Joe & Co. on Andrew Tate Being Deplatformed


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I'm never on my phone. I can't even tag you on Instagram. In the post today to let everybody know the fight companion is John. There's Shadow Band? And then there's Eddie Band. Oh no, there's Eddie Band. I can't follow people. They won't allow me to follow anybody. That's a wild answer. I got students that think I'm a dick. Why would you follow? I'm trying to follow you though. I'm trying to make videos. I do screenshot videos. I go, look, look, boom. And I go back, look, it says follow, now you're following. Then I go off the page and I go back, follow back. I press it. And I go off the page and then I go, look, it keeps going back to follow back. Maybe don't call it a scandemic, etc. You're going to rouse the powers that be. Why can't they speak as truth though? They send me shit and they go, you keep talking this shit. We're about to pull your fucking gun. They warn me. Somebody likes you there because at least you're not Andrew Tate. They see his assets. They see his financial banking. He was saying things about women that was saying that like, what did he say that specifically got them triggered? Well, it was basically saying massaging. Look, he plays, part of it is like a character. And part of it, he's a legit world champion kickboxer who's a hard man. So I was telling these guys. Who doesn't buy any pussy bullshit. And that's what's resonating with young people. And he's also pro-Trump. The worry is that he is going to, the kids are going to listen to him because he's big on TikTok. My 12 year old and my 14 year old asked me about Andrew Tate. And what did you say? I said he's a legit world champion kickboxer. I go, I like him a lot. Why do you like him? And I was asking him. They said he says a lot of funny stuff on Twitter and TikTok. It's the TikTok thing because the TikTok algorithm, he did something where he started something where you like join his group. And then you're supposed to like post stuff. That's brilliant. That's how he gets followers. But also gives you a page. He blew up. Yes. He's a brilliant man. Yeah. My thing is with the left who wants to cancel him and you know, take him away. And they're like, we should look up to that. Okay. Then who should we look up to? Joe Biden. Who do you want to fill in for that? But also it's not their job to just say, hey, this guy's a danger to young men. What are you talking about? Like his, what a lot of times he was talking about how he says become a high value person, man or woman. And don't fuck with people who are low, low quality. He fucked up with the misogynist. Yes. Because if he didn't do that, if he just did the pro male stuff and you know, pro accountability and pro discipline stuff, you know, he has this post, he goes, the way I think in the morning that how I feel has no bearing on what I do. He goes, I do everything I'm supposed to do. He goes, I get up. He goes, if I don't feel good, I still work out. Of course. He goes, I still work. I still go. I do everything I'm supposed to do because that's, that's how you get ahead in this life. If you just concentrate entirely on your feelings, you're never going to fucking get anywhere. And that's true. And that's a good lesson for people to learn. The problem is the other shit. Like there's a video of him. I don't know what the context of the video is. He's like, in that girl. No, that was consensual. And by the way, what was it? She came out and said they were both into this role playing shit. So both of them, she came out and she was like, that's what we're into out of context. So like, I'll be honest, me and Brad Christ were doing a companion and it just came out and me and Brad watched. I was like, Jesus Christ, what is he doing? We didn't have context. I'm like, that ain't good. He's fucked. But then once you realize she was, she comes out and she's like, no, hold on. That's what we're into that we both agreed to that. It's like, well, to each their own. That's what you want to do. Right. I know why is that bad? But there's all these videos that I've laughed my ass off at dudes, ball gagged, like CEOs. I've not seen it tied behind their back. Or get their nuts. Yeah. That's okay. That's somehow or another okay. Exactly. But it's because the guy is the powerful one. The guy has allowed the woman to do that to him. Whereas the woman just seems like she's getting. She has no choice. Yeah. But she said she had a choice. Apparently you're saying. That's apparently what I'm hearing. Yeah. She came out. He did a lot of good things. Then you know, some of it was a lot even for, but still he should still have a voice. But isn't that some, one of the things you do when you're trying to push the envelope, you fuck up and you say things you shouldn't have said. This is the thing about like trying to be controversial and trying to get a lot of eyes on. Sometimes you go over too much. Yeah. And they took all the shit. Did you ever have a tape on your podcast? It's a conversation, right? You know, you know, who gave him like literally who brought him on the scene. I knew him from kickbox and it was aware of him for years, but really who put him on the scene is Tom Segura. Really? They don't give Tom enough credit. Not that he needs any more credit. He's fucking crushing it. But Tom really put him on the scene with like art, like the art crew. Like Tom's the first one brought him on. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm on your mom's house like a year ago. I just thought it was funny. I thought some of the stuff he was saying on his TikTok stuff or whatever. But the best, the best gets Christina P. is there and he's, and she's like, so if I'm a dumb bitch, you know, he talks and she's like, okay, so I'm a dumb bitch. It's so funny, dude. But he did get kind of canceled for a while. I think he's on rumble now. Yeah, he's okay. They took him over to rumble, which is, but, but it severely limits the amount of stuff you can have out there. Is he banned from YouTube? I don't believe. Yes. Yes. Yeah. YouTube too. And they seized his assets. So they seized his assets. They canceled his. So if you listen, I'm not talking Carlson. They his, his ability to his domain name and all and his ability to monetize it away to to do transactions with certain platforms. He had a whole school like the man school. Yeah. They took it all. So I think like, I don't know if it was PayPal, but something like that, whatever he was doing transaction, he sees it no longer. He's no longer allowed to use those platforms. And this should be, this should be scary for everybody because my thing is, and you know, I'm not that I'm finding a kid or even on my other million shows I do, we talk about COVID or whatever, Newsom or something like that. Once you're not playing that ball game, like we're, they're suppressing everything. Well, you don't get monetized, right? They do monetize for a kid. All that you not, I have to deal with it all the time. Kings thing all the time. Cause you don't talk shit, man, but we're having fun. But if it's not part of the agenda, they're suppressing everything. If you talk steroids, if you talk anything, anything, but my whole thing with that is there has to be another, there has to be somewhere else we can go where they're not going to do that. You get to know they're not big enough. Oh, you want like giant, any big boys? Cause that's how I see that's, I sell my tickets on the road. You'll see with rumble though, they're getting bigger people over there now. And as they get bigger and bigger people, they made a big play for me when all that shit was going down with me. Yeah. They offered me a hundred million dollars and then went for a go to rumble, but Spotify never did anything. They stayed with me the entire time. I love Spotify for that. The way they've treated you. I'm great. I was a little dicey on Spotify. And then once you went over how they've treated you, I'm like, I'd love Spotify. They're great. And you know, Daniel Eck, the CEO at a great set, he goes, I'm not going to censor rappers either. I'm not going to censor some of the things they say. How far should we go? If you go back and I mean, if you just go back and listen to early NWA, it's wild shit. Or M&M for that matter. Or Re-come-up. Yeah. There's so many lyrics of so many songs, not just rap songs that are questionable or problematic. They'd have an issue with. I would, I would go over there though, bring everything. If they got bigger. I think because they offer Tim Dillon too, right? I think they're doing someone Russell Brand or they're trying to. What is Rumble who started it? I love Russell Brand. I'm not exactly who started it. I'm not exactly sure. I know Dave Rubin's a part of it, but I don't know exactly who started it. He's coming. He's coming. They're starting to do some stuff where they're getting bigger and bigger names. And if they do that and it becomes popular enough and they can operate the way they're doing it right now with no censorship. It's very interesting. It can blow up so quickly. Yeah. Rumble overnight could be shit more. I would move. Just pull. Yeah. Overnight. I have eight shows, not bad. I would move all my shit there if it was worth it. I think you move, just have another, have it there too. You know what I mean? There's a problem in the case. It's like it's not widespread with a lot of people yet, but if someone big went over there. Think about how many people Russell Brand has. If Russell Brand, I think he's got like six million YouTube followers now. If he goes over there, I mean he's already giant. Starts an influx. And he goes over there and everyone knows and they just go to Rumble. It's just a different click you have to do. It's not that big a deal. People are just like that. They're loyal to YouTube. They're not loyal. Rumble is basically like YouTube, but they don't censor people and they don't cancel. That's what I know. Is that all it is? It's essentially they're committed to having a free speech platform. The problem with that is when people hear that they go, oh, right wing. Oh, you're a magus aboard. They immediately think that. Right. But no, Tulsi Gabbard's over there. Glenn Greenwald is over there. He's about as progressive as you get.