The Strange Ongoing Saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried


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Kurt Metzger

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It's very weird that we spent more on this than Russia spent doing the invasion. We now surpassed what Russia has spent. But what about this FTX thing? Oh yeah well. That's where it gets crazy. Which I love is they're all reporting on like how could this happen? Like you know he would play League of Legends while he's on the phone doing a 20 million dollar deal. And then who was it Goldman Sachs? Somebody's like I love this kid. They all think it's great. How could they think it's great? Because he's a rich kid with connected parents. If he was just some jerk off the street who looked like that. They wouldn't be like oh this is great. Well his mom was a big Democratic Party operative right? Wasn't she something along those lines? Yeah also MIT, the guy at the SEC that he would talk to was an MIT professor. Hold on go back Jamie would you just show me? I was trying to find the actual thing and that wasn't it but this is what he was talking about. Crypto's biggest crash saw a guy playing League of Legends while luring investors. So while he was looking for it. He was playing this fucking game while he was talking to the investors. If you just pay a bunch of money to the media, which is what he did. They'll just write things about how great you are. That's the other thing. He was a jerk off. They'll write because there's only two kinds of stories. My friend used to work with, she told me it's either puff, outrage. It's like puff pieces or hit pieces. That's all they do. Because that's how you get people to look at it and whatever. So you can bribe these companies to do puff pieces. That's what he did. Isn't that wild? The guy from Shark Tank that they asked him, he's like I'd work with him again. I think he was actually one of the guys that got paid too. Of course. I think he's one of the spokes people wasn't he? Kevin O'Leary? He had to give some fun disclosures on that video where he was like before we get started on this. Let me tell you that all my business accounts are involved in FTX and I've invested in it. There's a video of him on Shark Tank tearing apart some guy who brought a Ponzi scheme to him. Oh no. In fact, what did I say? I think it's Coffeezilla or something. Maybe he believes in this kid. Yeah, but if you know the right people, his brother works with like a gap or something, a guard against pandemics. Every single thing that you would see. Did you see what the young lady said? She posted it on Twitter about her regular amphetamine use. Oh, they're checking people. What did she say? It makes real life seem silly. See if you can find out what her post was. But she was talking on Twitter about how consuming amphetamines on a regular basis made non-medicated life seem dumb. Oh no shit. Did you see the obvious things they're saying? What a fucking- nothing like regular amphetamine use to make you appreciate how dumb a lot of normal non-medicated human experience is. That is a hilarious thing to say from someone who in April 5th of 2021 is responsible for how much money? Dude, but you know what's crazy? They're all whacked out on legal prescription drugs. Yeah, they're whacked out on- there's another thing that he was taking in a transdermal patch. He was taking sledgelline or something like that. I just watched that dude. He's like a weightlifting guy. More plates, more dates, more dates, more dates, more dates. That guy knows all the chemical. What is he like a chemical engineer? No man, he's just fucking super smart and reads research. I know, it's so funny how people are like- I thought he was a chemist. Everybody I ever knew that was some kind of fitness freak knew a lot of shit about. They weren't like stupid people that shouldn't do research. They were way ahead of everyone else I knew. You know how like weightlifting supplements- Oh yeah man, listen. I know a lot of people that know a lot of shit about like when you should eat for the maximum amount of absorption of the protein. Yeah right. How many grams per pound of body weight you have to take. That kid with that flagelline that's amazing, a kid that out of shape is like weightlifter knowledge of nootropics. A bodybuilding guy. That's his body. His body is his mind. His body is just carrying his mind around. What are the effects he said it does where it makes you like enjoy doing like boring work or something? I think yeah, I think it was something along those lines. Find Derek's video on it because Derek describes it, but the sledgelline one, he had like a nicotine patch. It was like a patch. Yeah. So it's just like getting that slow drip of whatever the fuck that sledgelline stuff is all day. That stuff stays in you for a while. Those kind of things stay- those ones where it stays for a while you can't just go off it. Transdermal. Not the patch. I don't know what it's a 20 minute video. I don't know what the part would be. Maybe... Just start it- yeah, right there. That's the stuff. That's the stuff. Yeah. And Sam. This. Okay, so he's gonna go- he has his medical disclaimer. He's smart about the way he handles stuff. So guys, Derek, today. We're talking about Sam Bankman-Friede and his nootropic use, his drug use, his cognitive enhancing, dopaminergic enhancing drugs that he's using to stay cognitive- cognitively fucking dial, dude, for being the hyper-productive entrepreneur. That he is, bro. So if you haven't seen- I'm sure you've probably seen if you're looking at this, the FTX debacle. He's all in the news and has been for a minute now. Crypto fears, contagion is billions owed to creditors. Sam Bankman-Friede becomes an ESG truth-teller. FTX fires three of Sam Bankman-Friede's top deputies. So a lot of like Tom Brady, Larry David did ads for crypto giant FTX. Now they're getting sued. Sam Bankman-Friede says fuck regulators. Musk's Twitter ultimatum and making TikToks instead of ads. This is Matt Levine on the collapse of Sam Bankman-Friede's FTX and Alameda. So apparently this guy went from a billionaire to nothing essentially overnight from this complete disaster of a situation. If you want some insight onto exactly what happened, check out Coffeezilla. High quality information on a regular basis in a highly entertaining format. Highly recommend his channel for anything crypto scam related essentially. Or anything financial. But wasn't he like the top guy of Google? Anyway, he's a billionaire and he really understands it and he actually contacted them and said, you know, you should form a board. And they told him to go fuck himself. That's literally what they said. He was like, he's a fucking billionaire financial guy who actually understands how money works. And he said, look, this is what you guys got to do. And they're like, go fuck yourself. Do you think the new tropics