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Adam Frank is a physicist, astronomer, and writer. His scientific research has focused on computational astrophysics with an emphasis on star formation and late stages of stellar evolution. His new book "Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth" is available now on Amazon.


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That's what Sean that's sugar Sean's it has but it's way more than that. Oh, he makes more than that So what is fortnight somebody explain fortnight to me? I'm sorry I'm still in Far Cry 5 right crazy third-person shooter. You're jumping around shooting people good with third-person shooters Yeah, like is it a story or is it just like you're you know, you got other people up I think the story is really just drop it into survive. Oh, yeah, there's no campaign mode or if there is but that's a separate Yeah, that's not whatever. You know, what's interesting to me about fortnight the graphics suck I Don't you have me? It's a graphic style that those that that it has. Yeah like a like a Xbox to yeah. Yeah, somebody had a an image and it was from 2007 it had said man. Look at this I wonder what video games gonna be looking like the graphics gonna be looking like in 2018 and then it shows fortnight And it's like this is like dude. It's like they've turned the textures off They 100% you turn the textures off when you play online if you don't have a powerful enough computer sure you don't like Streaming right so it doesn't make your streaming. It doesn't make your video game video card work so hard But also it makes it easier to recognize shapes because they're not is like that was the thing they did with quake They would completely turn the textures off when guys would be like playing in high level matches Yeah and you would just deal with these flat walls and then the Object the person that you were fighting against would they would stand out and start contrast right? So you whereas you know otherwise you'd be in this castle wall You'd have the incredible textures on the wall and you wouldn't be able to see them as easily, you know, it's been distracting I love that's one thing I think I love about video games too. It's like, you know the scenery sometimes I just want to stop and be like The right side has full graphics. Oh, yeah, it's not so it depends on what you were actually reasonable I mean, it still is a little bit. Wait a minute. That's not much different at all Yeah, yeah, I mean sort of the left side is just dark Yeah, look at the grass There's still some movement on the ground It's not flat plane like it is in quake go to quake plate go to quake three no textures Make a video or pull up a video of that and you'll see what I'm talking about What I'm talking about is like literal flat walls Where people turned everything off and it got to a point where they weren't allowing it in certain Competitions because it makes such a big difference because now you're just like it's a target in front of a blank screen They also you could also replace all of the characters with a larger character Like like say if you were playing as like this girl. So is this one doing like it's showing the mod in between Mmm, maybe I'm thinking what is I'm sorry. I'm sorry. There's no there's no there's no there's no there are you No, no Jamie Pull pull up quake no textures Pull up quake no textures and then you can watch what it looks like that is not no textures that that's different You can see the difference in the colors and things are moving It's when they turn off all the textures you you get to see these flat. Well, that's what it looks like, right? See, yeah. Now that is a way different experience. Yeah To see right you can't shadow still exist but all the textures are gone Yeah And if you show a video that see if you could find a video that Jamie When in the videos you see things moving around with no textures and you realize what an advantage it would be if you're playing someone Who's you're constantly dealing with all this visual input you have all this different shit High visibility and quake through that's hard to find. What is this? Which game is this quake live? Okay, this is so Again, I still gotta ask what is quake? I mean, I know I've heard of it, but I've never played it like it's the ultimate First-person shooter and it's the original one. It was originally quake one and well, there was doom But it was doom. I've heard of like, yeah, I've even you know, they did doom didn't they they came out with another didn't they? Come up with another version of doom. Yes, they did and there's another one that's coming out soon But what quake one was was these cool maps and you'd run around and shoot each other and you'd have these death matches so one-on-one death matches and shoot rockets at each other and shit and It's you're seeing it through your perspective. Like so if you have a rocket launcher you see the rocket launcher in front of you Oh, so that whole idea. Whoa, what is this one? Oh, this is quake champions. This is the newest version I mean the graphics aren't fucking incredible in these things now They they're so excited. We're gonna have we're setting up a lamb here a local area network here We're gonna stream live and play each other excellent and waste massive Sometimes I'm sort of like oh three hours just went by yeah, I was gonna go to sleep a little bit Oh, well, whatever dude, it will suck up your time. It'll suck up. But you know, I can't play I'm just I'm not good enough to Play those kinds of things like it's just like spawn die spawn die. No, you can figure out how to do it Yeah, you're a smart guy. How dare you say that? There you put the limitations Yeah You just need to learn left with WASD learn how to move your fingers around Consoles are bullshit. I know that's what people say listen. Yeah, you can't get any real accuracy with a console. That's your problem Wait, how do you do? I mean, but yeah