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Brian Simpson is a stand-up comic who hosts the "Bottom of the Barrel" improvised comedy show at the Comedy Mothership and his own podcast, "BS with Brian Simpson." Watch his new special, "Brian Simpson: Live from the Mothership," on Netflix. www.briansimpsoncomedy.com

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That's how we make a salute. Hey. Oh. We were just talking about how much fun last night was. What a goddamn lineup. Yeah, what a lineup, man. What a lineup. Ari, Dan Solder, Derek Poston. Ron White, you, Tony Hinchcliffe. Yeah. Wild lineup. Wild. Yeah, what a fucking. It's a great place, man. We were talking about this last night. The weird thing about that place is even though, we talked about it for so long when we were at the Vulcan. It was almost like one day it's all going to happen. And we hoped it happened. We're hoping it was going to happen. But you never know until something actually happens. Oh, yeah, yeah. Especially out here. But now that it actually happened, and it's been open for, what do we open? Like six months now or something? Yeah, since April. Now it seems like it's always been there. Like the Overlook Hotel or some shit. Because that building has a lot of dope shit happening in that building. 100%. Just magical moment. Like when Oliver Anthony stopped in, the crowd, they was not ready for that. Man, it was incredible. Because I think people now might know that they can be surprised at the mother shit. But this is the first time it hasn't been a comic. Right, right, right. He got brought up by Segura. Yeah. You know, and I don't know what they were expecting. But man, I wish I was there for that one. He had done the podcast that day, but I had too much shit I had to do. I had to take off. No, it was incredible. His story's nuts. Yeah, and he's a genuine dude. I mean, I still don't know a lot about him. You know? Yeah. Like, you know, but he seems to just really care about people. He definitely does. He's a real good guy. And you know, now the question is, I mean, I think he's gonna hold on to it. But that's the question. Can he hold on to it? I believe he will. I think he'd be fine. He's like, fascinating story because he gave his life to God like 30 days ago. And then two weeks later, he has the number one song in the world, like that, that he recorded off of a phone. One of his songs, the audio that's up online, I mean, it's like very highly rated song. It was number one at one point in time. It's the audio off of a video from his Android phone. So he uploads it to YouTube, and then he cuts the WAV file from the YouTube video and uploaded that as a song. Wow. No mixing, no studio. This little bitch ass microphone that you have at the bottom of your phone. And it sounds, it sounds odd. What is, which one song is that, Jamie? Ain't Got a Dolla Show. Ain't Got a Dolla. I think. But when you listen, can we play it? When you listen to it, it kinda adds to it. That it adds to it that it's not produced. It adds to it that it's not. It doesn't sound perfect. Yeah, I mean, it's just a dude singing a song. [\"A Dolla Show\"] [\"A Dolla Show\"] Ain't Got a Dolla, but I don't need a dime. See, that soul right there, man. Yeah, you can't fake that. And you know what, man? It sounds like he, it feels like that in person. Like he sounds just like that in person. Like he just, his live show was incredible. Especially when he got to the hit, to the hit. Everybody lost, everyone knew the words. Everyone lost their minds. Yeah, it was great. Bro, that video, just on my Instagram, at one point, I don't know what it is now, but it was like 11 million views. Yeah, and he's likable for now. People love him. Yeah, for now. Wasn't it funny, we're so cynical? He's likable for now. Yeah, because you know how people are fickle. But you know my theory about it is, I think you just gotta be yourself and take what comes with that, instead of trying to please everybody. Because that's what destroys you, trying to be fake so you can get stuff. He and I had a phone conversation like right when everything was taken off. We communicated on Instagram, he sent me his number, I called him up, and he was freaking out. And I was like, listen man, you're gonna be fine, but you're on a wild ride. You're on a wild ride, I'm like, don't sign nothing. Don't sign nothing. I go, don't take any money, because it's just a loan. It's not real money. When they offer you money for stuff, like a record deal or something, it's basically a loan. I go, listen, everyone's telling me I gotta strike where the iron's hot. I go, listen, you've got talent. You don't have to do shit. Just hang in there, dude. You got talent. And you got leverage. Yeah, he's the real deal. There's certain people, you see him and you go, oh, you don't have to do shit, you're fine. Now the world knows. Now the world knows. That guy has fans now, like that. So he goes from 30 days ago selling industrial equipment, a podhead, smoking way too much pod, smoking pod all day. He said he wasn't getting anything done. He knew that he was procrastinating and wasting his life away. And he just broke down, gave himself to God. Started reading scripture every day. Instead of getting high? Instead of getting high. Two weeks later, number one song in the world. I wonder what he would have got if he gave his life to Satan. He would be that dude with the fucking, what's that guy's name, Sam? What's his name? With the fucking red skirt on the Grammys. Dancing around like the devil. What's his name, Sam Smith? That guy. Oh, you mean Lil Nas X? No, no, no, no, Lil Nas X did it earlier. Oh, yeah, everyone's doing it now. Bro, the Lil Nas X one was hilarious. Because everybody freaked out. They couldn't believe it. This is the guy from- Because he was giving the devil a lap dance? Yeah, that guy, Sam Smith. Oh, Sam. OK, is this recent? Yeah, it was the Grammys. Man, I don't be keeping up with shit. Good for you. Don't keep up. Because I'm like, when it comes to the war shows