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Bert's Disc Golf Obsession

60 views1 day ago

The Different Theories on Time Travel

67 views1 day ago

Author Jack Carr on How the Afghanistan Withdrawal Should've Been Handled

5 views2 days ago

The Difference Between WWII & Vietnam

7 views2 days ago

Canelo Alvarez Losing to Dmitry Bivol

258 views3 days ago

Charles Oliveira Missing Weight and Beating Justin Gaethje

270 views3 days ago

Joe Reacts to Jamie Foxx's Dave Chappelle Impression

17 views7 days ago

Christina P Doesn't Like New Superheroes

63 views7 days ago

Crazy Thrill Seekers and People Who Climb the Himalayas

59 views7 days ago

Why is There a Baby Formula Shortage?

6 views7 days ago

The Impact of Marcus Aurelius and Ancient Philosophers

47 views9 days ago

Gad Saad on Maintaining His 86 Pound Weight Loss

11 views9 days ago

The Black Keys on the Idea of Selling Out

9 views10 days ago

Are UFO Videos Really of Hypersonic Missiles?

46 views10 days ago

How Would Jake Paul Do Against a Real Boxer?

33 views14 days ago

The Possibility of Tyson Fury Fighting Francis Ngannou

18 views14 days ago

Joe & Tony Debate Golf vs. MMA

10 views15 days ago

Joe on Dave Chappelle Getting Tackled Onstage

351 views15 days ago

Doug Stanhope's DMT Experience

15 views16 days ago

Doug Stanhope's Reaction to the Johnny Depp Amber Heard Trial

130 views16 days ago