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Bob Lazar

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Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location.

Jeremy Corbell

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Jeremy Corbell is an investigative filmmaker, UFOlogist, artist, and author.


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Now one of the things that's happened to you that has allowed people to discredit you was there's obviously been some sort of an effort to erase your past. Yeah. Some sort of an effort to erase your education history, your employment history at Los Alamos. In fact the only way your employment history was proven at Los Alamos is someone got a list of directory of the employees from the past and read into it and you were on that list. So it proved that you worked there even though people were trying to deny it and they were trying to use that as a way to discredit you that you never did work at Los Alamos. You weren't really a scientist. What was that like to experience, I mean of course we're talking about the 1980s, the 1990s when you could get away with something like that. Yeah obviously there are a lot less, a lot less records on computers at that time. It was still file cabinets and folders but yeah that was frightening. That was one of the first things I think. What happened? I think George Knapp was the first one that uncovered that. I mean he saw my birth certificate disappear. It disappeared. Yeah. There was no record of you being there. Yeah there was no record of that. There was no record. His mom tells me about that like it was frightening for her. He's got a real family you know he's a real person. It's frightening for her. But the Los Alamos thing really surprised me and that they were so adamant that no this guy never worked here don't be ridiculous. And George went back and forth you know for. I got the letters on the wall. Yeah. Months I mean it was ridiculous but fortunately somebody came up with a 1982 phone book directory. I mean and also originally I told you you know when I worked there I was on the front page of the paper so they were still able to archive you know bring that back from the archives and you know Bob Lazar a physicist working here at Los Alamos so there was at least something there but somehow George came up with the phone directory. And then George then Bob took George with cameras into Los Alamos. Oh yeah yeah so we flew out there and I said look come on in I'll show you where I worked we'll go in we'll meet people and George went with me and you know. And you knew how to navigate the place. Oh yeah and you know met people and you know. Los Alamos was also the place where they had the machine that was able to read the the size of your digits. No no that was a lot of that was s4. That was s4 and explain that. So now this was back in the 80s. And this is back in the 80s where when you discuss this people like this doesn't even exist. Yeah. Okay what was it? It was a way you know this is before fingerprint scanners and you know and anything of anything any high resolution scanner at that time. So what it was was a device that had a little picture of a hand on a glass plate with pins in it so you could jam your hand in there and there was a bright light above it and a sensor underneath and when you put your hand in there the light would turn on and it would measure the bones in your finger because the light shown through your bones. And apparently the length of the bones in your fingers are extremely unique and easy to measure and they use that when you put your hands on there the light would turn on and your badge would pop out. There's it right there. Oh there it is that's that's it and I tried to describe this to people and they said that is the most ridiculous thing we've ever heard. And I said hey that my badge came out of that thing I put my hand on it badge popped out and that's how I could open the doors and get into S4. And you know and everybody discredited that they said it was bullshit with science fiction and Jeremy you found this. I found it through a good friend of mine named Tyler Rogaway and he had some good sources inside of area 52 where they also used these for the stealth program right around that time. So now I've got all these people that worked within who you know said only if you're in certain programs would we use this technology. It's kind of shit actually they didn't keep it for very long beginning of biometrics so I was able to reveal it in my film I kept my mouth shut until I showed it to Bob you know the movie is the first time he saw it was how you see in the documentary that's his genuine reaction getting goosebumps. That was a great idea that the way you did it. Thank you man because you know what guess what I'm actually trying to see if he's telling the truth that's how I started you know that's how I started so it was really cool to see that and that you get to see it his actual reaction. Has that been verified by other people? Yeah so yeah so to me it has personally I get emails every day and people are telling me where these are used and how they're used in the semi photos I got a lot of photos of identity mats now. Well how they were used right they're not how they were used but yeah but I don't the most recent one was way more recent than I thought in another country but yeah that technology was used. So what's so funny is that this technology even in the area 52 where they'd use him for Tonopah one of the guys who will go on camera when he will do an interview with me he was a technician for one of these and and he hated them because they were really bad they always broke down and never and he was a technician for him now he won't tell me where if he worked at area 52 so it's probably Tonopah