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Bryan "Hotep Jesus" Sharpe is a public speaker, tech advisor, author, and one of the hosts of the "Hoteps BEEN Told You" podcast. His latest book is "The Patriot Report: Unmasking the Conspiracy of Money and War."


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The thing with the Proud Boys is the ruling elite are afraid of men. You know, it's a huge soy boy movement coming down the pipe. Right? There's soy everywhere. If anybody's listening right now or everybody that's listening right now, soy is bad for you. It's not good. It is very bad for you. It's processed nonsense. It gives you estrogen. Oh, yes. Well, it activates the phytoestrogens. It has phytoestrogens that attack the endocrine gland system. Now we look at the endocrine gland system of people in the spiritual world. Endocrine gland system is the physical manifestation of the so-called chakras. Right? Now at the heart chakra, what we have is called the thymus gland. And the thymus gland is the one that controls your sexual maturity. And when you have an endocrine gland disruptor, your sexual maturity is affected. So a man who would ordinarily like women now likes, you see what I'm saying? But wouldn't you have to have massive quantities of soy for that to take place? That's subjective based upon your biological structure. I always think of it as more, it's like a fun thing to say. I don't think, you know, eat too much tofu, you turn into a bitch. Well, here's the thing. You can't go in a grocery store and find something that doesn't have soy. When you go look at your cheeses or your crackers, it was to say soy less than, soy and everything. Soy everywhere, right? They use it as filler for some meats. So the whole vegan movement, right? You go and you go get your vegan burger. Beyond meat burger. Yeah. Right. A lot of these burgers are soy based. A lot of them are plant based for sure. Plant based oils. Right. And they're not good for you. Right. And then you also look at the links between soy and cancer, but that's a whole other story. But when you have something that's disrupting your so-called chakras, you can see how you can start affecting an entire population of people, right? Start affecting their development at an early age. And then, you know, you got these men who are acting like women who can't even, you know, control their wives. You got some men out here that let another man sleep with their girlfriend. Right. Out here? I don't know about out here. What are you saying out here? Well, when I say out here, I mean, that's everywhere. Out the world. Yeah. Yeah. But isn't that just people are just kinky? You know, weird shit. Well, no. You don't think so? No. What do you think it is? I think it's pushed. I think the bao chui is highly pushed. Yeah. By who? The ruling elite. The ruling clap. I want to say elite because they're not elite. They really have time to sit around and go, you know what we need to do? We need to push the bao chui. Well, when you look at the degradation of Russia, right, before the Bolshevik Revolution, what they do is they come in first with alcohol. Right. So they purchase your hops and barley and they produce alcohol. Then what they do is they sell the alcohol to the farmer on credit because he ain't got no money. Right. Because he's been drunk. He hasn't been producing the crops like he should. He falls into credit. He falls into debt. When he falls into debt, he's now a slave to the land he once owned. Now I can sell whatever I want to this population or give this population whatever I want because they are now technically my slave. But in order to rule a nation of people, you have to destroy morality. You have to destroy integrity. So you feed them drugs, alcohol, and sex, and then tear apart the family. But do you think that that's just a natural progression of people's slovenly instincts or do you think that's some sort of a grand plan? Do you think people have a slovenly instinct? Some people do. Yeah. I think some people are lazy and some people are weak and some people are greedy and some people just, they lean towards just pleasure without sacrificing discipline because it's easy. They just lay in bed and jerk off. I don't think anybody's telling them. I don't think there's any sinister government manipulating their strings that makes them watch porn all day. I think they just... Yeah, actually Instagram is a gateway to porn. Instagram you can't go on Instagram without looking at some booty, right? Yeah, but it's also a gateway to sunsets and people's kids and muscle cars and... Come on, Joe. Ain't nobody going on Instagram looking at sunsets. People are going to Instagram to look at booty. There's a lot of