've never played anything so I watch them just like you're doing magic up there. Look at these guys doing magic. I brought a guitar for you and at least we're gonna teach you how to play an E chord before I get out of here. Okay. I'll try it. I'll try it. I've never even tried it. Well, that's the problem. Is that the problem? No, the problem is here's the problem. Okay. I know my brain. Oh. And I have a dangerous brain. I can't, my brain can't get to interested in things because then it's all in and then it's like fuck eating [13:05] Let's do this all day. I so I've learned through all my years how to keep that wolf in a cage Mm-hmm and not to let it out. So that's why I don't pick off Got you because I'm addicted to pool. It's a real problem. I play like I can play like a hair under professional speed When I'm on when I'm really on, I've been practicing for several hours. I've had three racks the other day, three racks in a row. That's big. I want a quarter inch pockets. Yeah, see, that's the problem. Like, I'll get like that with music. I would get like that with anything. I'll get like that with golf for sure. I see Jamie, he's a fullon junkie. He's a full-on junkie. He's got a simulator out there and I'll come here and like when I pull the car up he's driving balls into the simulator and what, mapping it out on a fucking computer. Obsessed. Obsessed with his club speed. He's got fucking killer drive too. You like set up to the whole sensor thing and I don't have all that yet. [14:03] Like it's coming. Yeah, it's coming. Yeah, he says it yet. Yeah, yeah. I've got some cool stuff on the way, I think. I've watched it get you though. That's what's interesting. Like when we first met, you were not in the golf. Like how many years ago did you get in the golf? When we got here. When we got to Austin. So four years ago. So in four years, he's become a stone cold junky. Got you. So is Hinchcliffe. Stone Cold junky. Ron White. Ron White's a junky. Just a cool. There's also a lot of people that whatever the pandemic did the golf bug went around. It was the only thing she could do then. That's not what I was playing, but it was. Right. Yeah. It seems to me like it's one of those things that once you do it and you do it and you start getting better at it, you just fucking love it and then everybody becomes an addict. I know very few people who dabble in golf. You know a lot of people they'll play pool a little bit here and then but they don't get like fully addicted. Golf people get just addicted. I don't get that. I'm scared of that too. I get that now [15:01] you know understanding your own brain. I don't gamble. That's it. I don't break off Yeah, any of that because it's over for me. Yeah, it's already problem with these stupid cameras my wife is like you're not a fucking What are you doing? But yeah, you are yeah, you are you are whatever the fuck you want to be I'm obsessed Yeah, I don't like people telling you what to do. Hmm. That drives me nuts When I hear people are telling you what to do and tell them about giving you advice on music, just shut the fuck up. Everybody shut the fuck up and just market whatever it does. Yeah, well, yeah, right. I did it. You sell it, but the thing is, it's not people tell me what to do. It's meetings and suggestions. So I'm translating it as people tell me what to do. It's meetings and suggestions. Right. So I'm translating it as people tell me what to do with this. That is what it is though. Suggestions. It's as much as they can do. As much as they can tell Gary Clark Jr. how to make music, they're gonna give it a shot. Well, you know, you know what I'm saying? It's just annoying. Existing comedy too. They're medians do this, do that, dress nice, do this, do that. Stop talking about COVID, stop talking about this. [16:07] You know, you lose 5% of the audience when you do lose. 10% of the chat, the fuck. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I was in a conversation the other day in New York talking about a set list. You should put this in this order and do this. And I was like, you know what, y'all talk about it? I don't want to, I'm leaving this conversation. I'm gonna go up on the roof, I'm gonna put some smoke in there, and then I'm gonna do my fucking show. Chill out. Shut the fuck up. Tell you how to do a set list. Ah, it's funny. It's a funky business, you know? They're all like that Gary. They're all like that. TV was like that. When I was on news radio, it was maddening. Because here you have this guy Paul Sims, this brilliant writer from the Larry Sanders show. All these amazing cast members, this incredible writing staff. And then you have the network. You need a wacky neighbor. You know? You need a this. You need a that. We need to have a hot girl that Dave's interested in. There was always something like, stay the fuck out of this. [17:06] Stay out of this. Yeah. But they can't help themselves. Yeah. And you have to listen to them because they're the executives. They're the people that have the money. Right. And you love doing the art. Exactly. Yeah. So it's this weird relationship. Mm-hmm. You know, that's one of the best things about comedy is you don't really have that relationship with anybody anymore We used to have it with TV, but now let's all go on. Yeah, you can you guys can do whatever you want. Yeah, I was telling A couple of guys I'll show up to the Comedy spot. I you know you guys are nice enough to give me free drinks and so I take advantage and then I start to I start I start to go and off. Man you guys are the real fucking rock stars, you can just do whatever the hell you want. Nobody can tell you shit, you just go, you just go. But I mean it is true. You guys got a freedom in a creative space to say whatever you want at any time and that's [18:05] cool, it's inspiring. It's fun, especially at that place. Because that place is made for us, by us. Yeah, sure. It's all ours. We're the only ones who own it. So nobody owns it, but us. It's about that. Like everybody else has to listen to us. That's never been the case. It's always been there was an owner and the manager is hired by the owner and they give you the rules. So the rules are now like I go in the green room, what do you guys think? And everybody just starts giving off opinions. I think this, I think that. I'm like, okay, we'll do it that way. That's cool. We all agree? Okay, we'll do it that way. That's amazing. So because of that, we've been able to just have it like a real safe haven. It really is like a mother ship. Because everybody there goes and travels and does the road, but they come back home to home base. They come back to the mother ship. That's how you build the community. That's a prime example. Yeah. And it's just like everybody who comes here is looking for that too. And so then when they get it and they realize, [19:00] oh, this is real. This isn't just like everybody wants that thing. You know, like, I wish there was a place we could go. I'll just hang out together and every night just do shows and everybody's creatively inspiring everybody. And then once you actually have it, you're like, oh my god, it can be real. It can be real. Because we had it a little bit at the store. We had it a lot at the store anyway, but we also had owners and you know who are great? We had managers, we had Hollywood agents would come. There's always people's managers hanging around. There's a lot of other stuff there. And then there's also the Hollywood feel, which is a different feel because what percentage of those people out there in the audience are in the business, like a giant chunk. At least half. At least half those people out there in that audience are actors or writers or producers or executives or someone who does something that has to do with the business. Out here it's just folks. Yeah. It's just folks. Yeah. It's better that way. [20:00] It really is. It's just people who just love the shit. Yeah. It's just fans, just love this shit. Yeah, it's just fans just comedy fans who just have all kinds of different jobs All kinds of different things they do with their life and they just want to come out and have a good time It's awesome. Yeah, and it's just it's magical It's very cool. That's for me the absolute best thing that came out of the pandemic Number one moving here number two being able to set that place up Yeah, well, I mean as a as a fan. I think this one the best things that come out of the pandemic too So here's cheers to you man. Thank you. One year. Thank you. Sure. Yes indeed Yeah, it's exciting. We thought about doing one someone else But I was like you know what we really should do And we should do and feel like the summer in Montana just find some Fucked up town in Montana have people fly into it just to a mothership in Montana Montana would be amazing. I love Montana Montana is amazing Montana with yeah, that would blow up [21:01] Yeah, we're Tony's like don't fucking do Don't go to, I'm not going to Montana. I'm like, come on. And Duncan was like, I'll get a house in Montana. Let's go. My aunt is beautiful. Duncan's thinking about doing mushrooms, the fields, the stars. I'm with Duncan on that. I'm with that 100%. Yeah. So yeah, that'd be cool. You're thinking about expanding possibly just that was the only thought like just buy some land in Montana Some weird town Montana just put a mother ship up drop the mother ship in the middle of the suit comes Get interesting man. I'm on tennis. Yeah, it's got some funky cool folks It does, but you also have a lot of people that travel that's it's's interesting too. That's one of the things we found out about this spot. It's not just like people in Austin that come into these shows. Yeah, it's people traveling from all over the world. So it's like, it's almost like a little Vegas residency type of deal. It's become a destination. Yeah. It's about a. Yeah, if you could do If you only have like 120 seats, you can get a lot done. Make it better. [22:05] Yeah. Huh. Well, I'll be there. I'll be out there trying to learn how to fly fish. And I'll drop in on you. Fly fish is kind of fucked up because they let those fish go most of the time. Uh, well, they. Which is what a weird. The hippie and me gets that. I get that too, but the hippie in me says, well, why catch them then? The hippie in me is like, you're just fucking with these fish. Yeah, I think, you're just trying to get the juice, that feeling that you get when you catch a fish. Yeah. That wild fish. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Oh yeah. Yeah, I mean, everybody catches and releases. Yeah, absolutely. I got a little spot out of my house and we catch and release. Every now and then, we'll fill in up catfish or whatever. Front and up and stuff like that. But for the most part, just hang with my kids and learn how to be patient. [23:00] I've got to teach them how to just chill out. Yeah. Wait for something. I know when is a fish gonna bite? When you shut the fuck up? Chill out. Yeah, that's my next quest that I'm probably scared of, because a buddy of mine, Jacob Skibo, he's a guy I work with, the studio producer, engineer. While we were recording, he went out and it's gone on a couple of fly-efficient expeditions and he's kind of hooked. And so he's like, you have to come out there with me. I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And then next thing, you know, I quit playing guitar and I'm the guy who fly-efficient with the big zoom lens out there in Montana waiting for the mothership to open. Yeah. with the big zoom lens out there in Montana waiting for the mothership to open. Yeah, that's the thing is like when people say that they get bored, I'm like, how can you be bored? There's so many things to do. There's so many things to do in this life. Absolutely. There's so many things to get interested in. You know, how can you be bored? To me, it's like my problem is the total opposite. I just can't have more things. I'm interested in. Yeah, I like to get to a feeling where I'm bored or I feel like I have time to be bored [24:14] because I can you know, invest my time in certain things like photography or you know it gave me an outlet to go chase something down and for better or for worse I feel like fulfilled like I'm learning a new skill I'm challenging myself it's I'm never satisfied there's so much to know right so much to do but I'm like a hands-on guy so it's like you know if I'm bored playing guitar I'll try and figure out something on piano. I'm bored playing piano. I have bagpipes. I don't know why I have bagpipes, but just in case I get the time to get bored, maybe I'll figure out how to play bagpipes. Yeah. Just weird shit. Well, it's something about learning a new thing that excites a part of your mind that doesn't get excited any other way. Because once you already know how to do something, then you're just kind of practicing that thing that you already do and you're very comfortable with it. It's a normal thing [25:08] that you do. But when there's a new thing, it's like, what? How does this work? What's this lens? What happens when I turn left? Oh shit. Yeah, right. And they're like, okay, what is the aperture? What does that mean? Like what's exposure time? How much? So at nighttime, you said it different. What the fuck is it? And then you start getting into the books and into the weeds. And, you know, I got like that with archery. I nerded out hard with archery. So I know so much shit about archery. But there's so many layers to that too. Like there's people that, like my friend John Dudley, I'll talk to him about that. I don't even know what the fuck he's talking about. He's talking about torque lean and the, you know, torque setting bows and like, what? Torque tuning, what? I've got my brother-in-law's really into both. I think I hit you up when I was over there in Australia. He was like, oh, I hit up Joe and asked him what kind of ball he's using. But yeah, he's really into that. [26:01] My mom's really into archery. Really? Yeah, my mom would mom would have caught I'm put I'm gonna put you out there my mom doesn't mind being in a smoky room She started playing drums and she's in the archery now, so wow She's she's out here getting it Playing drums and shooting bows and arrows fuck yeah, yeah, it's really badass. That's badass. Wow and arrows. Fuck yeah. Yeah, it's really badass. That's badass. Wow. Yeah, archery is an addictive thing too because at the moment when you're aiming at the target and you're at full draw, it's impossible to think of anything else. It requires so much concentration that the world goes away and you have this insanely narrow focus. The insanely narrow focus is the place where you want that arrow to go. And all these different things have to be in order. Your scapula has to be aligned. Your elbow has to be high. Your right arm has to be pulled back. Your left arm have to be locked and stabilized. You have to release your hand. [27:01] So you're just pushing with the palm of your hand, no movement of your hand whatsoever. And then pushing with the palm of your hand, no movement of your hand whatsoever and then you have to relax the shoulder somehow while extending fully and all the while you have to fight anxiety. You want to pull it quick. You want to make sure you just get it locked in there. So when all that is going on there's nothing else in the world. Like if I'm I got a lot of things on my mind. I'm too busy. I'm too this. I'm stressed out. I'll just go out. There were some arrows and then within 20 minutes I feel great. It's like, yeah. My only time to think about other bullshit is while I'm walking over to the target and get my arrows. Yeah, yeah. Pulling the arrows out and then back to what I was doing. Start sprinting to that motherfucker. Yeah, if I could just keep fire and talk, I'd never have to go get the arrows. Yeah, there would be no thinking at all. I get that. I can kind of relate that to playing guitar in a way. You can't, in order to, you know, it's kind of a precision that your hands [28:00] got to work in sync and coordination and you got to be precise with it or else it kind of all falls off the rails and you can't really think about anything else. It's not like you can be on the phone and play guitar. You can send emails back and forth. You can't really be in conversation with people. You just have to be locked into execute. you know what shots are better than the others. You know which chords are played stronger than the others. You know which notes are gonna sting, you know what I mean? That's like, that's the note. You know, bullseye motherfucker. Yeah. I can kinda relate in that way. You can't, you can't, it's like flow state. Yeah. Check out. You gotta be there. You have to put in 100% or else you're not gonna be great. I think that's a lot of things in life. I think there's a lot of things in life that people gravitate towards because I think there's a great value in having a thing that takes the rest of the world away. That thing could be golf. [29:01] Look at this for Jamie. It could be golf, look at this for Jamie, it could be anything, whatever it is. But there's a real value in having a thing that takes the world away. I think so. I think so. Yeah, yeah, yeah. My name would have been, I had a longer rap sheet if I hadn't found guitar at a young age, I think, you know, just being lost, confused. So many people out there. Mm-hmm. Yeah, if I hadn't found martial arts, oh god damn. I have no idea what would happen to me. Mm-hmm. It was the only thing that I had ever done that made me feel like I wasn't a loser. I was like, oh, the sudden I found a thing that I know that I can do, and if I just go all in. So when, that's why I have like this problem with the dictating, getting addicted to things. Because that was like the first one that I really got really addicted to. And then it just sort of like transmuted, it changed just the way I interact with everything. Did you have a good experience off the bat? Did you notice that you were like a winner immediately? [30:04] Not immediately, but pretty quickly. Now it was kind of true. I had an absolute bet for it. I understood it. Yeah. I understood like distance, I understood like how to hit things hard. There was like, and it was the exciting thing about it. Like you're moving, there's moving targets, they're moving it, you're moving it them. Like this like solving this puzzle of human reflexes and instincts and flinching at them and fainting them, getting them to react and then gauging what that reaction is going to be. Different ways to set things up is like it's so multi-layered and multifaceted. And when you're young, you're so fast. Like you can move so quick. It's exciting. You learn so quick too. You know? So it's just, you see instantaneous reward. Because if you're learning something while your body is growing, it's the best. Because your body grows into these movements. So your body has like a built-in way [31:00] of doing these things from it's like literally from the ground up. Once you're a grown man and you try to teach a grown man like kickboxing, let's like, oh, okay. You know, you're just like so accustomed to doing certain things with your legs. You get these grown ass 30 year old man legs and I'm gonna try to teach you how to throw a spinning back. Yeah. That's like a cow. Yeah, that's why I haven't signed up yet. It's worth doing it just for fun though. Sure. And that's another thing. Like when you're doing that, you're anything about, if you're sparring or if you're doing jujitsu training, you're not thinking about anything else. You cannot think about anything else. You're just fully locked in to this thing that you're doing. Yeah, that makes sense. Man, I wish I'd grown into my body while playing basketball, because I'm six foot four and a whole waste of space. I have no skills. I have a 15 foot jumper that I'm pretty confident in, [32:02] but I have no handles. I'm like, you know, I just, it's a waste. People ask me, you play basketball? Nope. Didn't get that. And I tried, man. I tried. I had friends who had the shoes where you could, you know, like build your calves for jumping and I was out there doing those walk around with weights and all that shit. I was really trying to get there, man. Like, I got no hops, no court awareness. It just wasn't my thing, bro. I'm like, a deer and headlights on the basketball courts embarrassing, but, yeah. So I try and get out there with my kid. Now he plays basketball. And I'm struggling. My knees are popping. 