Tom Delonge Explains His UFO Obsession to Joe Rogan


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Tom Delonge

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Hello freak bitches. So you're obsessed with UFOs, right? Uh, is that safe to say? It's safe to say, but it's not so much just the UFO itself. I mean, I don't call them that anymore. We call these advanced aerial threats. They're different. Threats? Gosh, you were, you honed in on a word we weren't supposed to really get into here in the first part of the show. Oh, did you have a plan? I have a very long plan, detailed plan. We're going to start with my body. We're just going to talk about my body for a lot. Okay. What do you want to talk about? What terms of your body? Well, my body is interesting. It's unique. Okay. And it's, it, it changes shape. What I've noticed is it's just changing. Yeah. It's getting larger. Larger, getting wider. Depending upon what you put in it. But you're all, can I cuss? Yeah. Yeah, for sure. We're on the internet. You're so fucking fit. You shook my hand. I think I'm going to break my hand. I'm sorry. Yeah. Just don't be strong. I didn't mean to. I thought it was a handshake. I know. Well, it's one of those power moves you ever see when Trump shakes people's hands and he pulls them in and he's like, yeah, he does do weird shit. He does weird shit like that. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't mean to do that. Just meant to shake your hand like a man. Well, I, I took it as like, know your place, motherfucker. Oh, this is my show. I didn't think that. No, I'm just interesting. So how, when did you get obsessed with this aerial threat thing? Why, why do you, why do you call them threats? We'll get into that, I guess. But I got into it when I was in junior high. For some weird reason, I had like some time off in and I went to the school library in like seventh grade and I was like, damn, I gotta read some boring shit. What am I going to read? And I saw this one book and it had a picture of the Loch Ness Monster in like a UFO mall. That looks cool. And I read that and I was like, holy cow. These are like real. It wasn't all science fiction. I mean, the way the book was laid out, it's like, these are like real events. I'm all, there's no, no way really. And then when the band started doing its thing in the back of the van, there were no like smartphones. So as we were buying books and and I would just lay there, we'd have like 20 hour drives. And so I started buying books on the UFO phenomenon. And I was once you do that, it's a black hole you're done. Yeah, it's definitely a rabbit hole. You get sucked into it. I at my house, I have a frame poster that's the cover of the Roswell Daily News. Yeah. That shows the day after the Roswell crash where it says that the Air Force came and recovered the wreckage and the whole day I've been obsessed with this shit since I was a little kid. Yeah, I think I think that's I think that's by design. I think this generation is was meant to have this stuff come out. But you know, I can't prove that. That's just my feeling. What makes you feel that like? Because of exactly what you said, there's a lot of people I don't believe that some of the I don't believe that some of the events happened on accident. You know, I think that there's been a lot of events that are on purpose. Some have been for show, some have been for even there's a variety, variety reasons. But I think a lot of it is a control system that's really pushing humanity in a very specific direction. And so like they've got a timeframe where they've had these events take place. Is that what you think? Yeah. And then you have to travel, which is different than what people think in like a movie where they sit in a machine and you're also in your 1930s and you got to go save humanity. When you use the technology, you have a there's a time difference between where what they're doing inside of an artificially created bubble of gravity of sorts, and then what's on the outside. So if you're on the inside of one of those machines, everything would be skewed more black and white, there'd be like a redshift. And everybody would look frozen. So you literally could fly around and grab a Coke out of someone's hand and put it in someone else's hand. It's really, where are you getting this from? We'll take a wild guess. Look at the people I'm surrounded by, you know. So the people you're surrounded by are telling you this? Is that what it is? Well, I don't want to get into that. But the people I'm surrounded with and myself, you know, are very close to this stuff. But the physics, you know, the physicist that's a co-founder of my company to the star, he's a Nobel nominee. He wrote the book on plasma physics. What's his name? Hal Putoff, Dr. Hal Putoff. And he created remote viewing. Do you know what remote viewing is? He's the creator of the CIA psychic spy program, but he also has done like really exotic, advanced forefront propulsion work for the past decades and decades, actually. I mean, he's deep into the like quantum this and that. So he's the one that actually told me about the redshift. Yeah. And so they have experienced this physically or is this just theoretical or they know that it exists? Like the technology? Yes. I believe that the technology not only exists, we've figured out how to play with it. But I'm not going to really get into that here. That is what we're doing at my company, though. That is the announcement. So Steve Justice was head of advanced programs at the Skunk Works. And the Skunk Works are who built, you know, the famous secret bases you hear about. Skunk Works did, you know, the U2 spy plane, the SR-71 Blackbird, the 117 stealth fighter. It's all Groom Lake out there. All that kind of stuff. And he literally was in charge of all the advanced programs. So you know, you got the boss and you got him. And he came. He just finished his career over there within the past two months, I think it is. And he was on stage with me when we came out and said, we're