and shit, I'm like, I'll hear about the stuff that I need to see. Yeah, you hear about stuff. You know, we were playing Johnny Thunder last night, I'm Alive. And that's another cool thing about having friends that have great taste. Like, you came up to me, and you got to hear the song. Oh, yeah, yeah. And I was like, OK, hit me with it. And I was like, oh, my God, what is this? Remember we were trying to figure out what year it was made? Yeah, yeah, it's old school. You know, because that's what I do. Every now and then, I'll take a song, I can take a playlist, and I go make a radio station out of this playlist. You know, and then I'll hear new shit that I haven't heard. Yeah. So that just popped up on me when I was listening to Jimi Hendrix. God damn, that's a good song. It's so good, and it just made me sad, knowing that the dude's dead. Because I was like, I bet he got fucked. And I didn't like any of his other songs, that made me sad. You know? I'm real disappointed. I only listened to one of the other songs. I wasn't into it either. Because that's the thing, that's how I know Oliver Anthony is fine. Because you know, you heard the hit go viral. But then you're like, does he have any other good shit? Right. All his other shit's good. No, it's all good. And he writes it all himself too. You mean that WAV file, we just listened to off of a phone? I think he has a Samsung Galaxy S20? Keep your publishing, man. I mean, that's amazing. It's just a three-year-old phone. And the microphone off the phone records the audio. And then when you listen to that audio, it sounds fucking great. And you know what else too? It's like whenever I see a real good live musician, I'm always like, fuck these kids. This is way better than comedy. You know what I mean? We can't do with that. What he did, you can't do that with a joke. He do a different thing. Oh man, it's a whole different thing. It's a different thing and it gets in your soul. Music, yeah, it makes you feel something. That's like a drug. And it's like people... So, oh, I guarantee you're not aware of this. But this is a little microcosm of what society is. Beyonce is on tour right now. Right? And she has a song where like in the middle of the song, she goes, everybody on mute. And then you gotta be quiet for four or five seconds until the beat drops again. And so it's like a challenge. So every city she goes to, she gets to that part of the song and the whole arena has to be quiet for four or five seconds. And people are fucking it up left and right. Like thousands of people are on board and there's always two or three motherfuckers that scream, it's about piano. And everyone's like, you know, it's like those people. They ruin the moment. Yeah, those people should be arrested because they're like, those are people that are always fucking stuff up for everybody. Yeah. It's like, all you gotta do is be quiet. I think Atlanta got it right. Atlanta, LA fucked it up big time. Of course it does. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If anyone's gonna fuck it up, it's gonna be a lot. Oh yeah, well Fenway. And if anybody's gonna get it right, it would be Atlanta. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And it'd be completely disconnected from show business. I think it should be a study. Done on this. On like, why Atlanta? What specifically about Atlanta? Well, right, it's always been known as a fun town. A lot of great artists have come from Atlanta. A lot of great music, great comedy. It's a city, but it's not a city that has anything to do with entertainment. I think when you got anything to do with entertainment. Not a film. It's a big film industry. Right. But not because it started there. Because they went there for the taxes. You know, they went there because it's easy. Like, Massachusetts has that too. What I'm saying about is like, you don't move to Georgia to make it as an actor. Even though there's a lot of work there. You move to Hollywood to make it as a... So the weirdest, the fucking most fucked up people, the people that are the most needy, they're gonna go to LA. They're gonna go to LA. And it's like ingredients in a soup. If you got too much hot sauce, that soup gets rough. You know, sometimes it's just a couple of drops. You got a big ass bowl of soup. But if you put some of that fucking Da Bomb stuff, you ever have that stuff? Oh yeah. Ari gave me a bottle of that stuff. It's ridiculous. I don't play that. It's so hot. It's like too crazy. But my point is, a couple of those people scattered around in a city can ruin the city. And then if you have an industry that's like almost entirely filled with crazy people. Like, acting, when I meet cool actors, it is shocking. So, with such a breath of fresh air. Like, dude, you're so nice. It's so nice to talk to you. Do you know what they always have in common? They had a rough, rough life before they made it big. Yeah. A lot of them do. A lot of them do. Some of them are really impressive. It makes me embarrassed that I sort of dismiss some actors. But I dismiss them as being insane. That's the safest bet though. It is a safe bet. It's like, I mean... Because an actor that is crazy, if they in your life, it's like they can act, so they can lie. And they're practicing on you. Yeah. Yeah. And you wouldn't have no idea. You know? If Daniel Day-Lewis wanted to lie to your face, you wouldn't be able to tell. Bro, when Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were having arguments that they recorded, I was like, this is peak insanity. Yeah, it's crazy. You have two people who know other people are going to listen to this. And they're both aware of it because they were told to record their conversations. So they're both being very performative. And they're both conning each other. My favorite part is done each other going, don't tell me what it's like to be punched. Punched. The way he says punched, I can't... I laugh every time I hit. Don't tell me what it's like to be punched. Isn't that crazy that she was trying to tell everybody that