were making them arrogant? They're on speed all day, man. These guys are jacked up on speed and making billions and they're fucking each other. All of them. All nine of them. And a house in the Bahamas just smells like nerd fucking. Just nerd fucking. Just taking Mountain Dew and sledgeling, using a trackball. These tweets on the side of this are crazy. That's probably what he's talking about. What's he saying? It says like, Sam has fatal side effects when eating with meat products. Yeah. Is that why he's a vegan? Yeah, it's that fearlessness. Pathological gambling and hyper sexuality. Have you heard of this before? I've heard of this with other drugs. You know, I just realized the ultimate gift basket for his libs is the one FTX did, which is a shit ton of money. Yeah. That's better than fake money. Than a designer t-shirt. If that guy didn't go to war with that other guy, that's what happened, right? That dude dumped all of his coins. He sold all of his coins, and they really couldn't cover it. Yeah. That was his like rival. Yeah, he had a whole back door installed in that, so his kind of house, one of girlfriend or whatever, she is, ran Alameda Research. Right. And then they had some back door. They funneled off like $10 billion into that. The whole thing is so wild. They were just on speed playing with fake money. It's so funny to watch a video where it's obvious, and all you need is people to be on board. Yeah. If all the right people are on board, that's all it takes. It's like the Epstein Island thing. Yeah, everyone, it's like everything is to train you to get to be, like you don't really get to pick, if you say whatever your politics, right? Right. Whatever you would call yourself, you don't get to decide that. Like we'll let you know what you are. Right. You could decide maybe a gender. You go ahead and pick out a gender, honey. But you're not getting to pick. Everything else about your identity will be assigned to you from now on. You can only, even that can only be assigned if it's convenient. You see what happened with the non-binary shooter? Oh, yeah. And then the transgender person on television says, I could tell by looking at them that that's a man. Well, what do they do in that situation where they have, we played it on Jimmy's show. That is such a crazy thing to say. Like that is against everything you supposedly stand for. Did you see initially, so it's Al Franken... Some other white guy, the reporter, the woman, and then I can't remember the black guy's name, but she's like, first hearing the non-binary thing. So now they're in a bad spot because you're supposed to like immediately go along with that. Right. And they're resistant. And this is like really screwing up their narrative of whatever they were going to say this person was, right? And so they had to turn the black guy because they're like, I hope, because we're white. Like we can't say anything like, I hope this is enough of a shield for us to say we don't want to accept that this shooter is non-binary. And then they had to get a transomner coming up. He doesn't look non-binary to me. So crazy to say that the whole rule is set up that way. In fact, I first heard about I'm from that guy, Adam Curry on here, ESG, a long time ago. And I was like, oh, is that what that is? I was wondering where all this bizarre, it sounds like it's a tax write off. It's so like, are they they must be making money in some way or getting a grant to do this? Yeah, that's exactly what it is. Yeah. It's wild. That's what they're profiting off of a mind virus. You could juke the numbers however you want. If you pay you pay into it like a carbon, like your personal carbon. And it sounds good. You're trying to make the world a better place, a more equitable place, beautiful place, more just place, more diverse place. He said that openly. And also that it was bullshit openly to someone he thought was giving him a favorable article. Because they're all really, really kid gloves with his FDX kid. He must have paid out. It is weird how the kid gloves with him, right? Like some some places not at all. And other places like trying to paint him as a person who just made mistakes. Yeah. The whole point of giving somebody a shit ton of money is not so you have to give them orders of what to they just have an insight. He's one of the good ones. I know we're like we hate billionaires here, but this guy gave us like millions. Yeah. He duked out. Doesn't Bill Gates do that too? Doesn't he donate like millions and millions of dollars to these media organizations? He used to be a hated guy. Well, he still is by some. But I mean in the media, I remember that when he was like a bad guy, you know, when they had the antitrust. Right. And now they can't say enough. And then you find all these things like common. I don't have kids. So I remember Common Core came out and I would just hear everybody complaining about Common Core. That's his, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation money made that a national thing. I didn't know about that at the time. Like a ton of. Yeah. What is this? Listen at speaking at a New York Times event. Yeah, soon. Yeah. Oh, and he'll be there, he says. Which is crazy. Do they arrest him on the spot? I don't think so. That's wild. That's wild. What happens there? I don't know. Wait. Oh, go down a little. See, wait, go down a little bit. Yeah, Larry Fink. So that's the guy. I think he's the guy that invented ESG, right? That's his thing, isn't it? Mm. CEO of BlackRock. So there's all these business folks. There's another audience. Benjamin Netanyahu. There's people in the Bahamas looking for him right now from like the crypto community. Wow. It's a real. They're like hunting him down. It's a real Epstein Island of notable people coming. Oh, you got to imagine. There's probably some bad people that lost millions. Billions? Yeah. I don't know how much people really had involved. Well, I mean, a lot of people did, but I mean, some of them are bad people. You know what I'm saying? Oh, yeah, yeah. Can you imagine? All these people know, like Van Jones especially, you know that guy knows the deal because they got him on camera. What's his name? Filmed him. They're like, you know, this is all bullsh... Talking about Russiagate. Do you remember that? Yes. I'm forgetting the guy's name, but Veritas. Veritas. Yeah. James O'Keefe. So that's him. I mean, it's not cut anyway. I know a bunch of people from, especially being in New York and all the comics would do cable news stuff, you know, like Red Eye, what you do. You meet these people and they're all like, they all know the game and assume you do too. And then if I meet people that think it's all like, they just can't imagine something nefarious was... Oh, yeah, of course. Zelensky's there. He's not busy. Boy, that guy really... You got a speech with a tie on. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around. He's getting around.