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Jim Breuer is a stand-up comic, actor, and host of the "Breuniverse" Podcast. Watch his comedy special "Country Boy Will Survive" on YouTube. www.jimbreuer.com

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Jim Breuer, what's up baby? How are ya? It's good to see you man. Good to see you too my friend. You look all happy and refreshed. Well I was on vacation. Yeah, so I went to the British Virgin Islands for 10 days. Just chilled. Went to the beach, did some fishing. Wonderful time. Just relaxing. Just relaxing. You scuba? Wonderful. Do some snortlin', do some snortlin'. Scuba Disps snarkling school would kind of freak me out. I would do it, but the idea of relying on that tank of air and you breathe it underwater and you have slowly have to make your way to the surface. Faaargh! What if something goes sideways? How long can you hold your breath? Jesus! You don't go down that far. You know, I think I'm shocked you don't like school bitches. It's not whether or not I would like it. I would absolutely love it. I'm sure. It's a whole different, everybody I know that's done it loves it. It's a whole world. See, I'm more freaked out by what you do. If you go snorkeling and you smack in your feet on the water, I think sharks, they say, oh my god, he's fucking struggling. I'm gonna get him. That freaks me out more. Totally possible. And happened at a resort where Duncan was staying. It was either the week before Duncan was there or the week after he left. I forget which one it was. But in Maui, this lady got eaten by a tire shark. Right out where Duncan was swimming. He was out there at the same resort, swimming in water and then during the same time frame somebody got got They're everywhere. They're everywhere, but yeah, no, I'm not I'm not a snorkeling fan But I'm glad you had you know, I believe a woman just got killed recently or a person got killed recently in Maui Really male last week a surfer, but also the week before that well, that's just 22 Really mail it last week a surfer, but also the week before that well, that's just 22 Row they're out there imagine like every year people got killed by werewolves How would you ever go to the woods when it was a full moon? [2:01] No, no, especially at nighttime no during the day. I would go during the day during the day on that worried I feel like where will St. Go mess with you during the day. Yeah, they'll mess with you. You think so? Yeah, they'll follow you until it gets dark. Yeah, when they be more excited to free, yeah. If you think it depends on what kind of wearable if it is. If it's a dude who knows he's a wear wolf and kind of enjoys it. Yeah. That guy would like pick people to turn in front of. you know, like come over your house. You know what I mean? Like we always assume that the werewolf is this good guy and he gets a bit and he's like, shit, I can't believe this. No! And then he turns into this monster. But what if he's a piece of shit? And what if he knows he's gonna be a werewolf? And so he's like, he wants to make it easy. So he just becomes your friend way he's got you in a closed environment. That's true, and then he could start harvesting your whole damn family. Yeah, it's easy thinking. Or he'd bring you all in one at a time. Yeah, your family live here. He's already fucking scoured the house for silver bullets. There's no silver bullets in this house. I'm good. That's cynical. Yeah, but that's a werewolf. Well, that's human beings too, right? If you think of someone's decision, if someone makes a decision to go to war, right? [3:07] If someone makes a decision to go and think about it, they use propaganda, they'll use a false flag, they'll use misinformation, control of the media, and get a war going that isn't really necessary. And how many people die from that, right? And so they just make this decision. They make this decision knowing that a bunch of people are gonna die, that it could be avoided, but if they do do it, it's gonna be very profitable. And you can justify doing it. And so they do it. That's wear wolf shit, right? That is wear wolf shit. You know what? That is wear wolf shit. That's the evil wearwolf shit. That's the conniving Minimum of all knowing exactly what they're doing werewolf that stuff now listen I got tried like I Think about that a lot. I do think about that a lot and I go that's That is the purest form of evil. It's almost like when we were in school when we were messing around a school [4:02] the purest form of evil. It's almost like when we were in school, when we were messing around in school, but on a whole fucked up level, when we were messing around in school and you wanted two people to fight, you can easily get dude, I got a coach. Oh yeah. You call your mother a whore. Yeah, easy. So you move, step it, and then you get these two to fight. These guys are doing it on a fucked up level, but here's what's weirder. Even though you tell people that and you explain that, though they still won't react to it, but they'll react to like, we got the gun law. Uh-huh. And you know what? My body is my choice. Yeah. They'll lose their mind like that, which, which I'm not debating, but it's amazing how much energy and how much planning will go into that. But when you realize, where wolves, I like the term where wolves. Where wolves that sit and plot and think out, how they're gonna murder, [5:01] yeah. And then not only murder, but then like, steal, steal the resource steel and then take over and demonize and put little puppet dictators guys Deserved it you know they'll they'll look at the way they wear their sheets They'll take out democratically Elected officials and they replace them with dictators they support right And they replace them with dictators that they support right You know what if that listen this freaked me out this freaked me out a little bit so I Studio I would do this bit with fucking moon market doffee right Moon market doffee and it was true. It did is fake bomb thing and everyone always say ah moon market doha Dhafi Baba. And then I found out, because you remember growing up that whole thing with Libya? Yeah. You were like, Mukha Dhafi's fucking, he's a werewolf. He's, we gotta kill him. He shot six missiles at a US plane. [6:03] And we, and we fucking bombed him. And just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say Is that the case? Jamie's gonna Google it. So I see, but there was like some, there's always some financial shit with these things. It's always like trying to get off the US dollar or someone does something crafty. Well check this out. So, I see Farrakhan, you know, white people meet like, God damn, gevel, black guy hates white people. You know, whatever whatever they can't, they're already right. I'm off. Right. But I'm listening to him and he starts talking about why they killed Mu Makadafi and I'm dumb as a rock that you know that. But now basically he was saying we're not going to need the banking system. [7:03] We're not going to need your system, your dollar. We got our own. Everyone here educated, no homeless people. We pay for everything, we pay for medical, we share revenue, and we're gonna start uniting the whole continent. I was like, what? He goes, that's why they killed him and he goes on and on and on. Dude, on my life. So last year I went to Tanzania, right? And I'm talking to the people there and I just start going, hey, it was me, you know Vinny Brand? Yeah. I was with Vinny Brand. Brand on my safari, she did. All right, so we're hanging out there and the guy goes, I go, hey man, remember, we're talking about live things. We're talking about live things going on in America, but one thing we hit is Libya, Muammakadafi, what do you think of Muammakadafi? And all of them, they were like, [8:00] oh, great African, great African, great African. I'm like, really? Well, we have told him, he's like this monster, this terrorist. Like we have bombed him. We're like cheering at we bombed him. And they were like, I said, why was he so good? He goes, he was good to all the Africans. He gave us education, he gave us water. He gave us all our needs. And if we couldn't get it here and we went somewhere else We we do it for him. He was he's very good for Africa I said what happened since he left on my kids lives this guy goes Libya worst sex trafficking the worst Sex trafficking so that fucked me up. Now think about that. We demonizes place. And we were told one thing, I'm not saying that's not what it was, when I'm saying it's like, what really happened? Well, the first of all, the state collapsed. [9:00] And when the state collapses, criminals take over. And one of the things that you saw in Libya at one point in time, although I did get some messages through a friend of mine that some Libyan people wanted me to know that Libya, like the cities in Libya have recovered. They're not like as crazy as they were. That might be national pride that they're saying this. I don't know. I don't know what the story is. Maybe that much better. Maybe they're saying this. I don't know. I don't know what the story is. Maybe they're much better. Maybe they're judging it on a scale or whatever it was. But there was YouTube videos of open air slavery. So you'd watch people bid on people and you'd watch it on YouTube and that was in Libya. That was after they killed Kadoffi. Did you ever see the video footage of them killing him? No. Oh, oh, you have to see it. When the rebels grab hold of Kadoffi and they realize they have him, and he realizes that they have him, and there's high resolution cameras now because this was like 2012, I believe, someone it was, somewhere around then? It was at the end of 2011. 2011? [010:02] You could get high resolution cameras. And so they're filming this guy who was a dictator for years, and they finally have captured him. And who knows who's funding them? Who knows? How do they get the money? Who knows? Who knows? I'm not exactly sure what the conflict is, but I'm just saying the video of him getting killed is fucking terrifying. Because there's a look in his face where he knows there's no way out of this. He's trying to figure out a way out of this. And I know there's no way out of this. And one guy takes a bayonet like a big long knife and shoves it up his ass. Just shoves it right up his ass while he's standing there and he barely reacts. He barely reacts. He's in such shock that he barely reacts to a knife getting shoved up his ass. Dude, I remember you one time you said you said you were talking about chimpanzees Like we're just it was really funny, but you go, dude We're just chimpanzees. I learned how to talk and lie. You said something like that. It was really fucking funny [011:03] I said they learned how to talk and lie. No, they like we're chim funny. I said they learned how to talk and lie. No, like we're chimpanzees. Oh, who learned how to talk and lie. Yeah. Now I could be, I could be, but the point of that was it really makes it, because we think we're so far advanced. We're much smarter than anything. Yeah. We're so much better. We're better beings. We're better souls. We are. We are. We really are. We have the capability. No, we really are. We're way better than chimps. Listen, man, if chimps had nuclear weapons, it would have been over a long time ago. No, you were, you were very good. It would have thought about the future. What the future, the future. Let's nuke these contes. They would just nuke everybody. Chips are so ruthless. They're so ruthless, man. They don't give a fuck about you. They have no bad feelings. They don't have any remorse for fucking people up. They would be the worst. But, we're way, way, way better. [012:01] We're just not good enough yet. But, sorry. I was just gonna say that we're we're way better than we used to be. We're way better than cave people. We're way better than people from the 70s. And we have to embrace the fact that like we're getting better at life. That human beings are getting better at all these things. It's just hard. And the amount of chaos that's going on constantly now is like unprecedented because you don't know what the fuck is true or not We're somehow or another you and I Jim Brewer and Joe Rogan two guys who've known each other We're friends for 35 years somehow another we have an investment in some fucking war that's happening in Russian Ukraine We have to have a we have to have a side we have to pick we have to figure out what's true and what's not we have to Way through all the how much money we have to go what how much money there's there's no way that you know where all that money's going there's no way well not yet how crazy do you have to be at this point in your life [013:01] wait like is there anyone walking down the street going, we really, really gotta fucking stop Russia from killing that we gotta, I coulda fucking still thinking that way. It's mind boggling to me. Well, we can't be the policeman of the world, but we should do what we can to stop people that are doing something that's horrific. But we also shouldn't be involved in things that are violating agreements where we're like pushing arms closer and closer to Russia's border. Like all these things are true. So just like all these things are true simultaneously and everybody wants only one side to be true. Yeah, that's all they want. They want their position to be correct. It's nice. No, that's that Russia thing is Massie of course. It's horrible that Russia in attack Ukraine But also it's kind of fucked that NATO kept fucking with these guys and trying to bring them in and moving arms closer to Russia. Hey man. I get you guys are [014:02] Got you little toys and stuff. Do in favor, let's have an agreement. Don't go past here, right? You guys promise? We'll shake on it. We'll shake on it. You want to sign? Let's sign. And then a month later they're like, dude, why are you moving the fit? I don't be greed. We're just... Where wolves? Where wolves? Now, you just said we're not that far off from monkeys and then 10 minutes before that He talked about the guy shoving a fucking you know what? Chimps would have been way worse Chimps would have gone fingers first just start chopping off fingers They would have bit his dick off. No, you're right. They would have been more worse The knife up the assholes probably the best way for that guy to go. Well, I think we're still way better than what we used to be. We're way better than lower primates. What I think is we're in the process of reaching another level. I think it's very messy and very complicated. [015:01] And that's where all this AI comes in and that's where the internet comes in, that's where social media comes in, that's where all this AI comes in and that's where the internet comes in that's where social media comes in That's where all this outrage culture comes in it comes in from an unprecedented amount of opinions And so like is there so much that's fucking up the the noise from the actual data because there's so many human beings that can talk Simultaneously now and the ones who want to talk to most generally are the fucking dumbest And the ones who want to talk the most generally are the fucking dumbest Right That's what's it at the time to be spewing shit out on social media all day because they're distracting themselves from whatever They really should be doing with their life. That's like mo It's a psychological thing the type of person that gets completely addicted to arguing with people on Twitter all day Oh god for sure distracting themselves from something they should have been doing. And you're arguing against something you have. You don't even know who they are. You don't know how old they are. And you don't know how they're dressed. Many of them. And they're the primary users of these angry, aggressive social media platforms. [016:02] And so you get a distorted perception of what's happening with human beings. But it's colliding with people that are pushing back against that. It's colliding with people that are opening their eyes to the amount of corruption, the amount of bullshit, the amount of lies you're being told, the amount of money that's being made by these fucking people that are supposed to be making $170,000 a year. It's just slavery. It's different forms of slavery. I don't know if it's control. In my opinion. It's control. It's control. It's human beings controlling human beings. And they can do it by tricking you. And they can trick you in a thinking they're with you. They're with trans kids and they woke and their this I'm telling you their werewolves that's a trick to get you to come fucking just to hang out in the cafeteria until the moon comes up. Well, what do you do? Well, in the movies where they do the werewolves in the movies. Well, they don't get rid of werewolves though. They shoot them with silver bullets except American werewolf and London and I think they [017:02] just use regular bullets which makes more sense. Hmm. Because why should you need a silver bullet? What are we doing here? Yeah, we don't need to. But we've clarified there were werewolves. There's a kind of thing that's different than you. Okay, if you're an architect and you listen to this, you're like, you really love NPR and you drive a electric car. A picture good guy, probably have low T, but you know they can fix that now. If you're listening to this, you could imagine a type of a person that exists at the same time that you do that's capable of being such a sociopath that they will just lie to the world in a well formed out manner that they know is is gonna cause a war, that they know is going to let public support be behind because there've been lied to, behind a military campaign that's gonna result in untold hundreds of thousands of deaths possibly, like Iraq, so we know that wasn't that long ago. [018:01] We know that they lied about weapons of mass destruction. They talked about it incessantly on television. They lied and got everyone's support behind Iraq, which didn't you make any sense? Zero sense. It made zero sense, but we were so riled up. We were like a dog that like someone's been fucking thrown rocks at the dog and then they opened the gate and another kid gets bit because he just happened to be there. Yeah, and it's also it's that like someone's been fucking thrown rocks at the dog and then they open the gate and another kid gets bit because he just happened to be there. Yeah, and it's also it's a guy in the corner like oh my god. Yeah, what the fuck happened? What the fuck happened? And if you just if you just question like whoa, whoa, whoa, why are we going? What are you talking? You're not American. You don't want to fight the town and he made the move that's where that's where Bush came in like Make sure you let the world know how powerful we really are You don't trust the new world Orta and we shall declare war now and he went yeah, the way this or you with them and [019:08] He went yeah the way this all you with them and what he was really saying now either with the werewolves Or the non-wear was get move market doffee you want the other steam What you want right to Yeah, and done done done done done back then that was mission accomplished. Yeah, we kept going on for like 10 more years Yeah, the we this yeah, well you with them and the problem with that is What what 9-11 exposed that was great was that there is real patriotism when things go Always that people will come together and I swear to God, to people that are listening to this, that weren't an adult during that time. I swear to God, there was a noticeable, more positive change in the way people interact with people. Especially the way people treated cops and firemen. I remember when I was in New York City, [020:01] after 9-11 and these firemen were hanging out with us outside in front of this comedy club and it was like hanging out with stars. Like it was like these are like the local stars and the hockey team or something like that. Everybody was like, wow, there's a fireman. Like it was totally different man. Firemen were getting laid like crazy they were telling me. We're not in a fuck heroes. We want to fuck real heroes because those are the people that really did risk their lives going into safe people when fucking buildings collapsed. Sire, this is causing the opposite effect that we wanted to do. Tell me, they are uniting. And they're treating them as hives. They're becoming dangerous with their pride and their patriotism. Well, we're saying worst case scenario is that they not only knew that those planes are going to hit the towers, but that they planned for it. And they planned the entire time to happen. That's the scariest of all the conspiracy theorists. And I'm not saying that that's what happened. [021:01] I think much more likely there's a lot of things that happened that were in competence. I think getting that many people to keep their mouth shut about a plan where planes are gonna slam into the World Trade Center. Boy, that seems sketchy. That seems like people would come out. But I think one thing they absolutely do do is when shit goes down, they take advantage of it. Well, to the point where you just said, the media was so powerful, don't forget they were on, all cylinders, all cylinders. If you question, there's no social media back then. If you, right, no social media, all you could do is go on. I remember being in a pub, I was in Chester, New Jersey. I don't know, I went pub. I'm gonna fuck. Fuck did that come from. I was in a pub. Where did that come from? So I don't know. So I was in a pub, Chester, New Jersey. And I was talking about the towers. And I didn't wanna say, I didn't believe I said man, I just got a lot of questions [022:08] You don't think it was weird they just pancakes straight down I thought that was a miracle and then the second one I'm like wait a minute wait This is and the reaction from that person was What are you what are you fucking one of those anti like he he wanted to kill me? So what I'm like, he wanted to kill me. So what I'm saying is, you couldn't question anything at that time if you dared question people to immediately have you even the most popular newscasters that people love today because they're on certain sides. They were selling it hard. And to me, I never forgot that. They were selling death. They were selling murder. They were selling death. They were selling murder. They were selling war and bro They you couldn't question anything they had that counter attack ready to go and when someone people go you tell me this was a Secret yeah, man when you control all that That's pretty powerful when you want to make [023:01] I Question it this guy wanted to fucking be violent against me. And I was just like, I'm just, it's crazy to be violent. You don't think it's weird. It's crazy to be violent about an opinion like that because it's not an offensive opinion. It's not an offensive, but first of all, it's slightly ignorant, right? Because the thing about tower one and tower two specifically is that didn't fall like a controlled demolition at all. They fell like a building that was collapsing. But Tower 7 felt like a building into its base. That one's extraordinary. That one's extraordinary. And that one absolutely looks like a controlled demolition. I am not saying it's a controlled demolition. What I am saying is the way it collapsed, it went into its base just like a controlled demolition. And if you don't agree with that, then you're talking nonsense. If you don't agree with the fact that that looks like a controlled demolition, then we really can't talk because you're dealing in fantasy world. [024:00] Or you're... It undeniably looks exactly like a control demolition. That doesn't mean it was. The first of all, one thing that doesn't look like a control demolition is the top of it. You see it cave in long before the whole building collapses. So there was a structural collapse that you can see from the video that most people aren't aware of. If you see the top of it, before the whole building comes down, see that top, see that dark thing in the top, that thing goes first. Now watch how that goes. So, yeah, just play it. So what apparently was going on, there's diesel generators in that building. Now see if you could play, I wanna see the thing, I think it was even before that, Jamie. I think it was even before that, Jamie. I think it was a larger thing that went under first, that collapsed first. That's it. So that's that thing and they'll see that. Okay, there it goes. So that collapses. So there's obviously the internal structures gone. So this