he had heard from me while she stayed in? Yeah. Oh yeah. I'll never get over that shit. And the way everybody just let her slide after that. It's weird because if that was a guy that... He's like, tell something and made something about some woman and tried to ruin her life like that, he'd be shunned. But there's still people that... Who was someone tweeted a joke about Amber Heard recently? Who was talking about that, Jamie? And they got attacked by... Who was it? Oh, they said that they said a joke that they didn't even say her name. Right. Because we're talking about her. Yeah. Were they get canceled? No, it was just like... It's almost like she's hired one of those... I'm not accusing her of hiring this, but there are publicity teams you can hire. So if people are saying bad things about you, you can hire a team and those people will go after anybody who says anything bad about you and it discourages people from talking shit about you. Oh, but that doesn't work. It doesn't work, but it... I guess it lets people know you're not going to be an easy win. It also makes the argument muddy. Because if everybody agrees that she's a psycho, then it's just an echo chamber. But if you get the narrative to like, fuck you, you don't know what happened before that recording and he was an abuser and this and that and Amber speaks the truth and she's a woman and she was confused and like, you know what I mean? There's a lot of people that will chime in and say those things. And if you're hiring people, if you have like, say if you're a politician and something goes down and everyone's blaming you for some particular crisis your city has, if you have a marketing team that has a whole social media aspect to it, a propaganda aspect essentially, you can have a bunch of people arguing for the mayor and he didn't fuck anything up and it's the city council's problem and he warned them in 2014. They could say shit that's not even true. And especially if they have these weirdo accounts where it's just a bunch of numbers and letters and there's no picture attached to it and you go to them, there's no followers. You're like, this is wild. Well, I got a lot of shit for my criticism I ever heard, but it's like, hey man, I'm not saying she wasn't abused. She was dating a crazy motherfucker. They were both crazy. But from the evidence I heard, she the only one that sounded like an abuser. But that's the only evidence we heard. When those two were together, see you got to imagine they were together for how many years? And how you drunken fights that they have. Like who knows who did what to who, but the- When you at the point where you, like when the bitch shit on your bed, you gotta get out. You gotta get out. You gotta get out. She's a boundary crosser. I got no empathy for you past that point. When you gotta start recording your spouse, it's time to go. Why even try to win that fight down on the sleeve? I think for people like that too, because they're so famous, it's probably very difficult to find someone new. You would imagine very few people could relate to them. And they're both beautiful movie stars too. But you can find somebody that's not going to shit on your bed. That's not a low bar to clear. It's totally possible. Yeah. Yeah, because I don't need- I can't- I don't need- Like if you ever show me that you're going to introduce chaos to my life, you gone. I don't got time for that. Right. Yeah, you gotta know when. How many bathrooms we got in the house, bitch? You shitting on the bed. What kind of drugs are they doing? Oh man. Probably the best. You gotta shit your bed drugs. The best drugs, yeah. For sure. I mean, that dude's pals with Keith Richards. It's just, you know, publicly to see something like that. The thing about it is though, you know it happens. You know people are nuts. You know people have nutty relationships and nutty fights. But until you really see it, and then see a court case about it on television for the whole world to see. You see like some pretty, you know, what looks like lies. You know, a bunch of crazy talk and you know just realize like these guys were in hell. You're thinking of them as movie stars and they were in hell. They were in hell and the most psycho relationship ever. And I don't even think it was really about the money. It was like, I just, I beat you. You know? Yeah. Well, I think she ruined his career. I think he was getting kicked off of movies because he was being called an abuser. And he was trying to say that's not true. And she actually used to hit me and then the recordings come out and like, you know, I don't, clearly I don't know what the fuck happened. But that guy definitely lost that Pirates of the Caribbean role because of that. Oh yeah, yeah. I mean, this is my conclusion from all of it. Because you know the documentary came on Netflix too, right? About it? I didn't see the documentary. Yeah, is that she is definitely an abuser and he is probably an abuser. You know what I mean? So if you put a gun in my head, I'm Team Johnny. But I don't know. Also, you got to think that the way he behaves with her, if she's abusing him, is different than the way he behaves if someone's not abusing him. But also, man, like you've been in a relationship with crazy people. It's like they learn how to pull the crazy out of you so they can say, you know what I mean? So it's like, if you're in a long, if you were the person like that long enough, they know exactly how to make you act crazy so they can turn around and go, he's lost his mind. But for people to act like, oh, it's Eve and Steve. And I'm like, no, that's not true, bitch. She is an abuser for sure. This is the way she was talking. What you going to do? You going to tell people? They're going to think you a little bitch. Like, who talks like that unless they, you know. Is that what she said to him? Yeah, like, I don't know the exact words on the recording. But that was the sentiment of like, oh, Johnny, you're going to tell people I hit you. Oh, and if they believe you, you're going to