Joe Explains the Term "Soy Boy" to Donnell Rawlings


3 years ago



Donnell Rawlings

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You gonna use them? I'll definitely use them. Alright. I like candles. Those are good too. And they're soy too. They're soy. Yeah, they're hand poured in the USA. You can have them back. I'm not into soy. I don't do anything with soy. It's a candle man. Don't disrespect that people one day. People get mad at soy. Soy is like a political fruit or vegetables. Is it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. People call you a soy boy. If you're a Republican, people call weak men soy boys. That's like a, it's an insult. I never knew that. Soy is one of the rare foods that's actually attached to being a bitch. That's a pussy food? Yeah, like if you're a guy who's really into soy. And this is not my perspective. This is just, I just think it's a fucking, it's a plant. It doesn't matter to me. Right. It's, isn't that edamame? Isn't that soy? Like when you have edamame at a Japanese restaurant, isn't it soy? Yes. Is that the case, Jamie? The first time I ever tried edamame, I was so ghetto. Did you eat the whole thing? Yeah. And I was like, I was like, my throat was killing me, son. The best part is the outside. I didn't know anything about it. Delicious salt and everything in the outside. The sea salt. Yeah, some sea salt. If you had a bowl of just edamame. It takes away from it. You wouldn't even want it. It's the whole process. It's the whole process of like ripping a sleeve. Edamame beans are whole immature soy beans, sometimes referred to as vegetable, veggie, vegetable type soy beans. They're green and different color for regular soy beans, which are typically light brown, tan or beige. Yeah. So it's the soy. I like edamame. I don't mind soy, but a lot of people think of soy as being like a bitch food. I never knew that. I thought it was a healthy. I mean, I knew that it was not the most masculine food, but I thought it was like, you stepped your game up when you enter the edamame lane. It's like, oh shit, this motherfucker eat edamame now. I think there's a reason. I think soy lowers your testosterone. I think there's like estrogen. Yeah. Yeah. What? Soy isoflavones can produce estrogen like activity in the body, mimicking the effects of natural estrogen. Yeah. But I think you have to- You can grow titties off of soy? Not quite, but it might feminize you. It might feminize you. Plants affect your hormone production. Do you know they actually develop testosterone, like synthetic testosterone for wild yams? Like plants. From wild yams? Wild yams. Yeah. That's how they develop some artificial testosterone or exogenous testosterone. I would think that that would be part of the whole Cialis and Blue Peel era. That's a different thing though. That's just blood flow. That's nitrous oxide. So why is nobody promoting wild yams? Not nitrous oxide. Nitrous, what is it? Nitric oxide. That's like NO explode, all those pump things you do when you want to get jacked. Right. When you're lifting weights, a lot of those supplements, they mimic the same sort of effect just not to the same degree as finasteride, like Viagra and Cialis and shit like that. But they don't make you have more testosterone. With these soybeans, and I think really for it to affect your hormones, I think it's just like it can, it's a possibility chemically. But in order to actually do it, I think you would have to eat some fucking preposterous number of soybeans. I don't think it's like something people really have to worry about. No I don't think it's anything anybody really has to worry about. But I think it's just a stereotype. I didn't even know the thing, for me I didn't even know the stereotype. Yeah they call people soy boys. I didn't know that. I thought it was like you're evolving as a foodie. You know like the first time I had them I was like oh shit y'all niggas don't know about the edamame's. Because I was introducing somebody else to it but I didn't know that it symbolized being a pussy. It doesn't. It's silly. It's silly. It's good. Edamame tastes good. If they do it right, put a little chili powder and salt on the outside. I like it with just sea salt. Episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience are now free on Spotify. That's right, they're free from September 1st to December 1st. They're going to be available everywhere but after December 1st they will only be available on Spotify but they will be free. That includes the video. The video will also be there. It'll also be free. That's all we're asking. Download Spotify. Much love. Bye bye. Me.