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Robert Schoch

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Robert Schoch is an associate professor of Natural Sciences at the College of General Studies, Boston University. He has been best known as a proponent of the Sphinx water erosion hypothesis. Check out links to more of his work at


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Ancient Civilizations

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There are those ancient aliens type folks that really want everything they want everything to be ancient aliens and I've been accused of How could I not accept this or that? You know to because Really mad at me and they say nastiest. Yeah, they're nasties and they'll even tell me well this supports what everything you've been saying I don't care if it supports everything I've been saved. It's not real. It's not real if the evidence isn't there It's not you know, it is fascinating They do dig up these ancient structures and the Machu Picchu and all these different places where like wow These construction methods are really pretty impressive Incredible what was going on back then but they always want to tie it to aliens They always want to tie it to aliens, which I think is a I hate to use this term, but serve a cop-out Yeah, I mean it's a business. It's a business. Well, that's what it gets down to a lot of this is business People want to sell their books. They want to sell their conferences. They want to sell their DVDs They want to Sell their YouTube videos in some cases. They want to sell for money in some cases They want to sell for promotion. Yeah, I'll promotion. They want to be famous. I told you I was accused of that back Yeah In the early 90s. Oh, I just doing this place. I want to be famous. No, I'm not that type of person People love those shows those UFO and ancient alien type shows and they love those Conferences they go to those conferences and they all just yeah, they masturbate together. It's very bizarre. It's like But they're all like yeah, there's nothing But I think it does feel a void for some people One thing I'm trying to do is to fill that void with something real right something important something that has Evidence to back it up because there are a lot of questions There are a lot of mysteries and I will admit I've been on the ancient aliens show, but I've never proposed ancient aliens I've never supported that I've always been clear of people actually listen to me But they asked me to be on in a number of other academics have to do they get a context a little bit Well, yeah, the context is not slippery. Yeah slippery But the point is that there are real mysteries to this Yes, they things that we don't really understand that you and I have been discussing about and there's so many more we could discuss but those are real and So many people that I know that watch shows like that when I talk to them and I'm talking academics who would never admit that They watch it. They watch it because they find it entertaining number one They don't quite say it this way But I think it fills a void and it does raise issues that if they're perceptive Then they might become aware of and realize that these are real issues. No ancient aliens or some other easy answer It's not the way to go But they are real things that need to be looked into So even when I speak at a conference like that There are so many very intelligent people that are there besides the other but you know, they're different types of people Sure But I know many people they'll have PhDs and stuff and they'll go to it for a serve between entertainment But also to get exposed to things they're not going to be exposed to by the standard academic Community you're not going to get exposed to a law of this these types of questions if you just go to the standard Closed academic conferences. They're going to be washed over. So, you know in part what I'm trying to do With Oracle the organization for the research of ancient cultures, which is not just me. I want to be clear on that in fact, we are president is He's actually I guess heavy metal guitar player he's he's really Berkeley trained he's excellent Yeah, no, I mean seriously, but he's he's a really bright guy and he's fascinated by these things We have people like Jocelyn Godwin from Colgate University Who's a world-renowned scholar on the advisory board? But what we're trying to do with things like Oracle And I will encourage people to actually look at it because we've got a website up. You can go through my website to get there or Go directly to us at Oh there it is. There we go Oracle online or acul online oh, you know all one word org and What we're trying to do with this and also through the Institute for the Study of the origins of civilization is OC which I'm trying to do at Boston University is to have a forum where we can look at these real Topic these topics these topics seriously using evidence But not us but also not be dismissive just because we have to uphold the standard dogma So I don't want to go with just a nonsense, you know flippant or easy out To sell someone's book that you know this crazy book or yeah, I'm not being nasty about anyone Or you know just stick to the standard Paratime but thinking out of the box But as they say but thinking out of the box using real evidence and using real logic and using real Rationality to look at a number of these issues