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Bas Rutten

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Bas Rutten is a retired mixed martial artist, UFC Hall of Famer, actor, inventor, and author.


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Did you miss Inside MMA? Yeah, I do. I never, and I told this always, when I had the show, there's never been a show. When we were, that, it mentioned today was Friday I had the film. Never ever I thought I wish I could stay home tonight. I always wanted to go and meet whoever was there. I loved that show. It was great, you saw the new talent. That's where Conor McGregor, you know, comes in and it was just starting and interviewing him. It was great, and then you see the old guys, you know, Don Fry and Coleman. It was great. It was a fun show. What happened with it? I think just numbers. I think it's, you know, nowadays with everything streaming, you can, you know, there is no breaking news for us. So it has to happen on Friday. Something should come along and reboot it and give you a show and just do it online where anybody can get a hold of it. Do it on YouTube. Yeah, but then also do it every day. Make it, you can't compete with a short or good MMA. You can, because that's happening now. Yeah. So you need to show a live show. Like a podcast, but you need to do it every day. All Renters Breaking News. Yeah, well, every day is, I mean, fuck man, if you did it every day, it would just take off. If somebody just figured out how to do it and got you into a studio. Yeah, but you know what? We're waiting, first of all, for Kevin Can't Wait. If that goes to the third season, I'm going to have to have that. Then I got 11 shows with the Professional Fighters League. I just started Karate Combat, you know, so I'm good. You're busy. I would like to keep the free time free. Are you a regular on Kevin Can Wait? Yeah, well, I'm a regular on the show, but not a regular of the show. That would be, if this goes to a third season, I become the cast member. Then it will be there. What do you play on the show? His neighbor. Like last year, I had 16 or 17 episodes. Oh, that's awesome. The crazy guy, root girl from Holland, you know, he's not the smartest guy, not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Very funny. That's fucking great. That's so cool that Kevin did that. That's very cool. And it happened because once Inside MMA stopped, he said, now you can finally do an appearance on a show because they were filmed Friday nights in front of a live audience. So I could never be on a show. So I did a guest appearance. The writers liked it. They got me back. And then I did two more shows, three, four shows the first season at the end. And then he called me and said, dude, I love you. They want you for next year. So I go, that's so awesome. I said this 21 years ago, I believe against George Groves when he interviewed me for sure. Chordock was just started. Chordock 21 years ago. And my dream job, he asked me about a long story short. My dream job will be to work in an America sitcom, I said. And he said, you don't want to fight? I said, no, I did all that. I just want to make people laugh. Look at you there. Wow. That's hilarious. It's so funny. What a what a life that is, man. A sitcom. Everybody's happy. Yeah. It's such a good time. I did that shit for five years. Yep. Yeah. It's interesting. What happened with they were going to reboot it? What was it? The factor of fear factor. They did reboot it with Ludacris. Oh, so they didn't know I wasn't going to. Oh, yeah. You're too busy to write all over the place. I don't want I was going to do a fight. Remember that. I want some silly guy. Yeah. Poor fuck. Yeah. Crazy people. Yeah. That's that's the problem with reality show is you're dealing with all these wacky people that are trying to get famous. Whereas you're on a sitcom, you're dealing with the other people that you're working with on a daily basis. Like when I was on news radio, you know, we were like a weird little dysfunctional family. You know, that's what happens in those those sitcom sets get very close to each other. Yeah. It's a love. It's a it's a great job, man. It really is like the great job. So funny. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I'm laughing the whole time. If people would have a camera on me and if I'm laying in bed going over the script, I mean, it's all I didn't realize that almost everything they say is funny. You don't catch that when you're watching. But that's why the reruns are so good every time you see new jokes. Right. But pretty much everything is tied in together. If every single line you go, my God, this comes back from that scene before it's it's all tied in. People don't realize what a good stand up comedian Kevin is to. Yeah. He's a very good writer. He's a very, very good writer. Very funny guy. Yeah. A lot of fun. He doesn't have enough stand up specials out or people don't appreciate how good he really is. He's going to do for the Netflix now. I'm happy. Yeah. I think you already filmed it. I think so, too. I think so, too. I went to a few because once we were there, he started, you know, going to some stand up places, you know, to start practicing because he was out for a little bit. Yeah. And an album. We started out together. We have the same manager and I got him hooked up with my manager back in like fucking 1993 or some shit. I don't remember what year it was when Kevin and I were buddies in New York. I remember you used roommates, right? Also, we never lived together, but we were just like we were friends. We were both like in our early, early twenties. We were just starting out. Yeah. He told me that he will used to watch Pancras with you. Yeah. And that's how he knew me. Yeah. And so when I came to America, I had this management right away calling this. Hey, what's the media? So that is cool. That is cool. Yeah. Kevin used to watch all that shit with me. Pancras in the early K-1 fights and everything. Yeah. Yeah. Kevin is a fucking serious martial artist to people have no clue that he could hit man. He's got fucking power. This is a cool thing. We were shooting. Here comes the boom. He at the end with Kristoff Sosinski when he lifts him up for the arm bar. Right. So they see this coming. They bring in a crane with a cable. So they because it needs to be controlled, of course, for the film. So he's asking, he says, oh, by the way, can I have your attention? So all these extras are there. And he says, Kristoff, lay down. So Kristoff puts him in an arm bar. He lifts Kristoff up above his head, puts him back, lifts him up above his head, brings him back. There's a three times in a row. He says, did you see that? I just want to bring it out there so people can see because now the cable comes in. Otherwise, everybody says that I can't do it. And everybody was like, what? He just did that. He did it three times in a row. He's a gorilla. And his speed and his punches. If you see him, that's not sped up. No. Here comes the boom. I mean, the way he's hitting what he's doing. The very first time I was training him, I remember coming home and telling my if she says, and I said, man, he's a big guy. But, dude, he listens to every little thing I say, and he will do it immediately. I mean, his body, my body connection is really good. It is. And I have coordination as well as really good goal for two. Yeah, he's a good dude. I've known that guy forever.