thing collapsing like that doesn't throw me off as much, [025:02] having seen that, because I don't know Jack Shit about construction. Who does? But I do know that construction companies are shadiest fuck upon occasion. And if you're supposed to use X, but you can use stop, we use, we're gonna be fine. These fuck instructional engineers, they all want extra thick steel. Well good with this. We got five rivets instead of six. And then your savings, millions and millions of dollars. Look man, I lived in Boston during the time of the big dig. Do you remember the big dig? What is the big dig? The big dig. The big dig was a fucking construction project that was the most corrupt construction projects that's ever existed. It was supposed to last like a couple of years and went on for decades. These guys milked it. They would be like working on this thing. It's like New York and a bus. The big dig, it was supposed to, it started in 1982 when I lived there. And it in 2007. It was supposed to take like two years. [026:01] They just fucking milked it. And a bunch of people went to jail. There's a bunch of lawsuits. Oh, yeah fucking full-on corruption How come they don't look at look at the L.I.E. Along Island. It's been under construction since our it's child forever Well, here's another thing When you pay tolls the tolls on a bridge were supposed to be The tolls on a bridge were supposed to be to compensate for the money that it took to build the bridge. But once they have all the money to build the bridge, they'll like, fuck you, pay me. Just keep paying me. And where's that money going? It goes into the state and the state can make the government bigger. We have more people that can go after you if you don't pay. Here's another law. Do you know that more government jobs have been created over the last I forget what the time period was than any other sector? Any other things go on. But, Seychelles, it's little things like this. What drives me nuts too is, you know it is I think people's emotions. It's just people's emotions are still with it. They're [027:04] either in denial, or they don't want to face the dark, or they picked a team, and no matter what that team says, the other team is wrong. And it's, hey, I'm an Eagles fan. But first of all, you have to have a lot of looking into things before you form a realistic perspective of what's happening. It takes a long time, man, and a lot of people don't have that time. We're lucky that we're comics, and we have a lot of time. Yeah. You know, you know, you stand up, especially, but you know, the podcast kind of gets in the way of that, because I have to sit down and talk to people for a few hours. But if you're standing up for the most part, you can do freak out and you want to get online freak out, you want to go full Dave Smith Dave Smith's out there read the studies and papers and fucking historical accounts of False flag events and what was really going on in Nicaragua like holy shit man Like that rabbit hole is filled with werewolves. It's a lot of werewolves and werewolves [028:01] I do this once in a while once why like okay I'm going to deep in her and then I go oh I don't have that my they don't care about me when am I talking of course they care about you they're funny you're funny and you make good points and you're against the narrative you know but we should all be against the narrative we should figure out what the truth is and forget about the narrative do forget about your ideology you don Forget about your ideology. You don't have to do it. You don't have to do it. I know everybody thinks they have to do it because you got to be on a team and everybody wants to be on a team that's supported by them and it's like, we're progressive and we this and we that and we got to stop me consumption and we got to stop and you have all these things that you probably haven't looked at at all and you're committed to this fucking group of people. I'm telling you, most people exist here. They exist here in this beautiful swamp of both conservative and liberal. Conservative on things that are important, like taking care of your family and paying your taxes and getting your fucking, being on time for work and getting your shit done. But, but liberal, [029:03] in terms of consideration for all people, whatever your sexual orientation is, whatever you look at, we're friends, we're all just humans. I want you to be happy. I want everybody to be educated. I want everybody to have good healthcare. I want everybody to be in a position where they're not in a place that's filled with crime and murder. I want all those things, but I know that if you're gonna want to have those things, now you've got to support law enforcement and you've got to train the shit out of them and you've got to pay them more and you've got to make it a more respectable job and then you have to go into the inner cities. You can't just allow it to stay the way it is forever. That's a national security problem. What is national security? The security of the citizens of there. If there's less crime, we're more secure. The fact you're not doing fucking jack shit about that, but you're sending hundreds of billions of dollars to deal with conflict on another part of the world. This is insanity. That's insanity. And it only works if you get on a team. [030:00] It only works if you support a team. There's no reason to be on a team. There's no reason to be on. There's no reason to be on any team. No reason. No reason. We're way more powerful than that. It's individuals uniting with this incredible energy. Also, you can learn things. If you close your fucking head and you don't listen to anything that people on the other side say, you just say, oh, the fuck are new. You're going to miss stuff. You're going to miss a lot of stuff. You're going to be wrong. You're going to have a stupid, ego-tistical perspective of things that's not necessary. You're going to unfairly malign people's character because they have a opposing philosophy or an opposing ideology. That's bad for everybody. We have to, if we're gonna move forward as human beings and as a society and as a civilization, we have to be nice to each other. We have to just accept the fact that your ideas are not you. Do not be married to your ideas and debate them in an open way and talk about stuff in an open way [031:02] where you're a good person, you're talking to another and do it all in good faith. And if we can all agree to do that, we'll find out that there's way more we have in common, way more we have in common. And that's what we should be concentrating on. And there's also some fucking undeniable problems that the way our society is run that have never been addressed in terms of crime in inner city problems in infrastructure there's corruption at least in the form of incompetence and this is the thing that happens when you get government bigger and bigger and bigger and I hate to sound like a fucking libertarian but if you get government bigger and bigger it's a business and if it's a business that doesn't have any competition you can't even hire the public sector to compete and do a better job of all those things. All those things have to be taken care of by the government. Are we fucking sure? Because in every other sector of life, when you allow people to compete, whether it is with art or with, you know, [032:02] with fucking construction, whether it's insurgents, the best ones, the ones that people wanna go to, and it forces people to get better at everything. And you have a much more efficient system. I mean, look, I'm managing if there was businesses out there that they failed their audit six years in a row. Right. Just money was just missing. Sorry. Money's missing. Don't know what happened box and we just Accept it. Hey, you know those guys over at catalogs. They just the fucking cereals everywhere. They don't know what's going on Yeah, some money's missing here in there. Whatever it's What's the real? Hey climate change climate change how much should we give this year three trillion once you come up with we're gonna have an ice age so they fucked up couple trillion Let's give him another train let him figure it out for the next 10 years Randall Carlson scared the shit out I mean when he was talking to me about climate change what he said he said because it was really funny Because I had a friend of mine to reach out to me [033:01] She said did you have a climate denier on your podcast? I said, no, I did not have a climate changed denier. He's an expert. A trained word. He's an expert in astroidal impacts and the younger dry is impact theory, which is the impact theory that ended civilization allegedly 11 or the theory is that it did. But the point is like, he was telling me that we've had periods of global warming all throughout the history of the earth. The real fear, he said, is the periods of global cooling. He said global cooling should terrify you. And he was explaining to me the amount of carbon that is in the atmosphere and that it's a very delicate balance and that when the amount of carbon dips below a certain number, life can't survive. Like there's no plant life. So the plant life can't survive them and then the animals can't survive. And we've gotten close to that in the past without any human intervention. [034:01] We've also gotten close to the point where during the ice age, there was so little oxygen on earth. The atmosphere was different. It was getting to the point where it was almost like if it would got a certain amount colder, it would not be able to support life. On the planet. But that's the scary one. The scary one is the ice age as kids. That's the scary one is not you got to move north. The scary one is there is no north to move to because everything's frozen. Yeah, but we're all here in borrowed time. That's true too. So who we to say, who's to prevent that if it happened before we existed as humans, it's going to happen no matter what. So we're going to prepare. Yeah. You spend your whole life preparing for something you don't know know it's A, ever gonna happen. B, completely out of any humans control. I mean, there's gotta be some steps that you can make. So one of the things that you could do is, I think during the ice age, there was parts of the earth that were not covered in ice. And I think it was like all the equator. [035:01] And I think you would probably, for human beings to survive, we'd have to go south which totally makes sense If you think about the amount of insane stuff that came out of the Amazon Just think about that culture the Amazon culture and all the incredible structures that they're finding now deep in the jungle and That there's real evidence that the density of the forest the amount of trees that are grown that are agriculture trees, that are in the forest seems to indicate that that whole thing was man-made. There's a type of soil called terra praida. That's this soil that they developed. We don't know how to reproduce. And it's a soil that replicates, it's filled with like this biomass. And it's like this incredibly rich soil that has like this certain ratio of carbon and they made it. These people thousands and thousands of years ago made it and it supports the life of the Amazon. Like that whole fucking place is wild man. I know. And that you think about it when everything was frozen up here. [036:01] Yeah. Like there was a fucking mile high sheet of ice over most of North America up until like 10,000, 11,000 years ago. So when all that stuff was like that down there, they were chilling. Down there, they didn't have that problem. There was like regular temperature for them. What we are is like Antarctica is right now. That's how we were at one point in time, right here. Well, I can't go far, I can't go that far back cause anything I can't truly imagine, I'll start to go there and I'm like, you know, like dinosaurs and all that stuff. Like, 40 million dollars, I got it, I got it. But I will say this, this bugged me out. And you know, I started seeing how they did the, the world fair, how they just build a whole damn thing up. So they tore it down. Now, a very small concept. I was sitting this development that I live in now and I'm sitting and I'm looking because everyone said, oh, dude, we used to hunt on here, bring our four wheelers, blah, blah, blah. And then I started just realizing this entire community, [037:05] there's like a thousand houses, palm trees and the grass, and all of that. And it was all just created, like a movie set. Yep. Just completely created. And as crazy as, you know, and there's armadillos, I mean, as crazy as that sounds are like, oh, so what? I always go, well, if you can do that, why couldn't you do it 10 to 1,000 times bigger? And how long have you been doing that? How long did it started? And I'm just sitting on a bench, I was going far out there, but yeah. That's what people want. That's what people want. That's what the people want to eliminate half the population are thinking. They're thinking there's too many people. Where wills? To where wills. Yeah, there's a lot of people that are elitist as well. There's a lot of elitists that have this perspective that we need to lessen the population, including like brilliant people. Like that woman, the woman who works with the apes. [038:00] Oh yes. What is her name? The one that was named, chimps, chimps amazing. What is her name? I'm a great document Jane Jane good all Jane good all. Yes, she had a great documentary and then I heard her say She brought up the Coalition control with best people. Yeah, I Think that's unfortunate, but I think also she's saying that because she lives with monkeys Like she's out of her fucking mind like this lady's live with chimpanzees all day. Also, also as brilliant and as amazing as this woman is, she also believes in Bigfoot and she's convinced that it exists. Come on. Oh yeah, play that. Play that clip. Come on. This is saying that she had quotes that were mistaken. Oh, okay. I was just checking. Well, she said without any suffering, she said in a very kind way to reduce the world population. I heard her say that Missing context this misrepresent good old remarks and is not a real quote while she did say many of the world's environmental problems would be Relieved the population was that of 500 years ago. She did not advocate for depopulation efforts I didn't think she said she was advocating for depopulation efforts But what she was saying was that the world has too many people yes [039:03] But I know she was not saying that people should die and she's saying like All right But you know what I mean like that is but hold on that's a valid thought Like even if you love people and you're not an evil person that is a valid thought that without any pain and suffering It would be better if there were less people that's a valid thought it really is Like if there was less people there would be better if there were less people. That's a valid thought. It really is. Like if there was less people, there would be less congestion, people would be more relaxed, it'd be more resources, it'd be easier to get along, it'd be more balanced on earth. That is true. She is right. But the problem with that thought is, if you start expressing it, then people start saying, I think we can make that happen. And then there's where we'll get involved. And where we'll get involved and go, you know, if we did do this and if it went along the way, we instanted to a social credit score and tied up all the money and centralized digital currency and then attached to carbon tax. To everything everybody does, we basically limit their behavior, we'd be in control of the entire thing, and then people start dying. You know, people die. [040:06] Hey man, thanks to climate change is killing people. I don't know if you know a lot of kids are having heart attacks due to climate change. We could start finding more universities and start popping them up in worldwide. That's a worldwide situation. We see stories like that, like young people are gonna have heart attacks due to climate change. I've seen those. Like yeah, yeah, anything else, but teachers, anything else give kids heart attacks? Thanks for writing that article. I'll be sure to make sure that the kids get water when it gets hot out of their running. Anything else give them heart attacks that you guys ever found? Have you been looking around? No, nothing. Nothing over here, just climate change. Okay. So the, like, what is the uptick in the amount of kids having heart tax and is it corresponding to a certain temperature rise i'd seems like that would be like scientifically you can measure that if there was an uptick in the temperature raised one percent and we saw a ten percent increase in heart attacks amongst eighteen year olds which is happening right [041:01] i don't know what the number is but i do do know it has been happening. The number of deaths is what's the spooky one because the all-cause mortality spiked way up. That's what's freaky. That's a freaky one. That's freaky one. And you have to be really fair about that. You could attribute that to a bunch of different things. First of all, you get attributed to bad habits that people picked up during COVID. That will take up a certain percentage of them. A lot of people became alcoholics during COVID. A lot of people did. So that's a percentage. And then you have to think about a percentage of people that got COVID and got fucking wrecked. Because I know some people that got wrecked. Same. They got wrecked and they were compromised after that. They got on different medications after that. I know some of them that developed all sorts of like lung problems and scarring on the lungs, like some people got hit hard. So there's that. And this is not even vaccine talk, just COVID itself. [042:02] Yep. And then there's people that have adverse reactions to the vaccine. There's people that unquestionably had autoimmune issues after they got it. Now what is that from? Has that been fully discussed? Is that or is it climate change? We just gonna climate change. We just gonna go climate change on everything. It's too much breathing. I'm willing to go climate change with you. I'm totally interested in hearing what everybody has to say about climate change I think it's capable of giving heart attacks, but I want a full conversation and if there's a part of The if you look at all the variables and there's one that you're ignoring specifically One that's a novel Medical intervention never been tried before and would it was done to hundreds of millions of people you won't look at that one That's a fair that's a fair assessment. Yeah, I mean like we're putting it out there I think all humans should do that and I think the problem is during the pandemic a couple things happened one [043:01] People looked at the people that were unwilling to get vaccinated as people They're gonna fuck it up for all of us. Yes. And the people that got vaccinated, they probably were a little nervous about it, but they took the risk and they felt like they did the right thing. And you didn't do the right thing. And that's valid. That's a totally valid position to take. But the problem with that position is you're being trapped into a, you got, you got corralled into a very clear pathway. There's one solution to this problem and we all have to do this thing to get to that one solution. Once we do, we're going to be fine. But somewhere along the way, if you're paying attention, you would realize that A, it doesn't work as advertised. B, the studies they did never indicated any of the things that they were promoting, like that it prevents you from getting it or it stops infection or that it stops transmission. No, nothing. There's nothing on that. There's zero on that. And so along the way, they lowered the expectations. [044:04] They lowered what you would get from it. It's just going to keep you out of the hospital. I mean, there's this clip of Joy Behar arguing with this lady from a long time ago when the lady said she had natural immunity because she already had COVID and she got over it before the vaccine came out and she's not going to take the vaccine and they're berating her. Joy Behar? Yeah. Where were we? No, I'm just saying we're well. She just doesn't know. And very ideologically locked into a position. It's a women's talk show. It's a front of the public. It's on a television network. There's so many variables that would lead to not being able to not only not express yourself in a clear and objective way, but not even be able to look at the world through a clear objective way. Because it jeopardizes your income. It jeopardizes your position as one of those people. You get locked into a certain kind of thinking even if you're already inclined to think that way. I agree with you a thousand percent, but we all cross that path and it's easier for some than others and I understand the whole world of being there. But, and I'm not saying I'm better, anyone's better, [045:08] but you can't tell me at one moment in your life when you're saying the things you're saying, whether it's on a certain television show or whatever, and you know, you know. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Oh Do you still want to be able to call that restaurant when is he season and That's packed yeah, you know So I get it and yeah the money's beautiful the fans who we we all love what we're doing. The thing is that when every level, people's opinions are very pliable, whether you believe it or not. That's how cults get started. They trick you into thinking a very specific way. That's how cults get started. The human beings we're pliable [046:00] and the best way to resist that is to not be married to your ideas. Don't be married to them. Be you. Like you should have a core set of values. You love your family, you love your friends, try to be a good person, do your best at whatever it is that you do. That's the core. All that other stuff, these ideas, you gotta look at them for what they really are. And sometimes you get the wrong one stuck in your head and then you identify with it and you defend it, even when it's wrong. And I've seen brilliant people fall down that path, especially during the pandemic, especially in regards to the vaccines or the lockdowns or the severity of the virus for people that are healthy. There's a lot of variables that were ignored that shouldn't have been ignored if we're gonna be honest with each other. So the problem is, you are one side or the other. You are a team vaccine or a team pure blood. You know, and the pure blood's got locked into like, MAGA and fucking hillbillies. Yes, dude, I keep going around in Circus [047:00] and I hang out with every gang. I love every gang. Everybody's got something to offer, which is why I think that's how we'll grow. Like you don't have to join here, you don't join here. But the more I see, the more groups that are formed, you know, I remember being a kid, you know what the greatest time was, and my mom and dad were both working. I'd be in the kitchen like a little kid and I remember Mary, Mary's is later watching me and all the neighbors would come over and this one's talking about divorce. I don't know what they were talking about like what the and this one had whatever and everyone would get together and they're like they have cake and they'd help each other and they give it but you know, years ago, therapists would call friends and family and look after each other. You didn't have people, you had people nursing homes, but I remember going over, my friends asked, like, listen, we're going to have my grandma on the basement, she dribbles and talks weird shit. And it's like, she had dementia. [048:01] But that's what we've lost, what me what COVID did was it was the lab It was the way the werewolves I Say it's the werewolves The well the werewolves went this is how we really ripped the families apart and well because everybody has fear in them and Everyone your family has fear every human being has fear in them. And everyone your family has fear, every human being has fear in them. And they're testing the more the werewolves get to test your fear factor. The stronger they become because they see who buckles. They see who's going to call. They see how many people they see who's blashing out. They see how many people wearing a mask at the airport. They, so they're measuring the fear. Yeah. And, you know, man, I pray to God, it just becomes time for the fearless. And what the fearless is, it's not a violent fight. It's just, you've set some brilliant things. [049:01] I remember years ago, you're talking about like, this is the time of the truth. And it really resonated like, yes, that's what we need in life. Just truth, just honesty. Just looking after each other. I think we're gonna get there. Oh, I know we're getting there. I think we're just getting there. We've got to be aware of the werewolves. Yeah, well, we got to be aware of the where we'll still try to close the gate. They're trying to close the gate before human beings without these enormous institutions, human beings have the power over the narrative, and that human beings that you trust are real. They do exist. They just don't exist in those systems. They exist independently for the most part. And they're real. And they can tell you what's actually going on. It'll shock you, but it shouldn't if you understand history. Do you know what the number one group of people in the beginning of the pandemic when they rolled out the vaccines? Number one group that had vaccine hesitancy? PhDs. Find that. Find that. It was an article that was reading the hope it's true. That in the beginning, there's a lot of PhDs that were like, mm-hmm. [050:06] Because these people that understand how these studies are funded probably, or at least understand how research is done and how research is done through the pharmaceutical drug companies. So the pharmaceutical drug companies, they do their own research. And then when something's peer reviewed, they don't even get access to the raw data. They get access to the assessment of the data by the pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical companies can do 10 studies and they rig their studies in a way and they get the most bias results. If eight of them show no benefit, but one or two of them shows a little bit of a benefit, then they can roll out and then they start making. So I think PhDs were very aware of that system. And aware of the, also if you understand human psychology, you're aware of what happens to people in a time of great angst and pressure that they panic and in every horror movie see this. People fall [051:01] apart. And the weaker you can make society, the more corrupted you can make society, the more decadent you can make society, the more society that doesn't value discipline, that doesn't value free will, that doesn't value people's independence and strength and health. Well then you'll be able to find more suckers when the shit goes sideways. You're going to get more pussies. You're going to get more people that are willing to sell out their neighbors because they were having a party and they weren't socially distancing. You get a lot of fucking suckers because it's too easy to live today. And there's two, it's too easy to develop into a fully formed adult that is made out of mush. Not just mush with your body, but mush with your mind, mush with your opinions, mush with your will, your will to get things done, your will to work, your discipline to get up and get things done. [052:01] Those are frivolous things. Those are things that you should ever equate to toxic masculinity or toxic feminine energy. No, those are powerful human traits. And you've been tricked. You've been tricked in thinking that weakness is a virtue. It's not. Kindness is a virtue. And kindness through strength is the most honest kindness. When Francis and Ghana is being nice to you, it's because he wants to be nice to you. Yes, that's a real, when he's kind, it's real kindness. They found 23.9% of the people who said they hold PhD degrees express hesitancy. The highest rate amongst the various levels of education. So the brightest people were like, yeah. Think about what we said before, like with, okay, where the view or whoever was saying points, it's, in due defense, this is a very addictive system they created that the werewolves created, and that they, [053:02] I mean, it starts when we're young. So not a whole lot of people have time to break out of that in my opinion. Also, the people watch them are all boomers and they grew up with all their their information on the newspapers or on television. You know what I call it? Someone taught me this. Hold on a second, was this a say sorry? A sensitivity analysis found some people answered in the extreme ends of the demographic categories to throw off some of the numbers. King said it appeared to be a concerted effort that did make the hesitancy prevails in the PhD group look higher than it really is. So what kind of concerted effort would it be? Are they saying that they asked them in a way that was deceptive? If they either expressed hesitancy or they didn't. It was an early study in 2021. You know, there wasn't a lot of studies going on yet. Well, I'll tell you how you could get a study like that. This is how you do it. You do it while Trump's president. If you did that shit while Trump's president, you know how many people were hesitant, including [054:01] Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, everyone. They were all saying, who gonna take it. They're all saying who's gonna take it They were all saying one of them. See if you can find a video of that Come on, remember come on why would you take that? I wouldn't trust the government. The Trump Trump fucking Labco imagine devil He got a hair net on a fucking lab coat and he's Fixing up back see if we can have hija chloroquine Related to hija chloroquine. I mean there was a reason there was a recent study that they just released that said that Is many a 17,000 people worldwide died of hydroxychloroquine? So I asked Robert Kennedy Jr About this and what he he sent me the actual study and he sent me what the results were and here's what was wrong with them. First of all, they administered to people that were already in the hospital for COVID. You're supposed to give it to people within the first 10 to 14 days. That's when it's effective after that it's not effective after the infections reach a certain level. Second of all, there is a level that you would give these people. And this was far above that level and they were given up to people who are already dying [055:07] He was like they're essentially overdosing them while they're already dying with hydroxychloroquine So this contributed to 17,000 deaths like okay, maybe it did maybe people actually did do that and maybe they did that out of ignorance Maybe they did that because a protocol wasn't established Maybe they did that because they protocol wasn't established. Maybe they did that because they were just wrong but also What how many people would have been saved if they used it if you looked into that you can't ignore that Hydroxychloric and is a widely used medication that's been used for malaria forever for a long-ass time It became political which is insane for a long-ass time. It became political, which is insane, because it's a drug. And a lot of times, drugs have an initial reason why they created them, and then they find that it works with something else, and it works even better with something else. That happens by accident all the time. But the fact that they couldn't have it happen [056:01] with hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, is just that should tell you what's going on, especially with Ivermectin because it had surpassed the amount of time so you could just get a generic. So no one had a patent on it. So it's very cheap. Two things that I would tell people, just your example. If it's such a bit, before we get into that, people still trust 100% just because you say you're a PhD and it's on television. Now that whole scenario is very much like 9-11, meaning and even within their own department. So if, if PhDs and in their whole thing, people were afraid to lose their job. So like, this is what the answer is when they ask the question, otherwise we'll take your license away. You like having that reservation, that's the fancy that we do this appeal to authority is valid in certain ways. [057:01] So if I was going to ask an astrophysicist questions and I had a choice of either asking Jamie or Neil deGrasse Tyson, I'm gonna go with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Oh, right. Come on. Jamie, without Google. I was just, I was just fucking kidding. Without Google. You know what I'm saying? What's that said? Well, yes, man. Well, listen, man, he knows things. He's a fucking legitimate expert. So here's my point. There's PhDs are like comics. There's comics like you that I love and I love to talk to and there's comics that I see where I go the other way. Am I letting it the fuck out of here before a conversation starts out? You know what I have? You know what I'm saying? This guys that are boring, they're annoying. They're fucking, they don't connect with you. They're all they're thinking about is what can they get? You know those guys? Yes. And when you're around them, it's always about them. Yes. They're frustrating. I don't like talking to those guys. Dude, they're frustrating me. They don't mind if a guy works out a bit on me, he goes, I got a bit. I love that kind of shit. Tony and I do that all [058:06] time. Tony's always bringing up bits with me. No, no, bringing up bits is one thing. Yeah, we'll try and we're trying to like, we do that in the fucking green room all the time. That's not what my problem is. My problem is they're not really there. Some dudes are not there. You don't give me a hug. There's something missing. We're not connecting. You know? Maybe they're not there. I think that's the same with PhDs. I think there's PhDs that are guys, you know, that are absolutely dedicated to finding out what the data shows and what the facts are. And a lot of those guys, if they fall in, that narrative, they get fucking demonized. They get demonized quick. People underestimate the power of length that any human will go, no matter how educated they are, no matter what they know is right or wrong, they underestimate literally the power of money. [059:01] And who's making money at the end of the day? And how much money can buy as far as an agenda? How much money can buy as far as lying? Yeah, I'm not saying it. Lying to hundreds of millions of people because they're making billions of dollars on your fear, on the thought knowing that you're not even gonna question. If you do question, we're gonna come at you so that you'll be fearing. There was like different layers of fear they hit. And bro it's, I get it. I call it like casualties of war but not, you know, we think casualties of war where your limbs are off and which are. But I feel as I watch all this I'm watching because I was angry at first. I was very vicious foam with the mouth angry and I could still go there. And I'm not angry at what happened. I'm angry on how you took such advantage of just natural humans that are so innocent and have such good lives and spirits in them and you went [1:0:07] full blown onslaught for whatever reason whether you want to control or for money you you tore apart what what keeps us connected our hearts, our souls, our innocence. They took innocence and they made us, they, that is to me the most violent, evil, disturbing, solace part of any existence. And I pray to God people see it because when they see it and they see the the amount of destruction it truly caused That's a that's a force to be reckoned with but like Joey Diaz says only takes three Mother fuckers to get shit done three [1:1:05] The jet sheet dog three motherfuckers. Three motherfuckers, I'll take over this whole town. Three real motherfuckers. It's true. Yes. Well, by the way, the most important things that people understand now, how these games work. And the only way they work is if we're pitted against each other. Whether we're pitted against each other with trans sports don't think that they're not involved all that stuff because it's also a polarizing issue it's a polarizing issue all of it you know when they we call about gender affirming care the way they phrase things and the way they use things understand that this is a polarizing position that they take because they want to make sure we continue to fight against each other. They want to make sure that we are at each other's throat and they will manufacture these little crises over and over and over again. They manufacture these little climate change. There's so many people that are out there to tell you we have to stop climate change. We're all gonna die. We need to get an electric car, we're all gonna die. And they haven't looked at it at all. [1:2:06] You just stop eating meat, we're all gonna die. We're all gonna die. Is it possible to try and control the food source? Fuck yes it is. Is that a massive way that you can control human beings? Control the food supply? Absolutely it is. And when someone starts telling you, hey you got to kill food because the food is making too much carbon and that's making the earth more. Okay. Meanwhile, China is building hundreds of cold-powered plants right now. How many cold-powered plants right now are being built in China? Because this is an extraordinary number. We have to understand this when you're talking about ruining people's lives to have a minimal effect on the amount of CO2 that's being put out worldwide because the amount that's being put out by China and India far surpasses the rest of the world. You're just going to make people starve. You're going to put people in dire poverty and make nary an impact on that problem. I'm not saying you should ignore that problem, [1:3:01] but I'm saying you should look at all the ways to fix that problem and none of them should involve people starving. So China, look at the amount. 1,142 operational coal mines, more than anyone on Earth. India has 282. The United States is 210. While the United States, you want to do something really good instead of fucking killing cows, change nuclear power. Change the nuclear power and do it with new nuclear power plants that have a bunch of safeguards said in, that they didn't have when they built Fukushima, they didn't have when they built Three Mile Island. The technology has evolved just like cell phone technology and television technology and computer. Nuclear power plant technology has also evolved and they can do it safe now and it's the cleanest form of energy. All of the experts that are unbiased that I have talked to have convinced me of this. It's a fascinating thing because in our mind we connect nuclear power to destroying the environment, danger, the Chernobyl ruin forever which is true in those areas. [1:4:03] It is absolutely true. It's also true that it doesn't have to be that way. It's also true that they know how to do it better now. It's also true that they have better methods of containing these plants and they can actually shut them down now, unlike the Fukushima one that's still, they have to still fucking cool that thing down. That whole thing is a disaster. That Fukushima thing is crazy. It're all crazy. They had a backup January that got whacked too by the tsunami. So they got nothing no power So the fucking thing melts down and it's gonna be like that for a hundred thousand years, but But that that's just that local thing you got to get the fuck out of that area and they have to learn and make better power plants If you let people if you think you have a carbon problem and you you have thousands of coal powered plants They're just pumping into the actual air that we all breathe. That's way worse kids, and that can be fixed with nuclear power. That's what we should be concentrating on. Not killing fucking 2,000 cows in Ireland or whatever the fuck they're doing. They're telling people to have to kill their cows. [1:5:01] Dude, we have to reduce the amount of cows. You can't tell me they're laughing now. That is a funny script. If we got together and we were pure evil, we were like, Joe, I'm gonna have them slaughtering the cows, believing it'll be better for the environment. Fucking madness, man. And you'd think of any people that would not buy into that, it's the Irish. Don't you guys remember the potato famine? Jesus fucking Christ. You guys have a long history of a horrible famine that I learned about when I was a kid. Everybody knew about the Irish potato famine. Like people can fucking starve to death. That's still true. And if the power goes out tomorrow, it's gonna happen. There's gonna be people that starve to death. We could hit by a giant solar flare that takes out every grid in the world. We're fucked for a long-ass time, kids. People are gonna starve. And so the idea that you're gonna kill cows to slightly reduce the amount of methane that gets produced, it's in the air. Instead of looking at regenerative methods that actually take the carbon and sequester it back into the earth, which they've already proved they can do, at least in places like white oak's pastures. [1:6:03] They do that, it's like a carbon, it's like a negative amount of carbon. Like they use everything to regenerate the ground, the same way it's supposed to be in nature. That's not the fucking problem. Kids, the problem is coal plants. Coal plants are a bigger fucking problem. See, I just see it as like they just need to, how do we kill the cows? How do we control food it's control here's all the brilliant ways and the powers we have to do blah blah it's just to me I see it all as hogwash except for just another way to control what you do with it Denmark where they were taking farmers farms away they were destroying farmers because they weren't allowed them to use fertilizer anymore there's like so much weird shit that goes on where people start trying to control farmers. Well, if you start fucking with the people that make our food, that's a real problem. So you start? It's been going on for the last 40, 50 years. I didn't understand food. I wanna apologize to junk, melanchamp, [1:7:01] and Willie Nelson, all those guys right now. Cause I remember being a banana metalhead. And those guys were coming out like farm aid. I was like, pharps, it'd be pharms, I ain't go, yeah, mall. And now I understood what they were trying to do. Nationwide, this is interesting, cause this just started happening. Nationwide German farmer blockades, heat pressure on shults. So these, they've been throwing manure over buildings and shit German farmers kicked off a week of nationwide protests against subsidy cuts on Monday blocking roads attractors and Piling misery on chancellor Olaf Schultz coalition as it struggles to fix a budget mess and contain Rising far right forces. Oh far right far right Extremist conveys of tractors and trucks gathered on roads and subdiro Zero temperatures in nearly all 16 federal states while protesters class of police and leading politicians warned that the unrest could be Co-opted by extremists extremists. Yeah, we don't want to get fucked Yeah, how about let them be farmers you fucking cunts. They're the people that grow your food goddammit [1:8:03] Wake up wake up to why any blood would do that. Who what fucking government would fuck with the farmers? What government would make it harder on the farmers? You're telling me that that's your number one problem is the farmers? How much crime do you have? How many murders? How many thieves? How many rapists? How many child molesters? How many swindlers, how many people that are ripping people off, how many credit card fraudsters that you have out there. And you're going after farmers? There's no way that's positive. There's no way it's not even physically possible. If you looked at all of your obligations and all the things that you should be doing, that you put any resources into fucking with farmers. Yeah, man. People don't understand to me. It's just it's so it's to take over. It's a simple take over. It's so it's it's almost gradual. It's so gradual and it's also like an illusion. Jordan Peterson explained it. Do that. So that works. [1:9:00] Yeah. I saw that. See if you can find that. Jordan Peterson. He was brilliant. It's going to be right here with that, how you change things. Are you push people a little bit? And they don't push back. And then you push them a little more. And then say, hey, stop right there. And you wait a little while. And then you push again. And the next thing you know, before you go. Right. And the road that we don't want to go down is tyranny. And if you get attached to one side or the other, whether it's Nikki Haley or you get attached to Joe Biden and comment whatever it is, whoever your team you're going down that road even further. Yeah. You're going down that road. And they're going to keep pushing and the next thing you know they're're gonna have your fucking, your location every time you tweet something, and you tweet something that might be a problem, someone's gonna physically visit you or your phone's gonna get shut off or your social credit score's gonna get dinged or like that is our future if we don't wake up. You're gonna have monsters in control of your life [1:010:02] and you'll self-sensor. And whether you are on the right or whether you're on the left as a human being You don't want to give other human beings control over what you can say and what you can think and what you can look at And what you can talk about and what how you can live your life and where you can go and what you decide to do with your money And what you decide to do with your time all those things should be yours. They should be yours. So where, where does it here it is. Yeah, this is this was great. These are the first to terrible places. One tiny step at a time. You know, if I encroach, if I encroach on you and I'm sophisticated about it, I'm going to encroach two millimeters. I'm going to encroach right to the point where you start, start to protest, then I'm going to stop, then I'm going to encroach right to the point where you start to protest. Then I'm going to stop. Then I'm going to wait. Then you're going to calm down. Then I'm going to encroach again right to the point where you protest. Then I'm going to stop. Then I'm going to wait. And I'm just going to do that forever. And before you know it, you're going to be back three miles from where you started. And you'll have done it one step at a time and then you'll go, oh, how did I get here? And the answer was, well, I pushed you a little farther than you should have gone and you [1:011:08] agreed. And so then I pushed you a little farther than you should have gone again and you agreed. And if anybody's interested in this sort of process and this is a horrifying book, if you want to read about how this process works, you can read a book called Ordinary Man by Robert Brown. Boom. That's it. It's really that simple. It's really that simple. I have a piss. Can we hold this? Yeah, hold this. I'm gonna take a leak. We'll grab back. I have a pee too. You ever shit in the woods? Um, it's a wild. Not naturally. I did it cheating. You know, um, I cheated. I was reading this thing about India. They have a problem where people don't like to use toilets. They just like to shit outside. They use there certain places they just, they've been shit outside forever. So they don't like toilets. They're building toilets and people are rejecting them. I could see that. Shitting outside is fun. I think so. Any any. It's the natural way to shit. It comes out so easy. It's like, we because you're squatting down and make those squatty potty things. You know those yes, yeah one of those [1:012:06] I don't I have one it helps. I'm sure it does shit easier. I like good man. I wake up good for you Bang then have expresso Pang again double bang. Yeah, and then I'm good to rest it day and it's every shoes. I wake up. It's weird I think it's good. I'm that's supposed to be that way. It's supposed to be good, right? Yeah, that's a good thing. Yeah, you want to be regular. I'm regular. My friend Larry got backed up once for a long time. He's to be one of the producers on Fear Fractor. He tells the story. It's fucking hilarious. Oh my God. He had to go to there and he literally had to get it removed I get solid. Yeah, God hard as a rock. So they got to break it up in his intestines It's this but oh like at the door turtling You turtling with a boulder Has it is too warm and there's no one happens. I don't understand. I don't know what he was eating a [1:013:01] Lot of cheese maybe I don't know what he was eating. A lot of cheese. Maybe. I don't know what happened. But he got stuck. Have you ever heard of that? That's that flaming Greek cheese. The great horse manure crisis of 1894. By the late 1800s, large cities all over the world were drowning in horse manure. Oh, make sense. The London times predicted