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Mark Normand

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Mark Normand is the co-host of the podcasts "Tuesdays with Stories" with Joe List and "We Might Be Drunk" with Sam Morril. Watch his latest stand-up special, "Soup to Nuts," on


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Norm McDonald at one point was a handsome guy, but he lived on a farm with his grandpa in the middle of nowhere, so I don't think he got the handsome love. Yeah, he's a fucking great guy. He's my hero. I love him to death. Maybe one of the funniest guys on the planet. David Tell, Norm, and that, there's something about those two. National treasures. I agree, and the fact that he's not like the biggest comic of all time is weird. Well, he is to us. I guess so. The comics, I mean, he's not the biggest, but the comics, the Mount Rushmore keeps getting bigger. I know. Four heads is not a good enough mount. You gotta stop using that thing. Yeah, it's a bad thing to say, the Mount Rushmore, but in the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame. That's the thing. There you go, yeah. He's in the Hall of Fame. He's like on another level where he's invented certain things I never knew. He's taken comics to this higher point, which I didn't know existed. I wish I could come up with an example. Another guy too that still does real comedy. When he goes on stage, he's still, he's fucking ballsy. Yeah. He swings. And he gets confused if everybody's mad. What's happening? Yeah. Just a joke, folks. He keeps it real. You don't have to pull this up because it's long, but there was a radio show, like a morning show like you do on the road for press. And he's doing one, and he's like, well, you know, black people, they're poor. And the lady is like, oh my god, how can you say that Norm that is so racist? I'm not, I'm reading the newspaper. I'm watching the news. I'm looking at the stats. They're poor. And she's like, oh my god. And all these black women call in, they go, Norm's right. We're fucking poor. It sucks. And he's like, you see, you see, it was such a great moment. What radio show is this? It's on YouTube. I don't know. It's just some dickless and jizz in the morning, you know, one of those things. People don't like him doing things. When he was doing his Netflix show, someone specifically did not want him doing interviews because he got on The Howard Stern Show and he wanted to say, well, if you think that way, you're fucking retarded. But he didn't want to be offensive. So while you think that, you must have Down Syndrome. He thought that would be the better thing to say. I guess it is. I'm not sure. Everybody started freaking out that he said that. Right. Instead, he thought he was like covering his tracks. Right. So he couldn't do interviews after that. Yeah, he's brilliant. I mean, the little things like he's just one of those guys who describes the most basic shit that we all know. But it's funny when he because he points it out like his Letterman set, the last Letterman, when he goes, yeah, Germany decided to attack the world, you know, and you're like, that's so true. And then he goes, who do you think you are? Mars? I mean, it's just so funny, those little things where he's just telling you facts and it's funny. Yeah. Well, he's a he's a unique dude. You know, there's a lot of unique people in this weird art form. Have you hung out with him? Yeah, I've never hung out with him. I hung out with him twice accidentally on two separate occasions. The airplanes. I told you about it. I heard they are the one of them. And he's smoking. Yeah, that's hilarious. As soon as he landed, he was talking about how great it was to quit smoking. As soon as he landed, he ran into the gift shop and bought cigarettes and was lighting them before he was on his way out the door. I go, I thought you quit. He goes, I did talking about it. I want to smoke. Yeah, he just does what he wants. But randomly on two occasions, I just was sitting next to him on a plane. Catch new episodes of the Joe Rogan experience for free only on Spotify. Watch back catalog JRE videos on Spotify, including clips, easily seamlessly switch between video and audio experience on Spotify. You can listen to the JRE in the background while using other apps and can download episodes to save on data costs all for free. Spotify is absolutely free. You don't have to have a premium account to watch new JRE episodes. You just need to search for the JRE on your Spotify app. Go to Spotify now to get this full episode of the Joe Rogan experience.