Joe Tries to Get Elon Musk to Reveal Details About the Tesla Roadster


3 years ago



Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a business magnate, designer, and engineer. His portfolio of businesses include Tesla, Inc., SpaceX, Neuralink, X, and many others.


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When am I going to be able to buy one of them Roadsters? When's that happening? Well, I can't, you know, say exactly when, but we got to get it. You know, this COVID thing has kind of thrown us for a loop. I'm sure. So not to blame everything on COVID, but it's, you know, certainly set us back on progress. For some number of months. The things we got to get done ahead of Roadster are, you know, ramping up Model Y production. That'll be a great car. It is a great car. Getting the Berlin Gigafactory built and also building Y expanding the Shanghai factory, which has gone great. And get the cyber trucks, semi truck, Roadster. Roadster is kind of like dessert. So like we got to get the, you know, wheat and potatoes and greens and stuff, you know, like. But Roadster comes before cyber truck. I mean, I think we should do cyber truck first before Roadster. Interesting. I'm not mad at that. Some other things for Roadster, they're, you know, the trimotor, a Plaid powertrain. We're going to have that in Model S. So that's like one of the ingredients that's needed for Roadster is the Plaid powertrain, the more advanced, you know, factory back, that kind of thing. I wanted to ask you about this before I forgot. There's a company that's called Apex is taking your Teslas and they're giving it a wider base and wider tires and a little bit more advanced suspension. Sure. How do you feel about that? You work with them. Are you cool with those people? Yeah. I mean, I'm just, I'm off. Yeah. Go ahead. They're jazzing stuff up with carbon fiber and doing a bunch of interior choices. You're cool with it. You can't fuck with that. You don't have time. So is it good that someone comes along and has a sort of specialty operation? Yeah, I got no problem. That's what it's called, right? It's like, Jamie, is it called Apex? Yeah, I got a unplugged performance as Apex. That's right. Unplugged performance. Yeah. Yeah. You could for sure, lighten the car up and improve to tire traction. Have you seen that company stuff? What they do? I don't know specifically, but it's pretty dope. They make a pretty dope looking, they take Model S and they widen it and give it a bunch of carbon fiber. That's it right there. Cool. La la. Look at that. That looks pretty nice. Yeah, it does. It's a bad version of the Model S. Are you going to widen the track and do a bunch of different things? I know you guys are testing at the Nurburgring. Can you not talk about that? Well, I think we got to leave that for proper sort of product unveil. I understand. Yeah. I understand. Last time you were here, you convinced me to buy a Tesla. I bought it and it's fucking insane. Oh, great. Glad you like it. Pretty fun. It's not just pretty fun. The way I've described it is it makes other cars seem stupid. They just seem dumb. I love dumb things. I love dumb cars. I love campfires. I love campfires. I have a 1993 Porsche that's air cooled. It's not that fast. It's really slow compared to Tesla. Yeah, actually, it's really quite slow. Yeah, but there's something engaging about the mechanical gears and it's very analog, but it's so stupid in comparison to the Tesla. When I want to go somewhere in the Model S, I hit the gas and it just goes, whee! It violates time. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you've tried it like Ludacris Plus and stuff like that. Oh, yeah. Yeah, cool. Cool. Oh, yeah. We just did a software update where it'll do a Cheetah stance. Yeah, because it's got a dynamic air suspension, so it lowers the back. Oh, Jesus. Yeah, just like a Sprinter, basically. Like what do you do if you're a Sprinter? You're going to hunker down and then... So I shaved like a tenth of a second off the zero to 60. I mean, like, you know, it was pretty fun. It's so far. I've taken so many people and I take them for the holy shit moment. I'm like, are you ready? Like hang on there and then I stomp on the gas. I've never felt anything like it. It's confusing. Yeah. It really is. Sure. The instant torque and just the sheer acceleration is baffling. It's baffling. It's baffling. They've never felt it. It's crazy. It's so fast. It's a roller coaster. And my family yells at me when I stomp the gas. Like I tell my kids, I'm like, you want to feel it? You want to feel it? Like do it, do it, do it. My wife's like, don't do it. Boom. What? Yeah. And even if I just do it on the highway for a couple of seconds, it's very exciting. Yeah, it's very fun. It's like having your own roller coaster on tap, you know. It really is like a roller coaster on tap. Yeah. Without the loop-de-loops. But it's the pinning to your seat. It seems like you're not supposed to be able to experience that from some sort of a consumer vehicle that you can just, a regular person could buy if you have the money. It seems too crazy. And then the idea that this roadster is a half of a second faster than that? Yeah. That's madness. Well, if that roadster, with a roadster, we're going to do some things that are kind of unfair. So we're going to take some things from, you know, from kind of like Rocket World and put them on a car. Oh, I read about that. Explain that. Like what do you do? Well, like I said, we can't do the product unveil right here. But it's going to do some things that are unfair. And the way we do the unveil of the roadster, let me just say that anyone who's been waiting, they won't be sorry. They won't be sorry. Oh, sure. Well, anything that goes zero to 60, what is it, 1.9? Is that the zero to 60? That's the base model. That's the top of the food chain model. Okay. Okay. Faster than that. Let's just say faster than that. Yeah. That seems so crazy to me.