in 1894 that in 50 years time, every street in London would be buried under nine feet of manure. In New York City. In New York City they had at one point 175 foot pile of shit. That created in the range of 16 billion flies it said. Okay, tell me that didn't cause the plague. No, I did. It's 100%. Like this is what the roads look like. Oh my god, that's insane. That's all horse shit. There's also each horse makes about a gallon of earth, like a liter of piss every day. Oh my god, so the ammonia smell on the streets. And then what happens when it rains? Oh god, it gets into the water. See, see, I like the, I root for nature. [1:014:01] Would George Caron say, well, that's just people with poor planning. That's what I mean. Because when they built these wild west towns, they're like, oh, okay, put a fucking house there. There's the road and the next thing you know, it's paved because you have cars now and then the horses are shitting on the pavement. Yeah. What? Like what is this? I love the one that happens. I mean, fight people. They people, look at us all the time. We don't want you to be a real horse. I would do that to a pants. And then they would die a certain amount would die every day so they had to get like removing dead horses every day from New York City was a whole. Whoa. Dragon Moth. Where are you gonna put them? I'd be pissed if I was a horse. Yeah, I had to be a city. You know, there's a sizeable amount in this country and there's a lot of debate on what to do with them What's the to paint well because if they get out of control and they they're they get over populated The thing is they could like certain farmers have land that's their land for grazing for their cattle and if the horses eat up all the Resources that could be a problem [1:015:02] There are there was instances of animals cross-contaminating. Like brusolosis is a real issue with buffalo. When the buffalo roam onto cattle ranchers land, they give them brusolosis and the cow start dying off. That's a real issue. So that's one reason to contain them. But it's also it's like every, like wildlife biologist when they're objective. They look at a balance of nature. They don't look at it in terms of what would the people like to happen, but they look at it like how many mountain lions can exist in this area, and how many deer can exist in this area. And if the mountain lions population exceeds a certain number, what impact does it have on the deer, and then what impact does that have on ranchers and people that lose their pets? And then joggers. Because those things are happening next if you don't take it. So that's how a real wildlife biologist would look at it. So when wildlife biologists look at horses, they go, well, this is a real fucking problem. [1:016:01] Because first of all, people do not want you shooting horses. Like I don't, that is the one animal that I would never fucking shoot. I can't even imagine shooting, unless I was dying of starvation. The idea of shooting a horse horses to me, that's like shooting a golden retriever. And maybe even more beautiful. They're connected with people in a weird way. You ride them, like you're very intimate with that animal, those animals are amazing pets, like, and then not just like, pet is a wrong word, because they're traveling companion that you feed and ride on. So it is a pet sort of, but when they're well trained and well taken care of, they're amazing animals. They come up to people, I've seen people that have pet horses and the horse puts their nose and the guys face the guys strokes The horses said they have a beautiful like intimate relationship They had to have shooting those things Bro, that's like shooting wild dogs the only way to shoot a wild dog is it was attacking Wild wild pets like horses and in particular they're like, we know what kind of relationship [1:017:05] you could have with horses. That's like going out and shooting wild people. Are you from wild people? Like just to me, wild people. We were so shooting them. Like what? It's almost like that with people with horses. I know, and I think about that. It's like, see, I always go back to the question of, when, like, let's take a rancher. question of, when, let's take a rancher. Did ranchers, and nothing, I'm just saying in general, the Solicit side, I'm all over the place, I'll get to it. Did ranchers, they ranch for other people or just themselves, most of them? It totally depends on the rancher, right? There's some ranchers that what they do is they lease land, and so they'll roam their cattle, and then some of them, they do is they lease land. And so like they'll roam their cattle. And then some of them, they put them on public land. Like I was hunting in Nevada on public land with my friend Steve Ranella, we were bow hunting mule deer. So we're in this area. And there's cows all over this area. And these cows are all privately owned. [1:018:01] And so they pay a grazing fee, I guess. There there's I don't know what the fee is I don't know how that works I don't know I don't even know if they have to pay a fee I don't know how it works but the point is they have the the rights to let their animals graze in a specific area and then when it comes time to harvest them or whatever the fuck they do they they round them all up and the cowboys come in there so real cowboys guys on Yeah. It's fucking cool to watch. But that's so like, they're all over the place. So, there's those kind of ranchers. And then there's ranchers that have a contained ranch. So, there's a lot of these out here in Texas. Yeah. Or like the guys that White Oaks Pastors, where they have a fully contained managed ecosystem. And they have their cows out there. They run around. They use the manure, they use the manure for fertilizer, they recycle everything, it all goes back into nature, including the dead bodies of the animals and the things that get harvested, the organs, everything. So everything gets used. So I think I know, you know I always go to, I always go, but you can't go back. [1:019:01] When did it change and why did't change it change with money? No, but I'm saying like send me me and you were sitting there and you got your little tribe there and I might try it there Yeah, you go hunting you come back I'll make sure she'll get the state whatever everyone's helping each other out your hunt you gather and all that when did That's what I always you gather and all that. When did that sort of always messes with you? You gotta wear even that that time. Like, we're romanticizing that time. I am. I am. I'm not most fucking brutal times. You're watching now? Yes. You ever watched that show 1883? Yeah, I was brutal. Yeah. Yeah. That's Taylor Sheridan show. Oh, my God. They killed everybody. They killed everybody. Everybody got a coffee. Yeah, up the ass. But those people that were trying to make their way across the country, there's, that's it. That's the knife up the ass. What's more brutal? You should see the video though. This is, this is, what is more brutal? Oh, they did that. They did that times a hunt right here. Even being's been brutal forever forever. We just don't eat that. We don't chimp it out though. We don't yet [1:020:07] We don't go for the test, but if we don't eat those, but if the meteor hits If the meteor hits and we go back we go back again because we've done it before I guarantee we've done it before I guarantee you at least in parts of the world Society is crumbled because of natural disasters and people resorted to barbarism. And I think that's the reason why if you go further back in history, people were the most ruthless. You know, if people really did exist in a very sophisticated way, which is what I believe, that did exist somewhere around 11,800 years ago and then before that, that's what I think. I think particularly in Africa, I think if you look at the structures that exist in Egypt, there's no doubt about it. Some of those are old as fuck and I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that they're older than they think there are, especially when you have geologists that are observing these deep water fissures like Robert Chauk who's done this work on thousands of years of rainfall must have created this which is that pushes it back way to the point where there used to be rain in that area, which was like 9,000 years ago. [1:021:06] So now we're in this area. Like, well, how old are these fucking things man? Well, and I think if something happens and the world falls apart, I think only the monsters live. Only the monsters. Only this most psycho of psychos. Only the most evil doggy dog people, because they're probably cannibalizing. At a certain important time, I bet people are cannibalizing. At a certain point of starvation, if there's a nuclear winter, when those things impact and the fucking sky is covered with volcanic dust for two years, nothing. You ain't no guns and nothing. I guarantee you people started eating people. I guarantee we are the ancestors of people who ate people. I think so. I would buy that. Dude, the command she did it. Well, the command she didn't do it as much as some of the other Indians did it. But they would eat each other. They would eat their enemies. [1:022:00] They would kill their enemy and eat his heart. They would do why you old shit right here, the Nez Perse. Yeah. They would catch people and cook them and eat them in front of their friends. Oh. Yeah, man. Yeah. I mean, they did wild shit. Yeah. And they did it for fun. They did it to torture people. Oh. They would torture people. That's why Native Americans had no concept of surrender. Like surrender, they're gonna torture you and kill you 100%. You got to fight to the death. Yeah, but don't you? Would you, I think about this too, like would you, if you knew your entire existence was going to come to it, if you felt like, you know what? These guys, we've seen, they've crushed it everywhere. There's no winning this. We fight to die. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. out of this one. Moomah, we're not getting out of this one. So in the meantime, do we start taking out as, you know, [1:023:08] doing as much as we can? Like how do you, I could see that. We'll think about what the Native Americans went through in this country. That's what I'm saying. And their, their plight was even more dire because we removed their food. We removed the food. We killed the buffalo. Right. There was no independence anymore they couldn't exist out there by themselves make them sick yeah make them sick and make them starve yes and then when the winter comes you got no food what the fuck you're gonna do and they offer you the reservation they did that they did that in this country so there's your answer the the the then the way they treated those people is beyond evil the way they converted them those schools and that's that's also detailed in the 1923 that show I went to St. Augustine and there's this fort down there and as I'm walking through the fort you know people you know tourists you always walk by and look at all the pictures and the things like what is for school and on the on the wall is all these little Native American, [1:024:06] little Indian kids just like traumatized but in school outfits. And you see like soldiers behind them. And I'm just, I sat there and watched it and went, bro can you imagine, can you imagine how many kids you got three? Can you imagine seeing your children? like Completely and different completely hostages for the rest of your life and they watched their parents Get taken out in front like they watched their mom's throat get slit Or rape or burning them that while they're alive and Now they're gonna Do you imagine Like seeing that or living that as a child and now that's what's gonna control you the rest of your life That's heavy man [1:025:01] It is also heavy with the government did when they took gullible people and they gave them land where the Comanche were. Mm. They let them move it and that's SC Gwen's book, Empire of the Summer Moon. They just let these people build these homesteads and then one day the Comanche came and just slaughtered everybody. And they kidnapped people. The last Comanche chief was Kwana Parker and his mother was Cynthia Ann Parker, and his mother was kidnapped, but she was seven years old by the Comanche, and she wound up marrying the Comanche chief, and she had a son, that was Quantaparka, and he was the last Comanche chief, and then they rescued her when she was in her 30s. And she kept trying to escape, go back to the Comanche. She had become a Comanche, like a full on Comanche. And she saw that, did you talk about this? Recently? Recently. That's what I mean. I can't stop talking about it. That, because that's where we are. That's this spot where we're at right now. If you drive like 10 minutes from here, you'll find like Quantaparca Road. Yeah, they like, they name the streets after Comanchi's up here. I have a friend who has a ranch up here. [1:026:05] He finds thousands of arrowheads, and I'm not exaggerating. It's nuts how many he finds. He documents them all, go to a jam, witworth's Instagram. It's fucking wild, dude. This guy finds thousands of them. He just sifts through the ground in his property. He just said hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years of the Comanche, riding horses, killing deer, living off the land, living right here. I saw a meme and it was like, it was a native. And he said, we breathe the fresh air. We live in the nature. We are food is grown. We have everything at our resources, free water, we love each other, we constantly are tearing it up all day. They came along and thought they can do something better. Look at this guy's page. He finds it to that. That's one of the ones that he found. [1:027:00] Did you find his Instagram, Jamie? Private. Wow, look at that. He didn't find it? It's private. Oh, it's private. So these are just some of the ones that he's posted up. He sent me some. I have one right here. Oh, wow. Yeah. That's legit. Good dude. So when they do that, what are they making? What do they make? What do they make that out of different different kinds of rock that they can chip Depending on the place some points are like obsidian some points are different kinds of Stone flint whatever they can shape into a point like this is an amazing craftsmanship Involvedness to and you got to get it kind of in the same size every time because the whole idea is you're judging just like when you throw a rock like the way they would shoot arrows is you know how you throw a rock and after while when you're a kid you know how hard to throw it to hit a specific spot you know how to aim. That's essentially what you're doing with a bow and arrow so you have to practice all the time and you have to have the weight kind of semi-consistent so you know where that arrow's going. [1:028:05] So you know this thing is that far away and in your mind I have to aim up here and the arrow's gonna drop down, hit it in the vitals. The whole thing of archery is it's an arc. From the time it gets released it arcs up and then drops down. And the whole idea is try to figure out how far that is and how far it's going to drop. So it's a very intuitive form of hunting. And it's a very spiritual thing. If you're doing this, right, you're creating your own stones, you're making your own arrows, you're chipping the stones and creating these arrowheads out of them, you're tying it all together with sinew, and then you're making this, and then you got to practice and you got to get really good at this thing. And then you got to figure out how to sneak up on animals and just launch these fucking feather-covered darts of death. And it's one of the most greatest technological advantages of hunting that humans had ever created. They created the ability to kill something that's really far away. A good archer can shoot something with a traditional bow 40, 50, 60 yards away. [1:029:01] You're right. And a chimp can never figure that out. But if they did, we'd be fucked out. What if they did we'd be fucked? We'd be fucked. We'd be fucked. They would just storm cities, just shooting people for fun. They would 100% shoot you for fun. And oh, by the way, they'd eat your babies. There's been a lot of documented cases of chimpanzees eating human babies, stealing human babies and eating them. Really? Oh yeah, baboons too. Baboons of stolen babies and eating them. It's a real problem. You ever seen that video of this, like little kids is wearing a diaper and they're out in the street and this fucking monkey come by. Try to steal the baby. Yeah, try to steal the baby. Yeah, this monkey pulled up in like a motor scooter and that's right. Yeah, and grabs the baby. Let me try to take it off. Yeah. You have to chase the monkey to get the baby back. I remember that. Yo. That's pretty sick. That's playing the apes right there. Imagine if he had a gun. He just bang bang bang. He just hung. He just hung. Here it is. Yeah. If that monkey had a gun, 100%. It's a In front of his parents like it's nobody's business drag tries to drag it off. Wow. Wow. [1:030:05] It's moving pretty fast too, man, with something that's way bigger than him. And this guy is even he is it's just used to it because look at this guy. He's not even running. He's just like, what what country are they? I think I look at the monkey's actually being yanked back on a. Oh, you're right. Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait a minute, play that again, you're right. You're right. Oh my God, it's a stunt. Watch right here. Right there, barely got leverage to do that. Yeah, how's he moving so fast? And knowing that one arm. My car starts pointing at it. Oh yeah, you're right. But where it was so, there would be someone behind him with a cable attached to him. Yeah. Wow, that's crazy if that's true. Is there a harness on that monkey? Do you see a harness or anything? Not really, but. Boy, it does look like something. We all run it's neck right there around the corner. Yeah, boy, it does seem like something. His neck goes this way. Did you see that somewhere? Did you just see that right now? I vaguely remembered seeing something about it, but like I'm just seeing it right now. That's a little weird Like where's it getting the leverage to move that way look at you right look it's getting dragged Yeah, otherwise how would it have the leverage to move that fast look at the line you could you could see yes [1:031:10] You could see it. Oh my god. It is. It's a cable. I fell for that too Maybe that's how monkeys steal babies. Maybe they use monkeys to steal kids. Oh, that's even scarier dude. Wow Maybe they've trained monkeys to steal kids maybe that's what it is and then we just watched it Wow, no that guys with it well, yeah, bro. They're showing everyone how to do it This is how we do it here. So that's totally which is gonna show you how you do you should do it? Well, can we agree that people steal kids? Oh, yeah, okay? So that's true So you want some crop? I think it almost happened to me if people are so evil that they would steal kids Which is real thank you then you don't think they would train monkeys to help them what he crazy of course it would that's terrifying Not only did you kid gets stolen the kid gets stolen by a monkey and they What's this one Jerry? I was looking for proof and I found a different video of almost the same thing happened a monkey stealing a baby Oh, I see these people's people ran away from the kid. Oh, my god. That's real right [1:032:08] there. Why did they run away? They ran away from that baby. That's so crazy. Is he trying to help him? And then the mom came by and the mom got the baby. Look at him. Oh my god. He didn't want to let go of the baby. Wait, put it back. Oh, my god. That's crazy. Wow. That's crazy. Clipback of these kids. Oh my God, that's crazy. Wow, that's crazy. Oh, maybe it wasn't much of a kid. Wait, now watch, all those kids. Oh, those kids, still that boy, right around, right back, fella. Save that fucking baby pussy. Yeah, that's your sister, you're a little baby. Ew, don't show me that again. All right, so, but isn't him. I'd start kicking hard. I know he come after me though, but I wouldn't I'd be in it too late. He might tear my ass apart, but um, now if it was a champ, I don't know. I think you can never, if you never do a lot of this, you'd have no chance. And then I'd lie. But I wonder how much chance you'd have against a monkey. I'd lie and say hey man I tried to help it's just I couldn't get in there like I was looking at that monkey. I was like what my strategy be [1:033:09] Well, play it back. Can you play? Yeah, let me see that again. I think I go straight If I had to try to kick him in the monkey that's on the stairs. I think I'm punting that monkey I think I'm gonna let that monkey feel it Yeah, I say kickin' really hard in the head. Yeah, I'm gonna shin, you come in a shin now. Kickin' good, right in his head. Mm-hmm. I'm gonna, or in his gut. Bam! I'm gonna power kick that monkey into another dimension. But I'm gonna be ready for that thing to bite my dick. Like that's not like a little thing. That 35 pound animal or whatever the fuck it is has insane power and it's fearless It's fearless of these so you got a right there. You got a smash that fearless You got to smash that monkey you got to really put the boots to him and he also knows You don't have the power to fight it like well what you got to do really is grab him you grab him by his back legs if you can or [1:034:01] It's tail you grab him First of all you kick him as hard as you can But if you do get a scramble with them you try to pile drive him into the ground That's what you try to do you try to smash him into the ground as hard as you can Mm-hmm like that might be your only way out. It's gonna be hard to do because he's gonna recognize what you're doing He's probably gonna be able to twist and turn and stop a lot of the force But if you could figure's a tough task. I go for a tail. He'd be biting the fuck out of you. He would be jumping for your face. But you gotta beat the shit out of that monkey. What about the tail? The tail thing is he's gotta turn around and bite you. It's gonna grab you. Not if the way they can move moving they move so much better than us So you you have to accept that this little thing is probably as strong as you I'm see I'm cocky right now I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm a twirl. I think those 35 pound monkeys are as strong as you and me a double-hand him How like I thought like a how strong is what was that a racist monkey? What kind of monkeys that? [1:035:03] I don't know I think I'd get fucked up. I think I might be able to kill it, but I think I'm getting fucked up along the way. I'm getting clawed at, it's clawing at my eyes. It's trying to bite my face. I don't think you'd get to your face though. That monkey, I don't think, get to Joe Rogan's face and be an a monkey is. And if you don't fucking move accordingly and if you don't stop it while it's happening, if you allow it to get a grip on you, you might be really fucked. It might get your jugular. Like there's a video of this guy. This is old man and he's sitting there on the ground and this monkey climbs on him and he's like sort of accepting that this monkey is on him. And this monkey decides to scalp him. So this monkey just clamps down on his head and peels an enormous slice of skin off this guy's head. What size monkey is this? A small monkey, a monkey like that monkey. Like what we just saw? Exactly like that monkey. So what I'm trying to say is, I think you're in your head. You're thinking, he's to hear this guy. [1:036:00] Like a plane, look at this guy. So this is the same kind of monkey, right? Okay. It's guy sitting there and watching Smoky. Oh shit. Oh, dude. Oh. It just bit him and took a giant chunk of his head off. So that's what I'm saying. This is what you're dealing with. Oh, damn. Yeah, you are not dealing with. Wait a minute. Yeah, that's his head, bro. Just bit into his head and took an enormous chunk of his scalp off. Yeah. And you just saw it. This is the thing. I think you need to reassess where you are with this monkey. Watch this, just bite some and do that to your face. Grab your nose. And you wouldn't be able to get it off your nose. Why is his head bleeding? His head is not bleeding because that's what happens, dude. It bleeds out of the part where there's skin left, Jim Brewer. There's no skin. You're looking at skull. You're looking at skull. So all the things that bleed are now gone. That's the stuff