going to be building one of these things. So when you say that all this technology exists, have they explained this to you or have you seen it physically? Oh, I haven't seen anything physically like that. I wouldn't be allowed to go anywhere if that does or doesn't exist. So they've just explained to you that this exists and that this is in the hands of the US government? Let me, I think no, no, I see. I don't want to get into that kind of stuff. But if you don't mind. Well, why is it that you want to not get into certain things? Well, I don't want to speak. You know, I represent more than myself these days. So I definitely have to watch what I say. Who do you represent when you say you represent more than yourself? The team that I'm with. So when you look at the people that are a part of my company, it's undersecretary of defenses and defense and senior intelligence service. Is there a list of these people that we could see? Oh, yeah. I thought you guys would have had that. Yeah, but I mean, is there like a list where folks could see it online? Yeah, they can go to the and scroll down and you'll be able to see who they all are. So how did you get linked up with all these people? That story might be a better way to start because a lot of people don't know this part of the story. I think you're going to find it pretty fucking odd as well. But, OK, so we'll back up a couple of years. So I was obviously, you know, I started the band Blink and Blink went places. But we always had a weird band relationship like most bands. And we also thought that we would never be big. So we started companies on the side. And I had a company that incubated a lot of small startups like Software and Apparel and Hardcore Skate, serve companies and stuff like that. Well, I learned a lot from that and I pulled out an entertainment startup called To The Stars. And I knew I was going to be doing kind of like science fiction, franchised stories, just like Disney, but science fiction for adults. And what that means is, you know, I make a story, I title it, I brand it and I put out the book and I put out the merchandise and I go make a movie, you know, and it's a vertically integrated kind of model. Well, one of the stories I knew I wanted to put out was Secret Machines, which was kind of a historical fiction, but based on real events about the UFO phenomenon. But I also knew that I knew shit that most people don't know because I've studied it for so long and I happen to put some pieces together that most people don't put together. So before I came out with that book and before I came out with the plan to take that and make major motion pictures and all that kind of stuff, I knew I needed to ask permission. So I flew around to places, I can't say who they were, but they listened to my pitch and then I got an email out of nowhere that says meet us next to the Pentagon at this day and time and I did that. And from that- You got an email from a random person? No, no, no, I just can't tell you who it's from. And so then I go out- You're next to the Pentagon? You just flew to the Pentagon? I flew out to Pentagon City, yeah. Dude, this- Are you freaking out? I'll tell you when I started freaking out. There's more shit. It gets way worse. This is nothing. So that started me out near DC taking some other high level meetings and there was somebody at a very high level that closed the door, looked me in the eye and says, okay, I'm going to introduce you to somebody. And that person comes to San Diego, puts me on the phone with a general and the general is listening to my little stump speech about what I want to do with this franchise because I definitely didn't want to- I wasn't looking to force disclosure and I wasn't looking to be rogue and break secrets. I was like, look, I know what's going on here and you guys are doing a kick ass job and I would have done the exact same thing should I have been the guy at the top that had to make some really hardcore decisions 70 years ago. So I want to support you. I think people are cynical because there's a vacuum. You guys can't say what you're doing. So all these people are just coming up with a bunch of bullshit to say, oh, you know, they don't want us to know or we can't handle it or it's all about oil and money and all this weird shit. I'm- But you would put these pieces together independently. I did. And based on books that you read? Yeah. People think that places like the CIA and the DIA, all these intelligence organizations have a monopoly on information. They get their information from the real world too. They do have access to archives of information. They do have access to some amazing satellite data and stuff like that. But if you're smart and you take your time, you know where to look and you find patterns, you can pretty much put together all the same shit they can, kind of. And that's what I did. And so when I pitched what I wanted to do, he said, come up and meet me tomorrow. And so I flew up to NASA actually, NASA Ames, and had a two-hour meeting there. And after two hours, that person says, he looks me in the eyes, I'm going to introduce you to someone else. And he did. And so I got on the phone with this person. And this person, you know, go, I'm a skeptic, I'm a skeptic. And then at the end of the conversation, he goes, he goes, fly out and see me. And so I did. And that's when things really started happening. Now I fly out to this airport. And I sit at a table in a restaurant at the airport. No one's in there. And this gentleman sits down. And the waiter comes up, he waves off the waiter, and he looks me in the eye and says, it was the Cold War and we found a life form. And that's when I started shitting my pants. Because I know a lot about this stuff, but you always wait to talk to somebody that is one of the inside people. You always want to have- He sits down at a restaurant with you at the airport and tells you that they found a life form. Yes. And- During the Cold War? During the Cold War. And everything that they did and every decision they made