that. No doubt. Yoga community has went from, hey, check out my bakasana to check out my backside. And these yoga pants, right? A lot of yoga pants pics. Booty. Booty. Booty. Just booty alone is an industry. It is a giant industry. On Instagram. Yeah. So what happens is you wake up in the morning, you check your notifications, then your homie tags you, yo, look at this chick. Boom. Right. Now you have an erection. What's the first thing you do? You're like, ah, let me go to my browser, open the incognito browser and hit porn hub. Boom. Now you out of here, right? Now your day's done. You've completed your energy, right? And this coming out of my book where I talk about why you shouldn't jerk off and all that stuff. Did you write that you shouldn't jerk off? Yeah. Never? Well, there's a calculation. You have a jerk off algorithm? Yeah, there's a jerk off algorithm. It's created by the Taoist sexology. And I think it's your age times two. No, your age divided by two times 100. I forget what it is. It's in my book. It's in my book. But I got it from the Tao. Right. Which is why I don't have it memorized. Time point. It's age times point two. I think it's age times point two. And then it'll tell you how many days, right? So at my age, I'm 38 now, my age, it's about seven and a half days between ejaculation to maintain who I am. Really? Yeah. And... Damn. Yeah. So a man's strength is his balls, right? Right. So every time you deplete yourself, you're not the same man anymore. You lose your superpowers. Now, when you lose your superpowers to some, you know, IG model, it's not even worthy. Your orgasm doesn't feel the same as a natural interaction with a woman. Right. You know what I mean? True. So you're wasting your superpower on like a fictional fantasy. So you're wasting a percentage of your vital energy. Your vital energy, as well as the proteins and minerals and zinc and magnesium and all that stuff that, you know, is lost. Shoot that. Yeah. You know, I think it's equivalent to like two New York strip steaks, eggs, oranges and apples or something like that. Really? Oh yeah. It's a lot of vitamins. That's why I have a one... Depends on the size of the load you shoot though, no? Oh yeah. That's why ladies should swallow. Whoa, Jesus, ladies. I'm sorry. That's why you should ingest it if the man is healthy because it's a full meal. It's a full meal. It's a full meal of nutrients that a man loses. Is the vial available that way? I wonder if anyone has done studies. I bet they have. I bet people have done like nutrition slash load studies. It's probably a startup out there like trying to do this right now. Yeah, like calculate into an app. Mm-hmm. Where's this conversation gone now? I forgot what we were talking about. Well, we're talking about manipulating you, turning you into a soy boy, making people weak. You think there's actual... See, this is where we differ. You think there's actual manipulation taking place. I think it's just natural instincts. And then I think that people see it around them and then they cater to those natural instincts and then they support those natural instincts. But I think people have a natural instinct to be undisciplined and lazy and just gratuitous and dive into pleasure before sacrifice and commitment and discipline. So are we making excuses for it? Not making excuses. I think it's also the softness of the world we live in. Oh, yeah. I mean, we live in this incredibly easy to get by and world. Right. Where the poor people are fat. Yeah. There's never been a time in history where poor people are fat. Yeah, yeah. That comes down to what's in it. It's weird. And the actual food. Yeah. So-called food. It's certainly that. It's certainly the food is garbage. But it's also that there's this strange lack of discipline because it's not necessary. All you have to do is just show up to your job. Put in the least amount of effort you can without getting fired and you can exist. That didn't happen in the wild world when people are hunters and gatherers. If you didn't put 100% effort, if you didn't really struggle, you didn't make it. And you weren't a benefit to the tribe and they kicked your ass out and you were eaten. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's how it's supposed to be. I do agree with that. Yeah. I do agree with that. Discipline is what we have to demand from people. But your culture has to recognize the voucher and shun it and ban it and say, hey, we don't want this here. Porn is readily available on Twitter. You can watch it right in your feet. Sometimes I'm scrolling my feed and I'm just like- That's a weird thing about Twitter, isn't it? That it's a giant platform, but they allow porn. Yeah. When I had Jack on with Tim Poole and I think Tim Poole didn't even know that porn was legal on it. Yeah. I found that a little bit of information, I don't know how accurate it is- About Tim Poole's Twitter use? No, on the ejaculation frequency recommended by the Tals. Yeah, here we go. It said the most respected of the Tao theorists, Sun Simiao, quoted above, recommends ejaculation no more than once every 20 days for men over 50. Oh, Jesus. And no more than once every 100 days for men over 60. I should be dead. Okay. And it has to do with- You should have no energy. How am I getting everything done? You're getting age-retarding hormones as you're about to ejaculate and then there's a level you want to keep before you ejaculate. So like that, you gotta balance before you excrete the hormones, that's what it's saying. So Tantra. Yeah, I think so. I think that's what it's saying. You're supposed to come internally. And there's a level you can optimize yourself for. Injaculation, they call it. Let's be right with their fucking minds. I'm trying to get rid of this shit. I've always said that it helps you think because too many times with a man, your mind is clouded by sexual desire. If you could just jerk off and then you could think clearly. I always tell- I'm the opposite. I just have a bit about it. I say jerk off first, then think about it. Like if you jerk off and then you want to call a girl, it's because you love her. You're not just trying to fuck. You actually like her as a human being. You want to be around her. You don't just want to be around her for sex. You actually really love her. Yeah. I think there's a level of discipline, right? So yeah, if you're about to make that risky text message, you might want to shoot your little and reassess it. That's right. That's what I'm talking about. But then you're like, what the fuck? I'm going to watch a fucking documentary. Put that phone down. But that's for an undisciplined man. Yes. Right? So a disciplined man is going to say, no, I'm not going to send this thirsty comment. I'm going to stay disciplined in who I am because in order to get the woman, I have to stay away from the woman. In order to get the woman, I have to stay away from the woman. Yeah. And keeping your vital man energy for me keeps me on edge, like I'm always like an animal. You know what I mean? Because I want to release. You see what I'm saying? So what I do is I'll work up that energy and then channel it into work. I'll just immediately pull my laptop out and just bang out because it's like that frustration there. And then you got to release it that way. I'll go running. I'll go work out. You know what I'm saying? But when I get around women with a full sack, I'm not the same as when I'm empty. You can see the difference in how they attracted you. You sit up different. The chest pokes out. When you're around other men, you're like a little bit more edgy. Yeah. Yeah. You know what I mean? After you blow your load, you're kind of like chilled out. Yeah. Non-competitive. Non-competitive. Yeah. It's so interesting. You hold on to that. Like fighters. You know how to fight. Mike Tyson never did that. Mike Tyson said, no, I always like to come with my just possible fun. I'm not distracted. He just shoot his loads and then beat the fuck out of everybody. Yeah. Mike had a lot of extra loads. I think if you had a guess, his level, he was just an ultra man. You know, it was not a regular man. It says, a research published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health found that after seven days of not ejaculating, men's testosterone levels reached 145.7% of the baseline. Bam. The interesting thing is that they didn't observe significant fluctuations from the baseline on days two through five. The research also showed that the peak levels were at day seven. Yeah. The risks, Dow, it's actually Dow by the way. It's T-A-O. It's, you say it as Dow. Okay. Like the Dow of G. Kundo. Risks of too frequent ejaculation when sex is performed with the recommended Dow frequency, it becomes an inexhaustible source of energy like a well that never runs dry. Yeah. However, when ejaculation frequency exceeds the capacity of the body to fully replenish the semen, man can experience chronic fatigue, low resistance, loss of sex drive, loss of focus and irritability. Long term excessive ejaculation can cause chronic low zinc conditions, which can cause chronic fatigue, mental confusion, and significant loss of sexual drive. But what if you're with a freak like that girl Will Harris was talking about? My friend Will Harris was in here the other day and he was saying he needs to meet these girls and go overseas. That's the next paragraph. Oh, it's also considered harmful to ejaculate when ill, drunk, or