that bleed skin [1:037:10] So all the skin that is bleeding is the skin that's around it. It's bleeding into the fucking cracks Where his scalps have been removed his head? That's real as fuck all right, maybe that's a new well that monkey might fuck you up I think you have to really reassess what you think monkey is you can't treat a monkey like it's a little person That's a way more for Rochus powerful thing. It's you're looking at it proportionately, because we think we're pretty big in compared to that monkey, so we're stronger, but we're not. We're just bigger. All right, so when I go for this fight for $40 million, you're gonna be my trainer. I'm not training you to get killed you're gonna need killed you need years and you need to get on steroids immediately What is the monkey type that bite that guys head off? I think that's the same kind of I'm in this corner. We got to get you on the full you saw a protocol Whatever you saw that says you can't take we're gonna put you on it [1:038:01] Belford in his prime just all Fuck it jack You can move that into our bell for it in his prime. Just all tracks. Fuck it, jack. And here it comes, the monkey. And he's still my kid killed by that monkey. We might have to train you for a decade. Does the monkey come in a leash? No, no, the monkey's free. The monkey's running. You're in a circle, you're in a row. Train for a decade? Yeah, I would have to train you for a decade. We have to just to give you a chance, just a chance to live. Really? Yeah, I think so. All right. I think you're dealing with a totally different thing. I think you think of it like it's like a little person, but it's not, it's way stronger. It's way stronger than a person. I would way rather fight a hundred and fifty pound man than a thirty five pound monkey. I thought I'm man. in fifty pound man then a thirty five pound monkey yeah yeah you took my well trained man fifty pounds less man than me I like my odds way more than I like my odds against a fucking monkey look at that those are serious fangs dude it's too strong you don't understand how strong it is you think it's little so it can't be as strong as you but it's [1:039:04] as strong as you and like man stone to death by monkeys in India they threw rocks at him they hit him on the head chest and legs they beat him to death with rocks I'm a good pitcher Joe I bet you are look if you had a weapon I like you if you got something you can really fuck yeah I can't with the baseball bat I like you but the thing is man if you don't and that thing bites you You're fucking out. Yeah, all right. You got shorts on good luck son It's gonna rip a giant chunk of your thigh out. Well, these all rules will have to head shot There's no rules with chimps bro. No rules. I'm saying like what am I allowed to wear? If I'm short sir and my laptop wear a little armor rest like helmet night and my laptop wear a helmet like a night. Yeah, but it's a fight of monkey. A fuck fair. A peepie. Are you on team person or team monkey? What's fair? I want you have to be crazy to fight a monkey and a fair fight. Oh, no, you're right. I'm looking at a weapon. The monkey's gonna cheat. There's no fair. This is gonna be a dirty fight. So if I bring a bat, I wanna go. No, I know, I wanna go. [1:040:06] No, that's the look we're proving. Hockey, something. We're proving something. Human beings have figured this out. Bang, shut the fuck up. You gotta get it in a fucking arm wrestling match with the gorilla. I win. Boom, shut the fuck up. We figured that out. Okay, right? So all this fair enough. Yeah, you don't want to be fighting. But fair entertainment value. But it just shows how weak we are in comparison to what we think. Even strong people. What is this? A six month old girl was being breastfed in her mother's lap in a courtyard room in her home in a small village in North India. A population approximately 5,000. A macaque entered the room through an open door and apparently without provocations snatch the infant from her the monkey then proceeded to leap from the terrace to terrace holdings the infant while being pursued by local residences. Yeah, I dropped it. Whoa. The monkey eventually dropped it. That's crazy. Oh, bro. Bro. [1:041:00] Yeah. I'm telling you, man, you don't want to fuck with a monkey. All right. I think I Think it would it would shock you. I had a chimp on news radio once and I don't even think that that I think that Scene got cut from the final episode because it was something I had to do with animals. So we had animals And so we had this chimp on set and I did not have a scene with the chimp But I was there. So I got to like hold on to the champ and like hang on, hang out with it. Maybe I did have a scene with it. I don't remember. Whatever it was, this champ was a baby and a diaper and it was so strong dude. It was hitting my back just playing, you know, just tapping me and I was like, whoa. Yeah, there was one on SNL and I got to go in the room baby, or he kept saying, don't let him, don't let him knit at you. Don't let him, he left me alone for like 30 seconds and all I remember is the skull. The skull is really hard. It was like a coconut. That thing was very powerful. [1:042:02] Dude, they don't feel. They don't feel. And they're baby. Like you said, yeah, it's a baby, but it doesn't feel like you think a baby should feel like. It feels like a super athlete. Like when you touch their muscles, even though they're a baby, they're so jacked. Like you feel their little muscles, you're like, holy fuck man. You see what they know hair one, right? Yeah. I mean, that is what it is. Yeah. That's just sure. Yeah. And the natural one. And the natural one that you see, like that one, if you think about the amount of muscle that thing has, it's probably like 180 pounds, you gotta multiply that times like four. And that's how it's strong it is in terms of people. Right. It's a different thing, even though it looks so impressive. If it was a dude, if it was a dude if it was a dude that was But you would fear it, but you would fear it not what I'm saying You know I mean I fear it but the one I'm saying is you would go that guy's fucking jacked I bet he's strong. We'll take what you think about a guy that looks like that and Multiply it times four and that's how strong a champ is. I guess that's what scary. Yeah. No, that's frightening [1:043:10] All right, you convinced me I'm not gonna fight the monkey. No one could fight a champ, but a monkey you might have a chance if you're a bad motherfucker, you know, if you're a good kickbox like Kaleo Roundtree, you might fuck up a little monkey. You know, get him some leg kicks. Yeah, I think yeah, the monkey doesn't understand defense. As long as you keep it from biting your face, as long as you can keep it from just getting a hold of you and biting a chunk out of you. You're right. They will bite a fucking chunk out of you son. You gotta have Kevlar clothes on. You gotta wear Kevlar clothes. Kevlar gloves, that's what I would say. But then your face, what are you gonna do about your face? Your face is a real problem with a monkey. They're gonna go right for your eyeballs. They know what you see out of. They're gonna rip your fucking eyeballs out. Yeah, because if your leg game isn't working, he's able to immediately jump up, like a creepy air and grab a hold of you. You can't get them off of you. You're a fuck man. Yeah. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Yeah, I got although it would be great. I'm sure I'm wondering if they had stuff like that in a Roman Empire [1:044:06] They did they had fight a monkey I had I bet they had everything and we're not that far away from doing that right now man watch slap fight We're not that far away. No, you're right. We're not that far away of people just having I mean There's these organizations that have sword fights now. Why yeah people dress up dress up like knights. They put full knight armor on. Wait, my feelings get serious. I didn't know if it was real or nothing. It's real man. I really get hurt. They really get hurt. They beat each other with their shields. Yeah, they fuck each other up. Like, and they're using axes too, no? They're using all kinds of weapons. They're just using weapons while they're actually where it is. Here it is, here it is. Now this sword's, bro, this is rough, dude. They fight and they fucking need each other and kick each other and throw each other and get on top of each other and beat the shit out of each other and they're doing it with armor on it. It's wild, man. It's wild shit. So we're slowly, slowly, slowly getting back. Look at this, guys, hit this guy in With the shield yeah, he battered him with his fucking shield you beat the fuck out of that dude [1:045:05] I mean don't think that guy felt that oh no he's done fucked up. He's fucked up. He wow He basically beat him to death of the shield. I mean that's what we're saying. Well if the guy lives He's gonna live barely look he's still moving. He's still even look I mean that guy's his body's movies dead That's just the nerves. They got destroyed by a shield This is the one that fight with Axis when I saw I'm like bro. They come on so insane This is so insane people are fighting with axes look at this How about their fucking hands? What if the gloves come off? Oh God your fucking glove hack your hand hacked off. Why do you go from there to there? I guess they got honor. I skipped ahead I was trying to find it. They got honor. They start again. Let me see some of this. This is so crazy, dude Oh my god Slash nature with axes. Oh, oh, all right. So they let you go once you down. Thank God [1:046:02] Still all you need is like one guy. Yeah, yeah,'s like whoops. Sorry. They got stuck in him, man I didn't mean to juggling are you like the hockey dude. Oh my god You see that one which one the hot oh, yeah, is that got cut? I did see that one. That was horrifying horrifying Yeah, don't show me that yeah, that's bad. Yeah, but we're that too far away from this. Don't show me that one. Yeah, that's bad one. Yeah, but we're not that far. If people are doing that, how long for people to do it with samurai outfits on? Fight with samurai swords and slice each other up. You know, that was one of those things that would distinguish Nazis. What do you mean? When the Nazis through Operation Paperclip, when the United States acquired a bunch of Nazi scientists and brought them over here to work in NASA. Were you conspiracy theorists? Yeah. Yeah. And one of the things we distinguished, you could know there were Nazis, is they had all these distinctive facial scars because they did dueling. [1:047:02] It was a big thing with the Nazis. So they would put these goggles on see the scars They have in their face. Oh, yeah, these guys would put goggles on and they would sword fight each other with these very thin razor sharp Wow look at the gut and it was like a badge of honor to have these Facial scars and maybe you look like a bad motherfucker so all these guys have these massive facial scars and maybe you look like a bad motherfucker so all these guys have these massive facial scars and that was one way where you could tell that someone was a Nazi. Look at that guy with the goggles on. So that's what they look like after the fights. They would just get their face sliced up and then and then what then it gets to this fact that they became our scientists. They worked for NASA. But these were Nazis and this is something that Nazis did when they were younger They would have these sword fights with goggles on and it was like a sign that you were the real deal You're the real deal. You got the big face guard. You fucking fought with a sword. Sure. It's a different level of commitment Correct. It's like a gang another gang. You gotta take you got it. Yeah, you got a killer guy on Wednesday [1:048:04] He bring me his ear back and you gotta jack it. Google NASA scientists with Nazi dueling scars. We're gonna opa, we're gonna fit foot on slice on space. Imagine you're trying to get to the moon. You're like, I think to be an amazing thing for mankind. Right. And then you got to draw. I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Hevanstein. Oh. Dr. Hevanstein, this is Marty. He's going to help you with all your new needs with rocketry. And you look at this big ass scar on his dude's face. Like, you just bring a Nazi to help me. You think about it? Is this a fucking Nazi? How bad do you want to be uns science is a real Nazi? Yeah, look at this dude. Are you really? We're the scars on that guy's face the first directive NASA's Cape Canaver was a Nazi scientist Kurt Heinrich Debus also Participant in operation paper clip. So what happened was the war was over and for whatever reason [1:049:02] Germany had some of the most incredible scientists man Can I just say yeah if you look at, go from Kennedy's, the guy with the Nazi, his face almost looks like this is not what I was promised. The other guy is like, I guess that's a way Kennedy's like what what the fuck is going on with the shades on yeah that's the guy doesn't the grassy knoll he is doing it that's the news that killed Kennedy 100% look at him and look at him I'm kidding look at his body language I'm kidding look at his body language he's the only one with the body language going wait what's going on and then the other guys like yeah, this well Would they manage the man with the face? Actually his face. What are they even talking about? Yeah, what are they talking about? They sit between them one this might be when that exploded or something No, did Apollo one explode or was it one the one that explode on the fire on the launch pad? [1:050:01] Yeah, I heard the video of it. Is that what it was? So like the launch pad. Yeah, something. Yeah. I heard the video of it. Is that what it was? I thought it was a follow-on. No, I don't believe Apollo 1 was in 63, was it? I'm just going to check, but when I was clicking around for this guy, it said he was also the leader of Apollo 1. Okay, but I don't think the Apollo 1, I think that was later. I think Apollo 1 was long after Kennedy had been assassinated. I believe so the moon landing was 69 so Apollo one was 67. I see what you got so what yeah, that's what it just said so this wouldn't have been that yeah Yeah, it'd be something else but at the end of the day there were Nazis 62 is what this is yeah They they hired a gang in Nazis to figure out how to get to the moon, including Werner von Braun, the head guy of NASA. I know. The Simon Weathen's thoughts. But a lot of people, you can say it a million times and they can look it up and they absorb [1:051:01] it. Yeah. But a lot of people still don't comprehend it, which is mind-boggling, because then you have to start questioning, okay. So if we started back then, when did it really, really start? And then how involved? And I think a lot of people are afraid to put that much time and thought into, whoa, this is maybe, maybe there's a lot of people are afraid to put that much time and thought into, whoa, this is maybe, maybe there's a lot of things that have happened that we've been told and that we've been educated on by the very great professors and all the information and time is not exactly what you may have thought have been, and for some reason, I feel like so much of the population is, they just don't even wanna hear it or take the time because for whatever read, it's too much. There's a lot to sift through. It's a lot to sift through, but. Especially, there's so many different things to sift through. [1:052:00] Like if you wanna get into the Federal Reserve, like what is it? Hold on. I mean, it's not a Federal institution. When you want to like go into that, that's, it takes so long just to get into the Federal Reserve. Just try to figure out how money works. Right. And what is the Federal Reserve? Right. How many people still think the Federal Reserve is Federal? Most people. It says Federal in the name. It's so great genius genius amazing it's genius it is genius i said it works yes but it's also like one of those things it's kind of grandfathered in because it's always been there you know since nixon right was it when when did they institute the federal was there before that well with nixon the gold standard right was it nixon i don't know i thought it was off the gold standard was it nixon or is it Reagan i think it was next because I think it was in the 70s right right so when did the federal reserve get start 13 so the federal Reserve is quite a bit before that what your rules it's all nuts man if you're so nuts just said the fact that he is the nutty thing the fucking crypto thing the crypto thing is so wild I can't wrap my head around it. There's going to be an amazing [1:053:07] movie I guarantee with Sam Bankman, Freed Story. I mean, how do you not make an amazing movie about a guy who is worth fucking billions of dollars, lived in the Bahamas and in a house with nine of his friends, they all fucked each other and they all did drugs constantly. And they openly talked about like taking amphetamines on Twitter. Like one of the ladies that is, she is testifying against him now, Caroline, whatever her name is, his girlfriend at the time. She tweeted about how when you're on amphetamines, like regular life, she seems so stupid, something along those lines about like not being on amphetamines, regular life, seem so stupid. Like, they're getting whacked out all the time, find that quote, because I know what it's written. This is a movie or a stuff. No, there should be a movie about it. Because these people, there's a crypto exchange. And these people were making billions of dollars, but here's where it gets crazy. Okay. They were the number two to donor to the Democratic Party. So they're getting away with this nonsense. [1:054:07] They're doing it in a place where they're not subjects of the same regulations. That's why they go to the Bahamas. And then they're just saying, listen, everybody can have a piece of this pie. And they just get an out pie. They're giving out pie. And everybody's like, this pie is amazing. And meanwhile, everybody's going, where the fuck is my money? Yeah, nothing like regular amphetamine used to make you appreciate how dumb a lot of normal non-medicated human experiences. Wow. Of course, wow. It's definitely, but that's, you know, that's room for introspection. I mean, if it shouldn't be ripping people off, if you're on amphetings, all the time, you don't have time for normal introspection. You're fucking jerks. I don't wanna buy an island. My own fucking spaceship. Yaaah! I'm just wondering who's saying Democrats. Send more. We're gonna pledge this year to send $1 billion. If the money's all fake, you can just send them a billion dollars. Like, yeah, here's a billion dollars of this fake money that for whatever reason I have. [1:055:06] It's all crazy. It's not. So what do you do? It's nuts. So where do you go? Do you spend a lot of time going, all right, where is this all going to go? Is it going to go really? Well, you're only going to have a certain amount of control no matter what. As certain amount of control. My hope is that cooler heads will prevail. My hope is that as many other cataclysm and catastrophes were avoided through discourse and people waking the fuck up in the past, like the Cuban Missile Crisis, like all the shit that we went through when we were in high school and we thought every day the Russians and us were gonna go nuclear war. Oh god, we have to go under the desk and do the bomb, do the nuclear bomb. We were all freaked out. Everybody didn't know it's my age and into younger, like until the wall fell down, everybody was terrified that we're gonna have a nuclear war with Russia. 100%. 100%. Yep. It was a thing that was like in the air. And I remember when the Soviet Union collapsed, [1:056:02] I was like, I know. I got a sigh. Like this. There'd be no more. They'd be no more. They'd be less anxious in this country. People don't know that. These kids today don't know what it was like to experience that every day when we were in high school. Yes. Even grammar school. That started all through our school. Kidding garden, first grade high school. Yeah, Offer our schoolings. It was all we were always worried about Russia. Everybody I know that I talked to. People that grew up in Colorado, people that grew up in California, everybody has the same stories. So when that dropped off, man, that shows that things can get better. Even it was only better for a short period of time. It's not even a short period of time. It's just this is how things go. They go like this, and then they go like this, and then we push back, and they go like this, and they go up, and they go down, and you gotta constantly be trying to move it in a direction where there's the least amount of corruption possible. And that's fucking hard when people have control over things. And that's why you should fight against control. Because control is never good. It's never good when they can just decide what you do and where you go. [1:057:06] This is the fucking endpoint is always communism. If you just keep going like Jordan Peterson said, keep going down that line, you get to a communist dictatorship. And when you hear all that kind of talk and it's easy for people who don't have anything to go, yeah, the people who have it, they should give it to the people who don't have it. Like, who's telling you this? The government is telling you this. Why? They want you to fight against each other. This is all crazy talk. The billionaire is telling you and telling the masses like, no, you should share for everyone. The guy with the four houses. That guy, how do you not, half his face is starting to hang out. It's a fascinating, exercise that he's chosen to get in yes if you This That he's like that that maybe that's a big one well that's big but it's getting it's fuzzy if you're playing that game Right and if you're in that like that's what what, when you have those guys, the speculators, [1:058:06] the guys who are involved in betting on businesses collapsing, and you know, there's like a lot of people that are invested in destroying things, hostile takeovers, they enjoy those things. I had a friend who started a company as his own company and hired this guy. I think, I forget what his job was, but high level executive. And then they tried to start a coup to get him kicked out. It was a zone company that he started. It happens all the time. And you get a battle. That's what's happening there. He had a battle for a long time. It took a long time to get out from under it. And I was like, whoa, this is a company that he started, but that's what people do. Do you think that's what people do? They try to always get more and more power. It's just what people do. I feel there may come a time, I don't know, where... It's gonna take a lot. [1:059:01] Where we really, we just have a game show where like we start you start uniting people or say you put a game show together unite the people right and you put the left on one side of rice and and you're allowed to talk you have to talk and you have to connect before the other day you got to come out as best friend but anytime you mention politics or something you think you know but you clearly learned it from your emotional involved, you get zapped, electrocuted, something like that. And it's just the whole game is like, for instance, for instance. Have you bring up politics? You get zapped? Yeah, like for instance, because we need to unite. Do you know what I mean? We need to unite. So like when we had no supplies, okay, man, I don't know if we got no supplies. But you'd have a billion Trump boating parades. You tell me at that time how to put the two sides together, [2:0:03] you could have took the Trump boat paraders and you had to put on everyone at Hayes Trump and you get like you put here and you go get the supplies and you've but any you have to connect get the supplies without fighting about politics. The point of the story is I'm all over the foot. The point of the story is it doesn't matter how much you hate each other, how to divide out what you think about, we're all going to connect the minute you unplug. I feel we unplug from it all and ignore it all. I don't know how that connects. We're all going to connect if there's another conflict. If there's a conflict on our shores, we're all going to connect again. That would be undeniable. If there was some sort of an attack another 9-11, that would be what brought people together in 2001, would bring people together in 2024. When it brought