Joe Rogan on Woman Who Killed African Giraffe


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See that lady that got in trouble because she shot a giraffe She did see that she shot a rare giraffe and so everybody's freaking out on her It seems sad man that giraffe seemed like it probably wasn't gonna do to her. It's not gonna do anything to her for sure It's uh it is rare for an animal to get that old. It's 18 years old. It's real dark Yeah, it had dark skin or something a little bit the old males they get dark. They look super cool One thing though that people need to know see all these things are complicated They're not as simple as everybody wants to think they are mm-hmm And this is one of the things that's complicated about this story is that that giraffe was killing little giraffes It's a normal thing the old bowls like that one which is a big massive 18 year old animal okay, huge huge animal He just was not having it with these young ones coming up not having it. What do you think it is jealousy or anger? It's just nature you know they kill off the younger males. Oh, yeah like pissed at the neighbor kids kind of thing Do they just don't want anybody taking their spot? They don't know that they're riding off from the sunset like he's not a viable breeding male anymore. I still huge So at 18 years of age he had killed off three young bulls So they were gonna have to kill him right cuz it's not good you need the bulls to keep the thing alive Well was well not just that he this is a Species of giraffe that already has a population problem There's not a lot of them and if he's killing off these young bulls each one of those young bulls could have fathered Countless children so they're missing all these future children for one bull who can't even breed anymore And he's gonna continue to do it. He was seeking out the young bulls. You already killed three Like this is not a cut-and-dry thing I don't think it looks cool to pose with a rifle and a giraffe and I mean There's something about giraffes that are so gentle that they let kids feed them when you go to the fucking zoo right? I don't so I get why people would be upset But when you find out what it actually is you go. Oh, this is not it's this is more complicated than I'm That I'm seeing on the surface. It's not simply a cruel person shot a giraffe, and we should be angry at her It's like no they had to shoot that giraffe because it was killing other giraffes, so is it appropriate the way she? Celebrated it that's when you have to wonder you know that's but they were eating it I mean the other thing it's like they got fucking 800 pounds of meat or something like that out of that. Wow It's a huge animal. I think it was more than that didn't they say 2,000 pounds of meat I think it's a 4,000 pound animal and they got 2,000 pounds of meat Which they give to all the villages all the people there, and I know people are like hey I don't give a fuck you shouldn't shoot a giraffe Well, I feel the same way because when I see a giraffe I don't think of it as something I want to shoot and eat Yeah, I think of it as something a little kid can feed at the fucking zoo because they're so gentle They're so gentle that they let people feed them. Oh yeah, they had a thing by our home And I was growing up they had a thing dude had a couple giraffes out there a couple of lambs and shit Yeah, you can get out there and buy a little cup of corn and go out there and you don't even have to know it Like you don't have to sign a wave you don't have to do anything You don't have to fucking be able to read very well, and you can fucking feed a giraffe. You know point blank It's the only animal that is a wild African animal that we let kids feed Yeah at the fucking zoo little kids can feed them. Yeah, I can't believe that there's that much I mean when I hear that for one the lady would did she why did she have to put that picture out? What was in it for her to do that? Well even knew like she's a hunter and she was excited that she got to kill a big giraffe You know and the you know it gets it's it gets strange When you just kill a bunch of things and make stuff trophies and you put them in your trophy room and you go well I want to get it now. I want to get a ram. Okay. I got a ram now I want to get a mountain goat I get it and you got like this menagerie inside of your yeah That's it gets dark man now. I want to get a mouse now I want to get a stepdad now I want to get a fucking but then the thing is like okay But if you're eating all of those things and this is how you get your meat yeah, is that okay? Well, yeah, it's okay, but there's something weird There's something we all have a strange feeling about this the idea is that people are killing these things And they're getting some kind of pleasure out of it, and they're not doing it just to eat it right It's so like even if you you are gonna eat it We don't want you to be really happy when you kill something. That's it too. That's some of it I think the villagers should it be able the ones that should vote on if it was okay or not It's in their village Well, they would vote okay every time because they get money from it then to me then that seems okay because a lot of times It's like we're judging things from so far away. We don't even know we don't even know what it's like We're talking about completely different Dynamics in terms of like the way their culture works first of all the money for these Big hunts that these people pay to shoot all these different things down there That's a shitload of money and that shitload of money for that area for that part of the world is gigantic It fuels conservation efforts it pays for these people that are essentially their version of game wardens you know and then they have these different people that are employed by these hunting companies, and then there's resources to stop poaching and then resources to actively participate in Controlling habitat and making sure these animals are in healthy populations and bringing their numbers up This is all done through the money that comes from hunting them, so it's super it's super Fucked up right it's it's weird because it doesn't make sense It's like the people that are paying to keep these animal live are also the ones that want to shoot them right people Like what the fuck this we would like it to be all the conservation money comes from people who just love animals and want to keep Them alive, but that's not the case. It's not the case. No the money comes almost I mean it's not exclusively because there are a lot of conservation groups that do donate for wildlife protection and for Preserving of animal habitat there are there's there's definitely some people that donate right But there's no it's not even close to the amount of money That's raised from hunting tags and especially hunting you're on that local level like you're you know like some of these like these programs I'm sure they're a little bit more bigger more blanket But you get into that local level fifty thousand dollars can keep you know a small town or a small habitat Around for the year yeah Yeah, I don't know how who's getting all that money, but you're right It's but it makes us uncomfortable, but rightly so I mean you're looking at a giraffe you want giraffes to stay alive You say like that's amazing But we have to know that the facts behind it in this particular case where they that giraffe had to go yeah