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Donnell Rawlings is a stand-up comic and actor. Catch his new special, "Chappelle’s Home Team – Donnell Rawlings: A New Day,” on Netflix.


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You know what's great? Watch this shit on TV. This is my shit. Watch what on TV? The food that made America. Anybody watch that yet? No, what is it? Food Channel? No. Maybe it's a history channel with one of them stations. But they go into the Hershey Company, the Mars... Oh, is that the same people that did The Men That Made America? It's an A&E docuseries. I didn't know I didn't see that one. But that one about The Men That Made America? I gotta watch it good. Did they cover Kellogg's? They covered Kellogg's, yo. Check out how Kellogg's start, yo. I got a story for you, didn't I? Tell the story about how... I got a story for you, you know, why black people like Pepsi. But hold on, let him tell the Kellogg's story, because you're not even gonna believe this. Okay, Kellogg's start because he's just a doctor with a little... They call it sanitarium? Sanitarium. Yeah, sanitarium. Is that what we had? Let's say... I pronounced the words wrong sometimes. Whatever it is. Wait, he's a doctor, right? No, sanitarium. There it is. Okay, sanitarium. Battle Creek Sanitarium. Yeah, so he's there, right? I never knew that motherfucker, a motherfucker named Kellogg, in Creole. Yeah, he's a real man. He's a real motherfucker. I did not know Kellogg was a motherfucker. Dude, he invented cereal to keep people from having sex and beating off. Oh my God. He invented cereal. He's gotta be on cereal boxes forever. He invented cereal to calm people's sexual desire. Really? And their diet, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. Because they were sick there, and they thought... They thought the best way to get the nutrients, he would bake all this grain together, and then break it up and pour it into him. No, he didn't pour milk. His brother actually was the one that was like, put some milk in it. Oh, you guys always sometimes like, try to fuck this shit up. He's like, nah, I need some. It needs some, put some milk in it. Well, he was right. It's the truth. Oh, that's the best shit at the sex cereal? Oh my goodness. Oh, yeah, at the cereal. Yo, you gotta have it at the sex cereal. Golden Grahams. Immediately. Now, check out the punch line of the story, right? So Kellogg's is doing this shit, and his brother's like, yo, listen, man, there's money in this. We could sell this. But Kellogg's, he's a doctor. He's already making money. He's like, nah, man, look, his brother's little dyslexia. He ain't really kind of got it together. He's telling his brother, look, we ain't doing all that, son. Just go to work and do what I tell you. Right? So he's going to work, do what he tells him. And then one guy comes over to the sanatorium, no money, he can't afford to pay. He has to work it off. Right. So they let him work it off, right? He's working. He's eating the cereal every morning, and he's just checking out the sanatorium. And he looks around. His name is Mr. Post. Mr. Post? Yeah. He leaves the sanatorium. And before Kellogg starts Kellogg's cereal, Mr. Post started Post's cereal, homie. Oh. He came out with Post and blew up. Yo. Oh, I forgot about Post. Yo, for real. Was it beef? Was it like cereal beef? It was, oh, it was cereal beef for the whole, like, it's still got beef. They still got beef. Do you know, that's why Pepsi Cola, right? You ask yourself, black people love Pepsi Cola, right? I was talking to this white dude one time. He said, you know why black people like Pepsi? I was like, you're trying to be racist. Right? And he explained his story to me back in like the 30s, when Coca-Cola and Pepsi was the two vine bottling companies, and Coca-Cola was smashing Pepsi on sales. Right. Like 125 million, like 3 million in sales per year. Right. And Pepsi needed to do something to get a different audience. So Pepsi painted basically Coke to be either racist or not really caring about the black community. And Pepsi was the first corporation that started putting black people on the cover of the posters and being affluent, like doctors, nurses. Because everything you saw was like Andrew Miamish, but Pepsi was the first thing. Pepsi was the first ones to start doing that. And Pepsi hired an ad agency, 12 black guys, I think it was in Louisiana, to go out and do juke joints and touch the black community. And what Pepsi did was like, quantity wise, like say if you had 10 ounces of Pepsi, 10 ounces of Coke, Pepsi, Coke would charge like 20 cents and Pepsi would charge like 10 cents. But basically you're getting double what you want. You give a nigga sugar, it don't matter. You can charge it up. Right? Yeah. So that's the reason. And then if you think about that through