"Brazil's Roswell" Still a Mystery More Than 25 Years Later


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James Fox

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James Fox is a UFO investigator and documentary filmmaker. His new film, “Moment of Contact” is available to stream now. https://geni.us/MomentOfContact


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So we're following and pleading with him all the way out there. Please, just tell us, please. I swear on my life this happened. He gets in the car, door's open, he looks up and I'm only reason why I'm telling you this because he died. He looks up at Marco and I and he goes, it happened. Close the door and off he went. Now the reason why I share that is because that's not something that I can put any weight on for the documentary for people like you, right? But as a personal message for me, knowing that level of validation on the inside, it kept us going. It was like, okay, why on earth would he have done that? Why on earth would he say? And that kept Marco and I going and that was a personal level of validation that... Is there any conventional explanation why the military shut everything down? Why they had military barricades set up around that area? No, they did try to say that the creature was this guy who got some deformities, but I've seen the guy, Modine or something like that, but you talked to the witnesses. But why would the military shut the town down because a guy with deformities is there? And then for the doctors in the hospital, they said, oh, there was a midget having a baby or something weird, just something that was just so ridiculous. And you talk to the witnesses and they're just like, oh, come on, that's laughable at best. I mean, these girls came within eight to 10 feet, three, three women, Katya, two sisters, Liliani and Volkeria, 14, 16 and 21. They got within eight to 10 feet in broad daylight of this creature. And one of the things that doesn't come across in the film, when they saw this thing, they're looking like, what are we looking at here? They're walking through this field and it's up against its cinder block wall. And one of them is looking at it, what is that? And it was crouched by the wall. It was weak and feeble. And one of them kind of like screeched. Ah, like what is that? And it turned and it looked right at the girls, locked eyes on them. Liliani grabs her younger sister, who's 14, Volkeria, and makes high tails out of there. Katya is 21. She's frozen in her tracks, locked eyes with this creature and is communicating with her. Please help me. He wants help. It's weak and it's feeble and it's scared and it's crouched down. Liliani realizes that Katya is back there. She gets, I don't know, a hundred feet down the path. She leaves her sister, say here, I'm going back to get Katya. She runs back. And I asked Katya and I asked all the girls, during that moment of contact, when you lock eyes, I know it's only a brief second, but during that moment of contact, what did you feel? Like put me there. That's where the title comes from, moment of contact, because that was when they locked eyes on this creature. And that's when Katya said, help me, I'm scared. And it was feeble and suffering. And it's a very powerful moment. And these girls have been saying the same thing. The mother. It's the first time I'd ever reported on these so-called men in dark suits that show up and intimidate witnesses. To be honest, I've been hearing about those cases for so many times, but I've avoided them because it's got so much baggage from men in black. It's just ridiculous. I didn't even want to be associated with it. But I'd heard it. I can go on until I'm blue in the face. I can go on until tomorrow morning with the amount of cases, with generals too. But this time when the mother said that these men showed up and tried to get the daughters to say they were lying and offered her a briefcase full of $100 bills, and they could relocate, I don't know, for some reason I said, okay, for the first time in 25 years, I'm going to report on these guys. And I did. And it's in the movie. You can hear the mother talking about it, and she's so emotional. And the mother came back to the location where that happened, the smell, that stench, and the foot pin on the ground. I mean, everybody talks about that stench that was so ... They said, if you ever take like a skunk, multiply that by like 100,000, that would give you some indication of the level of like how putrid and nasty. It was paralyzing. And it stayed in. Like it stayed in the areas, like at the hospitals when they did the X-rays. And everybody talks about it. That stench there. It was unbelievable. It fills your naval cavities and doesn't leave for a week. It was incredible. And they all said the same thing. And they couldn't get it out. They couldn't get it out. Yeah, they sanitized the hospital. The guy said that he had to close off that wing of the hospital while they were sanitizing it because it was so intense. So how long did it last for? I heard days and weeks is what I heard from people. And even the mother said when she went to where the creature was, she said that the stench even there after the creature was gone, got