40's right. 40 year old reality. Yeah, man, like damn. I didn't, yeah, that wasn't my forte. But hey, you can't be everything. No, you cannot be everything. And if you try to be everything, you'll be nothing. I agree. [33:00] Yeah, it's not, you gotta pick lanes. Sure. You can have a couple lanes, but you can't have too many. Even each lane will take away from the resources that other lane has available. I agree. I agree. So I try and tell my wife all the time. I can't focus on that right now. Yeah. Trying to stay in my lane. People don't have to do that. Don't understand it. Like sometimes people come to me with like business stuff, and I'm like this is not I can't talk right now Yeah, I've got shit going on. Sure. I'm busy. Yeah, let's talk about this when it's absolutely necessary and never a minute before That part Yeah, say it again loud for the ones Didn't have the volume up Yeah again loud for the ones that didn't have the volume up. Yeah, eventually we could talk about this, but not now. Seriously, man. I'll try to talk to you about important shit right before a show. This is so crazy that you're doing this. So you don't even understand what you're doing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Really? Yeah, that's one of my biggest, [34:01] that's one of my biggest issues with doing shows. And there's like some sort of business element involved because when you're out just on the road with your touring crew or whatever, there's not that those conversations, there's not those talks, everybody kind of gets it, reads the room, when you have folks come in and go, hey, I was thinking about this idea with this company that's like, the tour folks come in and go, hey, I was thinking about this idea with this company. That's like the tour manager comes in and goes, five minutes, and I'm trying to get my monitors on. I'm trying to get my boys, I'm trying to, you know, and they're just selfish. Yeah, this is captive, you're a captive audience. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's like, man, I'm not a kid though, fuck up. I finally got you alone. I want to talk to you about this crypto currency, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, no thanks. But yeah, it's part of it, I guess. It's just weird and kind of funny if you think about it. It is kind of weird. What's all these different personalities are interacting with each other? [35:00] You know, you have the creative personality, and they have all the business people, and the people that are support team. And it's all a relationship. Yeah, sure. Whenever you make business and art, there's just two totally different mindsets. Yeah, it's north and north. Yeah, that's why people get real suspicious. If an artist gets real business oriented So opening up a bunch of businesses and gets on business-y. Mm-hmm people are like, oh, what are you doing? What do you I want you to be an artist? Yeah, right? Yeah Yeah, that's what I like about you dummy. Yeah, yeah Yeah, that's what I like about you. I like it. You don't know any of it I like that you're out there just being wild. Yeah, have's what I like about you. I like it. You don't know anything. I like that you're out there just being wild Yeah, have a good fucking time. Have a bunch of people to do that shit for you man Don't be involved. That's the that's the scary part when they say I say don't worry about that just being artists It's like nah motherfucker. Yeah, I'll be at your office tomorrow early in the morning [36:00] Let me see that's what's going on Yeah Yeah, well that's it true. That's a story is old it's time. The artist has been ripped off. I didn't even know they were getting ripped off. Yeah, yeah. It's definitely true. There's things that I've had to learn in the business. Not to get into too much, but yeah, there's definitely things that you aren't looking for or looking out for and people don't necessarily tell you because you're not able to be in those rooms to have those conversations of things kind of slip by you. It's like you and your homies trying to figure this out. It's like your boy who's an attorney who, you know, wants a UNLV but doesn't know anything about entertainment law. It's like, you know, doing your contract. It's like, oh, you know what I'm saying? It's like, ugh. Yeah. So there's just things that you gotta figure out, but you just gotta keep your eyes and ears open and ask questions. [37:00] The worst one is when someone has a legit manager, and then their friend is like bro, I can be your fucking manager Uh-huh And you're like yeah, man, you know you're like a brother to me man. I trust you Right, right Yeah, that's that's that's that's that one goes sideways 50% of the time. That's it five zero you got one One out of two chance of that thing going completely sideways. Yeah, absolutely. And so when you guys go that way, you know, oh, Mike's managing me now. I got a new manager. Yeah, that's my wife. My wife's managing me like, what? What are you doing? Get a professional. Yeah. It's only those the fuck they're doing absolutely man either that all that bro shit You know that You know things start to get funny Yeah, that relationship starts to get funny, but yeah, that's also dudes develop on tarotches That's a wild one man speaking of on tarotches. I had to talk talk I had to just tell my dad is [38:06] Gone crazy. Oh, no, I love my pops, but I Mean he shows up to my shows and this dude all the sudden is sitting court side at spurs games He shows up to my shows with like 30 folks 30 deep. He's got a table with the moody theater He's living his best life. He's got a table with the Moody Theater. He's living his best life. He's just squatted up around town. People talk to me about him all the time. My dad is out here getting in in Austin, Texas. It's pretty funny. Wow. But yeah, he's like, my pops is a superstar out here. That's awesome. Yeah, that's good. He's having a kid who's known around town. Yeah. That's good. Oh man, he must be so proud. But yeah, he's getting a little bit ridiculous. It's showing up 10, 15 deep. [39:00] Oh, derives me up. Yeah, man, can you get me into this? How many people you got a couple? When Dave rolled when Dave Spell came to the mother's head became with three SUVs He's got he had like three escalates fill of people Where did they come? How do you fit anywhere? Oh, man? He's got family. He's got friends He got a fellow fellow comedians musicians like he just travels with people, he loves it. It's like a party everywhere he goes. I get that. Yeah, I understand that. He hasn't managed well. He has good people with him. He knows what he's doing, but it's like the way he's got it set up is pretty fun. It's all just, every day's a good time. Get a IV, vitamin IV trip. Yeah, I was around for that. Yeah, we actually, yeah, yeah, it was definitely around for some of those fun times. Just scoot hanging with that crew. Yeah, that's a good, that's a good deal. It's on the rush. It's on the rush. I get that. Yeah. I get it. [40:05] Yeah, I could never be that guy. I like to roll solo. I like to just kind of be on my, I can make my own decisions if I want to give it go left. I can go left. I want to go right. I can go right. Don't necessarily have to, maybe that's selfish of me. Kind of a lone wolf. No, it's probably smart because it gives you time to think. I think the problem with David is he's so famous he can't be alone. Oh yeah, yeah. You can just show up somewhere else. All of a sudden you won't be alone. It'll be a giant crowd of people. Yeah. Oh my god. That's amazing. Let's just go crazy. Absolutely. I can't believe it real. I get that. Can I take a picture with you? I get the every now and then, Dude, who plays guitar, He's like, man, I've been watching you for, you know, It's not as a kid, Or like really drunk, Like, older lady, Who wants to kiss on me, You know, well, I'm hanging out waiting for some to go food or whatever. It's like, that's kind of my, [41:02] Mmm, that's my interaction. That's good, that's a good level of interaction. Yeah It's a certain level like a Dave Chappelle level. I think it becomes unmanageable Yeah, it goes down to conversation with cat cat Williams about that like he asked him to come to the club He's like I don't do clubs like guys getting nervous being around all those people like they're too close to me I was like you got to famous. Yeah, you got to famous. You got to famous. He has to have an entourage. Yeah, I mean, I get that. I get that. That's so I've respected that I don't know anything about. Yeah, I'm just speaking from a dude to a small community of music folks. Yeah, you know, I can move around, but it's perfect. Yeah, it's pretty good. Where you ask perfect. I know. It's good, but I want these pretty good. Where you ask perfect. I know. It's good. But I want these people to buy millions and millions of rappers and fill up arenas. You know? At the same time. Right. Exactly. I think I've kind of, you know, fucked myself off. I was like, I should've gone like the gorillas router and like daft punk or something like that. [42:00] Or you're in a mask or you didn't really need, and you could just show up anywhere. That's true, right? Gorillas can just hide. Yeah. Kiss had that forever. Sure. You know? I remember when KISS took the makeup off, everybody was like, what year was that? Like the 80s, I think. Yeah. I think it was the 80s. It was KISS unmasked. I couldn't imagine like oh my god. They used to be able to go around town. So they would go out and Like they would like I remember Gene Simmons was dating share and He would go out when he put a bandana on like he's during COVID times. All right. Yeah We almost got a picture of him So this is like half blurry pictures of someone's side of their face but they're hand up. That's all you got to kiss That's cool. I kind of missed those days of that mystique Yeah, see how he's wearing the bandana. That's how he used to go around town. He used to wear a bandana No ridiculous that is it's 1980. Yeah [43:00] Yeah, I was in I was like going into high school and they did that. Oh Damn Yeah, I was in I was like going into high school and they did that oh Damn What a crew man what a they didn't get the love they deserve because people had already thought it was corny To have make-up on for some reason they didn't have real hit records that were like they their songs didn't play in the radio that much If they played on the radio it was rare. You don't think so? Well, I kind of grew up as kids being a household name off of me. Yeah, well they were huge. They sold millions of records. They sold out arenas, but they weren't getting love on the radio. It was just fans. And there was a thing that were like, people would be embarrassed to be a kiss fan really? Yeah, yeah, you'd be embarrassed other kids make fun of you Why cuz you like those idiots make a farm to fuck as wrong with you like bro kisses the shit They don't even seem like a thing now. No, it's not Yeah, but you have to realize like in the 1980s. It was a thing right yeah, we would mock you [44:04] that you're in a kiss. Damn. And then they became cool again. They became cool again somewhere in the 90s when they started going on tour again with makeup. Right. So they were gonna do like one last final tour they decided but that was bullshit. They just kept going. Everyone does a last tour. So last, last, last last last that's those marketing guys. I'll tell you what Gary. Yeah, this is your final tour This we're gonna say he doesn't have a really final for but we'll sell it as your final tour. Yeah, we're gonna milk the shit out of this People are gonna love it and they're very excited to go see the last time Gary's gonna become a photographer He's just really gotten into photography and we're gonna have to respect that we We're gonna have to respect these wishes. But this is his last tour. Yeah. Don't carry, don't quit. Don't go into pictures. Don't go into pictures. Don't go into pictures. Don't go into pictures. Don't go into pictures. Don't go into pictures. Don't go into pictures. Don't go into pictures. Don't go into pictures. Don't with Kevin James, meeting Kevin James when he kissed when they came back. We were like, this is a marriage, I... [45:05] Is that in Hollywood? I think it was. I think it was in LA. I must make a comment. It was incredible. It was incredible. With the makeup on, all the shit. Fire. Man. Those guys really turned rock and roll into entertainment. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like it was every single aspect of the show from the costumes to the pyro, the time and the crazy antics to just, I mean, and then selling it like this big huge thing with the merch and the dolls and the crazy shit. It was like, I mean, it was, they made it known that Kiss was a fucking thing. And they had the fans, I guess, to push it. But that's... They had a one hour long TV show. I don't know. Where it was like a movie, like a made for TV movie. It was Kiss and the Phantom of the Park. I don't know about that. [46:02] And in the middle of it, like three quarters of the way to the show, the fucking power went on at my house. I was like, no. I can't believe this. I can't believe it's shut off. It's just the power shut off. I was like, this is so fucked. This is Kiss and the Phantom of the Park. It was like a real corny made for TV movie. How long were you waiting for this thing? Hahaha. Well, when you were a kiss fan, first of all, you had to find out from like the newspaper. Yeah, yeah. Like how did you even know or you had to read the TV God? Like what? Kiss has got a movie. And it was maybe the dumbest movie that's ever been made. Hahaha. It's pretty dumb. It's so dumb. It's so dumb. I need to look at this. It's so corny. I mean I might have to go back and watch it now. It's so corny. It's literally so ridiculous. It's so bad. So I hear whooping ass. What are they? They were superheroes. [47:01] They became superheroes for a while. I did not know this Oh, it was one of the dumbest movies it's ever been made some of my my favorite shit to watch is the dumbest shit So this is so dumb it might have been made by the Chinese They might have done it to subvert American institutions. They might have done it to try to ruin young minds. Just lower the standards of what acceptable to the point where they can invade. I mean, that's a power move for sure. That's what they're doing right now. That's a power move. That's what they're doing right now with That's a power move. Oh, that's what they're doing right now with TikTok. Man. I firmly believe that. Russia and China are just fucking us sideways. I'll tell you right now, man, I've been having conversations about music and sharing music and the way to be on TikTok. Like, that's the way to get everybody to this crazy, [48:03] fucked up weird place. It's nasty in there. Well, it's something that people are not designed to manage. They don't know how to manage it. They don't know what that experience is. It's new to the human anatomy. Have something that you're staring at, that you keep in your pocket that carries 20 hours of battery life. They just flipping through things all day long, just giving a little tiny drip of dopamine every