generations and generations, that's the reason why a person can be disconnected from a certain brand. You said, think about it, if you like, if you at home, right, you got Pepsi and Coke, and then you hear somebody say, man, we don't drink that Coke, man. That's that white people soda. You know what I'm saying? You won't drink it anymore. And that's what they did. And it's a book called, it's called, it's a book called The Real, Jamie, pop it up, The Real Pepsi Challenge. The Real Pepsi Challenge. That's what I said. I'm looking to that. And I wanted to, I think this would be, I looked into trying to get the rights to it, some kind of way I got blocked early on. Maybe I had a right jute and playing on my team. Right. To get it done. The real Pepsi Challenge. The real Pepsi Challenge. Read the synopsis. How one pioneering company broke the color barrier in 1940s American businesses. Wow. And see that you wouldn't see him back then. You wasn't seeing posters of a working mom. You were just seeing like serving and stuff. And that's when, is that's what audio version of that book? I'll buy the fucker. I gotta get it. But it's a great story. You can see the, you can just see, you read it, you can just see the outfits they was wearing. And like the Pepsi dudes, they was a Pepsi motherfucker. They was a Pepsi nigga. They were just to have money to go throw parties and shit. Right. They was like, they was turning it up. Yep. Pepsi it up. Do you know that Coca Cola to this day is made with cocaine? Not to the day early on. No, it's today. They make it with cocaine. They use coca leaves and then they extract medical cocaine from that. And then there's a company that makes, yep. There's a company that extracts it for them and makes medical cocaine. And they have coca leaves that are shipped to Coca Cola to make Coca Cola. There's a certain flavor that those coca leaves give it. No cocaine anymore. Right. I thought it was the sugar. No, but there's a company that's connected to it that actually uses those coca leaves and extracts the medical, there is medical cocaine, like lidocaine. They use it for different surgeries and shit like that. Even in the, in the series, the food that made America, they go into Coca Cola. I can believe that. They can still buy Coke. And yo, he said, but the inventor of Coca Cola was hooked on cocaine. Another drug. He was hooked on, I forgot, you can look it up, right? He's hooked on, what's the other, morphine. He's hooked on morphine, right? So he's trying to counter it. He's trying to counter his cocaine, basically. Oh my God, he's speedballing. But, but, but check it out. But the cocoa, the cocoa leaf, like the cocoa plant, which is actually an African plant. You know what I mean? We always think of it as being a Colombian and. Also it's like coffee, how coffee all came from Ethiopia. It's that kind of party. And they're going to it and he makes, he makes cocoa, he makes cocoa, the cocoa plant and few other ingredients together. And he made Coca Cola. So he made a cocktail to take off the morphine. Yeah. And the original formula is still unknown. I mean, no, I mean, imagine what it'd be like to buy Coca Cola when it had cocaine in it. He'll like crack. Wow. You know, when the streets coked up. Exactly. This motherfucker is really thirsty. Now he lit right now. Can you imagine what that was? What was the decision? Like, when did they all get together? Hey, we got to take the fucking cocaine out of Coca Cola. When did they get together and take that out? But I thought that they did it for people like with had with dental issues with their mouth and stuff. I thought that was a pain check. Yeah. That's what lidocaine is. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's what what lidocaine lidocaine they use in surgeries. Okay. Yeah. When I had my deviated septum fix, I had a broken nose, they straightened it out and they, they flood it with lidocaine to numb it. It's like a cousin of cocaine. Yeah. It doesn't get you high. What you do? They flood your nose with it. It makes you feel like shit. It doesn't get you high, but you feel like disconnected and weird. Like, uh, they gave me a pretty good dose when they fixed my nose. And I remember I went to a restaurant, um, like either that night or the day after. I think it was that night. And I was, I was feeling terrible. Like, I'm like, I don't, I can't taste anything. I feel all shaky and weird. Like I'm not on cocaine, but it's like weird. Does do anything to your appetite or anything? Yeah. I didn't, wasn't that hungry. Really? Yeah. Fucked with me. It just made me feel shitty. I just felt like, it felt like my heart was beating too fast. I felt weird. It was just, it felt like something was off. It didn't make any sense, but they use it just to numb you up for surgeries. It's real common. I never had none of this shit.