The Role Reversal of Men Getting Rich From Divorce


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Mark Normand

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I kind of wish I had that with like a wife. That's why I'm so scared of marriage. Because you change so much from just high school to now or college to now and then you get married and then you change again maybe when you're 62 and then you're stuck with this plus size lady and you don't know what the hell to do and how to get out and you can't meet anybody new because you're 62. That's the problem with the contract of marriage, right? That's the problem is it is a legal contract. It feels great. Very antiquated. It is in a lot of ways. It's very good for ensuring that there's like a bond that's not just your word. It's legal. So if you do try to leave, the woman at least has some sort of financial recourse. In some case, the men. Every now and then one of us, we put one on the board. Tom Arnold is our all star. In terms of men that made money from divorces, he's the goat. Yeah, I think it's like when a black cop shoots a white guy. I'm sure it's the same shit with the black community or like when OJ won. I lived in a black neighborhood and I could hear the yelling and people were going nuts. Every now and then a guy wins. Who else do we know of that has made money off of like a high profile divorce where the woman had all the money? There's a new one that just came out with an actress that just divorced a guy and he was a nobody and he's cleaning up, but I can't think of who it is. Give that a goog, J-Mo. I don't know how you would look that up. Guy killing it with hot actress wife. Yeah, I don't know, but there is. Oh, Kevin Federline. Yes. Oh, there you go. You know what the thing is though? Kevin got fat. Like he decided, fuck, I'm going to get fat. He was hot. He was a hunk. Handsome. Hunk of burning love. He had a six pack and looked great. Yeah, hot wigger. What is that we look like now? I don't know. Now he's very big. Oh, there he is. The bottom right. Yeah, he's a chubster. He got very big. That's not so bad though. Not too bad. Got a little gut there. Oh, yeah. That's Chrysler on a good day. Oh, Jesus. That's Chrysler never. Oh my God. He was that big. You got the clothing. Bro, he got big. That's pretty big. But also, you know, he's taking care of the kids, under lost dress. True. True. It's funny how all that stuff rolls out the window when it's like when the tables flip. Yeah. It's like, hey, women need their money. And then when the guy's like, I need my money. It's like, oh, what are you doing? You're like, well, that's what you've been doing. You know, it's like, how come when it flips, now you're mad? I'm a, I'm a cunt. You see what I'm saying? But I don't want to, we don't have to get into it. This is great coffee. Do you think that, I mean, it's just the non-traditional roles, right? And when a woman is killing it and she's making that money, there's an understanding that more women have been fucked over by men. Okay. Well, that's probably true. It is. It has to be. The beatings and the- It seems natural. Right. Like when you think about it, like the woman gets the money, like, yup. Yeah. Seems natural. But if you think about the man gets the money, like you're like, what? Why does he want the money? It doesn't feel right. Right. It feels wrong. Which is so cool about comedy because those things are imprinted in people. So when you make a joke the wrong way, you make a fat guy joke, ha ha, make a fat lady joke, no, no. Right. And the audience will tell you that. So all the PC, all the tweets, all the bullshit, you can tell me this shit all day, but I got a focus group right here. Dude, I saved a body positivity meme that someone tried to get out there for men with guts. Oh yeah. It was like a fat men. Your body's beautiful. Right. Like, like get the fuck out of there. They were trying it. But you know, this is not going to work. It's not going to work. This is not going to work. Yeah. It only works on females. It's true. It's true. Big is beautiful. You know, it's about Lena Dunham or whoever the fuck. Exactly. Exactly. Well, there's, you know, it's it's and the feeling that they're getting from this is a supportive feeling from other females. Men right. Never support you for being a fat fuck. Never. Never. Never. The never like, yeah, bro, who cares, man. You look awesome with your fat gut. Like never. Which is actually healthier. I mean, it's a little meaner out of the gate, but at least we're being honest. We're keeping it real. Yeah. Or we're not letting them get away with something. Yeah, there you go. I mean, that's what I'm saying. Friends, if they love you, they're not going to let you get away with that. They're like, bro, you are fat as fuck. Yeah. And you're like, no, really? Like, look, exactly. Yeah. And that's a friendly thing. Yes. You know, like if I had a fat son and Corona was hitting, I would be like, hey, man, like, I don't care what you look like. You do your thing and eat all the chocolate you want, but I'm worried you'll get hit with the COVID more because you're fat and you will and you will statistic. And then people are like, hey, you can't talk to him like that. That's why I'm like, I'm worried about my son. Fuck you. He could die. If it's if it's a woman, you'd be body shaming. But when they try body shame, they try to say it's body shaming on a man. It doesn't really stick. Right. It doesn't. It doesn't stick. It doesn't stick. Yeah. What's going on here? Kelly Clarkson's ex. That's the one. That was the one. Brandon Blackstock seeking six figure monthly payments. Wow. Six figures. How long were they married? He wants five point two million a year. A year. He's got a year. He also requested Clarkson cover two million dollars in attorney's fees. Oh my God. Wow. Oh my God. That's insane. Killing it. That's insane. Blackstock. But here's the thing. The difference. There's a great difference. Seven year marriage. That's great. But here's the is he taking care of the children? Aha. Do they have children together? 135 of the 436 was for child support. He needs child support money from her. On top of the 301 and spousal support. She's probably on the road a lot. She's a singer. Was he like the manager or some shit? Was it one of those deals? Because those deals get real tricky. When the man becomes the manager and it's very difficult for the woman to get away from the manager. In boyfriend girlfriend deals with a girlfriend's a singer or in husband wife. Yeah. Or the dad. He is an American talent manager. Oh there you go. You called him Betty. If there was any question that some of those motherfuckers or Weasley those numbers show you. Yeah definitely. Just to request that. Oh my God. You want how much? I know. All that management. Joe Jackson was a psycho and I think Jessica Simpson's dad was a real weirdo. He never obtained a license to legally operate as a talent agent according to. 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