at the time was because of the consciousness of the Cold War. And why is this guy decided to meet with you at an airport? Because the only way you meet with these people, the only way you ever would have anyone talk to you is if you can provide a service that they need. And my service was pretty interesting to them because I said, look, you guys, you know, you struggle with saying disclosure, you want to tell everybody everything, which I don't think everyone should know everything. And then you say, they can't handle it. So don't tell them anything. And I'm like, there's a middle road there. And here's the way I would do the middle road. And it resonated with them. And so we had a pretty epic conversation for two hours. Why you? Like, what is it about what your message was? Because- What your idea was that made them want to tell you some top secret shit that they've tried to keep away from the American people. When you tell your guy who's like a big celebrity who's in a huge rock band like you, and you just say, hey, meet me in an airport. I'm going to tell you about a life form that we found during the Cold War because you're famous or because you know things? No, because I have a service. So it's not, it sounds easy when you play it like that, but it was a service. Like what can you do for them that they need help with? And what could you do? Communication. They don't have a way to make a movie, a book. They don't know how, they don't have a way to make documentaries. They don't have a way to go on a big show like this and communicate with young people. They don't do that. And nor should they. They look at, you got to look at what they're doing. So they look to you for a spokesperson role? I wouldn't say spokesperson role. Communication role. Communication role. It makes more sense. So they would give some information to you and you would get it out to people. And now why wouldn't they do it themselves? Because they wouldn't have the same platform. They don't have access to the same platform. They don't. And the other reason is, is people have tried to do movies and stuff like this. But none of them know. I was fortunate enough to know the core story. And most people don't. How did you explain that then, if you don't mind going back? Like you said, you were able to put things together that other people weren't. What are those things? Essentially, it's the book, Secret Machines, where you have a lot of private finance. You have some world bankers and you have a lot of people internationally working together to figure out a plan of how to push back against something that's been coming here for a very long time. But using off-the-books finances and using mechanisms that were not totally aware exist. And what people have to realize is, you know, the UFO phenomenon isn't a phenomenon. The universe is fucking gigantic. And there's life everywhere. Every fucking where. And there's a lot of life that's way more advanced than we are. And just like Voyager left our solar system, a little dinky satellite from the 70s, there and just like my company is going to be building, you know, this electromagnetic craft that really can do the same thing to time that I've been telling you about, other civilizations have that too, which means you can traverse those distances of space. And what you have to think about is what happened when we first discovered that and what did we do about it? And there's no, you know, you got to look at 47 in a very peculiar way. 90 days after the Roswell event with CIA was created, the Air Force was separated from the Army, the National Security Act was created. And all those things are mechanisms to start learning more and to start getting private industry off the ground. So that had nothing to do with World War II. You think it had to do with aliens? Oh, I absolutely think it will both because what what I believe crashed at Roswell was I believe it was German for Argentina, but it had hallmarks and technology based on alien technology. So we put out a story saying it's alien. And then we put out a story saying it's a weather balloon. But the real thing it was we didn't want anyone to guess. And that's why we put those two things out there. And that's that's kind of how they do it. I think they did that with the moon. It's like, you know, we went to the moon and then they put out this meme kind of thing like we didn't go to the moon, but they didn't want people really going, well, what's on the moon? That, you know, so these things are managed until they can figure it out because you've got a bunch of normal dudes in suits sitting at a big table like this. And it's their fucking responsibility to figure this thing out. And this shit is monumentally big. But back to this, how would they manage this then? How these regular dudes without access to communication like you have, how have they managed to disseminate this information and and sort of confuse everybody? I think, well, I can tell I don't know how they did it. I do know that they infiltrated UFO groups. That was the very first thing they did in the fifties. Sort of like how FBI agents and undercover cops infiltrated, occupy Wall Street, pretended to be radical hippies and started fights. Yep, they did that. They get access to what the civilians are learning, how information transfers from one group to another. And then they start deflecting all their knowledge and putting in leaks and this and that and getting them off the main track, not because of a disdain for citizens and not because of any other reason than picture ISIS. We don't know what ISIS is. They got a nuclear bomb and we caught a guy trying to sneak in this bomb. Are they going to stop and come sit on your couch and tell you all about it? No. And if you're like on the radio and there's all these people going, oh, my God, we're going to die a bomb, a bomb, a bomb. They're hold up a second. You know, you're not going to fucking die, but we need to learn more about this and we've got to figure it out before we sit down and talk to you about it.