time. Not much, just enough to keep you interested. I just flipping through that fucking phone all day long. It's changing the way people view things, it's changing what's acceptable. Yeah, absolutely. I've noticed that it changed me when we were sitting down for a little while because I was just in my phone. That was the only way that I was just in my phone. That was the only way that I was getting information. I wasn't hanging out with people. Yeah. It changes your anxiety levels. That's what I realized. I realized it changed my anxiety levels. I was not sleeping. I was drinking a lot more than I normally would [49:00] just because I was like overthinking shit. Yeah. You know? That was COVID too though, the isolation. I mean, I'm not saying that this is what they did, but if you wanted to do that, if you wanted to turn a population into a bunch of cowards, one of the best ways to isolate everybody. You isolate everybody, get them scared, give them one solution to get out of this thing. Everybody else, against that solution is the enemy, they're gonna stop us from getting back to normal. Oh, absolutely. And that's, you could do that through social media, especially through Twitter, better than you can with anything. And it's just, it's a weird way to get information. You just say, I broke my phone once, I was in Hawaii, with my family, I dropped my phone, it just started making phone calls. Just, I would go look at this. I was showing my wife, I go look at this. I hang up, call someone else. Hang up, call someone. Just calling people. It wouldn't stop calling people. So I had to shut it off and I had to get a new phone, but it took three days for the phone to get there. So for three days, I had no phone and it was I was like, ooh, I feel so much better. [50:06] And then part of me was like, you know what? Fuck phones. You just have a phone and have nothing up. Nope, I went right back to it. Yeah, yeah. I'm back to Instagram, right back to Twitter, right back to YouTube, right back to Google. I know. Right back. I know, I did the same shit. My person sends me a meme. Oh shit. Yeah, it's over. Yeah, it's over. You're back in the game, man. Someone sends me a funny video. I got a sign back up for Instagram. Let me see this. Oh shit. Yeah, I got you same problem. I got you same problem. I gotta just, I have to consciously just leave it. Yeah, of course. Well, I have one phone that has nothing on it. I have one phone that has no apps. There's nothing on it. So if someone sends me, I got to send a link to my other phone. Nice. And most of the time, I don't click that link. There's the hack. That's the hack. It leases cut me back about 30% for sure. 30% of paying attention to shit. Unless someone says you have to see this. This is insane. You know, okay. I think he's at 30%. [51:06] Yeah, please. I'm at 30% now. I'm gonna use that. Yeah, for sure. That way, also, you can cut down on the amount of people that have your phone phone. You got your phone, and you got your phone phone. Yeah. And the phone phone is like, this is the one that like 20 people have. That's the way to go. Yeah, I was doing that for a while. When I was in New York, I was doing that. And then I just got, I was wearing skinny jeans. And I couldn't do the skinny jeans to phone thing. And while it am, I keys, it was ridiculous. You'd accept the Fanny Pack in your life. Well, look. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I The satiate I showed up with the satchel I'm converted it's actually was the artist version of the fanny pack the fanny pack is saying I don't give up Fuck I'm not Package like I'm a dirt. I'm a loser. I don't care. I do not care I'm not ready for that yet, Joe [52:00] Well in Texas you see people can't fanny packs a lot of those fanny packs have guns on them Especially those big ones. Oh, yeah, I know where I'm at There's a reason you see that dude with a fucking bass pro shot pat and a fucking flannel t-shirt on yeah, yeah that guy Yeah, is that fanny pack? Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't try. Origin boots on, yeah, that dude, that's, there's something in that. That's a heavy Fanny Pack. I just see them cats and I just go. Yeah. Hey. Get out of here. Good day. That's what I see people out here getting, I saw some dude getting road rage the other night. It's out by Southwest. Bro. Bro, let's go jump out of his car. Ran to the car in front of him, start yelling at the driver. I was like, do not do that, sir. I do not want to watch you get shot. You got to, they got to be from out of town, because you can't do... South by Southwest? You can, yeah. You can't do Roar Ratchie, bro. Nooo. You cannot. Nooo quick people don't fuck around they don't fuck around and they also don't know you they don't know what they they watch too much YouTube too they're watching too much [53:08] Instagram too they're seeing all the fucking riots and craziness and people getting pulled out of their cars everyone seeing those videos or someone getting fucked up in a some sort of a road rage situation yeah any any sense of a threat people yeah hair triggers like real quick road rage in particular because everybody's people understand I've said this ad nauseam, but I'll say it again when you're in a car You're hyper alert because you're going fast There's all these things around you and you always have to be ready So your brain is at a seven already. Yeah, so when someone cuts you off It's like motherfucker. That's why like on the street if someone gets in front of you on the street. It means nothing Because you don't have to worry about crashing. There's no fear of this person stepping in front of you. It means nothing. Like I have no worry that I'm gonna crash into this man in front of me and we're both gonna die. But when you're in a car and some guy changes, it leaves the front of you like, motherfucker dude, what are you doing bitch? You roll down the wheel. Are you fucking idiot? And then you see him at the stop sign. You jump out of your car. Oh, dude. Don't do it. Yeah. I, I, I, I, I'm guilty of, yeah, I'm, I'm in my, I'm yelling at people in my car. [54:14] As long as you stay in the car. I have, but yeah, I, I will, well, motherfuck somebody will go and those up. Yes. That's fine. But normal. And then I get to the light and I just give them a look like, you know, I saw what you did. I'm just acknowledging that I'm not down with the bullshit. I just want you to know that I saw you. I don't want no problems. Right. But just check, check. Come on, man. It's a come on, man. And if it's a reasonable person, that person's like, what the fuck did I do that for? Yeah. If it's a reasonable person. My favorite though is when they just keep looking forward. Yeah. Yeah. I know you could feel this. I know you could feel this. [55:00] Yeah. Well it's interesting watching the Texas culture get invaded by the California culture You see it in how they drive yeah people that are cutting people off and you know rushing to nowhere You see it and how they drive. I notice it. I avoid I avoid certain streets. Yeah based on that Some like where the fuck did y'all come from man? Well that was South by Southwest. Southwest, basically like LA comes to Austin. Yeah, you know. Yeah, I stayed away for the most part. I had a couple of events during South by, but I love my city. But that shit is just gotten crazy. Those festivals are nuts. It's wild. Yeah. I used to have this one parking spot that people thought was a handicap spot, but it wasn't. It was right on the line. And I figured this out from years of spending way too much time wandering around on 6th Street. [56:02] And I remember one year they took that spot away and I was driving around for like an hour and a half looking for parking. And I'm like, fuck this place man, this ain't my city no more. I love you Austin, but yeah, I was like, oh man, the game has definitely changed. While we were driving to the club last night, we looked up, we saw five skyscrapers being built. There's five skyscrapers being built right now. I know all those folks who are building on this stuff. I know them, they're like my neighbors and shit. So like, blow the city up and then come back to that. Go back to the country. Yeah. But there's so many apartments being built. It's happening. Yeah, it's wild. I've never seen a city grow like this. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. It's gotten better. I'm responsible. I know I'm responsible for at least 20 or 30 comedians. [57:05] Yeah, no, absolutely. Which is amazing because, you know, that's my favorite shit to see you guys being down the street. I didn't come hang. But yeah, the city has grown in a way that somewhat unrecognizable to me. Like everything that I kind of grew up with, I grew up with is, you know, all my spots I used to hang out in are gone now and saw something to my old man the other day. And he was like, man, shut the fuck up. He's like, I've been here my whole life. And what do you think that I think? And what do you think that I've seen? It's just changes inevitable. if you look at pictures from 1836 It's not the same spot, right? You know what I mean? So it's just it's what's happening right now It's a crazy time to be a part of it and see it up close, you know because I'm watching my little town Seeing familiar faces all of a sudden it's like this new energy there's new folks around there's new business [58:02] There's a new business since here. new business. Since here it's cool and funny and funky. It's just change happening. I'm in the middle of watching it. Yeah, man. I was hanging out with Elon at the very beginning of the pandemic. Yeah. Like I never was scared to be inside. And I was telling him my plans to open up the club and all that stuff. Yeah. And we were just talking about Austin. He's like, Austin's gonna go supernova. Yeah. He was right. Yeah, he was right. Called it. Yeah, he called it. But it's still manageable. It's still like the traffic is nothing compared to LA. Man, I like it. I like that there's new shit here. You know, in the city that I grew up in, and you're looking for some excitement, and it's like it comes to you. You don't have to go look for it. Yeah, I'm just getting my car and come see some new shit. You know, it's exciting for me. [59:00] It's all my favorite stuff happening around here too. I think it's good. I think it's overall good. And and also I think that the people that are moving here are embracing This new life They're embracing like and it's a new city. It's a new vibe new way of behaving People are more friendly. So I think people adapt to that when people move to an environment They adapt to that environment, you know, they move to this town They sort of take up the energy of the town and this town already has like an established energy Yeah, I'm a little I'm still concerned about the driving though Because they're getting aggressive Yeah, different they drive different. It's a little different. Yeah, it's a little different But yeah, I mean, yeah, you move to a place that you love the energy I suppose. It takes a little while to adapt. I mean, I'm just watching it happen. I'm watching it happen. It's cool to me. The tech people I worry about more than anybody, [1:00:00] because they're not artists. Like the tech people moving here, that what they've done to San Francisco, like those people with those wacky woke ideas. I'm not even thinking about that, yeah. That's the shit out of me, because there's a lot of them. I mean, look at that giant ass fucking building that they built. That's a Google building, right, or a Facebook building. Which one is it? Which one's the sale? That cool sale Google Google They put a giant ass building right on the link I don't even know if I noticed that it's a giant ass building right on Caesar shoves But then they just fired like 15,000 people so I think that place is mostly like vacant What did they just overshoot? I think they overshoot that's it. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, that's a dope building Um, so I think they overshot and I also think The reality is AI is coming and there's so many people that are working in tech that will not have a job in five years The job will be nonsense [1:01:01] They'll be like you know Asking a person to make steel beams in his backyard with a fucking hammer and a pot. Like, no. Why would we do it that way? That's a stupid way to do it. We have steel mills stupid. Like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Why would I let you make your own girders? Yeah, yeah. You know, that's dumb. Sure. It's dumb. It doesn't make any sense. Like, what we can do now, AI's gonna be able to do better, more efficiently, much quicker, cheaper, no hiring people, no worrying about insurance or any of that shit that you have to worry about with people, 401k plans. Yeah, all that shit's gone out of here. And this is something that Andrew Yang was talking about when he was running for president and I guess it was 2020. He was talking about that. And he was right. He was right that there's some things that are happening. Was that 2020 or 2016, with Andrew Yang? I don't remember. 16. 16. And he was very concerned even back then. So this is eight years ago. [1:02:01] He was saying like, AI's coming. And that's why he was pushing for universal basic engines. Sorry, 2020. So that's why he was book pushing for universal basic income. He was saying look there's going to be so many people that there are no jobs. Like if you're a truck driver, you have 10 years. In 10 years everything will be automated. There'll be those giant electric trucks. There'll be run by computer. They'll never get an accident. And they never get tired. And then you never have to worry about them doing math and picking up hookers. You're going crazy. Fallen asleep at the wheel. Come on. I'm driving into a fair. That's what makes the best cops episodes. That's a world, huh? That truck a world, huh? The truck driver world? Yeah, that's a world of wild folks. Well, you know, we tour on buses and we got to field up in the same places where they do. And yeah, it's a funky world out there. It's a funky world. [1:03:00] A lot of dudes on infetimmons do in 12, 13 hour runs. Just wide eyes, huge pupils, just crippling. I'm in the fucking conspiracy theories on the radio. We had one of them drive us. Did you? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, crashed the bus. Oh no, really? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, not crashed the bus, but like, kind of ran the bus into a, he ruined the bus. He was all duped up and super drunk. Oh no. Yeah, we didn't realize he was going through any of this time of the day. So we were leaving the gig one night and sure enough he pulled the bus and crashed it into the gate. Oh no. I had to grab this one. So he was fucked up at the gig? Yeah. So he got fucked up while the show was going on. Yeah, at the gig. He'd just been going for, I guess. Maybe a bender, we had a couple of days off, I think. In a certain city. Dude was just gone, I guess he just got into it. Said, fuck it. [1:04:00] He just hit the fuck it button. Was like that man? Fuck off, shit, I don't care. Yeah, that's a danger, right? Because you just trust in this dude. And it's not you're gonna drug test him every day. No. He's a driver. You trust him. He's a professional. He's got a resume. People have recommended him for years and years and years. He does his job. You do your job. How you doing Frank? I'm gonna sit down the bus. Yeah, you know Frank is just Frank is on coke at the Keela Yeah, I bet it's a hotel lobby bar just going after All day long Wow, yeah shows up. Hey rides here. Oh. And I got this. Yeah, I got this. We just met him. I guess it's the wrong time. Yeah, he could have caught him a month earlier. Everything would have been fine. And cool. Yeah. Yeah. But I'm saying I forgot like Frank. But, you know, I think about those those truck drivers, man, and you know know bus drivers drive it all funky weird times [1:05:05] and that yeah to lonely life yeah absolutely to lonely life if you have a family too you're sad sure your family's at home it's 12 hours of driving to get back there oh then you're only there for a little while you got to go back again yeah man that's what kind of has been my problem with touring the way we've been touring, is being gone multiple times for long periods of time, during the year. I only did that once. I only did the month thing once. Me and Charlie Murphy and John Heffron, we did this Bud Light Real Men at Comedy Tour once. Well, we did 22 dates and 30 days. And we were just out basically every night, wake up in a hotel room where am I? Where am I? I forgot where I am. And after that, I was like, I'm never doing that again. I, like Tom Sagerra, that crazy fuck. He'll do like 60 dates in a row. [1:06:02] He'll be gone for two months, whereas the show almost every night. And he's just going all over the place. His name of his tour was I'm coming everywhere. He's brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. But that's what he was doing. Yeah, literally everywhere. Yeah, everywhere. Everywhere. That's, I mean doing. Yeah, literally everywhere. Yeah, everywhere. I mean, I get that. I would love to do just a weekend fly dates. It do stuff like that, but I got a whole band of production and my band is getting bigger and so, you know, that's like, I've got to do it. But I've decided this time I'm just gonna bring my family with me and just, you know, have them grow up out on the road instead of, you did that for a while, right? You took your son when you were in Europe? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, it took him out there. That's got to be a great experience for him. Yeah, it was great. It was great for him. That little motherfucker just, he didn't want to play guitar though until he saw Slash. like me. But yeah, so I think I'd rather have them come out and hang with me this time. [1:07:06] Yeah, that's safer. It's like more fun. You don't get a sad lonely and they don't feel weird. And for them it's an experience like wow I get to see what dad's doing. It's crazy. Instead of just like FaceTime and them. Right. You know, picking up weird lingo from their funky ass friends at school. What the fuck did you just say to me? Yeah. You just call me Brad. Hahaha. No, you're coming with me. Yeah, my kid started saying cap. Cap and no cap. I was like, what? What is it? Yeah, yeah. What does that even mean? I don't know where that come from. I don't know. I don't know where that come from. I don't know. I don't know either. Time's over change. Time's over change. But yeah, it's... That's a better way to do it. But it's a different thing with a band, you know? You have a whole band. You have a bunch of other people. Like, you know, the crazy thing we were just talking, I was talking to Shane Gillis, and he was talking about his experience I'm sorry, I only have only paid you $5,000. So you host it for a week, it's $5,000, [1:08:05] we're like, that's crazy. But then I talked to Pat from the Black Keys and he was telling me, he's like, you wanna hear it even crazier. He was like, when you do a late night show, it costs you money. Cause you gotta fly everybody out there, you gotta band, you gotta hotels, you got this, you got that, like it costs you $50,000 to do a late-night show. Yeah, oh absolutely. I just did that a couple times. Yeah, catch me on such and such. Yeah, watch them shit by the album. Yeah, it's it's funky like the whole promo thing and to do late night television. It's how effective is it now? Debatable I don't know I don't I don't know how effective it is It's not what I don't I don't think so I [1:09:00] I mean from my experience the TV promo, like certain ways that were, I guess, the only way to move, not as it's not moving the needle as much. Maybe it's just for me as my personal experience. I think it's for everybody. But it's not really moving like it used to, but it is still important in some capacity. I don't understand it, you know? But I'm a fan, so I like to go play the late show with Letterman to go play the tonight show. It's like, that's a dream to me as a kid. Like I love to be able to do that, to be able to step in that building and play Saturday night live. Do whatever it is. It's like this thing, but it's, you know, you're investing in something where you're not really quite sure on what the return is. Right. But still, you're doing it because you just want to do it. It's a cool milestone. Yeah, yeah. [1:10:06] And also, you know, in a record business, people aren't really, you gotta be everywhere. Right. You know, and you gotta do that and also be your own promotion on social media, which is a wild thing, you know. Yeah. And people are leaning on TikTok. I mean, I have meetings with folks about, you know, what's the plan? What is for strategy? What are we doing? Well, we gotta get traction on TikTok. We gotta do this. So I caught myself a couple times doing some goofy ass shit for TikTok, and I'm like, I don't like this, man. Like, this doesn't feel good to me. Right. It feels horish. Yeah, it feels horish. It feels, it's not in my character. It's not all this. It feels fishy. It feels reaching. [1:11:01] Yeah. It feels gross. And it's like, well, this is kind of what's happening in the business. And I'm like, well, I don't know if this is, and these are these debates, well, this is what it's going on. I'm like, that's why I'm gonna go be a fucking photographer. You know, it's like, it's, it doesn't feel like it should feel to me. Right. It doesn't feel authentic. Not at all. And then everything is, you can't film sideways anymore. Everything's got to be vertical for the algorithm. What the fuck are we talking about? Right. Let's talk about some music music I felt like James Brown in it The isn't it weird is the shape of the phone Dictated the way you hold it. It's wild to me and that's what we're talking about in music business meetings That's funky because remember what before TikTok became huge Andrew Schultz had that thing that he was doing on Instagram [1:12:02] Like turn your phone sideways. So he was telling everybody hey hey, turn your phone sideways. They turned their phone sideways and then he had it that way. Simple. Simple, right? Simple. Yeah. But now became all about the reels and you got to be able to flip up from one reel to the next. So now it has to be vertical. And then it just keeps you going. It keeps you going. It keeps you going. It keeps you going. just keeps you going to keep you going to keep you going to keep you going to keep you going to keep you going What's gonna happen if those foldable things get adopted by everybody? Because I was I got I went into a rabbit hole last night. I got into foldables because I have one I have a Z fold flip four whatever the fuck it is Never used it. It's a Samsung Foldable phone was like this it could be great. I'll be watching YouTube videos much larger But then you can just break around your pockets. And it folds, it's weird. The whole thing is weird. But eventually, I know a lot of people that have adopted those because they don't wanna take a laptop with them. So they have to answer an email, they'll open up the folds. They can have a laptop set up basically in this 10 inch or 8 inch thing. Yeah. And they've got this little thing and then folds it and it's the size of a regular phone. [1:13:06] So what are they going to do then? With the, with the, if that becomes like if Apple releases a fold phone, that's when it's going to take off. Because right now it's like, it's only Android phones have that now. And you know, that's only like a certain percentage of the people, especially people that are, most of the social media platforms are made better on iPhones. Apps are better. They're optimized for iPhones. So if they start doing an Apple foldable phone, I wonder if it'll be a different thing. You get to hold. Yeah, now you have to hold the sideways. Everybody's doing sideways now. I don't know. that's beyond that. But that thing is though, if a thing organically becomes viral, like if you have a song that you put out and organically becomes viral, there is no better promotion. There's nothing better. Yeah, absolutely. Because everybody can share it. I go, oh, check this out. I'll share it to friends, they'll share it to their friends, they'll put it on Instagram, they'll put it here, they'll put it there, they'll put it on Twitter, [1:14:06] and then next thing you know. Yeah, but you never know what that, you never know what it's gonna be, right? You can't. You know what it's gonna be. No, it's gonna be. Yeah, it's gonna be. You have no idea. Yeah, it's And you're like how and then other things don't hit you like how did we miss this one? You know there's a song that we play all the time Can't play anymore because of YouTube now we're on YouTube. This is dude Johnny thunder He wrote this song I'm alive from 1969 you heard this song Bro, we'll cut it out. We'll cut it out. Jamie play this song We'll cut this out so that people YouTube just go go look up Johnny thunder I'm alive So this is a 1969 song. What the fuck did they do to Johnny Thunder? How did that happen? What did they do to Johnny Thunder? I've never heard that. How did he not become a superstar? That's everything, right? It's everything. That's rock and roll, baby. It's amazing and it's 1969. [1:15:01] That is rock and roll. And Johnny's not with us anymore. He's gone. So how did you find that? Uh, Brian Simpson. Brian Simpson came into the green rooms. I do you got to hear this fucking song. Oh no, he's just written by someone else. Wow. Written by someone else. By Johnny Thunder. Yeah. It's also on a like Mountain Dew commercial rating. Wow. 1968 it was released. It's an amount and do commercial mountain do's been listening to this podcast guarantee Thank you for sharing that man. That was incredible. How good is that song? That was I That's like hearing hinders for the first time right right like that's a superstar like that's not just good That's um that changes your feeling your skin gets goosebumps. Yeah, I was going through it I was going through a lot of a thousand times I still go through it. That was powerful. It's powerful. That guy should have been a superstar damn Johnny Thunder Should have been the fucking man. That's like my new shit Is this another one? Tom Jones. Oh, this is the other version is okay. okay? The other version sucks. Oh, I'm cool on this. [1:16:06] No disrespect, but... No disrespect. The other version. I want that. I want the other version to be resonating. The other version is fine. If I didn't know that Johnny Thundercs existed, but the thing is if a guy can make a song like that, if Johnny Thundercs can make a song like I'm alive. How is he? That feel, I feel like you just gotta get the right songwriters, the right people with him and you got a fucking superstar. How did they fuck that up? If I heard that once, if I was like a music producer or an executive and I went to see this guy live and I heard that, I'd be like, sign him. Sign him. He's the one man. Twice. He's the one man. Twice. He's the one. That dude's out there. He's out there. And no one knows. That's it. No one knew. And this is. We found this Bob Dylan quote before I think. What did he say? All right. Bob Dylan, who heard Thunder's, I'm alive on radio, he was asked for Rolling Stones, John Wender that year. If he was impressed by anything in the rock music scene and pointed to the song, [1:17:06] Never heard of it either, huh? Well, I can't believe it. Everyone I've talked to, I've asked them and they've heard that record. It was one of the most powerful records I've ever heard. It's called I'm Alive by Johnny Thunder. Well, it was that sentiment truly expressed. That's the most I can say. If you heard the record, you'd know what I mean. Yeah, meanwhile, no one fucking knew. Oh, Samsung used it in 2015. Samsung used it in their advertising for the Galaxy S6 Edge in 2015. It was also used in the soundtrack the 2018 film American Animals. Since the 1960s, Thunder's continued to tour internationally, but has regularly appeared on luxury cruise ships. Wow. And they're being in elsewhere. He's dead though, right? No, he's still alive. Oh, I thought he wasn't around anymore. Gille Hamilton. His name is Gille Hamilton, he's 91 years old. [1:18:03] Wow. Okay. Okay, I was under the impression someone told me he's 91 years old. Wow. Okay. Okay, I was under the impression so much told me he wasn't around anymore. Bro, let me tell you something, that don't make any sense. That doesn't make any sense. That's like a comic like Kinnison, doing that thing about starving children at on television, you ever see that bit? Kinnison had this bit about starving children on TV, like you're at home, just making your food, sitting down in front of the TV, and Sally Struthers is on TV, won't you please help? Yeah, right. You know, and he goes, he goes, instead of sending these people food, send them something like me, someone's gonna go there and go, hey, we just drove 5,000 miles where your food is, and we realized... Was stealing all the recording that he might have, or not there's much if you more, but it's still in a... A children's nursery rhyme he was convinced to do, like his first thing is Johnny Thunder. [1:19:02] That's interesting. Don't hit quite the same. No, that doesn no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, really good songwriters, get sit down with that dude and let him go. Yeah, sometimes you just catch one. Sometimes you just catch your wave and you just go man. Yeah. And you can't, you keep trying to chase that thing and you just never the same. That is the craziest thing. The one hit wonder. That is the, that is the craziest thing because sometimes those hits are bangers. Right. Yeah, that's just one. Absolutely. Something you just catch it. I feel like if Johnny Dundin knew the right people, he would have been huge. He needs a better PR team or something. But even Bob Dylan in Rolling Stones talking about him and that wasn't enough. [1:20:00] What year was that article? You know, 90s? 60 years, I'll see if it's fun. There was that article? You know, 90s. 60 or I'll see if it's fun. There was that year. Wow. That was that year. Wow. I don't know. Was that a race thing? Well, Hendrix. Paul, yeah. You know, there was the James Brown pop. That's true. It just like doesn't make sense. That guy's that good. That feels like that's transcendent music. That transcends everything. That transcends culture. Like that's something that everyone will listen to. Maybe it was a little ahead of its time. How? How could that? Because it didn't, maybe. But doesn't it sound like a hit? It sounds like a hit now. God damn it, how'd it sound like a hit back then? But it probably sounded like, what the fuck is that coming through the radio? I don't know, man, if you listen to Peace Frog, that's like the same time with the doors. You know, there's like a lot of wild funky music that comes from back then, you know? Did that hit radio at the time? Oh yeah. Yeah. [1:21:01] Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. Some things are just a miss. One of my favorite artists who I think they didn't get the light that they deserve as a guy called Arthur Alexander and this guy was like Americana songwriting blues country all of it, you know all of them. I'm very rid of them. Great songs great songwriting cool funky voice You know, what's a song was she listen to? It's a song called Anna the song called go with him uh... try to go with him let's try that one yeah it is cut it out again that's a that song is a flex think about what he's saying go ahead total flex go with him go if you love is more hey i love, but if you love you more Yeah, that's a flex. That's why I know girls like that. That's a very needy girl and she's never gonna be happy and you have just have to say hey [1:22:00] Whatever you want to do. Yeah, go ahead. I think you're awesome. Whatever you want to do. I think you're awesome Yeah, but this some some that you just can't hold on to. Yeah, you have to recognize that. It's true, that's the blues right there. Yeah. Go ahead. There's another one too, Shiggy Otis. I don't know if you know Shiggy Otis. No. Yeah man, Shiggy Otis was one of them guys. He's like psychedelic rock, funk soul dude, dude. I found these guys on the same trip. My buddy, Jay Molo, who was, who joined me at the time, was listening to this stuff. And it was just, like I said, psychedelic. I had of its time, I think, maybe 60, 97-71, he put out a record called Inspiration Information. And it's just like you know maybe a chocolate couple bowls sit back and like you're going yeah yeah great artists but I mean not not as powerful as Johnny Thunder like that I'm alive is that's a [1:23:03] classic yeah yeah yeah should be out of you get this mostly just from other Johnny Thunder, like that I'm alive is. That's a classic. Yeah. Yeah man, should be out of this. You get this mostly just from other artists that just tell you about stuff? Yeah a lot. Yeah that's kind of why I like to move around a little bit. I'm still of old school, hanging out at the bar. Yeah. You know, hey what are you into? I've been checking this out, checked this out. I still go into record stores and just go ask what do you all like? What do you all listen into? Just turn me on to something. I don't care. So I'll be like, hey, try this. So I'll try it and either I love it or I don't. But I'm just curious. Well, those bar conversations are underrated. Absolutely. Yeah. They're the best. They give me the best for the weirdest and it's all of it. It's an experience. It's an experience. Wow, that's what you had going on in there? I'm sorry, I asked. My problem is I go to bars and everybody wants to talk to me about conspiracies. [1:24:02] They want to corner me. Yeah. Tell them about the government. I bet. Ooh, I need to shake out of it. Sometimes I just get in. Yeah. Just jump in with them. Oh yeah. Let's go. What do they think they're doing? How come Trump didn't release the Kennedy assassination files? Hmm. That's the big one for me. Yeah. I got a couple of people around me who get in deep with that and I just have to, my brain hurts. I have to get out. That one's crazy. Smoke break from me. Right. They killed the president. Absolutely. They got away with it. Yeah. And one of the guys that probably killed him was on the Warren Commission. Alan Dolez. Oh, it was probably one of the guys that involved in the whole conspiracy. He's probably one of the guys involved in the whole conspiracy. There's so many people involved in that conspiracy. They wanted him gone. See, I don't follow that. I don't want to. You don't do it. Yeah, that's probably one of those things. Goff. Yeah. Yeah. It's worse because it affects everything in the world. [1:25:02] And you realize that the world is run by psychopaths. Yeah. I don't know if I want to know all of it. Yes, all right. Well, you know, it's like a bouncing act. She probably know a little bit. Of course. Just so you don't get sucked into the bullshit. Right? Right. Absolutely. I mean, like I said, I got folks around me who keep me kind of in the loop a little bit Dedicated conspiracy analyst just one just one it can't come from it's just one source Just one dude is just a scour in the internet. All right. Yeah. Well if you find somebody send them my Just call them up and just let them go for what. This one's going on Gary. This is very, very scary time. Yeah. Yeah. You, uh, if you, if you do go too far down that rabbit hole though, that is no end to that hole. That hole goes to the beginning of civilization. That's what's terrible. Absolutely. Yeah. The idea of what human history really is versus what human history would actually [1:26:03] happened and what actually motivated all the things that happen. It's fucking terrifying. Well, yeah, I heard what you've been talking about a few politics ago about, you know, the real history of, and kind of going deep into that. I mean, it was just kind of blew my mind. I was like, okay. Yeah. That's the things that you've heard about, but never really gone deep into a done research on. You don't want to. Yeah. Don't go down. Just bar talks fine. That's how much you've been spitted at you at a bar. You go home a little freaked out. You get too deep into it. It'll ruin your life. Yeah. I remember being a kid in bars. There was a few guys in particular who I don't know why they found that talking to me about this stuff was the thing. I guess they were trying to get the message to the youth. But I remember you know these smoky bars and going up back or standing out front and [1:27:01] these guys telling me about all kinds of crazy you know the things that I've never heard of them you know they're coming after you they're doing this and such and such they did this and I'm like I'm 15 like I have to get up and turn in a school project tomorrow. I don't know what the fuck you talk about. Well you do it at a bar at 15. All playing shows. Really at 15. Yeah I was playing shows. When did you first start playing live? 98, I was 14. Wow. 15. Wow. Yeah. How did that happen? Well, I was in a boy band with my buddy Robbie. We were going to be R&B superstars. We thought, then he moved to France. My friend, Eve, was playing guitar. She did a talent show in eighth grade, won like 25 bucks. And you were kind of hooked. Went to a blues bar for her 15th birthday, played at a blues jam like an open mic. And they invited us back. And we just kept going. [1:28:01] I started booking gigs pretty soon after. As a teenager, I was like this duo, like the Gary and Eve show. And it was like me and this girl playing blues. Yeah, so 14. Yeah, 14. 