tell them you're getting beat about your little pussy. Like, that's how she was talking to him. You got the recording, Jamie? She's like, I get it. At that point, you got to leave. And I don't have no tape from her of him talking like that. Right. So I'm like, you know, you I know that's how abusers talk. That's how somebody would talk of you if they were like, just an abusive parent or anybody. You tell anybody, you know what's going to happen. That's how abusers talk. I don't hear him talk like that. He sounds like an abused man. She's, you know, and she's she sounds like an abused woman, too. Like she's saying all the things an abused woman would say. But she's an actress. So like without the evidence, I'm like, you just killed that role or. The thing is, she's not really good at acting. Yeah, she's good. You know what I'm saying? But she's not Daniel Day-Lewis good. Well, no, and nobody. Right. So Daniel Day-Lewis could lie to me and be like, damn, he really is from 1400. You got a fucking time machine, Brian. I'm at a guy with a time machine. Like, yeah, I couldn't tell. Daniel Day-Lewis, Meryl Streep, Denzel. Yeah, there's a few of them. They could just lie right to your face. I don't think she's one of those. Nah, she don't. She ain't got that, but she can dig deep. I'm sure she's well, she's got some emotions she could pull out. Yeah. So I don't know. Yeah. I mean, that's also one of the things that's fascinating about acting is we kind of reward crazy people that are actors because they're really good at it. Like some of the nuttiest people that I've ever met were amazing actors. Like some of them are really good at it and they're fucking crazy. I think you've got to be able to tap into, you know, every kind of artist is the controlled crazy. It's like you're barely holding your crazy to containing it. Yeah. Yeah, you kind of got to be a little nuts just to pursue something like that. Yes, for sure. And then also you're in this industry that at least until recently rewarded people for being insane. It was like it's part of the legend of guys like Jack Nicholson. A part of the legend of the greats. That's also when they had the most fun. Marlon Brando out of his fucking mind. Remember he became like 300 pounds, moved to an island. Remember? He stopped acting totally. Because now I hear stories and there's a photographer that took a bunch of pictures in the 90s, Hollywood, underground LA scene, people are in a club having a bunch of fun. Because he's the only one with a camera. Nobody's got cameras, no smartphones. It was like that was the last time you could have a great time. Like and just let loose without having people sign NDAs and all of this. You can't even throw a party without your lawyer now. You can't. Nah, nah. Nah, the temptation, the clout chase is too high. What were we just talking about? I was going to tell you something. Amber Heard, just after that. People in Hollywood being crazy. Shit, I can't believe I lost it. Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson. Marlon Brando. Yeah, they had little gay parties. Eyes wide shut parties. I'm sure he had a lot of that. God damn it, I forget what it was now. Marlon Brando, fat, 300 pounds. Marlon Brando, fat, 300 pounds. Moved to an island. And then that was it. I'm not going to get it. It'll come back once you stop thinking about it. It will. What is that when that happens? That weird thing where your brain just stops thinking about a thing you were just thinking about. No, I saw a study. Man, and I can't name a study. I probably shouldn't quote it. But they- Oh, now I remember what it was. There it is. There it is. Thank you. This is what it was. Marlon Brando, when he won the Academy Award, did not accept the Academy Award. Instead had a Native American woman go up there and accept the award. And it turns out she wasn't really Native American. What? He had Elizabeth Warren accepted as award? Yes, Elizabeth Warren accepted as award. Her fucking sister ratted her out, I believe. Haters. It'd be your own people that we've seen. But she's beautiful. I mean, like, and she's probably crazy. But if you find the video, it's kind of funny. Because like accepting the award for Marlon Brando, and she goes up and talks about, I think she talked about Native American genocide. She's a fake Native American. She just made it up. She just, she changed her name like the whole deal. What was her name? Did he know? Sashine Little Feather. Little Feather. She just calls up Little Feather. He didn't know. He's Marlon Brando. He's on an island fucking everybody that moves. So this lady was not Native American at all. So look at, they got him your award. What's that? I heard the Wikipedia says she's from Oxnard. Wow. And her sister was like, you bitch, you're not fucking Native American. Imagine like your sister is crazy and you hate your sister and you're always fighting. And then one day you see that bitch at the Oscars telling everybody she's an Indian. Yeah. But how she fooled everybody? She don't even look Native. Well, watch her talk. She kind of does. She kind of does. I mean, she could be. Here it goes. Hello. My name is Sashine Little Feather. No, it's not. And I'm president of the National Native American Affirmative Image Committee. I'm representing Marlon Brando this evening, and he has asked me to tell you in a very long speech which I cannot share with you presently because of time, but I will be glad to share with the press afterwards that he very regretfully cannot accept this very generous award. And the reasons for this being are the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry. Excuse me. And on television, in movie reruns, and also with recent happenings at Wounded Knee. I beg at this time that I have not been treated. Wounded Knee was quite a long time before that. Why'd she say recent happenings at Wounded Knee? There was a protest there, so I... Oh, right, right, right. So her ancestor dispute here, like after her death though, which is kind of... Oh, that's when she got