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Michael Malice is a cultural commentator, host of the PodcastOne podcast "YOUR WELCOME," and author of several books, including "Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il," and "The Anarchist Handbook." His newest, "The White Pill: A Tale of Good & Evil," is available now.


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Yeah, the ultimate legal case, public legal case, or one of the ultimate ones, is Julian Assange. Oh yeah. That's a weird one. He hasn't seen sunlight in months. Yeah. No internet access? No internet access. Yeah, he's in the embassy. They shut off his internet. Yeah, and they're trying to kick him out now, Ecuador. Where's he going to go? If he goes, he's going to... They want him, what, Sweden? They want him? They want him in Britain? And I don't think they've been charges filed against him here yet, technically. But I'm sure they want his head in a platter. The fact that what they want him for is so preposterous. It's so not what they actually want him for. It's just like Al Capone. Yeah, right. It's like tax evasion instead of being a mobster. Right. Yeah, but it's interesting because I would think that someone like Trump, who is such a conspiracy-minded person, would actually like Julian Assange. Because I'm sure there's been a... I mean, I don't know what he's ever said in the past. I think he was anti. He was anti-Wiki leaks from the start? No, but he said things about Julian Assange that were anti. That's my understanding, yeah. Because there was something Julian Assange tweeted, my friend Cassandra Fairbank. She's a big supporter of him. And she's like, well, there goes the idea of clemency or pardon. Oh, really? Yeah. Oh, that Trump tweeted or Julian Assange tweeted? No, Julian, I think, yeah. Yeah, man. Yeah, he's a virtual prisoner. Yeah, it's like, where's that end? It's not going to end well. He can get visitors, though. No, I don't... Adam L. Anderson... Oh, that's right, yeah. You've taken that away. You've taken that away. I wonder how long they could stay there. It's been years. Years. It's been years. Yeah. To be in one building. Yeah, and he doesn't go outside anymore. He can't. They won't let him? I don't think he ever could. He went on the balcony. Remember? Now I know he doesn't see off sunlight. That I'm positive. That's terrible. Yep. Do they give him vitamin D, at least? No, yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I mean, he's awfully pale to begin with. But if you don't get vitamin D, like, you can get really sick. Well, that's what they do in North Korea. Their skin starts falling off their floor. He's been there since June 19th of 2012. Fuck. Then he entered the embassy. Fuck, that's six years. Whoa! Fuck. Whoa! Jesus Christ. Almost six and a half years. June. How much solitaire can you play? And you don't even have internet anymore. He hasn't had internet for how many months? I'm trying to find out. I'm looking at time honestly. I want to say it's been about four or five months. It's been a while. I didn't know it was that long. I didn't know it would be in there that long. March 27th, they were suspended for the second time. Eight months. For the second time. Since October 2016. Fuck. Who the hell is over at WikiLeaks still running shit? Yeah, right. That's the intern. Who's hanging in there, you know? God, that's crazy. Like how does that one play out? I mean, they're really what they're doing for sure when we talked about punishment being a deterrent in certain situations. That is absolutely a deterrent. Oh, they're making an example of him from whistleblower. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Whereas Chelsea Manning's out now. She just had her surgery. What surgery though? Her trans surgery. She got one there. She tweeted out, I have a vagina. Okay. Yeah. Well, there you go. Yeah. She's out. She's out. She's out hobnobbing and maybe using that thing. I met her. She came to an event. She was very nice. I'm sure. But she's out. She's out. She's been out for a while. Obama pardoned her, committed her sentence. He's locked away forever in the embassy. And then there's Snowden who's also hiding in Russia. Right. And actually a lot of these, yeah, there's Chelsea. Hala. After almost a decade of fighting through prison, the courts, a hunger strike, and through the insurance company, I finally got surgery this week. Not LASIK apparently. Oh, you son of a bitch. Just wearing glasses folks. Yeah. Those are Milhouse glasses. Snowden, he's going to be in Russia probably forever. You know, and a lot of these farmers from South Africa, that's where they're going. Russia? Yeah. Putin's letting them in. Really? Yeah. So they better learn how to write those R's backwards pretty quick. Oh, right. They got weird R's. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you have to learn the whole language and just the weird R's. You guys, the Russians got a lot of weird ones. We do. We got, yeah, I'm barely literate in Russia. The letters look fake. All letters are fake. They look like alien language. You know, it looks like somebody writing something that was from some piece of metal from a spaceship. You know, like Snowden is, he's fucked too, right? I mean, he can't even be public in Russia. Yeah. Yeah. I think he's, I'm not sure about him. I know, I know Assange. I haven't been following Snowden. He's deep under. They must know where he is though. I mean, there's no way the intelligence community doesn't have a fucking full line on exactly where that guy is at all times. That is the big question. Do they know all this stuff or are they incompetent? And there's examples of both directions. Yeah. I've got to think they know where Snowden is. I can't, I can't. Well, I mean, yeah, Glenn Greenwald talks to him all the time. Glenn Greenwald's in Brazil. Yeah. That was how Glenn Greenwald kind of made his name, I think, who's also a great lefty. Yeah. Who gets it a lot. Yeah. Yeah. Um, that's just, how does that guy go on? Like, is he just in hiding, getting his restaurants, you know, like sneaking in, like, where does he go? Groucho Marx, Marx's glasses. Yeah. I don't know. And who is he getting his money from? He's got a paper food. Right. What does he do for food? Yeah. A lot of borscht. Fuck. I just looked him up. Google's like kind of broken. Here's an example of it. It says, when did he die? And then it just highlights a date and it doesn't say he's not dead. Hmm. So Snowden flew to Hong Kong where he was staying. No, but that was part of his whole trip. He had to go through it. He did this whole journey through a bunch of countries. Yeah. Weird. Weird. I mean, he's not even on Thailand or something at some point. It is weird. It's like, is that guy just, that's him forever? That's what he does. Who's Snowden? Yeah. I mean, he just has to hide. I think so. Or maybe he's safe in Russia and Putin's having him there as a fuck you to us. Yeah. I mean, it must have something to do with it. Putin's deciding to do this. Yeah. Putin wouldn't do it unless there's some advantage to him. Yeah. It's just, it's just strange. You know, it's strange that these things are just these floating like a den, like little chapters to these stories that are just, you know, we all know about them, but they don't get resolved. Well, right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They're just floating out there. And it's just thinking, I mean, this is why I talk about North Korea all the time. Since I've been there, everyone's still there. Everyone I met. And like, think about six years, Assange has been in that one building. Six fucking. And all the people in jail also who've been jailed for six years. We can't wrap our heads around that. Six fucking years. Think about where you were six years ago. I'm thinking of where I was six years ago. Well, not just that. Like six years and things are deteriorating. Right. They want him out of the embassy. He's got nowhere to go. If he leaves, he gets arrested. He doesn't have any internet. Yeah. Can't see sunlight. Knowing that the most powerful people in the world were doing everything they can to fucking put you in jail for life. And you kind of already are in a sense. I can't see it. Julian Assange is never in the rest of his life probably going to be able to like take a jog around a park. Like ever. No, never. Like walk a dog. Yeah, it's over. It's scary. And the thing is, a lot of the shit that he almost all the shit that he put out is true. That's what's crazy. It's like he's doing what journalists should be doing instead of getting up in the press corps and just pitching a fit. Yeah. There's real repercussions for doing what he did. And that's what they're letting us know. Yeah. And they're letting us know it doesn't matter what the law is. Like what are you getting them for? Secret sex or surprise sex. Yeah. Like what? Right. Snowden's running. His Twitter account says he's the president of something called Freedom of Press, which is a website and Twitter account also of the same name. And they tweeted this out a couple of days ago, which I have a story I never heard of. It says in the latest case in the Trump administration's crackdown on leaks, Natalie Edwards, U.S. Treasury employee was arrested and charged with giving suspicious bank records involving Trump campaign associates Paul Manafort and Rick Gates to a news outlet. In the legal complaint, the Justice Department cited word for word conversations she allegedly had with a reporter over an encrypted messaging app. The government claimed it got a hold of her phone and with it her encrypted messages with a reporter. Now she faces prison time. Dude. Just saying like all reporters should be using apps that make all their messages disappear. Yeah, like Signal and WhatsApp. Like why aren't they? Yeah, that's what he's, this website. Yeah, but even then someone can take screenshots. No, I think someone you can't. It's disabled automatically. Really? Yeah, but you could take a picture of your phone with another phone obviously. Signal. Yeah. My friend who knows more than anything I know about internet security, he used Signal. My friend Perry. And Signal and Secure Drop. And so what is Signal? What do you do with Signal? Basically it's encrypted so if you send messages to me, you could set it to vanish at a certain time and I can't do a screenshot. Oh, interesting. Yeah. Hmm. And it's not hackable apparently. It's the best one.