15. What do you have to be blues about when you're 14? My girlfriend left me for the lifeguard that she was working with during the summer. Her name Raul. Yeah, that was my first. I'm like, huh. Alright. Any crazy that we dismiss the pain of the youth, but the breakups when you're 14 are the hardest ones you ever experienced in your life? Yeah, you don't know what to do. You have no idea what this is. Yeah. Also in your world's gone. You're right. It all ended. And everybody in your world knows that your world is gone. Yeah. You know, walking through the hallways. You know, look at that sad motherfucker. She's with Mike now. [1:29:01] Yeah. Yeah. And your Mike now yeah, yeah, and your boys are telling you man because we just got such and such you know Tom kissing over there by the gym All right, you just got to sit and like take that math test go through it Me while she don't feel nothing nothing at all she's gone out of there. Yeah, I Don't want to be with you anymore. Bye. That's it. Oh. Now, but somebody told me when I was a kid, you know, what do you know about singing about the blues and you really don't know anything? You know, or at least I didn't. When it came to just how complex people are, how big the is right, you know certain struggles like your little bullshit Doesn't really mean anything doesn't carry any weight compared to this compared to that right, you know But yeah, man, that's still hurts man. Yeah, that's still hurts [1:30:03] You'll take their life it took a life and to get broken up with it 14 15 years old It's true. That happens. That's true. I crazy your whole life's ahead of you in such a mistake We definitely lost a couple of the young age because it's just emotionally being broken Yeah, especially if you're already fragile sure, you know, maybe this is the only thing that you ever had in life that gave you happiness. Was this girlfriend? Yeah. That's a lot of people. Like they were depressed and the only thing that gave them happiness is a love of another person. And you thought you were going to be with that girlfriend forever. This is it. We're going to have kids. We're going to be together forever. Nope. Six months later she tongue-kissed behind the barn. Nope six months later she tongue kissing behind the barn Some of the dudes finger no Like it she likes it. She loves it. She's so excited. She doesn't think about you at all at all [1:31:02] Not one bit get over it Mike yeah you're alone you're room listening to sad songs in the fetal position just curl up sad shit but if you can come out on the other end of that you'll understand and then the next time it's a little easier the next time it's a little easier and then you get it yeah you know and then you write a song like that like if he loves you more, go ahead. This is some ladies that you will run into in this life that you are never going to hold on to. And if you can't accept that, I mean, maybe you can 10 years from now, maybe they'll change and you'll change and you'll meet up and it'll be better. But right now, she's on a path. And that, you gotta let her go. You know, I love you, you're great. But if he loves you more, Tata for now. Tata for now. Enjoy it. And that's a flex. That song's a flex. That kind of is. Yeah, if he loves you more. [1:32:01] Go ahead. Uh-huh. Yeah, if he loves you more, go ahead. Uh huh. Huh? Yeah, it's a good flex too, because they don't know what to do with that one. They don't. Oh my god, they don't. How did he say that? He said, if he'd love to be more, I could just go with you. Shook it. And then that guy's at home, the guy, the new guy's like, that bad motherfucker. I can't believe that That's what he said to Harry. He has it forever now. Yeah, and now he feels stuck. Yeah. Because eventually this newness that comes in this new relationship with a guy who loves it more, he's gonna fade into like, why are you always leaving your shit laying around and how come you always late? And you know, you said you're gonna call five, you didn't call those 630, what happened, what's this, what's that? Let me check your phone. And then next thing you know, she's thinking about that dude who said, look, if he loves you more, I love you though. And she calls him. What are you doing? Nothing great to hear your voice. You know all that. You know what it is. [1:33:00] You know I still love you. Yeah, but you know, some dudes could have used that advice. Like if you could give that advice to a lot, that's a strong move in certain circumstances to preserve your sanity. Mm-hmm. You know? Absolutely. Cause just because some people are fun, doesn't mean you're supposed to be with them forever. That part is very important. Very important. Just because you have a good time with someone. It doesn't mean they should be your one and only. Because that might ruin everything. Absolutely. I agree. One of all no dudes who've got just hitched to the wrong caboose and they lost everything. They felt a part. And a big part of it is the complex interaction between two people. And a big part of it is the complex interaction between two people. And some people just, the combination of you and them is not good. Absolutely. It'll ruin everything. I agree. I've had those, you know, it's like, this is fun. It's a lot of fun. But that's it. [1:34:00] And this is dangerous. Yeah. Yeah. But the dangerous ones are sometimes the most fun. Unfortunately for a short amount of time, but you don't want them raising your kids. Not at all. Not at all. No. Yeah. If he loves you more, talk to her now. Out of here. I think it's falling apart. So Gar, this is a real one here. This thing is falling apart. Cigar, this is a real one man. This is from Havana. Yeah, it is. You can tell. Yeah buddy, I went to London. Actually, my tour manager, Daniel, we were hanging in London. I had a few days off to just hang in. Started hanging in the cigar lounges. Yeah, I've been kind of hooked ever since. I think it started hanging the cigar lounges. Yeah, I've been kind of hooked ever since. It's one of those few places like a barber shop, one like a bar where guys can get together and just talk. Yeah, absolutely. Sit around and shoot the shit, smoke a stogie. Talk some shit, have some laughs. [1:35:03] It's fun. Yeah, so it's kind of been my... I'm gonna have some laughs. It's fun. Yeah, so it's gonna be my... My new thing, I'm trying to get off these cigarettes too if I'm being honest. Yeah. Yeah, man, I gotta do it. It gots to do it. You don't wanna die that way. It's just a sad... I always said I would never smoke. And then... I saw... Speaking of heartbreak, blues, man. I was sitting there and stopped by Southwest, pissed off all these motherfuckers in town. And I saw this girl that I was, you know, this is into and she was hand in hand with some other dude walking down the street, having a good old time. And this person I was sitting next to, I was like, give me one of the smokes. Next thing I know. Next thing I know. Yeah, I am. Yeah, it gives you a wild head rush though. Yeah, it is. The tingling feeling, the serious. The bigger the toe and stuff. The excitement of your central nervous system, the brain gets fired up from a cigarette. Yeah. Different than any other form of nicotine. Like different insigars, different than zins, [1:36:03] different than anything. Well, it's not just tobacco. Yeah. But even if it is, it's like one of those natural spirits. Oh, yeah. They're called American spirits? Yeah, it's just tobacco. It should even those. But if you get like a $1,000 or something like that, it's like, woo! Mm-hmm. The fuck is happening here? Well, yeah, I gotta quit that shit. And so... How many smoking? Uh... Uh... I only really do if I'm having a conversation before a show that I don't want to have. Oh really? So it's like an anxiety thing? Yeah, like before TV or before something like that. That's not too bad. No, it used to be maybe a half a day, a half a pack of day. Not an uncrazy, but I used to back on, roll them up in my ears. Yeah, and so I get my tobacco that way, but there was a while where I was doing like a pack of day and sometimes maybe more, just, you know, stress. [1:37:01] I think, you know, getting into this entertainment business and eyes on you and, you know, pressure, I think, you know, getting into entertainment business and eyes on you and, you know, pressure and all that type of shit. It's just like a nervous thing to just remind myself to just breathe, you know, like take a moment and just like, you know, chill out. Also, there's something about the cigarette that just gives you like some weird relief. It's just like a, yeah. That head rush thing that you get out of it is you like some weird relief. It's just like a, shoo. Yeah. That head rush thing that you get out of it is like a weird little escape valve. It's like a release valve. Just, all right. Yeah. When I don't have them, no, I don't really miss them. So that's kind of good. That's very good. Yeah, I got into, I got into Blunts from Charlie Murphy when I was on that tour with him. Yeah. Because he would only roll Blunt's. And he's like, it's the combination of the nicotine and the weed. Oh my god, he's right. It's good. It's a better combination. It's good. That's a good combination. Like pre-show combination, there's nothing like a Blunt. [1:38:00] Mm-hmm. Yeah, I'm right there with you. Yeah. Right there with you about a blunt and some music. Let's go. Man. We've been getting hyped up to, uh, Stro Elliott does it for us every time. He's a member of the Roots Crew, a legendary Roots Crew. And he puts out these albums. Man. Yeah. Get in there. He, uh, he puts out these albums where he matches up Like old-school music and like his big fat ass funky beats and some sounds and stuff And that's been the stuff that we listen to backstage the star-hide music Do you have a hype soundtrack? Yeah, we did for a while it goes anywhere from I guess rolling stones to Shaka Khan. Shaka Khan? Yeah, to... Yeah, like Stro Elliott, to Anderson Pack. So it's kind of all over the place. [1:39:02] Kind of get everybody who's got there certain types of music in the mood and keep the crowd hype and keep them interested. Yeah, stuff like that. But John D's backstage, he's the guy with John D's on keys. He's part of the Kill Tony band. Place on the road with me. He's always got the Bluetooth speaker and he's always jamming something. Unapologetically, it doesn't matter like how close we are to anybody. He's like big, he loud as fuck. Doesn't walk into the stage through the office, you know, the venue. Um, but yeah, we have a good time back there. But there's something about that, like walking with the music. Walking into a place, bringing the music with you? Yeah. Absolutely. I think that's the Buffalo, New York and him, too. A big boom box, unapologetic. Tim's on, New York hat. [1:40:01] Nice. Don't give me shit. Well, yeah, what do you all listen to backstage? Well, when we do arenas, I always make a point to walk into I'm your boogie man. Casey in the sunshine band. I'm your boogie man. That's what I am. Like when we're getting ready to do a show, when we walk into the arena, it's always I'm your boogie man. That's your walk on yeah song. Yeah nice and if we're getting a police escort to the venue It's protect your neck It's always protect your neck. That's a flex. Yeah, that's what's up man What's that feel like I've only had a like a police escort? Open the door the rolling stones This is so tight. It's bizarre because you're driving through a crowd. It's there to see you. Yeah. The first time I ever realized what was going on was, I was with Ian Edwards. And we were doing a show in Dallas at an arena. [1:41:01] And this is like one of the first arenas we did. And as we're driving, I go, what is all this fucking traffic? This is ridiculous. We gotta be there in a half an hour. And then I go, oh, they're here for us. This is our traffic. And then we start laughing. Like, this is wild. This is our traffic. Y'all did that. Yeah, we pulled up to the venue. I'm like, this is bananas. It's got to be cool feeling, huh? It's pretty wild. So the police escort is to try to get you through that. Of course. You don't get swarmed or miss the show. Or miss the show. Yeah, but there's just so many people. It's just when you, it's just something about doing shows with that many people. It's a totally different experience. It's so alive, it's so electric. You know? Yeah. Yeah. But the music, like having a green room playlist, I've learned from Dave. Dave used to come to the comedy store, and he had two boom boxes, and he had them synced, and he put one on one end of the bar, [1:42:02] one on the other end of the bar. He had ones that had like LED lights, they glow and flash and shit. Like Dave brought the party. Yeah, yeah. And he was like, this is my socializing. So I always just have music with me everywhere. I'm like, that's the way to do it. Yeah, right. Because we were just hanging out in the green room, just talk. But talking with music going on is way better. Absolutely. Yeah, I got your vibe better. Yeah, that's right. When I saw Dave at the Moody center recently, he had the glow lights going on the blue-tune speaker and the whole fire was going on. Yeah, he puts red light bulbs in his green room. Right. You go in his green room, it's not bright, white light, like flooding light. It's like the soft cool like speakeasy vibe. I respect that man. It sets up the vibe. It brings the club energy to like a fucking arena. Uh huh. Yeah. He gets it. [1:43:00] Yeah, that's over. Yeah, he set it up right. It's the way to do it. Mm hmm. It's the way to do it. It's the way to do it. And if you're touring a lot, I saw that with Tommy Lee once too. I went backstage with Tom Pact. There was a, I got a story. That guy's my friend John Rallo was Tommy Lee's security guard. John Rallo's big giant dude. And he goes, hey man, can you meet Tommy? Tommy wants to talk to you about something like okay, so I go to the show catch the show meet Tommy and Tommy wants to fight Kid Rock Tom is like I want someone to train me to fight Kid Rock was like what? What are you talking about? Because they were both squabbled over Pam Anderson So he wanted to fight Kid Rock, so he was like seriously coming to me to ask me like how he could get a fight set up. Who Kid Rock and he wanted to get trainers and all these different things evolved. What's with you? I want to tell him I think Kid Rock will fuck you up. Okay. [1:44:00] Kid Rock is one of those wild Detroit white boys. You don't want to fuck with Kid Rock. Absolutely, but I have to boys. You don't want to fuck with Kid Rock. Absolutely. Would have to agree. You don't want none of that? No. No. Listen to me Tommy. That's a mean dude. That's the dude that shot up Bud Light and cost him $26 billion. He shot the shit out of that beer, didn't he? He went crazy. He cost them so much money. They would have never lost that amount of money if Kid Rock didn't shoot that beer. Man. That, just watching those bullets, every time those bullets hit that beer, that was like a billion dollars. That's it, that's it, that's it, that's it. That's it. I don't know how many times I've watched that on repeat. That was good. Yeah, but that's what I'm saying. You know what? No, that taught me. No, he just called it that. Just stay away from that dude. Yeah, just sit down. Just sit down. Just if he loves you more than me, Tata for now. Just Arthur Alexander that's your big dog. Yeah, learn how to just let it go. Again, same thing. Some gals, you never really have them. You just gotta accept it. Enjoy your time. Enjoy your time with them. [1:45:06] That's exactly. But don't go having a cage fight with Kate Brock in front of the world. That's... What's up with everybody? What? Fight and public. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha That it does seem silly. Oh, right. Well, I think some people is just like, they don't have any money. And someone comes along and says, hey, you want to do a celebrity boxing match? And you're like, all right. You're gonna pay you a million dollars. Now, now you got money. So you just like, I'll just do anything. Because you don't have nothing going on. So there's people like that feet tall. Yeah. Aaron Carter looks like he had never worked out a day in his life and he's believing on a steady diet of pills. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That just he's not with us anymore, right? No. Yeah. That's R.I.P. Yeah, that's a thing. If you get famous when you're young, good luck. [1:46:07] Good luck. Good luck. Man. Nobody. There's like three people that have ever gone through being famous when they're young and not been crazy. Yeah, I don't understand that. I don't understand that. I don't understand that. It's just, it's fucking sad, man. You eat a rob childhood for other people's entertainment. It seems like when you're a kid watching other kids on TV, it seems like a good time. Right. You know, it seems like, oh yeah, I want to do that. That'd be amazing. And so it's been, it's been kind of strange to watch these young folks kind of go through it. Well, the ultimate is Michael Jackson. That's the ultimate. I mean, that's the ultimate. That is the, the greatest worst story ever told that when you see young Michael Jackson when he was with the Jackson 5 [1:47:10] When he did like ABC and they were doing that stuff on TV and he's dancing and singing he's the lead and he's the little kid That oh my god. Kill him the best. Oh my god. This clip in particular is the one that got me into wanting to be a musician. And the Ed Sullivan show and how old is he then? 10, maybe. 11. 69. Geez. 1969. Oh my God. So good. Oh my God. He was so good and he was so little and then he became so crazy. Because he just never had a real life. Yeah, it's sad to see. It's crazy, but it's just that old expression to star the shines twice as bright last half as long. You know, I mean [1:48:04] it's just like and then that and that circumstance to be deep to have that much talent and that much success and that much love when you're a baby he's a little baby there. He's 11, he's 13-11. I couldn't imagine. He's a little tiny little fella. He's up there just bult now beautiful songs and then the rest of his life is just chaos. I didn't realize that I think as a kid I was such a huge Michael Jackson fan probably like crazy kiss fans that I didn't realize everything that was happening. Nobody knew. Nobody knew back then. I mean back then there's no internet, right? And so if it wasn't Barbara Walters didn't talk to him about like why do you have so many kids over your house? There would be no conversation. No one would know. Right. Yes, yeah it's just, [1:49:01] I don't, what do you think that is? I mean like what is it like, I don't, what do you think that is? I mean, like, what is it like, is there a, just like a sense of, like powerlessness, not having control? There's a bunch of factors. You never face real adversity, like a normal person does, you're never not loved. And I think people have to learn how to, you learn how to get people to like you by you realize like, oh, if I'm a nicer person, it feels better for me, it feels better for them. It's good for everybody. And then one time I was a nice, and I felt bad and I went home. I got to think this through. And now people don't like me. Shit. I'm sorry. And then you get better. And it's like a process of learning how to interact with human beings that's completely subverted by fame. You don't ever have to prove yourself. You not only do not have to prove yourself, you're loved above and beyond a regular person. So you treat it like a god, like royalty, as a child. And everyone around you is kissing your ass, [1:50:02] and everyone around you is giving you advice, and everyone around you is trying to take your money You know, and then you've got wham man and you've got networks and you got you know That guy the Colonel that was with Elvis, you know Oh man those kind of characters that are running your life behind the scenes Mm-hmm. Oh, that was is another case Too much fame nobody had navigated those waters before. It's too much. I remember being young and people trying to approach me for deals and stuff. And I was always weird with those folks, just because of the stories that I heard. And my mom was my manager for the longest time. It was helping me printin' up CDs and doing a real ground work. Family, my little sister was boxing CDs and you know. Oh wow. And helping both T-shirts and do all that. It was a real family thing. [1:51:02] And folks started come around and say, hey, you know, we could help you with this. We could help you with this. And I was just always like, no, no, no, no, I've heard so many stories of that. So I was really scared of the business, you know, and wanting to even pursue it or the idea of fame or any of that. I was just like, no, I don't wanna deal with that. Whatever comes with that, I don't think is really me. So I'm kinda fortunate that I didn't really move around in that kinda scene until I was 27. How old were you in like numb? How old was that? I was mid 20s, 25, 26, 27. That ought to be when things start getting weird, right? Like, right. Like, Big City. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All that. But I was a grown person, so I'd had to experience this way. Yeah. But yeah, so yeah, I think it had that happened to me any earlier. It would have been a little bit different. [1:52:01] Oh, yeah. Yeah. But yeah, it was, it was strange, you know. Just how life can kind of flip. People's perception and perspective of you kind of flips. The world changes. People have like people you know kind of look at you different and say, yeah. Whoa. That's weird. That's when it gets weird. Like people have known you for years. Now they get nervous around you. Like why are you nervous around me? Yeah, right. It's like, hey, yo, dog, chill. What's up? You have the same dude. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, remember you crashed in my house six months ago. Like, well, I think that's why a lot of famous people hang around with other famous people. These are the only people that are gonna understand what it's like to be weird. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I was talking to Tony the other day. And he was like, man, you need to get out more. I was like, I know. I was like, he needed to be with the folks who get it. Yeah, I know. I've just been to herment in this studio trying to get it right but yeah. Dude, come down to the mothership any night you want. I need to. [1:53:06] I definitely, I'm definitely going to. It's a great hang. I know. That green room cleans the soul. I've missed you a couple times up in there but yeah, it's definitely a vibe. I have a good time every time I'm down there. But yeah, it's true. You gotta be able to hang around like mine to folks who, you know, kind of the weirdos. Like there's a different perspective. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you gotta be around other weirdos. And it also is like you feel like you're okay. Like, oh, I'm not that fucked up. I'm just like these people. This is a different kind of person. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like they get it. All my friends know me, they get it. They get, we're all just different kinds of weirdos. Absolutely. But it's a special kind of weirdo, weirdo who makes stuff. Right. Yeah, weirdo is always creating things. And then people go to see those things. Yeah, they listen to those things, they hear those things, they watch those things. That's a different life. Completely. And you can't hang out with accountants. They're not gonna get it. It's funny that going to kids birthday parties. Yes. [1:54:05] It's like, I don't know what I can say here. I know. I can say. I never know what parents are gonna ask me about. You know, because like too many parents listen to the podcast. Oh, it gets real weird. Right. They want to talk to me about guests and conspiracies and shit. Some parents, I took hypermectin too. Yeah, yeah. This blown out birthday canvas. Yeah. It was a lot of dads want to talk about UFC, which is easy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's easy. Yeah, that's cool. Hey man, that was really cool when everything was shut down ago to the UFC, which you guys. That was fun. And hang out. I never, I realized how intense that was without the crowd. Yeah, that's why I don't build it. Yeah. Like here and somebody kicked in the face in a quiet room. That shit is different. It's different. It's my favorite way to see it to this day. I like to see fights at the apex, the apex in Vegas, like where we went. Yeah, yeah. It's just like there's no crowd. It's incredible. [1:55:06] And then when we went down there, everything was totally shut down. So they were like world class fights. Like right now they do it the apex. Still have world class fights, but a lot of times it's like guys on the come up, guys who are making their way through the rankings and they'll have like contender fights and good fights. but there was a world championship fights in that arena. Like Francis and Gano beat Steve Beimeoci and that arena. I was there for that. That was crazy. When you see Francis Hammer fist and unconscious man, after he knocks him out cold and then fucking drops a bomb on him and just walk it around the cage. Yeah. Woo, and there's no win there but us. Yeah. There's like 20 people in there so credible It was amazing. I'm hearing the coaches talking back and forth. Yeah, I know which all that kind of stuff What a weird time too, right even when you went to restaurants like we're in a restaurant. Yeah, we're sitting down inside This is crazy, you know You still to walk in with mask on and they'd take it off of me sat down. It was so stupid. [1:56:06] As long as you sit down, you can take your mask off. Oh, but when you go to the bathroom, you gotta put your mask back on. Oh, okay. Okay, whatever. I'm just happy to be out. Yeah, hell yeah, me too. Yeah, the COVID bubble there. Yeah. They're doing an event at the sphere for Mexican Independence Day. Amazing. Have you been out there for that? I have not. I've seen it. I've drove by it. It's incredible. I mean they have it look like the earth. They have it look like space. They put designs on it. The whole outside is a giant screen. It's an incredible building. That's why. And they're going to make a show that uses the sphere. Dana said he's only going to do it once, you know, do one show there because it's too crazy, but he wants to do a show there just because it scares the shit out of him because it's so challenging. Well, of course, that's kind of, he just, he knows he has to. But you might have your watch He gets to imagine watching highlights on the ceiling That's because the ceiling is filled with a giant screen that shows you replaced. That would be incredible [1:57:09] Yeah, that's I can't even imagine because it's blown my mind when I see Video of the band you to yeah, yeah, yeah, it looks crazy on your little phone screen I couldn't imagine what that was like being burnt went bird crash. I went saw you to there You and he said it was insane. He said it was insane. It's like it's a great show I've ever seen in my life. It's like crying. Because it's like accentuated by the building itself. It's the only time where a building makes the experience way better, like way crazier. Well, who came up with that idea? Like what the hell? Good question someone who even super rich dudes because it costs some insane amount of money how much does this fear cost to run it's something bananas I just for one night yeah just for one night like every year it's like it's fucking hundreds of millions of dollars just to run it oh what about the one I wonder what the what else is gonna be in there just Just music I guess. I guess you can have the rodeo. [1:58:05] You can have whatever you want in there. A rodeo would be fucking nuts. That would be wild. That would be wild rodeo with all the highlights on the screens. But to be able to watch fights like that, I have the highlights on the ceiling. It's probably the best way to do it. If they could keep doing it that way. I mean, if it works and then they decide, you know what? Fuck it, we're gonna keep doing shows here. I wanna go to one. Yeah, I wanna go to just to see. Yeah, the one that's on Mexican, when is that one, Jamie? September, I think right now. Yeah, that's gonna be nuts. That is gonna be a nutty experience. I think that's September 16, right? Am I correct? Sounds right. Okay, hey September 16th you're that touring squad. Let's end up let's end up in Vegas That's not Vegas the night off. Yeah, how long you touring now you gonna are you from here when the albums out? Are you gonna just go? Also, we're doing We're doing a US leg. It's kind of jump kick things off in May and then we're gonna do Europe [1:59:04] Um August September I think. I try not to look, but I'm sure dates will fill up in between. That's, you know, once it starts going, it starts going. But, uh, yeah, just for now we're going to be doing the states in May. We're doing some stuff with Eric Clapton down South America. Oh, wow. And that's always cool. Yeah, that's, I mean, that's a lot of people coming out to, you know, 60,000, 70,000 folks. Wow. So we're going to get to jump in front of that and make some noise for a little bit. Bro, they came after Eric Clapton hard during the pandemic. Oh yeah. They came after him, because he said that he got injured by the vaccine. Yeah. And they came after him hard. How dare you, how dare you, you piece of shit. Right. They tried to find every terrible thing he's ever said [2:00:01] does entire life take a context, Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Folks came after me and was like, what do you think about clapping and doing that? Well, the crazy thing was he got injured by the vaccine. And they were mad that he was, it was like a coordinated effort to attack him. Because he was going to cause vaccine hesitancy by telling the truth. Right. Now we all know it's the truth. So now no one's mad at him anymore but for that. But it was like during that time they were trying to destroy Eric Clapton. Yeah, if you brought anything you said anything you're kind of out of there. Yeah, that's how. Yeah, that must have been wild for Eric because this whole life he was beloved. I mean he was he was an icon. Yeah, I mean he still is. Yeah, he still is. But yeah. But to have that experience happen, like all the sudden he's attacked, like the LA Times, you know, and all these different newspapers or just common framals, like this is crazy to see. He's telling you he got injured by experimental medication that the whole world is being forced to take. [2:01:02] You don't think you should listen to him? Yeah, I'm, yeah, that, yeah, looking back, it seems absolutely absurd. That's somebody's telling you the truth about this thing that's affecting all world. And they go, nope, nope, nope, nope. No, he's a piece of shit and anti-vaxxer. Yeah, and look at this. And you did this and you did this and this pulled this up. What'd you say in 76? Yeah, man. Yeah, wild time. Wild times. But we got through it. Yeah, we did. I don't think it'll ever happen again. You don't think it would be too wise to it now. Yeah, there's too many people that push back now that let it happen back then because they believed it. They thought two weeks to stop the spread that would be good. They thought all those things were going to be good. They believed the World Health Organization. They believed the CDC. They believed everybody. They believed in masks. They believed in social distancing. They believed in all that shit. We turned out to be bullshit. Now people know it's bullshit. Yeah, absolutely. I remember going to Australia twice. [2:02:06] We had to quarantine twice. I sit up there. Australia was nuts. But these escorts, I was going there to do a film. I wanted there to do Elvis. And I was like, put this police escort to the hotel, like, military escort up to the tell room and you just there like if you like milk sandwiches, juice, fruits like every day or whatever. Can't go nowhere. No, you couldn't go anywhere. And if you were to step out to like to put your trash outside like a military guard or police officer would be there like the weapon like turn the corner and like just checking on you It's like yo, what the fuck man crazy. Yeah for two weeks you had to be there how crazy is that you weren't even sick? Wasn't sick, which is crazy. Nothing and just 40 floors up in some crazy hotel He can't go anywhere for two weeks. The military making sure you don't leave your room. Yeah [2:03:06] That's what happens when there's no guns. When people don't have guns. That's right. Yeah, I wouldn't have people that have the guns as the army and the police. And everybody else is unarmed. And then they have the guns, start pushing people around, arresting people for not wearing a mask outside, throwing old ladies to the ground and handcuffing them. Like, I should have not happened in Texas. No, Gary damn T. No. You said, you said, what motherfucker? Yeah, shut the fuck up. But even in California, there was lines around the block at the gun store. It got sketchy. It got real sketchy. That was the eye opener. Yeah. For so many people seeing lines at the gun store for the first time, like, yo. This is getting real. Mm-hmm. This is getting real. I heard about that. Yeah, it was weird to see it in LA. I drive by Burbank and it's gun shops that I know. And it's fucking giant ass line around the block. People trying to buy a