people together in 2001, it was shocking. Everywhere in LA, everybody had American flags on their cars. It was a totally different vibe. And again, I hate to say it, [2:1:01] because I don't want it to happen. No. But when people realized like what's really important, and that it's not all this bullshit that people are fighting about all the time, I think that's, I used to joke about the idea that intelligence agencies would infiltrate areas of society and ruin them to keep people fighting against each other. I'm like, why would they do that? Why would they do that? I know they don't have the time to do that but now I think they definitely have done that They fucking they definitely have done that so that that's kind of a crazy thing when you got something that's working for the people And against the people on the people's money and I I think a lot, I know this sounds crazy, but I think a lot of that has to do with spirit. Like what you said, when everything went down, everyone looked at the firemen, the police officers, everyone that helped as hero, there was a spirit. There was a spirit that united people that wanted now going into conflict [2:2:02] was a whole different story. And I also felt over the next couple After that spirit I almost feel like oh man, we the bad guys They didn't expect that much spirit from us to look after each other and then the next years They're like now we got to demonize the police and demonize So now they started all this complete chaos and I do hope what you're talking about like if God for bid I Pray to God I think we all do no one ever wants violence of anything, but I hope that's not what we need to Make our spirits come alive. I really do. I think It's not necessary. It's not necessary. It's possible that we can get our shit together without that. But I know it is. I think that when things happen, that was initially in the beginning of COVID, I was hoping that would happen. I was hoping we'd unite people. It had the opposite effect. But I was hoping when the country got shut down, [2:3:02] that people were gonna be cooler to each other. Because they realized like, hey, under the threat of something that none of us can control that could take our loved ones away, we all have a shared interest in common. And that's keeping society running and getting back to normal again. I think I was hopeful. Well, because I had lived through 9-11. I remember what that was like. That after those days, like I remember what that was like that after those days like I remember People were genuinely nicer for months for months for a long time after 9.11 all the whole of the whole country Every way you went people had they were cooler. You're you're a hundred percent right and but I do feel What that time did at least for me? I taught me how to judge mental. I, it taught me how much anger I still have in me, taught me how much resentment I might have towards people, but what it did do, like 9-11 did that? No, no, no, no, no, COVID. Yeah. We formed, like I would go this coffee shop, I've been going there forever and ever and ever, and one friend talked about a while ago, but that group, and they still hang out all the time. [2:4:08] There's a lot of differences in that group. Like we, there was a couple of, there was one or two of us that would go around and round with vaccines and bottle blind. What are you with this? And I tried to explain about the point of the story. So I remember a moment where we were all sitting together. There's like 25 of us, dude, you know what it's like for guys to hang out, but when you add wives and there's nothing against women or what, but when you start pairing up couples and they start hanging out, we started hanging out. First of all, this group would hang out every day, all different walks of life, all different walks of life, all different financial brackets. And then after a while, you know, we play with balls, do whatever we hang out with, like we gotta do something besides drinking, we start finding more things to do. Then it brought us close when we started bringing the wives, and then all the wives started hanging out. And then we'd start having big gatherings, my house, my friend Tom's house, and we'd have it. [2:5:00] And we all looked at, and this guy needs his basement. Everyone's like, hey, this guy's going to the airport and I'm like, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Hey, this one's mother's having some issues and we'd all put them in. And I'll never forget a really cool moment was we were in Morse Town in Jersey and we all sit down and my friend Basil was saying big guy from Greece and he's sitting in and I'm looking like I go basil like how did how did this happen like this guy's a lawyer this guy's a 9-11 fireman on a friend Joe this guy's a fireman this guy's a landscaper this guy's from this country and he just simply said you know why Jim? Because he said he's like nobody thinks who they are and I feel like we live in a society We're not only do we trust We put way too much trust in people who think who they are What do you mean by that what I mean is you're [2:6:04] You are One the biggest voices in the world. You don't walk around the streets. You don't, you don't meet me backstage. You don't talk to the people, if you're going to go to the deli, you don't act like you are one of the biggest, a ball player. There's two ball players, the billionaires. One comes a lawyer two lawyers come in one guy thinks he deserved you know why i'm on the biggest lawyer in the world i'm the bigger i'm the judge i'm to do you realize i'm the see you to realize i'm the the top veterinarian in the bubble but do you realize those people have been trained to a so a mindset that closes them. Oh, this guy's below me, the one you see now. This group, the reason we got along, and I'm okay with him being a pusher of vaccines. I'm like, you know what, it's all right. I still know the human side of you. [2:7:00] This guy's pushing his electric cars, which I think is the most ridiculous thing in the world, but you know what? It's getting him and this guy threw him bubble-blatt and at the end of the day when we really need each one and one another, when it came from family or an issue or tragedy, we didn't care about any of that. We didn't care that was a comedian. We didn't care about any of us what we did. It was that spirit and nucleus of just us being pure humans and caring with our hearts after one another rather than giving a shit what we do for a living and do you know who I am? I'm not going to see it here while you disparage electric cars. I got one. I got one. They're the shit. I got one. Jamie, I got one. I don't think it's fully electric. Do you see the new G wagon stuff. Oh, yeah, they got mine right because it does is 360 Oh, yeah, yeah, then those G wagons are out of control electric stuff on it You ever see the G ragging squared? It's like for people that don't think a G wagon is showy enough They get a double size G wagon right but the point is I don't care about electric cars. You know what I mean, bro, I don't let that go. They're amazing. [2:8:05] Well, I get it. I have one too. Which one you have? I have the Chevy Bolt. I don't drive it. But it does. Get em. And it's awesome. You need a driver to test. No. I have a mom. I have no interest.'ve been in this. My friend Tom scares the shit out of me. You go like, it drives by itself. I don't do that. I don't do that. I don't do that. But I do it occasionally. But I keep my hand right there. I really do. Most of the time I like to drive thousand. You don't have to do that. That's what I'm saying. The way it just integrates with traffic, not just going crazy like a maniac and doing something horrible, it's a different game. It's playing a different game. It can go to places where your regular car can't go. It can merge way faster than your regular car can and not cause any problems. You have to speed up to get on the highway speeds. Everyone's going 70, you fuck it up for the people [2:9:06] in the right lane. Now with that car, you're like, whew, whew. Joe, I live in Florida, everyone's 70, 80 years old. I ain't in a hurry. I know you're not in a hurry. It's not about being in a hurry. It's about the wonder that you feel when you're control of this immense technology. I have been a gear head my whole life. Guy had muscle cars when I was in high school and as soon as I started making money, one of the first things I wanted to do is get a dope car. I love cars. So I'm not an anti-combustion engine guy. I love those things. My favorite cars are 1960s to early 1970 muscle cars. Yeah, those are my favorite cars by far, but they are dog shit compared to a Tesla. The way that thing moves is this. I agree. If a muscle car can move like that, oh my god. Even the best [2:010:04] like when they take a car and they retrofit it with all these amazing parts and they make it a resto mod with a modern engine and modern brakes, it can't fuck with one of those electric cars. You know what it is? Those things are on a totally different level. Maybe I'm, you know what? I'll admit, I'm a little intimidated. Almost like my kid trying to show me how to use my phone I'm like I don't want it's too many buttons. I don't want to deal with this. Those things are easy I love getting in someone's Tesla. I love that and they got the whole Egypt press Do you know how to make a phone call with your phone? Yeah, you know how to send a text? Yeah, you can drive a Tesla It's not hard. No, I know that's the screen's as big as much great if you're fucking looking at the navigation No, I'm not just green ever for navigation. You're looking at a literal iPad in front of you I believe it shows you all the roads coming up. It's fucking fantastic. I believe it I'm not scared if you're gonna drive drive one once drive one once you'll drive it you go. Oh shit [2:011:02] Okay, this is amazing. It's a future Jamie talked to him about your plan. I agree with you. Tell him, tell him I feel. I can't sell it better than you just did. The leaving. You sold it. Leaving around light is the best. It's the best. The light turns green. You're like, bye. Wee. Wee. If you're in the front, you're going 70 miles an hour before they hit 20. It's just no gears, it's one gear. I got it. Bro, I got it. Talk to me. That's fun when someone thinks like, oh, it's a Tesla pull up next to me and watch this. Oh, dude, I remember I was in my GT3 RS. I have a GT3 RS that's built by Sharkworks. They take a regular GT3 RS and they juice it up to 518 horsepower. And it sounds like a dragon. And this dude in a silent model 3 just zipped past me. I gunned it man. I tried to keep up with this guy. You're not taking me out. I didn't have a chance in hell. He was way faster than me. And that car is fast. It's a literal race car. [2:012:00] Yeah, I believe you. It's a fast car. and it was nothing compared to that little electric car. It went, B-bye, see you. Bye-bye, you look stupid, making all that dumb noise. Rummer, rummer. I'm three lights behind you, but the thing is, life is not a race. And the thing about cars is what I always tell people, if you really want to enjoy a car, what you want is a car. It doesn't have to be the fastest car. You want to get it down to where you feel the most about what's going on. That's what driving a car is really all about. The more numb it gets, like a Tesla's kind of numb. It's electric, it doesn't make any sound, it handles really well, because it's got all these computers that are calculating everything and amazing suspension. But those old cars, you feel everything. You feel in your ass when you're going around a corner. You feel the weight distribution of the car. You know where the braking point to the tires are. You know exactly how much pull you have to have, especially if you have a manual steering [2:013:02] car, like an old car that has manual steering like an old Porsche Yeah, those things are magical like they're not fast man. They're not fast like I have a 1993 Porsche It's a 964. It's got like 300 horsepower. It's not fast It's but it's magical to drive you feel everything man. It's like you're on a ride like you're on a ride. Yeah. You're feeling the bumps on your ass, you're feeling the fucking, the tires you literally and connected to how they're gripping the road. It's feedbacks going through your fingers. You're feeling the engine revving, your foot when you hit the accelerator. Waaah! You're feeling it. It's not fast, but it's insanely enjoyable. Because you're connected to this mechanism, you're connected to this pinnacle of engineering. And the irony is, as we've gotten better at engineering, we've removed the enjoyment of driving a raw car. [2:014:00] Raw cars are the most enjoyable thing to drive. Okay. At least for me. I guess you. Like my wife does want them. Nothing to do with those stupid cars. No, no, no. I don't fucking stinky. I don't know. She loves a nice electric car. Wee, no noise. Wee. I get it. I'm in. I got people don't like it. It has nothing to do with liking. a 1970 Porsche, a good one with a real good suspension, one that's been done up a little bit, so it handles better. Oh my God. It's the way to go. Whaaaaaaaaaaaa it's something you're like Jim's got a clear His head is that what is yeah, you're on a ride. I'm a part You're feeling it and pull that fucking window down cuz you gotta do it like this [2:015:02] You gotta roll that bitch. You gotta actually crank it. Aaaaaaaaa is dude. This is a perfect example this guy This guy collects these old porches He's just due to made a bunch of money and clothing and textiles. Okay, he's got this This business now where he just makes Portia takes his portion and makes them these outlaw cars. He juuses up the engine and okay, but he they're little these little tiny Light cars looking at watching listen to him drive it This dude's in a little ride son that ain't a car [2:016:01] Let me see if you scoot ahead to to this long video to him driving. Where is this? I don't know. He's from England, but he lives in California. He's got this, I've been to his place. He's got a dope warehouse in downtown LA and he keeps all these porches in. I went and visited them. So, just show him driving this fucking thing. So here's his work, here's, this is what I'm talking about. Okay, this, I shouldn't pay attention. This is what I'm talking about. And this is an old turbo. This is a wild little car. They call those widow makers. Because when you go around a corner with those things, they have a, ten, it's all rear weight bias. So they whip around and do a fucking 360. You smash into things all right people don't know how to drive these things get fucked up Now I'm telling around Buckdale is actually pretty steep a lot of those roads guys fly See drives late at night man he gets out late at night when there's no one on the road [2:017:01] It takes these little wild porches out This motherfucker's in a video game. He's in like a real live video game. Look at this. The thing about those cars is you don't even have to drive them fast for it to feel like you're going fast. Because you're so connected to them, if you drive in 50, 60 miles an hour, it feels like you're going 100 in a regular car. It feels wild. Because you feel the speed, the light. This is one of his best ones. This little thing super light. I mean this dude is on a ride son. He's not in a fucking gilic. Listen to that thing. He's down shifting. Rev matching. This motherfucker knows what he's doing. He knows how to drive one of these things. That's a little piece of art. That's a different experience. That's his Zen. Yeah, that's your Zen. That's so much different than driving an electric car. That's the total opposite of an electric car because it's not the most efficient. [2:018:01] It's not the most tech, the biggest technological marvel, but it's the perfect balance of fun and feel. I got you and transportation. I got you. Just makes my dick awkward. See? I'm the opposite with a bicycle ride at night. That's a great thing too. Yes. That's a great thing. That's not the opposite. That's a beautiful thing. I take a bicycle bicycle ride, pitch black, no one out. It's peaceful, it's beautiful. A bicycle ride at night is amazing. Not, not, spent a ride. Ride, just get on a bike and just drive around. Clear your head. Yeah. You know what I've done to? Is it nice? What's up? Jetskies on a lake at night. Ooh. Not Oh, not going fast. Just tune around, bro. Just tune around. I want jet skis. Not that one. I would love if I had the opportunity. I think jet skis rather than a boat. Jet skis are amazing because you can go so fast in those fucking things and there's no risk. Well, there's a risk. You could definitely hurt yourself if you fell. [2:019:00] But not nearly the same kind of risk if you're on a motorcycle, but you're like on a motorcycle, just on a motorcycle on the water, but it's really balanced. Like they are fun. All right, so here, here's my thing with fat. Let me tell you when I stopped at the fast. I was a fast guy. This is one of those weird moments, being dead honest. Okay, I just got my new car, swear to God, all right right I'm doing a gig I'm out and this freaks me out this is why so I go do the gig and as I'm driving back it's about I don't know 132 in the morning is way out long out I'm going back to Jersey because it's striking distance go back home as I'm in the left lane okay Okay, hit the rain, it's dark. I'm with my friend Rob. I'm flying. Oh, no, I love going, I'm hitting 90, 90, 90. Oh, no. That's awesome. And it's raining. Yeah, it's raining. And but it just finished raining and now I'm on the Jersey side. And on my life, [2:020:12] And on my life, as I'm driving, the inside goes, Jim, go in the middle lane. I'm not talking about, too. And as I'm in the middle lane, he doesn't even know I'm having this conversation on my head. I was there going in the middle lane. And it was not only the middle lane, just because of the car, just slow down a life jam. Alright, so this is my wackiness. I go into the middle lane on my life, Joe. On my life. This freaked me out. The second I got in that middle lane, there was a car, all the lights off. Oh no. In the left fucking lane. Oh no. just sitting there Oh, no and I went and the two of us went holy shit Dude if we didn't fucking move to the middle lane what a fucking hit and then I noticed as we were going It was a bunch of cars on the side. So I don't know what kind of accident broke out. I did that [2:021:01] I had the exact that shit happens to me and I don't look at it as like nothing. The exact same. It was me and my friend John. We were driving in New York and we were coming home from playing pool and I was in the second to left lane and I saw it up ahead because it had very dull hazard lights. There were the batteries dead to the hazardous very dull and I saw it and I went what oh shit and i changed lanes and then i look behind me in the rear view mirror and i saw car hit it just full on yes boom yes spinning out of control boom another car hits we watched this fucking pile on happen right behind us dude i what the the fact of what i i go far out there we're like, what made me at that moment, say, getting the middle lane. I didn't see it. I didn't see it light. So that's why I know you love the fast. I don't have that. You have to not fix me out. You don't understand. I'm not into going fast in the highway. No, you know what it's. [2:022:01] What I'm really interested in is input from a car. I don't need to be going fast. I like a car that lets like, where I like muscle cars, they give you input. You as a field you have when you're riding them. You don't have to ride them irresponsibly to enjoy it. Yeah, you're just connected to the machine. It's just a different thing. I got it. It's just different. I got it. Saddle my other, I don't mean you should be driving to responsibly you know that's no it's that he's doing the thing that's he's doing I mean he's really doing that on these open roads and he's Closer down or he's got it down to his science. I think he just goes really late at night I think that's the move I think if you're like a a city dweller and you live in downtown LA They ain't shit going on there at night. Everybody, and there's no one there at night. Downtown LA is weird, dude. It's weird. Cause you think like downtown, wherever, New York City. Oh my God, it's gonna be hop-ins, gonna be restaurants and people. Downtown LA is a zombie movie. It's a full on zombie movie. [2:023:02] It's the craziest homeless population on earth. Still. Oh my god, dude. If you ever been down to those side streets that are complete skid row, they're totally covered with people. Did I saw it in like I was filming Fear Factor there in like 2003. That's how far back it goes. Yeah. 2003. There was skid row. So it's way before that. There's a documentary on that hotel. That's how far back it goes. Yeah. 2003, there was Skid Row. It's way before that. There's a documentary on that hotel. What's that hotel called, Jimmy? The Cecil Hotel. That was that hotel where a lady died. They thought that someone had killed her, but she was off her medication. She jumped into the tanks, the water tanks, on a roof, and they found her in there. So this is documentary that you did on the seasonal hotel and then it becomes this history of Skid Row. And what Skid Row would be like, they would find people degenerates or like homeless people, drug addicts from one place and they would just go take them and drop them off right in this one area where there's like a shelter and then there's food and keep them there. And so they developed this like fucking internal village in Los Angeles. [2:024:06] That's all drug addict homeless people. It's insane. I'm talking thousands and thousands of people in this area. I know, but we should put more money in climate change and help the fuck up thing about that is they engineered that. They made that area. That's how I... People to those spot and they had police that kept people from leaving that area. Have you been traveling? Haven't you seen certain cities over the last couple of years, at and nowhere, all of a sudden has a huge homeless population? Yeah. A lot. This is not... This is, in my opinion, from traveling. I remember Denver was one of the first places, I was like, what the, this happened quick. Why are they on Denver? And then Portland, I was seeing LA, but not to the, I've been out of LA a long time, [2:025:00] so not to the extent that you have Sam Fran, the first time, my God, it was like 2017-18. I was traumatized what I saw in just a short amount of time. It wasn't that crazy. I don't remember it being that crazy 2015 compared to 2017-18. It got insane. It was to, I saw a guy sticking guy sticking a needle and I saw homeless people Yeah, they made it they made it more convenient for them They made they were more tolerant of them and they gave them money to stay there There's a lot of cities in the Pacific Northwest I don't know if it's Portland or Seattle one of them they interviewed this guy and he was talking about how he gets a check He gets a check every month and so it's like beneficial for him to stay on the street It doesn't have to do anything can get his drugs and get his food and he just sleeps on the streets and They're paying them there essentially paying them to improve their condition. I doubt it I mean, maybe people voted out. They're out of their mind [2:026:02] But like either way Would a fucking those people are in a fucking, those people are in a death cult. They're in a suicide death cult. They want their city to spiral out of control. They want no cops. There's no white trans kids everywhere. I don't know, man. They don't know. It has to be trying to tick talk. Probably Russia. It doesn't make sense. I gotta be. I gotta be I get a pee really bad to come back. It doesn't make sense It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense that people are buying into it right? We'll be right back I think there's a fucking game going on Jim that game is total control of the human population It's the same game. It's been going on since the British Empire the beginning of time game that went on when Portugal went to South America. That's the same game that we've been doing forever. Yeah. The same game. It's being done on a different playing field. It's a different world. There's a different influence. There's this whole digital thing that no one's completely got control of yet. There's a lot of AI talk and we don't exactly know what state of the art is. [2:027:05] It's shocking how