in her nasal cavities and she tried to flush it out with water and saline or whatever. And she couldn't get it out of her nasal cavities. Really crazy. But they all did. I mean, everybody talked about that stench. You know? I mean, the military officer, the guy that drove the creature around, I was sitting across from him. You can't see his face, but I did. And I'm looking at this guy in the eyes. I'm thinking I could be looking at a guy that drove a fucking alien around. You have no idea, dude. You have no idea. How did he describe it? So fucking intense. When I came back from that trip, people were like, how was your trip to Brazil? What was it like, man? They got great, you know, smoothies and coffee. And I'm just like, you guys have no idea. I think an alien spaceship crashed and they recovered live aliens. And we made contact and the Americans came in. That's what I'm thinking about. So I told a couple of people on the last trip I came back, I was just like, I was so rocked. I couldn't reintegrate back into culture. It was, Joe, I was just like, fuck, I think this happened. It's the biggest story ever. So people were asking me, even my neighbor who runs like the, he runs that Make-A-Wish Foundation, he was like, James, he goes, bro, I like you a lot. I got a lot of respect for you, but you lost me on this one. And I was like, I don't blame you, bro. I really don't. But listen to the witnesses. Just that's all I say. And I would tell people and I realized I can't talk about it. All I can say is just listen to the witnesses. Don't take it from me. But I'm looking at that guy in the eyes, Joe. And I've been at this for 30 years. I've made almost, I'm working on my seventh film right now. I'm looking this guy in the eyes and I'm like, this guy probably drove an alien around. And it tripped me out so hard. And it ruined his life. He's, to get this guy to go on camera, just like a week earlier, he was like, I don't care all the money in the world. I'm never coming forward. The risks are too high. How did it ruin his life? Because you're harboring the secret. You're being watched. You're being told not to ever talk about this. And you're looking over your shoulder all the time and they call you, the military calls you periodically. They want to know where you are. And he's got this secret inside him that he can't tell the rest of the world. And he's thinking about all the different, everyone's out there speculating. Is it real? Is it fake? Is it real? Is it fake? And this guy drove a body around. Just think about that for a second. Think about the doctor who took the x-rays of this thing. Marco Lael, thank you, Marco. You're the man. Marco Lael found him eight years ago. And he was like, he confirmed the story. He was still working at regional hospital. He goes, I'll never come forward. Marco kept going every year back and forth. Then he retired in four years after retired. He agreed to meet with us. He wasn't even sure he was going to go on. And I said, look, man, we'll put you, we'll film you from the back. We'll disguise your voice. Showed his photographs of him at the hospital. We know he's been, we've been trying to get at him. Excuse me. At the end of the interview, he said, thank you. I feel so much better. I've been shouldering that burden for 26 years. And I've so desperately wanted to tell somebody to share that story with the rest of the world. And you meet these people and you think, why on earth they didn't come to us. They're not trying to sell their story. We tracked them down and begged and pleaded with them to come forward. When I found Martha, the sister of the deceased military officer, Marco Chorizi, we were knocking on doors. I remember the sound guy from from Rio de Janeiro. He was like, you're out of your mind. What are you doing? You can't just knock on random doors. I was like, man, if there's a will, there's a way. I'm going to find this lady. And we found her. And it was like this kind of kind of sketchy area. You know, it's like when you when you get out of your car and you could see like people drawing the curtains back and looking at you and you're standing out like, dude, I still like a sore thumb man. And then we walked up and I had Marco with me. Thank God. And we had camera crews and stuff. It's kind of sketchy. And Martha appears and her husband appears in this big. He's a big guy. And he's got like a white beater shirt on and he looks like he wants to rip my head off. And I'm like, and she's looking at me and he's just looking at her going. Martha's looking. Martha's looking at her husband and her husband's looking at Martha like, give me the signal. I'll kill this guy. That's the fucking and I was looking at Marco and I was like, James, you need to think quick, think quick on your feet right now. And I said immediately, please translate this. I'm here to give your brother justice. I'm here to get the story out. Please talk to me. And we developed a relationship with her slowly over that. And those are the first words that we exchanged. And we eventually got her to come forward. We talked. We talked in the past, but she doesn't know who the hell I am. I want to take you back to the doctor. Okay. What, when you talked to the