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Remi Warren on Hunting in the Arctic Circle

7 views17 hours ago

Dave Smith on Idea that Israeli Leader Netanyahu Propped Up Hamas

17 views1 day ago

Terrence Howard Explains His √2 Comments and Other Theories

9 views5 days ago

This Video Game Designer Thinks We're Living in a Simulation

22 views7 days ago

Royce Gracie on Winning UFC #1 and Being a MMA Pioneer

20 views8 days ago

Artist Greg Overton on UFO's, Time Travel, and The I Ching

11 views9 days ago

Mike Tyson is "Terrifying" Ahead of Jake Paul Fight

26 views13 days ago

"Suicidal Empathy" Reason for Open Border Policies Says Gad Saad

24 views14 days ago

How the CIA Disguises Their Agents

22 views15 days ago

Discussing Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake and Rap Beefs

13 views16 days ago

Looking at the College Protests and Fearing Another Kent State

10 views16 days ago

The Intense History of Jerusalem and a Quick Mick Jagger Story

22 views20 days ago

Colin Quinn on New York City in the 70's and 80's

21 views20 days ago

How Chris Distefano Became Friends with the Owner of the Mets

16 views21 days ago

Tulsi Gabbard Speaks Out Against Ban TikTok Bill For Potential Government Overreach

21 views22 days ago

"The Giza Power Plant" Christopher Dunn's Theory that The Great Pyramid Collected and Stored Energy

15 views23 days ago

Max Holloway on Being Counted Out Before UFC 300 Win Against Justin Gaethje

16 views27 days ago

Bart Sibrel Argues That The Moon Landing Was Staged

36 views28 days ago

Mysterious Anti-Gravity Research and Russia's Tsunami Torpedo

27 views29 days ago

Joe on Sheldon Johnson's Murder Charge and The Prison System

10 views30 days ago