gun. Mm. [2:04:06] Yeah. Well, I've got them problems down here. No, there's no problem down here. Nope. There it is. ID. Yep. Easy receipt. Exactly. Good luck, sir. Well, even crazier is that I could just give you a gun. Oh, yeah. If I have a gun, I'm like, Gary, take this gun. That's your gun now. You have to do any paperwork. No, nothing. Now you have my gun. I spot kind of really fuck with Texas though. I love Texas. Once you feel that freedom, and it's not just a gun thing, it's kind of everything, would you feel that freedom? Except abortions. Once you feel that freedom, you're just vapes. And like what are you doing? What are you doing? I don't understand why, I don't understand why that is. They think it's gonna stop kids from sucking on vapes if they're not flavored. So adults can't have them. Adults can't have them. You can't get flavored zins in California. [2:05:03] I went to a gas station to buy some zins. I'm like, well, flavors you got. They go, we don't have any flavors. I go, what? Yeah, California doesn't allow you have flavors. Because it attracts kids. You think the kids are gonna, they're gonna puff on the original version anyway? I don't see. What are you talking about? They're still smoking cigarettes. Like, that's so stupid. That doesn't do anything. I don't get that. That'll make no damn sense to me. It's communist. It's the government deciding what you can and can't do and doing it for your own good. And that's the slippery slope of communism. They'll do that with that. Next thing, they'll do it with your car. Next thing, they'll do it with your consumption, your carbon consumption, they try to get you to be on a carbon consumption tax, they try to get you to be on some sort of an app that shows how much carbon you're using. Anything they can do to try to control you, and they'll do it under the guise of making it safer for others, just like they did during the pandemic. See how quickly they shifted from vaccines [2:06:03] to climate change. It was a beautiful passing in the ball. It was like, run to climate change. It was a beautiful passing in the ball. It was like, run with climate change. Run with CO2 production. Run with stop eating meats, driving electric car. Run with that. Right, yeah. That's true. One thing after another. It's just control. The number one thing about it is control. And then all without a doubt, there's a bunch of people making money There's a bunch of industries that are designed that Function around this idea that you have to do certain things and they're gonna profit immensely from you complying Yeah, I mean you could kind of see that in the way that the city changed around here with the they shut down certain spots mom and pop shots spots kind of win and saying all right To out of here make you comply a little bit Are you gone? I'll talk it makes more money. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Here we go. Well, they they crushed LA [2:07:01] LA is not it is a shadow of itself I would say that LA is like a gruelese date She was really cute and then you go see her now and she's on math and she works for the cartel. Damn What happened? Damn. That's LA. You know? Yeah, that's I I haven't spent too much time out there I mean I only got there when I absolutely have to Sap I need to I was just in New York, New York, look, kind of Euro. Now, it's got all the cannabis shops up everywhere. It's kind of comical. It is. A little bit. It was so illegal in New York for so long. Yeah, you had to get it like super low key. Yeah, man, you could get busted. There was undercover cops telling people weed and he, yeah, New York was weird with weed. Weird for the longest time. Yeah, it's not a problem at all anymore. No. It was really strange to be the, it's kind of like Amsterdam looking. I'm kind of surprised that it hasn't hit Texas yet. I'm surprised they haven't let legal weed here yet. [2:08:01] It seems so stupid to stop people from doing something you know they're doing is not hurting anybody. Yeah, that's kind of my only beef with Texas at the moment. Yeah, as far as that goes. Well, it's decriminalized air quotes here. So what does that mean? Nothing, just let me pull up to a store. Yeah, get a receipt. Get a store and enjoy my day. Yeah, I'll pay taxes. How about that? You're missing out on billions of dollars in tax revenue. You dummies. Sure. Because in Colorado, they were smart. They said, we'll tax it like 39% or something crazy. And everybody's like, okay. No problem. Yeah, go ahead, do that. Yeah, absolutely. Because it's so cheap and compares in the alcohol anyway. It's a beautifully run business in Colorado. They've figured it out. It's like going and buying a pair of shoes. But for the longest time in Colorado, they had to employ mercenaries. They had to employ like fucking black water type people to guard the cash because they were the banks wouldn't fuck with them. Oh yeah. [2:09:00] So they weren't allowed to use credit cards. So at any point in time, they had hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in cash around. That's right. And this they had to like get a guy to take that cash through the bank. So the basically like a scene from heat. That's right. I remember going out to Venice Beach at a certain point. I don't know if there's a little funky out there. Well, I used to go to this place called the Englewood Wellness Center in the 90s. And that was when there was medical weed in California. And all you have to do is go to a doctor, I got a headache. Yeah. You have to go, he go. Yeah. Well, you definitely need this medicine. I have. They were trying to hand out those things. It wasn't hard to get a medical license. I don't know. And one of the only dispensary, his medical dispenser was in Englewood. So we'd go down the hood by weed and then the dude that sold me the weed got shot. He got shot there, like a week after I was there, two weeks after I was there. Oh no. They robbed him and shot him because you had a paint cache and they had cash laying around and everybody was scoping it and they were watching and they knew what was going on and [2:10:02] he would have given them the money too. That's right. They just fucking shot him. That's right. Yeah. Wow, time. That's like, okay. Time to go back to weed dealers. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. See, it hung me up. Hey man, you know that? Yeah. Like we used to. Yeah. Yeah. The The ideal thing is funny, because then you get those sketchy people in your life again. Those dudes that are willing to sell weed, like those are always people that are just a little unbalanced. Yeah, I think fortunate that, folks, I used to hook me up, or always cute girls. That's amazing. Yeah. How'd you get that? Just being me, bro. Yeah. Hahaha. Well, that's a way better situation. I used to deal with dude named Jake the snake. Oh, well there you go. Jake the snake was my friend Eddie's buddy in LA. That's how we get our weed. Yeah. Pretty was always a weird dude. I was always cool. Cool hippie chicks. [2:11:03] That's perfect. Yeah. Yeah. That's perfect. Yeah. Yeah. That's perfect. Cool, it's it there. You know, show you what the guy, you can try a couple different kinds. Yeah. Get on their bike or whatever the fucking heat out of there. Bye. Yeah. Sun dress flowing in the wind. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Fucking sunflowers all over their outfit. Yeah. Yeah. So I didn't really deal with too many shady characters. But the shady's characters that I knew were the motherfuckers that I actually really knew that I grew up with. And I was like, ah. Yup. I was warned about you while back. Yeah. Well, when you have some dudes that are shady when they're like 14 just a little shady Yeah, and then by the time they're like 22 they're full shady. Oh, yeah, but you're still hanging with me Yeah, yeah, I've seen a couple of them. There's a magazine around here. I don't know if it's still here. It's called mug shots and [2:12:05] You can see like whoever got arrested that day or that week. I see a couple of folks that grew up with them the cover and I was like, yep. So that coming up, that pans out. Yeah. Yeah. But hopefully Texas will come around and you know, you can just kind of do what you want to do with that. Yeah. I feel like if Republicans just embraced that, it would be a lot better for everybody. Just the people that don't want it, they just ignore it, they just don't understand. It's stupid. It's a stupid thing to stop. That's not being stopped. Yeah, it's not being stopped. Also, you should probably fund some studies, find out why some people go crazy. Let's find out what's going on because everybody knows one dude who smoked too much weed when it gets a frenic. How many you know? I know one in particular is a great friend of mine and yeah, it kind of feels semi-responsible because I was kind of, dude I know since I was in first grade, we played basketball together, [2:13:05] we did all this stuff together and started rapping together started playing music making beats together And I think one puff too many and listening to that slim shady Marshall Mathers album Got him bro. Yeah, and yeah I know two dudes one dude seems to have bounced back, but one dude's gone. He's gone. Well, actually I know three dudes. I know one dude who bounced back too, but one dude the dude who I know bounced back He doesn't he doesn't fuck around at all anymore, but at one point in time He thought the government was listening to everything he said He thought like helicopters are flying over his house. He thought people are listening in the walls He was he was going nuts. And that's marijuana and just? Yeah. Yeah. For him it was. And I knew him before that. I knew he was fine, but he was just waking, baking every day. It was every day. He was just getting obliterated. He was getting obliterated all day long. And I think he just fried normal life out of his brain. [2:14:02] Ooh. Yeah. fried normal life out of his brain. Ooh, yeah. I've got like stone at the point of a panic attack, but I've always come back. When you come back, you feel better. I feel better. Hey, feel ya. Everything's gonna be okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Some people don't come back. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, there's been books written on it. Alex Berencine wrote a book about it. That's why I've never taken acid. My dad told me a long time ago when Uncle of his, or maybe took a good acid and never came back from it. So I'm always being spooked. But I mean, I have no problem with psilocybin. Yeah, psilocybin is more manageable. Absolutely. Also acid is being made in a bathtub by some grateful dead fam. Someone who's making that, where are you? How did this get to me? He looks just like Jerry Garcia. Yeah. It's cold for it. This circular glass is on, tinted lenses. [2:15:03] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just selling you the good stuff. Yeah. I mean, there's only a handful of people supposedly in the country that know how to make acid. How many people are trying though? This is, yeah, right? That's the scary part for me. Yeah. It's like, oh, my body ability just, you know, started, you know, got him a little thing in the garage, let's try it out. Yeah. Well, Ari was telling us about, they had these tests that they would do, these dudes were heavy partners, and they had brought like tests with them, so they could test all the different drugs. Like you say, heavy party, like experimental, yeah, they're trying to go. They were going out there, that they were taking Molly and all kinds of shit And so they did a test on the acid they had and none of it was acid All of it was masculine really yeah Yeah, they were getting these tabs and they thought these tabs were acid and they tested those zero acid and it was just masculine so [2:16:02] How do you How do you get away with that? You get away with it because people don't have tests. So you're just selling this stuff, that masculine to make a trip, you know, you think you're unassured. Is it the same type of deal? I haven't done it, but it's peyote. Right, I'm not masculine, it's. I'm scared of that, too. It's a, I had a friend of mine that swears to God that he saw a dude in a window in Manhattan when he was on masculine and the dude was like, you know 400 yards away and you could listen to every word that guy was saying So you could hear every word he was saying Huh when he was on masculine like through glass and he just heard walls and he just was looking at the dude He could so he could see him. He was watching him and he could hear him talk He swears. He you know, he's a financial guy. Oh, okay. Yeah, he's not a he's not like a crazy hippie Right, he's a guy the one he was in college. He took masculine in New York City and He was looking out the window and there's a guy way far away. He was looking at him through the window his window and that guys window [2:17:10] Sounds of the city fuck you through all that watch that guy you can hear him talk as it's across dimensional type who knows probably probably this probably like a frequency that you could tune into that we're all tuned into all the time so like when you know someone's talking about you and then the phone rings them right like you know they're thinking about you and you know, so I like people dismiss that Oh, that's just trance. That's just luck. Maybe Maybe or maybe when you just thinking about someone for no reason and then they call you Maybe there's some connection there. Maybe there's something going on. Yeah, I agree with that Yeah, I have moments like that where I feel like it's just, that's the universe, just universe, and just trying to get you back to where you need to be. Yeah. I think there's something to that. I think there's something to fate. There's some strange element of it that seems to be true. I think that free will is probably real. [2:18:02] There's some, there's probably issues with, this thing. There's choices you make that determine how your life goes for sure, but there also seems to be some strange element of fate. Every now and then things come along and go, oh my god, that's what I have to do. That's what I have to do. That's what I'm supposed to do. Absolutely. You might be resisted. You're like, God, I want to do this. What parties like this is what you're supposed to do. You can't shake it. Yeah, you can't shake it. It's like the universe hits you with this frequency, this signal that lets you know this is the path you're supposed to take. Some people are way better at following that. Some people are really good at following that feeling. What's your, how do you think you resonate on the scale of being good with that or not? I'm pretty fucking good with that. Yeah, that's I'm pretty confident with that good I pretty I pretty I know Yeah, I'm pretty good. I'm pretty good with the recognizing shady people I'm pretty good pretty good not a hundred percent but I'm like I'm 95 percent. I got you pretty fucking good I'm pretty good knowing which path to go when to take a chance when to just go [2:19:04] You know like when I moved out here, I moved out here in the middle of the Spotify deal. And they were like, what the fuck are you doing? And I was like, I'm telling you, this is the place to go. I got it, I'm just gonna do this. This is the thing to do. Did you already see what's happening now happening? No, no, no idea. No idea, no chance. I would even have imagined that Austin would become like the comedy scene that it is now. I never thought that. I just wanted to exist in a place where people weren't fuck with me. And then when I got out here and I realized people weren't fuck with me. And then Dave and I were doing those shows at Stubbs. That reignited my desire to comedy again. Then we started doing live shows at the Vulcan. And then Ron White got fired up about it. And I was like, okay, we got people out here now. And then other comics were moving here because you couldn't do any shows in LA. And they'd see us doing shows out here. And they were like, hey man, fuck this. I'm just gonna go and a bunch of them came. And we didn't even have a club then build it and Then we just did it, but it was just all following instincts is like this is this is the path. This is what you're supposed to do [2:20:13] How long did you I Think over this Like move not very long. No my my instincts were to get out when I saw those cop cars on fire on the 10 Yeah, I was like, okay, I see where this is going. Yeah. You know, I got here just after the riots, just after the riots, that's when L.A. rather. I got there in 94, just after the riot, the Rodney King riots. And it was weird, like the city had just recovered. So I'd remembered, and then I'd watch all those videos of the chaos that happened when the police lose control of the city, and it just becomes madness. And I was like, oh, gotta get the fuck out of here. [2:21:01] But back then, there was no defund the police talk in LA. It was all defund the police, defund the police talk in LA was all defund the police defund the police like That's what you know, I was like yeah Over here yeah, I was like nah, we gotta keep the fuck Are you talking about? I need to call the mother fucker cops. What are we talking about? You cannot, that to me was like, alright, right? We've lost sight of, can't everybody just do whatever they want, whenever they want all the time? Have it be there, we have the time. They gotta, there's gotta be some order here. There has to be a line. Yeah. It's important, please, please, because this is all I know. Yeah. You know, if that goes away, then what the fuck? You got chaos. And I don't want that. No. [2:22:00] I don't think anybody wants it. Just before you, that's a crazy statement. Yeah. Well, the wildest thing is having those people now later call for more police. Like since some of them