Joe Rogan - Michael Malice: What's Really Going On With North Korea


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Michael Malice

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Michael Malice is a cultural commentator, host of the PodcastOne podcast "YOUR WELCOME," and author of several books, including "Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il," and "The Anarchist Handbook." His newest, "The White Pill: A Tale of Good & Evil," is available now.


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Is North Korea mounted us again? I'm glad you're here today No, there was something this morning that I was reading what happened this morning North Korea is angry at the US again, so they do cycles North Korea, so they'll do good cop bad cop and we saw this happen. It was just really amazing. So North Korea has this Weapon that causes everyone on earth to have amnesia about their career really angry So tensions as US tensions rise, right? So they have this weapon that caused everyone to have amnesia, right? So they'll do something and then people forget what happened six months ago when the Singapore summit was happening And they were making nice and everyone's just like oh blah blah. I go last year. They had sentenced President Trump to death They were threatening to nuke Guam and everyone just completely forgot about that and then like okay, we're gonna be nice It's like and then he cancels the summit the summit comes back on They do this they've done this for years and it's like if you follow North Korea as I do it's my gig You see it coming but then everyone's like oh my god. They're mad at us This has never happened before like this has happened for 70 years motherfuckers. This is their shtick Mm-hmm. So what do you think the purpose of it is just to stay relevant in the news and to alert people that there's still conflict Between the US it's very it's very important for them When they make any sort of concessions to say that they're we're putting up a fight We're not we're doing this because we want to not because you're making us doing it. We're standing up for themselves We're not gonna get pushed around because they can't show submission or weakness in any sense So president Trump's been playing this very intelligently and the rest and and the corporate press won't tell you this because everything's about Trump I don't fucking care about Trump in this context. I care about the North Korean people, right? The point is they are They'll rate their rattle rattle their saber and then they'll be nice the next day and then they rattle the saber But their nights next day it's it's it's as night follows day with them Well, the culture is a really fascinating culture the culture of Korea in general. Yeah, you know, it's there's there's so much to it That we have a really difficult time understanding Oh, yes in terms of just the formalities in which you're allowed to communicate with people the way that they Must save face Right and what they're doing anytime there there's any sort of negotiation There has to be some sort of an acknowledgement of their social status, right and their position. Yeah Yeah, they're very and South Korea too. So people think South Korea is like America Junior It's not they're a very different country from us and just because there are ally doesn't mean they're all good guys, too I was just reading Malcolm Gladwell's outliers Okay and one of the things about it is how South Korea dealt with they went through a crisis of plane crashes and One of the problems the plane crashes was the way the subordinates were not allowed to question the pilots Wow when the pilots were tired You know the way they fixed it how they made them all speak English How would that fix it because English is a different? the structure of the syntax structure of politeness and deferment And all the different things that you're just the way you're not allowed to communicate with people in Korean where there's a very strong tradition of sit like the Malcolm Gladwell goes into it in great detail like superiors when they're around their subordinates the subordinates are not allowed to drink in front of them they can't smoke in front of them they Have to turn away if they have a drink in front of them Like there's the way they talk to them they bow to them They they call them sir, and I went through all this in Taekwondo Taekwondo is very structured that way and when I was teaching and when I was When I was working for my Korean instructors like it was always sir. It was only have mr. Kim It was always very formal there was always bowing and it was there was you know and this is an Americanized version right English Right with their language with the Korean language They were talking about all the different proper forms of communication and the structure that's in place To establish who the dominant person is and who the subordinate person and in North Korea There's a tense that they use only with regards to the leaders. Yeah, so they've changed the language to that extent even for them Yeah, so what they did was they made the South Korean pilots like all of them English was the primary language of communication They had to learn English now, and they had to learn on their own dime Oh, they're the learn English and then I think they went with first names so we would work together I wouldn't say mr. Malice like because then I would have I would be different. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I would say Mike We got some frost on the wing of this plane We should probably defrost this fucker and you and I would be even though you would be the captain I would be your co-pilot We would still be able to talk to each other as if we're friends and equals not on this traditional Korean social structure