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Francis Ngannou on Leaving the UFC, Signing Tyson Fury Fight, and Training with Mike Tyson

9 views5 days ago

Trae the Truth on Getting Shot and Having the Bullet Stuck in His Arm

11 views6 days ago

Mexico's Alien Skeletons Examined by Doctors

9 views6 days ago

What Happen if All Drugs Were Legalized?

9 views7 days ago

Journalist Alex Berenson on the Real Cost of Pharmaceutical Incentives

9 views7 days ago

Kurt Angle Candidly Speaks About Regretting Past Drug Use

5 views8 days ago

How Kurt Angle Won an Olympic Golden Medal with a Broken Neck

4 views8 days ago

Ultimate Flushing Challenge - JRE Toons

3 views9 days ago

Woman Who Accepted Marlon Brando's Oscar Faked Native American Heritage

21 views13 days ago

Looking Into the South Pole Direct Energy Weapon Conspiracy

29 views13 days ago

Pro Pool Player Jeremy Jones Tells His Craziest Gambling Stories

19 views14 days ago

Matt Rife Went Ghost Hunting in the Conjuring House

19 views15 days ago

What's Going on with Alien Abductions?

18 views15 days ago

JRE Fight Companion - September 9, 2023

9 views17 days ago

Sam Tripoli's Theory About the Next Election Cycle

11 views17 days ago

Reacting to Sean Strickland Beating Israel Adesanya

16 views17 days ago

Discussing the Newest Revelation in the JFK Assassination

6 views17 days ago

Luis J. Gomez's 3 Day Long Acid Trip

13 views20 days ago

Brain Implants, Space Balloons, and the Technology of the Future

15 views20 days ago

Tulsi Gabbard Analyzes the Trump Indictments

16 views20 days ago