good it is already So the other day I don't know what it I don't know what it was but over Florida Southwest Florida my daughter and I were Ryan a bicycle and you saw your foe No, wasn't no wasn't a UFO it was this wait it was um You saw that giant alien at the mind. No, dude Epstein sound can we send out the aliens please immediately? Ten foot on a knocky. It was ten foot on a knocky. Where's the video? It's there's clear grainy video footage this fucking high-resolution Cell phone footage for those kids beating the fuck out of people at that mall Well, how many cameras are in a freaking mall? There's no cameras in a mall You don't have to say anyone video to this. They don't work on aliens the cameras don't work Oh, you know what that's that's what it's no so we're looking up in a Damn it. I had a friend of mine try to convince me that the aliens erased the video footage that he was getting of the flying saucer that was in his backyard. [2:028:07] Come on. No, he really believed it. No, so this was, I'm like, bro, you forgot to press record. So this was. Jesus Christ. So first, what is that? I don't know. So I'm asking you. Okay. So that looks like a launch, so that could be either a missile test or that could be a satellite launch? Where was that okay? You near Cape Canaveral I think Tesla thing. I suppose I test space X Yeah, but here's here was a lot of Cape Canaveral right yeah, yeah, that's what that is okay, so Did you Google rockets being launched? But look at it, but what was it you go straight to reddit? No, no, I knew, I was like, I'm not gonna go on either one of these. I just watched it, and I just watched it to be honest because it formed a cloud, and it looked like there was this weird cloud formation in the middle of the sky. And then all of a sudden, there are two or three of them [2:029:03] that started jetting out from each side. I was like, oh wow, but what blows my mind is when you look at it as you say it's a rocket, it's moving, you see, it almost looks like whatever it's cutting through, you see it, do you know what I mean? Like if you're going through water, you're like, you see the water and it, do you go through air? It're like, and you see the water in it. Right. Do you go through air? It's, but do you know why? No, it's heat and condensation. It's the same reason why you see controls after jet engines. Okay. So with jet engines, when they go to the sky, and say, oh my god, they're making fake clouds, they are making clouds. Yes. This is how they make clouds. It's an accidental thing of having a very hot jet engine that's going through an area with a very specific amount of moisture in the air. So when they when they travel through with a certain amount of humidity a certain amount of moisture with the heat of the jet engine it literally creates clouds. And the thing is like when people say oh they're geoengineering, involuntarily for sure. Like maybe they've done some stuff, they've definitely cloud-seeded, [2:030:06] and there definitely have been some experiments about lowering the temperature of the earth by seeding things in the clouds. There's definitely been experiments and definitely been studies and discussions about that. But one of the things that happens when you have all the jets flying back and forth like we do is you are 100% creating cloud cover that cools the Earth. They found that out during 9-11, because after 9-11, when they shut down all the airports, they shut down all the flights, and there was no planes in the sky. The temperature got warmer, and it's because they're literally covering us with clouds every time they go over in these jets. That's what's happening. So when you're looking at that, that's a similar version of that. You're looking at this insanely powerful rocket that's shooting the satellite up into the sky. The meteorologist explanation of that. Ice crystals come out of the spacecraft exhaust. Wow, are beautiful. And they glow whenever the sunlight hits them. If we're in darkness, but the sunlight is going right past the limb of the earth. Then when those ice crystals are up there, they turn into this fantastic show. [2:031:07] Amazing. So it's, it's cold as fuck up there, dude. You got to realize you're looking to plane, what it tells you the outside temperature. Yeah, it's like minus 30. Yeah, what the fuck did it? It is freezing up there. So when you're passing through that with a hot jet engine you're basically making the equivalent of like if you go outside in the winter and go Right, right, but you're doing it a way more extreme version. You're literally turning it into a cloud So who is that now that space X? I think that's what is next which I mean, yeah, I did see that a fucking door blew off in Alaska Airlines did you see the other one with the plane crashed? What bro this united one? I don even think this was the door they set. It was next to the door. Oh my god, it's just a chunk of the fucking. Oh my god. And the person didn't fly out. Maybe it was a door. No one flew out. Holy shit. No, it happened 20 minutes after they left and they're still like, they showed them flying. They just found a phone. Can you imagine sitting right there? Someone's iPhone made the fell out while they were up there. [2:032:07] Oh my God. I found it. Can you imagine sitting right there? It's still worked. Yeah. No, the two people that were sitting there missed the flight they said. Are you serious? Yeah. Oh my God. That's bizarre. What are the chances of that? The one door that's gonna come off at a billions of flights, that's the two people that were supposed to sit there. See, they're still, they come to the flight. They come to the flight. They're coming down while the door's open. The baby Jesus is looking out for them. That is so crazy, dude. The flight attendant's making sure he's like, you sure there's no one there? It's not even a door. It doesn't look like a door. It looks like a hole. Who did it? We got going on here. That's just YouTube. Okay. A lot of YouTube videos that get looked up on this. Dude. Can't look at this algorithm. Holy crow. Yeah. So did you see the other one where united, uh, airline crashed, landed, it landed, but it landed so hard that it bent the fuselage? No. Yeah. They have video of it. [2:033:06] They don't have video, but they have photographs of the fuselage that's bent. So whoever was flying this thing, there's someone tweeted about it. It was like a new pilot. This is August maybe. Yeah. Look at that. Bro, it crashed so hard. It got a dent in the middle of it. Well, then that in Japan, those two planes ran into each other. It said it yeah. It's said it impacted the, in fact the runaway three times resulting in bent fuselage. It's fucking what the fuck and so what happened in Japan? Are they going through a similar thing? Were they just hiring anybody? No, I think. Oh wait United was the one that was like we have to hire X amount of this. Y amount of that. amount of that and I think I think tonight assertion on the runway they ran into each other. Oh Jesus Oh, right huge explosion. Oh my god. That's so crazy 309 people got off No one died no one died no people died a couple people died I played the hit it I believe what a heart show you make the whole flight and then that's how you oh my god, dude [2:034:04] You're already landed you done. There's a fucking great you make the whole flight and then that's how you oh my god dude you're already landed you done There's a fucking great book called the strain and it's about it's a I think Guillermo del Toro wrote it Yeah, he did and then they turned it into a series for am I saying it right was it the strain? They turn it to a series but about it's about this plane that lands and everybody in the planes dead They'll they're blood sucked out of them. It's a vampire book. It's a vampire book. I haven't seen this yet. Have you heard of the new Netflix movie The Face? It's a real picture. It's about a plane crash. I heard that it's very violent. Hasn't this been done? They start eating each other. Something like that, yes. There's about people who ate each other to lost to yellow jackets. Fictional stories about playing crashes leaving people stranded in the wilderness have long been the fodder of popular entertainment. These narratives generally delve into the dark side of human nature, often centering on how survivors eventually turn against one another under the stress of such dire circumstances. Yeah, that's like, you're like, COVID. Right, it's time for thousand. I think this is like a, not a remake or retelling of the rugby crash. they made a movie a true story about sixteen members and supporters of a ureth wine rugby team [2:035:08] manages five seventy two days in one of the world's harsh environments by doing the opposite while the movie is plenty harrowing it's also a moving account of how those who live through the now infamous nineteen seventy two crash of the ureth wine air force flight five seventy one banded together to overcome nearly two and a half months of starvation Frigid temperatures and extreme weather events while trapped under remote glacier high in the anti-smountains. Here's Here's what the factor is there. You're a Hawaiian Air Force So you're dealing with high-level individuals, right? You're dealing with people that are in the fucking Air Force Right, so they've they've These aren't just like regular fat civilians that lie about their taxes. These are soldiers. And so they banded together and they survived. And that's the good story. Well, what's the fucking factor in that story? Real humans, hard men, [2:036:00] what real humans that have gone through something very difficult to become a member of the Air Force. they they know how to band together. They've been well trained. They have discipline Yeah, that's what the fucking world needs, bro That's what the world needs like that talk all this way toxic masculinity talk. Oh my god. That is China. They're doing it too They're doing it to you. What do you mean? No, but you're right in the air force. No, but you're right. They had no connection to the air force. Yeah, I think it's just what they called the planes. So who are the people? The people in the rugby team. Oh, well, there you go. Okay, athletes, the rugby team. That's right, they were the rugby team. So that is another version. Rugby team, How tough are those guys? Are those motherfuckers? They're crashed into each other with no helmets on. I have a guy in my development once playing. I'm like, I can't. I'm not doing it. Those guys are animals. No, they're animals. I can't do that. You ever see when they do the Haka? Yes. Is that the way? No, is that like the similar here? Yeah, before they do. Yeah Spooky it's amazing now can you imagine like a thousand people invading your town doing that? [2:037:08] People would already laid out I don't want to fight these guys I'm actually just looking like those brave heart type wars. Yeah, we're looking at people over the other side I'm out show me some of that Jamie show me some of that Yes, rugby team now matching these guys showed up guys are animals. We're gonna fight. They got all taped up a years And shit they're ready to go to war. They're ready to go to one. This is a totally different kind of game Yeah, there's no down. They got no pads on man. There's no pads And these guys fucking collide with each other watch this the You said the wrong thing. Not good. Not good. Listen to that fucking crowd, dude. [2:038:10] That's not aggressive. Is it walking up to the line like that? And that guy's crazy. He was one dude in the back and he was like oh my god what the fuck am I gonna do. The main guy looks like he's gonna he's gonna buy something here. He's gonna buy something here Bro the guy in the far left looks crazy and we're over here arguing about what gender can use what bathroom Crazy right They want us to fight over stupid shit. I know they want us to become feminized [2:039:01] They want us to become weaker. They want us to go weaker. They want us to become stupor. They want us to become more dossile, more dependent. That's just how people are kids. Dehumanizing. That's how you're dehumanizing. Take out the spirit and what your existence is. You're true existence, you're natural. I think that's how things move. I think that's how things progress. You to have a resistance right to the something something's infringing And then you have to have a resistance and then things improve because you realize that the power and the importance of this moment You you have to overcome this as a society like we have to overcome this But we have to be forced into this conflict to be able to rise to overcome it And I think that's what's happened. All throughout history with wars. All throughout, and this is a kind of a war. It's kind of a culture war. Sacral edgy. Yeah. And the culture wars attached to physical wars. And it can manipulate those physical wars. It's wild times kids. They really is. [2:040:00] Wildest of times. And we just got a hope that cooler heads prevail and no one decides to get nuclear. No one decides to get Oppenheimer up in this bitch. That's what I understand too. I remember last time I was here, like people just everyday people, how hard is it? Why do we allow? If they say, hey man man, Russia's a problem, you create, all right, Israel or whatever, whatever conflict there is, how can we never just talk to the people? Why you have to talk to the ones, but why can't you? Who is allowing this? Why do we allow this? Why do we allow your entire existence to be controlled by someone that can force one of your children or yourself into a situation that nothing to do with. Sure. And we're talking about murdering them or teaching them to murder. Well, that's definitely the argument against the draft, right? [2:041:01] The draft is you're taking people against their will and you're forcing them to fight for their country Against a war that may ultimately prove to be unjustified Who says it's just a drafted for the Vietnam War? Why exactly now that's the best the best is the best example that we have because it's it's universally regarded as being started by a false flag And you know and probably was a part of a fucking crazy drug money operation. At least part of it. That was a genocide. And we did, and that, that's another thing when you sit and you really think about it, that's really scary when you say that was here. We, to send people in a situation that you know, there was times where they knew it wasn't going to work out, but you keep selling them and then they drugged everyone here. I mean you can see You could see all the the implanted chaos and what they were doing and all right If you're not if you're not educated Well, you're gonna have to go fight If you don't have money [2:042:02] Well, you're gonna have to go fight and okay if you're gonna stay here, let's start the campuses. Let's start dropping all these drugs. Let's put out this genre of music. Let's make sure this music starts really kicking in. That's the weird conspiracy theory that Hollywood or the CIA, the CIA created a lot of rock and roll. That's a weird one. That's the weird one. But it's just weird. Not saying that it's not true. It's just, it's just like, it's just like, to a degree sports or something like that. Right, right, right. But it's not possible to create something like the doors without insane talent and dedication. You have to have a bunch of things to be be happening. So how much influence do they really have? I mean, if they can, how much influence do they really have where they can create light my fire? Who creates the airwaves? No, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, the actual recording itself is brilliant. [2:043:00] Yes, I agree. You know, break on through to the other side is a fucking brilliant song It's a brilliant song. It's one of those songs where it brings you back to the year in which it was made you feel it in the song It's like a time capsule that songs magic So if the CIA really did create rock and roll the CIA really was involved in the hippie movement Like how how much were they involved in the magic that was the doors? And can you do that again, please? You guys really involved in Hendrix? Because that's the thing, they always said that Hendrix, Hendrix was like a product of the CIA, I'd heard that. Like how? How did you make the greatest guitarist of all time? Do it again, please. What did you do? And for what you know the latest one like no but i'm starting here this is the latest one is rap music the latest one is the cia created gangster rap to to cause uh... chaos in the community i'll tap that entertain it thought because if you think about it [2:044:01] i was a metal guy i don't kind of music you were too so i was very like Oh listen this crap mmm black people singing trying to steal like that's the mentality okay of where I grew up and the music and duh duh duh and so but then all the chicks start listening to the hip-hop I'm gonna break my heart you see like dudes break dance like oh dude you going to the other side so it was kind of it was breaking out and It was becoming it was crossing over and it was also I wouldn't say harmless But there's more upbeat and so if you're in any music that influences both sides always has to eventually Get get get steered in a certain direction or another direction. That's just my own thought. If you look at all like tremendous people that would start crossing over like, I thought this was singing about whether or I even thought that sometimes about some of the deeper metal [2:045:00] bands. These guys were talking like this. These guys were running around acting on violence match each other talking about creep and death and got some listens to her. They're going in a pretty round. So you saying that someone's like controlling who makes it through and who doesn't? 100%. Why wouldn't it? Why would you allow certain individuals or certain music to get out there and then if it gets out there anything that can control Well, first of all that much that must have to be mine Well, first of all when someone's making music right in the beginning You're not making any money So you got to get really good to the point where you're an artist who makes amazing music for you to be popular at all If you can't fake it you fake the people faked it a little bit with some pop songs. They put together some bullshit for sure, but if you're talking about classic rock, that shit was not fake. They figured out. They tapped into some kind of creativity. And I don't think people anticipated that. [2:046:02] I don't think that existed before. I think the difference between 1950s rock and 1960s rock is the grand canyon. It's crazy how different it is. You go from fucking Buddy Holly to Led Zeppelin. What? You go from been a long time since you rock and roll. Like you listen to that kind of music, like holy shit. And then you go just to the 1950s. And you you know you have good music, you have fun songs, but they're kind of simplistic man. There's something about the drug culture and the drug culture influence on music, the psychedelic culture influence on music in the 1960s is substantial. Whether it's what happened with the Beatles, what happened with For sure, what happened with many, many, many, many bands, many bands. Jimmy Hendrix absolutely. The door is absolutely. There's so many classical bands that were experimenting with LSD. You know, they're hanging out with Ken Keezy. [2:047:02] There's been a lot of those bands that were doing wild shit, man. So do you think, because sometimes I'll think, well, they were whacked, or they had been taken out, because they were freeing too many minds or at the motions? I think they live in a lifestyle for the most part. I mean, the Kurt Cobain one is kind of crazy. But, you know, it's suicide. And then there's a whole conspiracy that he was actually murdered. There was a documentary that was like a doc U drama where they had someone like playing the cop and you know the whole deal. And it's sort of trying to paint this story that he was assassinated. But at the very least, the guy was doing heroin all the time and was probably suicidal. And a lot of the deaths who talking about guys like Jim Morrison, we like fucking choked at death on his own vomit, man. Same with Hendrix. The Hendrix one is kind of crazy because one of Hendrix's old bodyguards apparently had he was saying that Hendrix was killed by his manager that he was about to leave his manager. [2:048:04] So Hendrix manager killed him and he controlled the rights to all of his music. Now is that that far fetched? Because the mob was running music back then. Just like the mob was running Vegas, the mob was running New York City. It wasn't like it wasn't like you you're dealing with people at CAA. You know you're dealing with some incredibly unethical, dangerous people that live in the world of live entertainment. Right. Wild drug using people. Right. Like that guy, Phil Spector that killed that lady, he put a gun in that lady's house, mouth rather in, in shot her in the head. And he picked her up, she was like a waitress in Hollywood. He brought her back to his mansion and shot her in the mouth. Apparently he pulled guns on people all the time, just to point his gun at people. This is the guy that produced, he's the wall of sound guy. He's a guy that produced so much incredible music. Well there's a lot of great producers that supposedly have these dark, dark, it's like an organized type crime whatever that falls into. [2:049:03] They're probably doing pounds of blow dude. They're probably doing pounds of blow, dude. They're probably doing pounds of blow. As long as this table, there's no way a guy puts guns in people's mouths, not do a blow. That's crazy. Yeah, no, you're right. 100% not smoking weed. That guy's doing blow. That guy's definitely on something outside of it. Out of his fucking mind. Yeah, that's far out, bro. He's out of his mind on, bro. Yeah, and he would wear wacky wigs. He was bald, but he would wear these crazy wigs. Like crazy, like Afro wigs. You ever seen his wigs? No. He changes wigs all the time, which is in court. What's the guy? Who's the guy? Phil Spector's different Wigs that he wore. Look at this. So this is during his trial. Yeah, look at this. Imagine you want people to think you're not guilty and you literally dress like a Willy Wonka character. Look at the pictures of this guy. More different Wigs. So how many different Wigs that you wear during the trial? He got a crazy power trip, losses mine. [2:050:06] Yeah, he lost his mind But I shouldn't say lost his mind. It was lost before he entered this realm But you also have to realize this guy was a music producer again back in the 1960s man Okay, like who was he dealing with what kind of organized crime figures were involved in music back then How gangster was that business? How much did they have control over those artists back then? A lot, man. Again, again. And so I'm saying, I don't know anything about CIA or anything like that, but I'm open to all conversations because at the end of the day, there's a billion people that are incredibly artistic and all that. How many fall by the wayside, when who is to be allowed? Put out there and you say, wow, you know, they're right that good music, but you don't know. Yeah, I do believe some of them write that music, but you know, they also send, send, send, send, so and so to help influence it. You never know. You know what I mean? What is weird? You don't know. You don't know. You don't know. You don't and we found a song a while back Brian Simpson sent it to me [2:051:05] it's uh I'm alive by this dude Johnny Thunder and he made this song I never heard Johnny Thunder he sent me this song get that song James he sent me this song in the song was from 1969 and you hear this song and you're like oh my god this guy's a star this guy's a star you hear this song and you think there's no way this guy doesn't make it. Listen to this shit. I'm alive, and right. And I see things right, play the band. I'm alive. Don't you see mini skirts and hot knee high boots people are dancing People with flowers in their hair Dude's a fucked up mustache. I went more I went more rocking. Oh this gets better too [2:052:03] You gotta let this one get in you. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh He's putting everything in that. Come on, son. You know this from my side, I said, why should I? You ever see that guy? He listens to music for the first time he's never heard. [2:053:00] He's like a officer making or whatever. Oh, he sees like his facial expressions. Oh, yeah, there's a bunch of those. Yeah, yeah, online. I love watching that. So this guy, man, it's what happened. He's gone. How many albums did he make? I don't know. The thing is that the other music wasn't as good. That music was magic. I just like, I feel like if he was working with the right people, that guy's a bad mother fucker. That song so good. I've been listening to that song a thousand times. Every time I listen to it, it just brings me back to 1969. I just imagine that dude on stage singing that song and I see all those people dancing. That song was fire. It was fire. He just nailed it. And he just, I don't think he ever did it again. I mean, I never heard another song that connected with me that he did. I might be wrong. I mean, I haven't heard all of them. Maybe he did another one like that. Well, I remember we were really into Johnny Cash growing up. And I remember when I really, after I saw the movie, [2:054:02] then I realized he had a TV series and then there was a catch on a TV. Yes. What was it? It was called the Johnny Cash Show and it's on TV. Oh, I remember this now. And bro, can we see what that looked like? Yeah. The Johnny Cash Show. And like the whole story behind the man in black and he would and one show I'll say it. But what the first thing I recognized was yeah, yeah And I can't remember if it was a live or Was this a Nashville I don't know it'd be awesome. Wow, look at this. But he also what a bad talk. He would talk. [2:055:00] Fucker. He was. When he would talk to the crowd. He would get into some deep stuff and interact with the crowd. And then the music, whoever he had on music, which what I noticed was, it wasn't about their outfits, it wasn't, well, she went so much, the chicks that sang, no one's crawling on the floor and tweaking, you just, it's the song. Yeah. It's the beauty of the song. It's the spear of the song. Like look, this chicken, is that, is that his wife? Who is that? This is the pilot for the show. That's what it says. 1965. Bro, and then, then then he this is crazy too He wanted to do he just wanted to sing gospel's whole life and I wouldn't they were like yeah I had to and that's what I picked up from the movie there was a scene where he goes to the like the Produces or the record company like yeah now when I come back with it and he came back with something like all right [2:056:02] We'll play that that will get on but I'm here and he came back with something like, all right, we'll play that, that will get on it. But on here, he went full-blown gospel on show and he went live and they threatened to pull him and all that, that guy was a badass. He was a pioneer, but the music, it was more about the music compared to whatever's going on today. Well, this would be one of the you that are just doing the music too. There's people out there, and then they're very popular too, because they're just doing music, and people are like flocking to that. There's a lot of that now. Like guys like Zach Bryan, people like flocked to that, because it's just music. It's just music, there's no antics, it's just him writing amazing songs and singing them beautifully. And there's a bunch of those people out there right now. And they're thriving because people are connecting to it. You ever hear the highway, man? No. You never heard that song? With what? We heard it. It's one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs. Johnny Cash with Whalen Jennings. Whalen Jennings. Yeah. Willie Nelson and Kenny Rodgerson. I've heard this song. It's fucking beautiful. [2:057:06] Yes, I've heard this song. But the Johnny Cash line, it goes, I fly a starship across the universe divide. And when I reach the other side, I mean, it's fucking amazing. It's an amazing song. They just, they tapped into something, man. They did. But what my point is about the CIA creating the 1960s music. Listen, they might have helped those people and influenced those people and wanted to generate people to reach the pinnacle of success so it ruined society. That's totally possible that they got behind that. But also, they didn't create Hendrix. Hendrix created Hendrix. They might have allowed him to do that and almost pushed him because they wanted the moral decay of society so they could go in and close loopholes and put rules in place. One of the things they did in 1970, there's a sweeping psychedelics act of 1970 and they did that in response to the 60s movement and it made all psychedelic drugs illegal. [2:058:02] They all became schedule one. So if you wanted to stop a society from waking up, that's what you do. You go in and you promote the most insane behavior, like the Manson family, like, like, was really detailed in the chaos book by Tom O'Neill. You promote the most egregious offensive versions of the hippie culture you get them hooked on acid you make them commit violent crimes and you're doing this Also that you could eventually pass laws to limit all psychedelic use and All control over populations stop all this hippie bullshit lock those people up They did it with the civil rights movement. They did it with the black panthers. They did it with the hippies They infiltrated they got it with the black panthers, they did it with the hippies. They infiltrated, they got, they changed the drug laws, they used it as an excuse to come into the rest people, and they even had people pretending to be hippies that were deeply embedded in the movement, just like they did with the proud boys. Just like they did with those guys who were kidnapping, government, and Whitmer, that's what they do. They infiltrate, get people to do things, and it's all about control. And through that, they've put the enlightenment of the human race on pause because they [2:059:10] limited the use of these things that people have used forever to attain a level of enlightenment that they feel is unavailable to them without these experiences. And we've denied them those experiences because we say we know better. We've denied them those experiences because these say we know better. We've denied them those experiences because these are drugs And they're against the law and we wrote it down in 1970 and by golly were sticking to it and That's just control. That's all that is that doesn't make any sense. There's no logic behind any of that shit That's nonsense and the people that are making those laws they've never even had experiences. So they don't even know what the fuck they're talking about. Yeah, you're 100% on it because my daughter turned me on to a documentary where the guy was a second LSD guy and something where alcoholics, [3:0:02] basically people would see or have a spiritual awakening. Yeah, people with addiction problems have cured of like cigarette smokers that are addicted to cigarettes People that are addicted to heroin a lot of different people that have been addicted to things that So Simon has done that too But I began's the big one. I began is the one where people get hooked on opiates and they get on I began and fucking knocks it right out of them There was there's a guy ran into about a month ago and he's down and he's down naples flarta He was he said veteran, I guess and he said hey, I help veterans I don't much about it But he mentioned I said what'd you say? It's like something psychedelic because yeah, we doic treatment, and we're curing a lot of veterans, and I can't vouch for that. But it's fascinating. But it's fascinating. And he said, yeah, they'll find God, or they'll face their worst, the PTSD, whatever. And I don't know this for a fact. I have no clue, and I don't want to do that. No, I do know that for a fact. But this dude told me in a lot. It's maps. Maps, a multidisciplinary association for psychedelic science or psychedelic medicine [3:1:07] or whatever the S is. But I was fascinated. I mean, he was dead serious. No, they do it. They do it with a lot of different soldiers specifically with MDMA. They use it on soldiers and they've done a bunch of different studies and shown that it has a profound effect on them. So what is the, so what is it bringing them to a euphoria? Or is it bringing them to a, wow, there's so much more to meaning of life? Does it bring them, where does it push them? Well, I think it depends entirely on their intention going into something like that, but you're going into this to try to alleviate PTSD and try to become a piece with your existence. And for a lot of them, that's really hard. Does someone go to war and kill people and then come back and just chill and be normal? That's really hard. And no one understands that other than them. Everybody else just takes it for granted. Correct. They don't understand. [3:2:01] And the fact that they don't do anything to help these people in that way if there's a thing that you could do Whether it was ayahuasca whether it's I began whether it's anything This is a thing you can do that can help those folks and you know it's available and you won't do it for some wacky reason Because some corrupt politicians wrote it down in 1970 that's insane. We know too much now We know too much for to be wasting any time There's people that are committing suicide every day. There's veterans that are taking their own lives that could be helped. That's a fact. That's real. That's happening right now. And the people that are keeping that experience from those people have no understanding of it. They have never experienced it themselves. If they did, they would never keep it from people. To me, that's the crime. They would never keep it from people. If you've had a breakthrough psychedelic experience and you know what it can do to you and how it can change the way you view the world, you would not want to stop that from happening to someone else. The only time I would ever want to stop that from happening to someone else is if someone has a psychological condition that makes them fragile, maybe they're schizophrenic, maybe they've got something else going on, maybe they're on medication, they can't do any second. There's people like that that are real. [3:3:06] You got to know. But the only way you know is if that stuff's legal, and if they do studies, and if they really understand how to, the correct dosage, and you get it done at places where they're legitimate professionals and counselors, and people know what to do. That's possible, man. And that could literally help elevate us out of this fucking crazy mess we're in right now. Yes. Be the best way for people to wake up and realize these insane destructive patterns that we're all in. It's nuts that that's still going on. It is nuts that it's still going on. But I think you'll be the first to send them when I do thinking about something like that. I think it's has to stop. Is a race of connectivity and control. They both happen at the same time. Yes, yes. But the human race is getting more connected with each other than ever before. There's a new Samsung Galaxy phone that's coming out. It's the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Is that what it is? They're on that. Yeah. Yeah, S24 Ultra. [3:4:01] So what this phone can do, that no other phone has ever been able to do is it translates things in real time. We mean so you'll be able to talk to someone who's speaking Spanish and you'll have your phone out and you'll have ear buds in and it'll translate in real time what that person's saying. And then it will do the same from you to them. Wow! That's so sick. Pretty sick. In real time, you and I, if you spoke English and I spoke Spanish, we would have a conversation in real time. And you'd be able to explain to me what you're talking about and I would understand it immediately. That's amazing. That's amazing. So this is a part of Samsung's new AI that they're unveiling. So like Samsung has to compete with Apple, right? Because Apple is the number one phone for like most of the people that I know and you get caught up in the Apple ecosystem, which is like I message and I photo and all your shit goes together and your notes all get synced up. But the problem with that is then you have one company that you rely on for everything. The [3:5:03] positive thing is they control the hardware, they control the software, they control everything. The negative side is, you don't have any choices. You just can only buy iPhones. But when you're out in the Android side, there's like 100 different manufacturers, and they're all competing to make the best shit. And so there's like this constant pressure to get something that's so sexy that it makes people abandon the Apple ecosystem. So, they're all, so it's a mad race for power. And the Samsung Galaxy S24 is the new one. Details emerge on Johnny Ive and OpenAI's plan to build the iPhone of artificial intelligence. Oh, they're going to kill us all. There's been over like 20 Apple engineers or developers. Left and went to that. And gone to join this company. Oh, my God, we're fucked. There's been over like 20 Apple engineers or developers. What about left and what's that? And gone to join this company. Oh my God, we're fucked. So, but what's interesting about this Samsung phone is that might be a way to get people out of the ecosystem. If you could be the first to implement something like that, it's a real time translation, imagine. Think of that, you could go to... [3:6:00] Go to connection. Italy. Wherever. Anywhere. go to Italy, wherever, anywhere, anywhere, go to a tribe, anywhere. Well, I don't know, that would be tough. There's some undocumented languages. If you go into like Indigenous Australia, there's hundreds of languages. Yeah, no, no, no, you're right. My buddy, Adam Greenchee, was explaining that to me. Those, the people that live there, they call them, they call their group mobs. And so there's mobs, these aborigines that are just 30 kilometers away from another mob and they don't even know how to talk to each other. Wow. They speak a totally different language. Well, that makes sense. Yeah. And there's hundreds of these different languages. Okay. So if you go over there with a phone, you're fucked. I guess you know, because nobody knows. But that's just for now. For now, nobody knows. Correct. But I bet AI will figure it out. I They'll get a bunch of fucking those people to talk into it and they'll just decode it and decipher it and figure out what it means Yeah, or they're already figured out. I'm gonna slowly give you first give them this one where they can talk to someone from friends Yeah, you're gonna get France you're gonna get German you're gonna get people speaking Yeah, Spanish will be the for Spanish should be number one right because that like behind English. That's a second language [3:7:01] Yeah, you're gonna get the Arabic languages, you're gonna get Portuguese, it's gonna be interesting, Matt. But it's gonna happen in real time. That's a new thing. Once people can talk to each other in real time. Like that's one of the cool things about translate. Like if you look at someone's tweet and you could press that translate button. Yes. So someone who's speaking Hebrew, you translate it, and you're like, oh, this is what he's saying. Yes. No, I agree. Now, if you can have conversations, deep conversation, but some of you've never met, and the only thing kept you from one another is not knowing each other's language. Exactly. That's pretty amazing. This is in the Bible. This is the Tower of Babel. You know, this is what the Tower of Babel story is, I think it's supposed to be the the lesson is supposed to be about human human Whether it's ego or greed, but the idea is that God decided to [3:8:00] Confuse people by making them speak a bunch of different languages so that it can never talk to each other Mm-hmm is because they dry they tried to build a tower that touched the heavens. Is that my fucking that up? What is the actual thing? I mean, you've written the... That is it? Yeah, look there's the picture. Oh, there it is. Okay. So God's like you, motherfuckers. I'm gonna fuck with you and make you build a bunch of different languages, you idiots. So according to the story, he united human race, speaking a single language and migrating eastward comes to the land of Shana where they agreed to build a city and a tower with its top in the sky. Yahweh observing their city and tower confounds their speech so that they can no longer understand each other and scatters them around the world. So what that might mean, the Bible, if you're thinking about it, it's a written account of the last catastrophe and the people that made it out of the last catastrophe. So if at one point in time before the catastrophe, there was a single language that was spoken because they had reached this ability in terms of whether it's education or some kind [3:9:01] of technology that allowed people to communicate with each other freely where everybody could speak. And then when the asteroid hits, boom, and civilization goes back in the Stone Age, people scatter, and then new languages develop. People forget the old languages. They run into people that have never even experienced it. They travel around the world and repopulate the earth, and everyone forgets the universal language. Yeah, I could see that happening. It's totally possible. Like, think about the old, like we don't even know where you just tell your ancient Sumerian sounded like. Right. They just guess. Like, if you go, you ever see how they used to write 6,000 years ago? Even telecommunicate? Have you ever seen it? No. It's called cuniform. It looks like old time nails, like a nail going sideways and two nails going down, you look at it, you go, what the fuck is this? This is the old, find some of that shit. This is the oldest known human language. That's how these started. Right there? Yeah. I mean, what the fuck? And I bet you it's a whole story. I'm sure this. They've deciphered some of it. [3:010:01] It's like very controversial, but there's a guy named Zacharias Sitchin. I'm going to tell you, there's a guy named Zacharias Sitchin. And he wrote these books about his translations of the Sumerian text. And he said that it's all about the Anunnaki, the species that lives on planet Nibiru that comes into contact with Earth every like 3,600 years and they created us, they use us to mine for gold and they've merged with us and gave us, you know, their DNA into lower primates and created people. And this guy was like a legit scholar. That's what's nuts about this. This whole fucking, this whole ancient Samarian period is a wild period in human history. So what? 6,000 years ago. So that's a part I always have a hard time with. Like, people say it's 7,000 or 10,000. Yeah. How do they figure all that? Carbon dating. So what they do is you, and it's not exact [3:011:01] to like the day in October or? No, no. But it's in a range of a couple of hundred years, depending upon what kind of carbon date they use. So they get organic material. They get organic material that's from that area. So if they dig down, they find a pot, right? And then in that pot, they can take organic material of that pot and then they can carbon date it. If that organic material is 10,000 years old, they can reasonably assume that pot is probably 10,000 years old too. All right. That always just bothered my mind. That's what they did. That's what they did. It's not exact. You know, it's really close. They're pretty good at it now. I think it's radio carbon data. Radio carbon dating is the most advanced version of it, but they're constantly making better versions of this too. That's how they know. So these fucking people lived 6000 years ago, dude. And they talked about these beings that came from another planet. So from heaven to earth came. That's the Anunnaki. I'm at the point where I don't know any, [3:012:00] I'm really, I don't know anything anymore. I really don't. If we wanna say, I don't know, anything anymore. I really don't. If we want to say, if we want to say, if you, 10 years ago, if you brought a flat-erf to me, I'd be like, you know what, I can't even, I don't even want you in my house. I don't want you in my house. And now you're like, a little bit like that. Now I'm like, yeah no I'm good weed that's what it is well that's a scary part is I don't know if that's if I am that's the if I had great weed I might even be I might figure it all out but what I mean is I lily feel we really don't know anything anymore. Well, we know at some point. I really know something, but we know a lot. But there's an old quote that has the bonfire, what is it? It's a dentist mechanic quote. He said something about as the bonfire of enlightenment grows, the surface area of ignorance [3:013:01] is exposed. So the bigger the fire of knowledge grows, the more areas exposed you realize how much you don't know. So in the beginning people never thought about subatomic particles. As the bonfire of knowledge grows brighter, the more the darkness is revealed to our startled eyes. That's the quote. It's beautiful quote. Oh, it's Terence McKenna quote that. So that quote is like what's going on. Like as much as we think we know, we're still in the, we're in one day, people in the future will look back at us like we look back at fucking idiots making arrowheads out of rocks. Right. That's it, right. At the end of the day and- That's what they're gonna think about us, we're gonna do it. And I also think about I don't want to buy a book whatever how do we know when you're in truly a biblical time like we could be in it right now and how do we know who the prophets are and how do we know if there's not prophets among us and the Bible listen if the Bible is real you're always in a biblical time so if the Bible is [3:014:02] a representation of the actual history of the universe, if that's what it really is, it's just told through the telephone game to like a thousand years and then written down and put. But think about in the beginning there was light. Isn't that the big bang? I don't. I don't. I don't. I mean, if you think about this parts of the idea of God creating the earth and God creating the universe and doing it quickly. The fucking big bang was pretty goddamn quick. I mean, it wasn't six days, but it's pretty fucking crazy that something just existed. Now if you were a person that had been told that and then you tell other people that for a thousand years and then someone writes it down, maybe that's what you get. Maybe you get God created, you know, the heavens and the earth in six days. Maybe that is their version of the origin of the universe as it was told to people that understood it 10,000 years ago, 12,000 years ago, whatever it was. And then when we got wiped out and we had to refigure things out again, you just get these stories, these whispers of the past. I feel what happened. [3:015:01] We should always be writing the new future rather than depending on yeah, depending on the past depending on the past Start writing the now For the better and create a new great the new story. I think we are doing that I just think it's a long Arge was processed and it's not linear. It's not like you always win and we're not gonna get it right away. Correct. Yeah, yeah There's a struggle going on right now with human nature and human beings And it's all happening all over the world So it so made a good I heard the old example like your rat in a cage and all you know is like you drink from that water bottle And you're fed every day at this time Pumpkins, still. Yes. There you go. I'm already. Right. I'm still got a radicine. Welcome. Welcome. Yeah. Whenever I have conversations, whether it's for my wife or whatever, and we get into this, I always just go, despite all my rage. Give me some of that to close this out with. Just a rat and one Where you figured it all out? [3:016:05] Oh God, that is the truth. You figured it all out. You can figure it all out. You can hang song. But you can talk about everything and anything over and over and over and over. At the end of the day, despite of my rage, still just a rat. The way he says, rat and decay, one, one, one. So amazing. Yeah. And you take the cage off, allow them still don't leave that perimeter. What are you afraid of? People don't know what to do, Jim Brewer. Dude, it's a great song. Oh my God. Thanks for having me. My pleasure, my brother. It's always good to see you. Thanks for the invite. We've been friends with a me too. We've been friends for How many dude it's 30 like 19 years now at least there might be 34 years. It's 30 for I want to say it's 91 Yeah, somewhere around then I knew one baby [3:017:03] Show I'll see you later.