busted? Biological sisters Rosalind Cruz and Trudy Orlandi, who say the family does not have Native American ancestry. Keeler writes that the sisters state that their father, who was born in Oxnard, California, was of Mexican descent and had no tribal ties, nor was he related to the Yaqui tribes of northern Mexico. Furthermore, Cruz believed Little Feather fabricated a Native identity because she thought it was more prestigious to be Native American than to be Hispanic. Keeler searched records for Little Feather's family going back to 1850 and did not find evidence of Native ancestry. So she got away with it. Damn, Little Feather walked so Rachel Dullesall could run. Yeah, well, you know, back then, there was no social media. Like, your friends from college couldn't tweet and go, what? Right, right. What the fuck are you doing? You know, that's one of the things that happened with Elizabeth Holmes, that lady who ran that Thorano scam. Oh, man. Who created a fake voice. That's the King scam. You know, friends from college, like, why is that bitch talking like that? They would call each other up. Right. Have you heard her on the news? Why is she fucking talking like that? I got her at a party like totally. And then she gets on the stage. She's like, we're really excited to bring you the most amazing blood data research from a drop of blood. That story is so wild. Have you listened to the Dropout podcast series? No. It's really good. It's really good. But they make some real good. There's some great documentaries on YouTube that are made by like one person, you know? Oh, yeah. That's what I learned about. Oh, you mean you can I mean, you can do amazing stuff with your phone today and just edit it all on your phone and upload it to YouTube. It's a wild time. You ever try that shit, though? No, I don't. I'm like, these kids. My kids do it. They have the shit mastered because I try to do it. I'm like, wait a minute. Did you just spend two hours making a 15 second video? Right. Like, yeah. Yeah, they don't care. Yeah, I don't got it. They'll make these intricate TikTok videos that are 15 seconds and they'll work all day on it. But it's just like, you know, I mean, we're just we're dinosaurs when it comes to that stuff. I'm you know, well, I'm kind of I consider myself tech savvy. I'm and I'm not but I'm not really social media literary. You know, yeah, because like sometimes like I've had older I've had young people make fun of like the angle that I took my picture from. And I'm like, when did the rules check? You know, it's. Oh, you take a selfie like an old man. I'm like, what does that mean? I thought you just take a picture yourself. Yeah, that's so stupid. Yeah. And I guess there's a way that old people always hold the camera. And I guess I don't know. Yeah. Who cares how you take that? That's the weird thing about comedy because I'm because like Derek and the sign are there to my closest friends. But I'm like 10 years older than them. Right. You know what I mean? So like they always old man in me. And I was just there, right. Well, I'm way older than them. Oh, yeah. I'm around them. But that's how but that's just how it is. But they keep me young or they keep. At least they let me know when I'm when I'm being lame. Well, it's always fun to check in on the young generation. Like what what do you guys into? What does that mean? What does cap mean? No cap. What does that mean? That means no bullshit. Why don't you say no bullshit? Why do you have to have a new word for no bullshit? Well, because cap because cap also just means a lie. Right. Yeah. Why did that happen? I have cap become I don't know the original the origination of it. Honestly, I found out from Schultz. I heard Schultz talk about it. He goes cap. I go, what does that mean? He goes, I call cap. I go, what are you calling? But that's the thing is like but see black women saying cap for like 20 years. Oh, so it's like woke. Yeah. It's like tick tock. Just like tick tock is has shortened the amount of time from when black people say some cool shit and then white people make it lame. You know what I mean? Because it's a fucking sure. Yeah. It used to be, you know, black people say some cool shit and it would be, you know, push to the side and then maybe 10 years later black parents are saying it. And so now it's lame to the black kids. But by that time the white kids are saying it. Right. And then we already off it. And then the and then the white parents are saying it. And now it's lame. I'm bringing back groovy. Like the bomb. But like we who says that nobody right who's saying the bomb now white white grandparents in the middle of the Midwest. Yeah. But now but that used to take like 20 years. Now it's now it's like a year and a half because it because it hit tick tock and it hits everybody. You know what it's like. It's like an hourglass but they just opened up the pipe. Yeah. Sand flows through quicker. Yeah. I like I'll have I'll have people like young people on tick tock telling me like that's not what that means. That is what it means. We made it up. Isn't that fascinating? Like how quick things change now. Like cultural things change. Yeah. No, I mean, the fuck boy changed quick. Yeah. Yeah. Because you know, you know, you know, Ian Edwards. Yeah, I remember that. Yeah. He used to have a bit about fuck boy and then right under his feet, the meaning changed because the kids, you know, yeah. And I think he's I don't know if he still has a bit. But yeah, it's like they're changing it up because because what it takes is sometimes you'll hear you'll hear a slang word and you'll try to figure out what it means. Right. So what happens is somebody that doesn't know what it means will just assume what it means. Be wrong. But popular. Yeah. And so the whole meaning of it changes. Yeah. You know, they go viral on TikTok and the next thing you know, they're telling you you're wrong. You know, the TikTok generation is like how much attention do they have? Man, you're you're you're essentially being programmed from the