with the finger type. I mean the console now I'm playing listen to you. How do you learn physics? How do you what is that all this fucking? Science like that movie where you're like you can do it man. You can it's like rocky or something. That's right. I'm a kid or whatever I'm not for video games. You've never been that movie where someone teaches someone how to play a video game Yeah, like the guy's a nerd in the beginning and he's like a loser But you know he comes back and he gets the girl well one of the reasons why I wanted to talk to you about this in particular is because I am More and more convinced that it's our future may lie in some artificially created world and that people are more interested and more attracted every day to virtual reality augmented reality virtual reality and what can Jamie what was that game the one game where there was you Created worlds I was gonna pull that up earlier and ask it's called no man's sky Oh, I played that I played that I bought it because of course any space game. I'm like yeah, it's boring though It is because you know, they have 80 trillion worlds, but they're all this they're basically they don't look that different You know, so it's like oatmeal 80 million bottles of Over there. Yeah, you go there and people are shooting each other and stealing money. No. No what is better for that? Yeah, right. I mean, it's you know, it looked like it was beautiful. What's better is elite dangerous So after this I was so disappointed in this I went back and I found elite dangerous which I was just disappointing this because there was no action Yeah, there was no you just ran around and your mind stuff. It was sort of like it just wasn't Exciting there was nothing exciting. There was no, you know, there was no so I like I said I don't usually play sort of these massive multiplayer games. So this is elite dangerous This is a lead dangerous and it is man the trading or you know, you can decide like oh I want to be I want to be a bounty hunter, you know And it was so rich I just I spent there was like a good six months of my life that I was like, you know working my way getting better ships I became because you know who doesn't want to be a bounty hunter, right? You're saying like that's what everybody's and this just this game had you know And there's like I don't know a few hundred thousand people in there, you know creating the universe. It's evolving They add storylines. So, you know, well, we are setting up an HTC Vive here and we Jamie was HTC. How dare you? I know man. It's like, you know, that's it Virtual reality it's and it's consumer virtual reality when my friend never done Boy, I know I've been waiting I've been sort of well, we tried to get one Jamie Went out yesterday and look they're all sold out. So we had to order one and so we're ordering one We're gonna have it set up in here and the the games I played the games of two years ago And I'm sure they're way more advanced than they are now Yeah There's a crazy archery game where that you're on the top of a castle and these little monsters that look like they could be in South Park, they're not like detailed right right kind of cool-looking monsters and you shoot at them with bows and arrows They're trying to invade the castle but man, it's addictive because you really look down you see them all around you You have like a real so how do you play those? Always been my question about like, you know, I sit on my chair and I play my video game So like are yes, this is it see this guy has a thing in his hands and he's moving around This is like a Star Wars one, right? And there's a bunch of different ones that I've always got to be standing right in some sense. Yes Don't you want to just like sit down with a boy? I don't like you can but there's also a boxing one that you get a real workout in Wow So it's a game and I played it over Duncan's house. I think there's a video of it But it's it's weird because you punch wrong So like the like if I'm holding my hands like this, which is I'm holding my hands vertically where my thumbs are up Yeah, right the boxing gloves would be horizontal like they would be if you were punching someone. Yeah So so it doesn't do the turn. No, it's weird So as you move your hands forward like this, which you really wouldn't punch like that Then the punches come out so they've got to iron that out. I was gonna say that'll be something they'll work out And make the the controller rotate the way a fist would but as you're doing it You throw real punches and someone's throwing punches at you And when they throw punches you and they hit you you see a white flash in front of you That's good makes you nervous just like real sparring does. Yeah. Yeah Well, you know and so like this question of like what are we gonna do with virtual reality? Cuz like I said, you know, I already you know, I see huge potential for like education in gaming and that's why we built our game Yeah, here's this is me over Duncan's house Just don't want anybody to walk by you know, I gotta go eat a beer BAM. I'm beating this guy up moving around him See, that's the thing. I always wonder Dunking got pissed cuz that guy was fucking dunking up every day. He's like, dude, how did you beat it? I was like move around don't stand right in front of right? Yeah. Yeah, there's a rope a dope Well, you gotta you gotta have footwork and movement but you you can really get a workout without I'm not joking You get exhausted. Yeah, and you know you you keep going and fight tougher and tougher opponents, right? Well, you know that's and that's the quite you know, so like talk about haptic suits Like we're eventually you know, you're gonna wear things. I didn't see the I read the book But I didn't see the what was it the movie that just? Ready set ready player one. I didn't see I didn't see you Have you read the book the book really good because the book is like full immersion Like the whole book is about like when virtual reality is it