doctor, what did he describe? He said that that it was a normal day, January 1996, regional hospital, every day. And all of a sudden, all these military trucks and police cars showed up at the hospital. They come in armed and they got a bag. They got a thing in a black body bag. And he was like, hell's going on here. They're all, you're going to be taking some x-rays. And he's like, okay. And they had him inside and they had armed clubs. And I was asking him like, what was it like? Because I, when I, when I interview witnesses, I always want them, I always ask them to project like I sometimes I'll even close my eyes because I'll use their words to recreate. So I'm like living it through them. You know what I mean? So I'll close my eyes and I'll recreate the scenes in my head with their words. Right? It's harder in Portuguese because I'm having to get it translated, but I asked questions like what was the atmosphere like? Was there any talking? No talking. Super tense atmosphere. Very tense. Arm guards on the outside, arm guards on the inside, military trucks running. Nobody comes, nobody goes. And he said, I first time in my history, in the history of my career, I took the x-rays and I couldn't even verify that they were good because he took them immediately. And then they said, this event never happened. He said the stench in the hotel, in the, in the hospital was overwhelming. And he goes through the different x-rays that he took, the abdomen, the head, the arms, the legs, the thorax, you know, and it was incredible. In fact, Ubed Arjada Rodriguez, if you're listening to this, he's one of the leading researchers has gone quiet. Pekicini disappeared for 20 years. Did he get to see images himself? Did he get to see the body himself? Oh, he saw that he was right. Well, they didn't open the body bag, but he was, he was, he said the stench was just overwhelming. So they x-rayed it through the body bag? They x-rayed it through the body bag. So he never got to see. He did not see the alien. And he didn't get to see the x-ray images or anything. Nope. They wouldn't let him see a damn thing. Nope. Now there were two doctors. There was a guy named Roger Lear. Roger Lear found out, these are people that I really want to meet. I mean, people are coming forward in droves right now. We just got two forensic pathologists for the first time ever working together to come forward and make statements. And they're providing documentation of the autopsy reports done on the deceased military officer. That's the first time ever these guys are coming forward. It's happening right now. Let's explain what happened to people who haven't watched the documentary to the deceased military officer. So right after the three girls came within eight to ten feet of this creature or being or entity or ET, whatever you want to call it, about an hour later, when it was about three o'clock in the afternoon, I would say probably maybe around five o'clock, there were two military guys on patrol on the lookout for something unusual, what they were told. They didn't say a UFO had crashed. They were on the lookout for something highly unusual. And it was Eric Lopes at the wheel and Marco Shrizzi, military police in the passenger seat. They were about a block and a half to two blocks away from where the girls had seen the creature a couple of hours earlier. And this thing runs across the car in front of him. He had slammed his brakes on. And without a moment's hesitation, Marco Shrizzi jumps out of the car and grabs the thing with his bare hands. Yeah. And he puts it in the back seat and they drive it to a clinic and the doctor is like, what the hell is that? Get it out of here. I don't know what, leave. So they went to regional hospital. And then ultimately it went to Humanitas Hospital. And so we have testimony from military acts that when he drove it from Humanitas Hospital, it's in the movie, but he drove it from Humanitas Hospital to, as a military base, where it spent the night in the truck for one night and then it went from there to Espa-Sex Campinas. It's like a university. It's where all the intellectual scientific heavyweights reside. And then it was there, I think under examination, according to the witnesses that we talked to for a day or two. And that's when the Americans flew in to Campinas. And we have the radar military control officer who came forward last year, actually two years ago when we were there filming for the last time, his name is Marco Feddes, F-E-R-E-S. And he came forward for the first time and said, yeah, in January of 1996, this plane came in, USAF, he kept calling it, United States Air Force, came in and didn't have the authorization of the Brazilian government. He was like, this thing can't land. And some higher up stepped in the room. This is all his testimony. I'm just relaying what he said. He said some higher up came in the room said, let it land. And it came and it landed at Campinas. And then from Campinas, two helicopters, according to him, flew to Virginia, Brazil, Virginia back to Campinas. Then they loaded something on the airplane and then off to the United States. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold. And that's where the case goes cold.