time you're very young to look at something very quickly and just get a little bit of information. Move on a little bit of information. Move on. It's a bunch of people that want to be famous for free. Yeah. Because they think fame is the prize. It's like, oh, no, no, no, no, no. Fame sucks. Like fame without money sucks. You don't want to be famous and broke. But you're looking at it as a person with talent who has a career. What they're looking at is like, hey, maybe I don't have to get a job. Yeah. You know, like if I could just fucking dance around in front of my phone, you know what kids, y'all know, y'all know on the same. Yeah. Because we're working sucks. Working sucks. Like, you know, I was just I was just telling the homies this. But there's there were I don't remember ever feeling so bad about myself in life until except for that the period where I was working my ass off just to make enough to go to work. Like I only had enough money to eat and go to work and go home and come back. And even so even on my days off, I couldn't do shit because I wasn't making enough money. You know what I mean? Yeah. And that if all you can. That's how I know. That's how I know living is more important than working. You don't we don't you don't live to work. You work to live. So so nobody wants to just work if you because when you just work, you feel like shit. You want to die all the time. But it's the opposite. Also, when you don't work at all, you die in a different way. Right. You feel useless. You got to have a purpose. You feel useless and you don't get anything done. Yeah. You don't grow when you don't have a job. Like you don't get anything done because you don't have any money. So you can't really do stuff. And it's just kind of at your house all day just waiting. But sometimes sometimes I put it like this. I've never been envious of somebody that's being worked to death. But I've walked past some homeless people that laid out on the sidewalk, you know, and I'm like, you know what, it's something to that. Just not giving a fuck like you wherever you are, you at home. Now, yeah, you don't care about the smell. Who gives a fuck? It's pissy out here, but you're comfortable. That if I had to choose between the two, I don't know. I have a tough decision. You could always find a public shower. The thing is like it just sucks. It sucks being homeless. There's no good thing about being homeless, but there's also no good thing about work. Like you don't want either or. Once you but once you at the point where you not rewarded for smelling good, you know, right? Like my life's the same, whether I smell good or not. Right. Who knows? Yeah, you just live on the street no matter what. You don't care what you smell like. Well, some of them be just high as a motherfucker. They're not even out there. So you went into them. You you see them as out there, but they they're not even there. They some day in the clouds. We ran into this lady at a gas station out here and her head was her posture was so bad that her head hung down like instead of staying going straight up from her shoulders, her somehow or another her neck had her head like all the way down. It didn't look it didn't look possible. Like she might have legitimately had a broken neck at one point in time. It didn't do anything about it. Oh, Lord. Like that's how bad it was. And this poor lady, she was probably in her 60s, or she might have been a hard 50. Yeah, cracked out of her mind. Scabs everywhere, clothes dirty and disheveled. And she just coming up to us and asking us for money. And she can't even look in the eyes. It was just like, oh, you you were so she just holding the mirror like this. She was someone's little baby. She was some little baby girl. Oh, I thought you said she was holding the baby. No, no, no. At one point in time, she was someone's little baby girl. Yeah. It's been a long time since she was there. But in that wild like like it can go so bad. You know, a wild fact that I discovered and this is, you know, correct me if I'm wrong, fans, but I have a theory that, you know, you know, how you see crackheads like they have a funny walk sometimes. Yeah. I have a theory that the people that are strung out on drugs, they they walk. Like they still have the ass that they used to have, you know, so you like if you see if you see a crackhead lady like walking funny, picture her with a fat ass. And it makes sense. Right, because she's still in her mind. Yeah, her hips was trained on her on her on her good ass. Right. Now she on cracking in the shrink to nothing, but she still got the movements. Yeah. Let's let's see. Let's see if I'm right. You know, what scares the shit out of me that I've been seeing on Instagram is anorexics. Mm. There was some anorexic lady who was dancing around on Instagram. And then I told my daughter about it and she knew the girl's name. Eugenia or something like that. And she is this like she's a famous Instagram or she came to famous for being anorexic. I believe that's part of what she's famous for. Yeah, because when you know, I used to do yoga at this play. Yeah, there she is. Oh, no, baby girl. No, you should see the video. See if you find videos of it, because like when she's dancing or like that one down there with the microphone in her hand, that's the one I saw. Like, look at this. It's crazy, man. Damn, that that wig looks like it's wearing her down. Bro, that scares the shit out of me. I mean, wait a minute. Damn, this is like the bones. Look at the bones in her hips. I mean, I used to do yoga with this lady who was anorexic. She I shouldn't say I used to do. I did it once showed up at this class and this lady was there. And, you know, at the beginning of the class, like before the class starts, people are like warming up and stuff. And I I look over and I had to do one of these like, like, don't don't freak out. Don't because she was like 70 pounds. She looked like that lady, but she was like right next to me on the mat right next to me. I was like, oh, my God. She's going to