gorged with food. Whoa. Here's the next line. Oh, which one? Ejaculation control and discipline is not to be confused with the frequency of sex. There are significant physiologic, phys... What's that word? Physiological? Physiological, period there. Oh, physiologic and therapeutic benefits to having sex. Frequent sex in decourse maintains a man's interest in the acts as well as his capacity to continue indefinitely until his partner is fully satisfied. So they're saying fuck, but don't come. Yes. Those people are out of their fucking mind. I come every time I fuck. Yo, I used to... I used to... Trying to get rid of this stuff. Every three weeks. I used to fuck with girls. I used to fuck with girls. Heads like that. We would not come? Yeah. Really? I would have a girl like straight down and break her cry. I can't please you. Is it me? Is it not? I'm just like, no. I just wanted you to be happy. How do you feel? Feel good. Good. Then I go and I hit the laptop and it just turns them on. It should be upset. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. They let it. They let it. Right. Because like nature wants them to get you to come. Yes. Women only respect the disciplined man. You know, once a woman can drop your defenses, she's no longer attracted to you. If she can control you, she's not attracted to you. A woman wants a man she could chase. In my book, I talk about how women are the apex predator. They're the ones that chase after sex. I mean, they can have sex endlessly, right? Once we're not, it's like we're pretty much done. Like, I mean, you need a couple of minutes to recharge, but it could keep going. Right. You know what I'm saying? So they're, you know, technically like, you know, freaks or whatever. But just because she's undisciplined in her sexual energy doesn't mean you have to be. And if she feels like she has to go outside of the relationship to go get her fix, that's on her. That has nothing to do with you. Your aspirations as a man are higher than sex. A woman's role is to create life and support the man. The man's role is to create the, the, the, the, affords in the future of, of humanity, you know, building things and innovating. It is true that a woman is not attracted to a guy without discipline. Like men who are lazy and weak. That is a giant turn off to a woman. But if a woman is hot, she could be pretty lazy. Absolutely. They are the laziest people. But we don't care. Men don't care. I don't care if a girl's lazy. She's hot. Well, as long as her body holds up, why don't she get to the gym? I used to make girls work to get me, man. Really? Yeah. Like, you know, I would say, you know, I'm working on this project, you know, I'm gonna send you a spreadsheet over. I need you to go organize it. And if she'd say no, I'd just be like, all right, well, you're worthless to my life. Right. I need somebody that's gonna build with me. Right. What if she's building on her own shit? Fuck her shit. Go build your shit. You know, if you need help, I'll help you. Right. But, you know. So you want a partner. Yeah. Don't want just a lover. That's what you're saying. No. No. You want someone to help you. No. I want her to prove her worth. Whoa. She got to be worthy to get me. Like, you know, it's easy to get a girl, then you can get a good man. You're not, you're only gonna find one hotel Jesus in your life. I could find a ton of you, Shorty. Wow. You everywhere on Instagram. After Joe Rogan, they gonna be everywhere. Now, some would say that that's a sexist generalization. Sure. I don't care. I don't care. Like, we can have that conversation like, bring me on your platform, we can talk. And I'll, you know, if you want to call it sexist, it is what it is. Have you ever had a conversation with like a radical feminist about this kind of thing? No. They won't talk to me. They all block me. Yeah, they all block me. You know, the whole, the whole black left feminist. The reason why they block me is because they can't beat me, right? When we have conversations, I'm so objective that it's too dangerous for them to engage with me. How so? Because I'll be like, it's sexist. Yes. And? So let's, let's continue the conversation. And then that's where they don't want to go. Right. Because then they're gonna have to provide reinforcement and evidence and they're dealing with an educated man and I'm going to come with my evidence and facts. So you don't have a problem being sexist. That's what the problem is. Because if someone calls you sexist and you go, yeah, yeah, I'm sexist. Yeah, it is what it is. It's like somebody called me racist. Sure. Whatever. I don't care what your opinion is. I don't care about these isms that you create. I understand nature. I understand myself.