got like, there's this one politician and she was like, let me be clear, my goal is dismantle and de-fun the police and I was like, yeah, and then recently she got card jacked and pissed a whipped. And so she's got blood pouring out of her head and she's like saying, we have to find these people and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. With what? With no police because you defunded the police, like what, who's gonna go get them? Are you gonna go get them? That guy that pistol whipped you? You're gonna go find him take his gun away right and say you are gonna go in a cage now To make the world safer. Yeah, please do that stupid right? That's that that's that part of the police The important part. Yeah, the part that keeps you safe you fucking idiot [2:23:02] This idealistic perspective that so many people have just such virtue signaling bullshit He's don't even know what you're saying. Yeah, I mean I had to get law I had to get out of there man. I was lost in that shit for a You hated LA. What's that you hated LA, huh? I've really hated LA. Not in the hate LA I just couldn't I didn't know how to do LA and people that I resonated with in LA was The people that I resonated with in LA was comedians. I was just only hanging at the store. Yeah. That was my social life was that spot and like another spot where my buddy would give me like free drinks and I could smoke cigars down in the lounge. That was it. I didn't know how to really move around. I didn't understand how to mix and mingle in like a music space. I knew how to hang with like the weirdos. Yeah. Like the cats who like were just off and didn't take themselves too seriously. Yeah. You know, so. Well I remember very clearly when you moved back here. Yeah. Because I remember you saying, oh man, this is so much better. This is just what I like. Yeah. I remember I met, I remember I met Ron White, like I was hanging with him. [2:24:07] And he's like, yeah, I'm going back to Texas. And I spend more time in Texas. And I remember running into Post Malone out there. And I was like, what's there to do in LA? He's like, I don't know me. I'm getting the fuck up out of here. Everybody that I was connecting with at that certain time was like, I'm out too. So yeah, let's just go back to Texas, you know, and and do that. Yeah, you talking about how great it was to be back here and Ron talking about how great it because Ron came first. Ron was the guy good because when he was out here, he was out here before the pandemic and I was like, you really love it there. He's like, I fucking love it I love it He goes is the best place easy place to fly out of fly anywhere in the country. It's in the middle It's like it's like it's a great fucking town everybody's cool It really is really is man, so Together their guitars just sitting there, huh that guitar just sitting there [2:25:03] All right, well here we go. You need to bust that guitar out. How about if you... I'm gonna teach you. Oh wait a minute, teach me. Hey, this is for you. This is a guitar pick that's made from mammoth ivory. Mammoth ivory? Yeah, that's from a mammoth. That's from my friend John Reeves. Really? Yeah, he's got a place up in Alaska called the Bone Yard. That thing that you have in your hand is probably 10,000 years old at least. And you want me to fuck it? That's yours. You want me to roll my guitar? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I put it in the case. No, no, no, no, no, you play with that. I got another one here for Nice. Should I play anything? What do you want to play? What do you feel like playing? Oh I don't know man. I feel like I feel like you feel like... Do you feel like playing new shit or old shit? [2:26:07] Let's play some new shit. Let's play some new shit. I've never played this new shit like this. I put an acoustic, a little backstory on this guitar. I did an event for Joe Walz that's that's eight and he and his wife Marjorie gifted me this guitar. It's one of my favorites to play around with the house. So I tune this thing. Whatever you want to do. You tell me. Oh man. Again, this is what I love about music. I don't know what the fuck is going on. You know what? Well, I don't know either. You tune it with your phone? Well, there's a tuning app on my phone. [2:27:02] I can just say. So that way I don't have to bring a box of it. How does it work? Just here's the note. I know it's like a, you said it's a standard tuning, it'll get you right to where you need to be. And it's all just tension on the strings. Tension on the strings will get you to the note you want to be at. So right now this one is the string is sharp. So you got to release some tension. So the note goes down. See, so you're trying to get it in the groove. Ah, say. Ah, so. It's reading the heart, the wave frequency. Wow. There you go. Too high or too low, and you try to match the perfect. [2:28:01] And that's how you explain it like a professional. Well. Like why? just trying to help. You actually went to school for that? Yeah, I didn't and that's why I sound like an idiot talking. It's crazy there's an app for that though, that's amazing. Yeah, this is one of my favorite things about having a technology for this. I can make music on this phone and transfer it over to files, I'm my big rig at the studio and corporate I mean so, records it on again. Wow. So. What a time. Yeah right. As much as I bet you about it I use it all the time. So what a time to be alive. Yeah. What a time to be alive. Indeed. Um. What a time to be alive. Indeed. Speaking of what is that? I didn't interrupt it just in a it's soft tunes. Cheers. Cheers one more time. Thanks for having me dude. That pleasure. Thanks for having me. We're gonna get on that that double date. Let's do it. I'm free Saturday night. [2:29:01] Wanna go Saturday night? Yeah, absolutely. Let's do it. Saturday night. All right. My wife's in town, fine. Beautiful. Let's go. It's only a good place to go out here too. Man, that's one thing that I realize is I don't know shit. I've just been in the house and in the studio and yeah. So my time to come up and figure out what's going on in the world is That ship has sailed my friend until until the album drop day That one is sleep for like a good day and a half Turn my phone. What is album drop day which day? March 22nd. Oh, that's what is tomorrow tomorrow Today as you listen today. Oh, yeah's what is tomorrow tomorrow. Oh, today as you listen today. Today. Oh, yeah. Here it is. Here we go. So cheers to that. Cheers to that. I'm just gonna go ahead and down this thing. Okay. Because it's high fear I know. Woo. No, I actually never mind. [2:30:00] I'm not. So let's play some music. Let's play some music. Let's play some music, Karen. And then after this you're gonna learn an E-cord. Okay. I've got baddest that I just can't break And I think about it I start to shake [2:31:00] I've been feeling like this for a while I always hide behind my quickness month And I keep rolling in circles I'm a server, chasing my tail I've loved my birth as you I need some help I've had good days in my head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, head, Why lies the world lies? [2:32:10] Why does my heart's gonna cry in my head? And I'll keep it running, it's her eyes. I keep on in service Jason my Ted He looks good on the service And I need some help I'm glad Cause before we got far from the start From the moment we started I gotta stay down by And I'm talking, talking I got everything I need [2:33:01] More than I'm worried But it means nothing when you're gone. Gone, gone, gone, gone away. I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is for sure, I know nothing is special I know nothing is for you Alright. Something like that. How often do you do these acoustic? [2:34:01] That's the first time I've done it. Oh wow. I'm just figuring it out. Sorry if I didn't really sell it to you. But there it is. That's awesome. That's amazing. We did it here for the first time. Alright. What do I have to do? Yeah. Well. Can you pull a bit E-court? Like fingering? Yeah Finger placement? Are you lefty? No, right hand. Yeah, don't guitars are supposed to be banged up a little bit. Don't be scared of that. Okay. What do I do? Yeah, oh boy. There we go. Let me get one of these pittings I got how cool are these things that's amazing which part do you hold do you hold the fat part the fat part so people hold it's kind of whatever but this kind of gives me the sting that I need. Okay. As far as tongue goes. Keep hitting this guitar. [2:35:06] Alright, so I'm putting this finger on the third. Yeah. And then this one on the fifth. And this one right below that. Yeah, you got to slide them in the same spot. Slide them in the same spot. Yeah, they got to be in the red. Right. Oh, tighter. See if there's a little. You can't see that. Two of them are in the same spot. See that little spot there? They're going to be in that little spot there. Yeah, I got fat fingers. So all right, there's a red vote card. It's one of the baddest dudes to play a telecaster, and he got some. OK, I think I got it. I think I'm on the right one. No. I'll miss. That one. Right? Is that it? And then where do I hit it? I don't know, right? [2:36:00] Push it more. Down right here. Down? With that one 12-striket time not be helping the most but Right there right here. Yeah, okay. You guys try strum the strings now. Yeah It's close pretty close It is yep There it is. There you are. The only way to the best folk song anybody's ever heard. That's it. Crazy. E minor. You can do a second chords, release one finger. Yeah, just release the first finger. Release your pointer finger. Put it back down. You go back and forth between two chords. There it is. Yeah. I almost got a song. I'm coming soon. I'm coming soon. I just can get very different. This could be a real problem. See? This could be a real problem. All right. [2:37:11] Yeah, I'm telling you, man. Like, once I first played an E-Core on a Fender strata caster through a Fender twin, Red Nob, 1980s, 1990s amp, it was over for me. I could care about everything. I could see how this could be very addictive. You want me to take it away? Yeah. Okay. It seems like it would take forever to get good at it too. No, I think, I think like with the guy like you who's like disciplined, like a guy like you, like discipline is no problem. Right? Yeah, it's a problem. It's a problem that I have too much of it. It's obsession more than discipline. Within you probably be good at that and you probably about a year and a half. Uh oh. And you be out here kicking ass. And I have to go sit down somewhere and I'll be settling into my photography job. [2:38:01] Yeah. Somewhere in Montana. I might not have to learn how to play guitar. That was fun. Yeah. I get it. You know? I get it now. Well, don't think too hard about it. But now I'm thinking too hard about it because I'm thinking about all the different positions on the guitar. That's one. We were listening to both Hendrix and Stevie Avaugh and Voodoo Child, the different versions of it last night. Yeah, yeah. And, you know, it's like, Stevie Avaughan's the only dude that it doesn't offend me when they cover Voodoo Child. Yeah. You know, like, Voodoo Child, slight return, Hendrix, 67, 68 was so fucking good, man. It's like, anybody covering that that is like what are you doing? But Stevie put like his own weird flair on it. Yeah, and I'm thinking about all the different positions of the fingers and the sounds and the thing and you are singing while you're doing that too. You're not just doing that. You're also manipulating your voice. Yeah. Um, as far as voodoo child goes, [2:39:08] who who's engineered that? Was it Eddie Kramer? I don't know. With the panning and the psychedelic back and forth and like the shaker shaker shaker shaker. It's oh my god. It is and is otherworldly man. It's so good. That that right there is you can't you can't recreate that stuff. Stand next to a mountain, chop it down with the edge of my hand. I gotta say I got asked to do a cover and I've always been hesitant about doing covers of Hendrix or Stevie and I did it and I was like yeah that's the reason why I've never done it. Well, let me tell you something, man. I know that you and Suzanne were, I know you were either talking or actively tried to do a verse of Midnight Rider. Because I was there that how many years ago was that? Well, you guys did that downtown L.A. [2:40:02] Oh, I don't even know. That's just a long time ago. It's almost a decade ago, maybe. Somewhere around a decade ago. I brought my oldest daughter and we saw you guys live. And it was insane. And it was like a Monday night or some shit at midnight and some weird bar in downtown L.A. It was like an alcohol company put that on, right? Yeah, we were in business with an alcohol company, which we soon got out of. I didn't think that they really liked us. Why would you send somebody that much alcohol? Really liked it. The lake gets you much. Yeah. But they sponsored this thing. So it was a very small gathering of people, but you guys did a copy, you did a cover, rather, for the night rider. It was fucking amazing. Yeah. It was fucking matching. I never played that song before. His hand was just like, come sit in. She didn't play it before either. She had to read the lyrics off her phone. That's right. That's right. So yeah, we tried to put something together. [2:41:01] You got to cover that. I was so good man. It was so good because it was midnight writer but with your flair to it. This is it. This is from my Instagram. Can you play this? That asked this one has gotten us flag before. Oh that got us flag before. That's hard. It was so good though. That was such a fun night. Oh my god. What a night. That was back when she was with honey honey. Yeah That was a decade ago. Isn't that crazy? I've been doing he's a bad motherfucker, man. Well year 2016 Close to a decade ago eight years ago. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, you guys have to cover that Yeah, I think did we try? Do we do it? I can't even remember. He might have I haven't heard it I'll admit it nobody sent it might have. I haven't heard it. If you did it, nobody sent it. Oh, I haven't seen it. Yeah, I feel maybe it's a dream. I think you guys were in talks. I remember Suzanne was saying you guys were gonna do it. I think we did it. No, I did. But I did you know it. I think we did it. but I think I did it like in the middle of one of my sessions. [2:42:05] Like so what I'm in was in my mode. And I remember, I think we did it. I feel like she said you guys were gonna do it until no, I think done. It's done. Somewhere it's done, it should be done. It's done. I think she has it. That's crazy that I don't even know. That is crazy. I don't know what that says about my brain. Do you have a lot going on? Yeah. That's what it says. Something that would be like a milestone for some people is just like a part of every day your life. No, I'm pretty sure we did it though. I feel like she told me you did it, but I kept not positive. I know she, I felt like she said something like, you were gonna do the music first and she was gonna sing over the music. I don't remember. I think she did the record. Damn, that's fucked up. No, she had to do it with you. [2:43:00] You know, no, no, no, no, no. I think she actually did the track as far as recorded with her band. Oh, really? It's the Abelisa. Dude, that's so crazy. That's just like a blank spot in my mind. That night was a fun night. Yeah, it was a fun night because it was just, that's one of those nights where like you get to see something where very few people get to. Yeah. You get like, you're like, wow, I'm so lucky to be here. Yeah, but you know Susanna's a special artist. She really is. She's really kind of a powerhouse. She uh, I remember the first time I met her, she was doing honey honey at like this funky sessions thing in LA. And just the voice, man, just the voice, the songwriting is like... She could play anything. She's... Pizz Violin. Violin, guitar, please, everything. We got cuts on this album that, you know, we're not releasing, but we're going to be used for something else where she plays amazing violin, all on some stuff. [2:44:04] She sings over, she's incredible. She's amazing. And I didn't realize, like when you work in the studio with it, you realize how genius she is. And like she's not playing around. No, no, she's really good. She's a studied... I have a friend of mine as a musician. We did an end of the world show on December 21st, 2012, because that was when the Mayans thought it was going to be the end of the world. I remember I was watching. I was freaked out. I was ready to go with you all, man. So we did an end of the World Show and I said, let's put together a real fun show. So it was Stan Hope, Joey Diaz, me, honey, honey. I think Duncan was on the show too LA and my friend who's a musician is like he saw her and he goes, yeah, he goes, that girl is fucking talented. He goes, dude, like she could play anything. Look at her, like her voice is incredible. She plays a violin. This is insane. Yeah. Yeah, she's a badass guitar player, badass writer. [2:45:02] She says everything. Yeah. And she's cool as fuck. Absolutely. She's so fun. She's so fun to be around. She's hilarious. I feel like if shit went down and you need to her to squat up with, she likes to get thrown. Yeah. Yeah, do you want her on your side? In the apocalypse. Absolutely. She'd figured out. Absolutely. Yeah. So much respect to her. Yeah, much respect to her. Much respect to you too. Congratulations on the new album. Thanks dude. It's beautiful. It's awesome. So good to hang with you. Thanks for listening and hanging it. Thanks for coming. Thanks for the cigar. Man, I'll prom. I got you. All right. Let's go out. Saturday night. Let's do it. Let's do it. Thanks for watching!