jiu jitsu? No, no, no, yoga. Oh, oh. So I was like, get her out of the... Oh, just let her tap me. Just go ahead, get me. Oh, no, she this poor lady. She made me so sad. It was so sad. It was so sad because she doesn't. You could fix that with food like you. You're you're at yoga class. You're not poor. That's what that that's way more alarming than like morbid obesity. Yeah, you know what I mean? It's weird because that's it seems like an easier fix. But I think we have to realize this is really important. We have to realize that, you know, when we judge people like that lady or like even like, you know, someone who's morbidly obese, like Lizzo or something like that, if you she's not morbidly, right? Is she? No, but I was you know, I would just sit here thinking, damn, I'm glad he I'm glad he didn't say Lizzo. That's the easy that's the easy way to go. Because everybody always goes, listen, Tim Dillon, let's say Tim Dillon. OK, it's what I think we have to really think about. And I never used to think about this when I was younger because I was a hard ass. I think you have to really understand that like there's something wrong. There's something wrong. Just like there's something wrong when someone thinks that demons are talking to them. Just like there's something wrong when someone can't stop gambling. There's something wrong when someone is starving themselves to death and they don't realize that it looks insane. There's something wrong. It's like with bodybuilders that never feel like they're big enough. You know, you know, that's a thing. It's like body dysmorphia. Yes, that's what it does. When you look in the mirror, you don't see what everybody else sees. Yeah. And I think that it's not even just that they don't see it. It's just like they don't have control of what's happening. There's a bunch of factors and everyone's like, oh, you've got control. You can go. Right. You do if you are at your best, if you are captured by the Viet Cong, you're fucking tortured for three years. Do you think you'd be the same person? You wouldn't be. All right. And if you lived some horrific life filled with physical and sexual abuse and violence and crime and incarceration or not or not even that. Yeah, sometimes any of these one thing, one traumatic event can fuck your whole shit up. Sure. And all the point is, there's so many factors that lead to a person starving themselves to death on TikTok. Like it's not as simple as that girl just needs to eat. It's like that. There's a problem. And the problem is showing itself as a skeleton. But there's a lot of problems. It's not as simple as like she doesn't know what she looks like. Right. Yeah, there's something dark there. So so fuck this. This is going to fuck me. It's going to haunt me. Is she so is she famous for being the anti-racist? I don't know. I just saw that video that I brought up to my daughter. My daughter knew her name. She knew who she was. And she pulled up videos and she was like, it's so sad. I was like, it is sad. And she doesn't know that it looks terrible, especially because like, I'm pretty sure when your body fat percentage drops to a certain like it's life threatening. Oh, she's 100 percent life threatening. Yeah, dude, it's it's life threatening for sure. Starvation is one of the absolute worst things that can happen to your body because your body starts to digest itself. Yeah, you know, you know, you never hear the the body positive movement is never like just because she's that skinny don't mean she ain't. Right. No, that's about to die. Exactly. There's no body positivity movement for not eating. No, hell no. According to Wikipedia, this is her first video that went viral online 10 years ago on WorldStarHipHop. OK, so then she looks just thin. Yeah, but she she looked like her mom and dad probably like, you need to eat, baby. But that's that's what is not an emergency. It's she's very thin, but she also looks like she's frail framed. Right. She's a small person, little frame, but she still looks healthy. Yeah, between that and what she's at now, look, you could see like her legs. You don't see these bones poking out everywhere. Right. Right. It's mental illness, man. I mean, it's 100 percent mental illness, especially when you know, when you got a twerk from the knees, play that she twerking from the knees. Well, she doesn't have a lot to work with. No, I mean, she's a tiny lady. She's so frail. But to see her like that, like, it's just any like I said, that lady who just take yoga, it was like watching her do it was just like, oh, my God. Yeah, because how do you how do you cure anorexia? Is it just like, is it like, has anyone cured it? Yes, yeah, people have bounced back from it. Yeah, I don't know what they have to do to bounce back from it. And maybe, you know, I think a lot of gets exacerbated by, you know, models. Like they have to they have to starve themselves. When your relationship with food is compromised, I think that might be the most dangerous, like even the opposite, like food addiction. It's like when you're when your drug is food. Yeah. That feels feels like such a. Because you can't quit food, right? You know, it's almost almost be like if you had to do a little heroin every day and you have a heroin problem. Yes. You know, you got to eat. So you have to. It's the only addiction that you can't ever just abstain from. Right, right. So that's that's tough. But then what is this? Is it like is it like the signal like something's fucked up with the chain of events that happens when you put food in your mouth? Well, like your body, instead of being like, oh, that's great. It's like, get the fuck out of me. I think for this lady, I mean, who knows what what led her down to being a skeleton. But it's like they think that thinner is better. Just like when when women have like crazy implants or like just super gigantic, super gigantic, triple Z, like anticalosi. Yeah, like you like to go knock or like what are you doing? Like, what are you doing? You know, they don't see it. They want them