it's very separated even on base but yeah. So there was that yeah there is your education record that was also like what happened with that? Well that disappeared also you know that I have I've never gone I've never gone anywhere for education I've never gone I never attended any classes at Caltech I never attended anything at MIT. You did attend classes in those places? I did attend classes in those places. Do you know anybody that you went to school with? Yes I do. And have they verified that they went to school with you? Well I gave Jeremy some names but people yeah I the reason I don't say these names publicly is because every single time I mention a name somebody gets in trouble. They don't want to be. Of course yeah yeah of course but what what is that experience like seeing your birth certificate erased seeing your employment. Well it's frightening it's it's absolutely frightening. It's also the fuel that the debunkers use the so-called air quote skeptics I don't like the term skeptics I'm gonna say this publicly because I really have only said this privately I think it's a sloppy lazy way to look at things to just be a skeptic. I want people to be objective and I think there's a lot of things you should be skeptical of I think you should you should look at things and look at things from a hard-line science perspective you should be objective but the idea of skeptics the problem with that is you're always looking for things to be bullshit yeah and I think that's dangerous because I think some things aren't bullshit confirmation bias on the other end you're just deciding to take a square thing and put it in a round hole no matter what and I find a lot of them to be lazy a lot of them to be lazy thinkers sure because they're always putting it into that box instead of going hmm instead of just separating their ego they're trying they're playing a game and the game is calling bullshit I want to call bullshit and I'm gonna line up all these reasons why it's bullshit and I'm gonna ignore anything that might be contrary to that definition yeah every time I'm thinking I'm gonna catch him in something you know all along this process I found dr. Krangle he came forward and said I was in security briefings with Bob Lazar the physicist at Los Alamos he went on the record with me now the other people I talked with why won't they go on the record with me because they're still working there so that that's the difference right what is that what can the public have or even if they're not working there you know they want to live their lives what I mean obviously people have seen what's happened to you Mike Thigpen after 30 years yeah really if you look at all the information on you know concerning my accounts that's that's verifiable it can't possibly be a bullshit story anymore it's really way past that point yeah I mean that was my thing pen is I mean how is it I was possibly no so Mike Thigpen was the guy that did the security clearances to go to the bay one of the guys that was the guy that you work with he said he did right and and George nap you know George didn't believe him George put him through four polygraph tests right he tried to see man this is a big risk it sounds interesting but let's see if he's telling the truth one of the things was Bob said there's a guy named Mike Thigpen he did security clearances for the base and that's a weird name it's a very specific for 30 years George found this guy in this weird department that he didn't even know it was my thick pin the guy wouldn't talk to me ghosted him totally ghosted him for 30 years used Facebook and Google image match through his children I was able to find him after 30 years and I talked to him three times on the phone he lives on the east coast he almost went on camera with me confirmed that he did security clearances for the base in 1989 confirmed he remembers Bob Lazar and what you don't know is there's a handwritten note that a friend of yours has from Mike what I know I'm gonna give it to you later I don't but that is real that is actual so handwritten note that says what you know like this is new to me so when the I when you're when they do security clann to clearances they go through all your friends and family go to your friends yeah yeah so this is to Bob and I had people come to me for a friend of mine that's serving and they are doing a security clearance for him and even though I'm like the UFO guy they did you know the FBI come and visit my house and make sure that they talk about my friend and they lift a little card and when my wife told me to get a way cuz you didn't know who they were they left a little card it's super cute now back then it was a handwritten note and his friend has it for him that you haven't seen in oh my god two decades so if you're listening I don't know why I'm telling this card it's just a little handwritten note with Mike fig pins signature card like a like a like a postcard like a piece of paper that he left on the door saying when Bob gets back or whatever it says on it so it's just another little funny thing I found the guy he does the security clearances he admitted to me he did it and he admitted to me he was dodging George Knapp because when George said his name on the rate on the on the news he dropped his fork into his steak or new potatoes or whatever and he's looking at his wife he was in trouble his name is never supposed to be out there like this just a security clearance guy but you don't want national attention associated with anything Bob has to say but anyway this unique name Bob said for 30 years and the guy ghosted George Knapp George could prove he existed he actually talked to me man he talked to me three times he almost went on camera with me it's just crazy what what do you what happens after 30 years you just get more info