bigger. They want them bigger. It's like it becomes some crazy plastic surgery reveal so much. Yeah. It's like, do you? Because I the big one now is like the lip injections. And you see some people be like, you know, that don't look right. You know, you got stung by a bee on your lip. But it's your face has symmetry to it. There's like a certain ratio to like the distance between the eyes and the length of the nose and where the chin is. And when one of those things is off, your brain is going, why is your nose so little? But also like there's wrinkles on your bottom lip. So when you get too much of a lip injection, it looks smooth. Your lip looks smooth. So it looks swollen. Right. You know, even though somebody might look at your face and not notice what's off, they notice they know something's off. Right. You know, right. Why your lips smooth? This is weird. So shiny. It's true. Right. So I never thought of that part. Yeah, it looks weird to me. The lip thing doesn't work. It's like we went for boobs and they're like, OK, what about lips? Let's try lips. Everybody likes full lips. And they tried it, but it's like, that's your face. Yeah. Yeah. But I think you could do a little and pull it off. Some girls I think they're doing a little bit. Yeah. Some of some some people have nailed it. But you got to be careful not to get crazy. You don't want to be the skeleton lady. You know what I mean? Right. You don't want to be obese. You don't want to be the bodybuilder that thinks he's small. But I just feel like if she's been in it, she's been like this for that long. Don't they get to the point where they are? They fuck up their esophagus from throwing up so much. I don't think she's eating. So she's probably barely alive, man. When you're that little, I mean, essentially her body has deteriorated, right? Like you don't see anything but the bones, all the hip bones. And everything like that. You don't see any meat. But let's be honest, she looked like she was having a blast. I mean, it's easy to look like that for 15 seconds. She probably had to sleep for 11 hours. She's probably zero energy. How's she making money from being an influencer? I guess so. But what is she? But what product is? None. What is she ads? Maybe, you know, people just like thousands of followers. She was up for a YouTuber of the Year in 2020. How? I've never heard of her. I don't I don't know her YouTuber of the Year. She might her YouTube might be fine. It might be. Why are we judging? We haven't even watched these days. No, I don't have too many followers. No, but I think it's just I think it's a sweepstakes. Like people are people are betting money on when she's going to eat. And she just teaches them every week. She just puts them right here. I hope she gets better. I do too, man. I really do. It's it's that. How old is that girl? Almost 30. Almost 30. Yeah, when you lose that kind of weight and get that thin, that has to be what is let's Google anorexia and its effect. It's detrimental health effects on the human body. It's got to be horrific because I know weight cutting is fucking absolutely brutal for these fighters. But that's severe dehydration, which is not quite the same thing. But they do. They get real thin before they do that a lot of times. At least they used to. Guys are getting better at cutting just all the water out now. Oh, yeah. Well, I remember when I see I never got to see it up close to. We went to fight week. And I was like, oh, damn, like you got to leave these motherfuckers alone. Yeah. Yeah. Like the day before they they look they look they look like they like they just like somebody just rescued them from something. Well, they did. They rescued them from death. They legitimately are at death's door. OK, this is complications of anorexia include anemia, heart problems such as mitral valve prolapse, abnormal heart rhythms or heart failure. Bone loss, osteoporosis, increasing the risk of fractures, loss of muscle in females, absence of period and males decreased testosterone. Gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, bloating or nausea, electrolyte abnormalities such as low blood, potassium, sodium and chloride and kidney problems. Here's a question. What's the ratio of men with anorexia versus women? And how many of the men who have anorexia are gay men? I think I mean, it might be a problem, but I bet it's very few men have anorexia. I bet. Well, but I think that's starting to change, right? Because right now people are non binary. No, but no, no. But right now Pete Davidson is a sex symbol. Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly like went like young white women love the you know, the the sick looking. So I think that's a good question. The sick looking sort of like the real malnourished looking guys. Sort of until Jason Momoa shows up. Well, right. Right. Well, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I'm but what I'm saying is then your eggs start talking. What I'm saying is got more guys don't mind because men do what gets them late. Yeah, you know. And so it's like that's all that's why it's not very many anorexic men. Yeah, but they're not going to try that hard to stop eating anorexia. I bet you a lot of a lot of men in the model industry are probably anorexic. I would think they would have to be fit because because what they do. But but you don't you don't have to look like her to be anorexic. Yeah. The research I'm trying to find this is there's a problem. There is a lot of it's just general eating disorder is big and men going to anorexia. I think it's tough to find. Well, overeating is probably bigger than men. Correct. Yeah, that's why he's even finding the first study. They had double the amount of women responded even. But it's twice as many men said they had an eating disorder than women. Right. But that just could be their addicted to eating. Correct. Most of it's over eating. So they don't have data on just anorexia. I'm trying to find it and I have not located it. Why don't you Google how many men have anorexia?