The Story of Former DC Mayor Marion Barry Getting Caught Smoking Crack


3 years ago



Freddie Gibbs

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Freddie Gibbs is a rapper, founder of the ESGN music label, and 2020 Grammy Award Nominee.

Brian Moses

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Brian Moses is a comedian, writer, creator, producer and host of Roast Battle.


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Like, don't live in the White House. Jamie, I'm gonna send you some shit about Gavin Newsom. Ain't no goddamn politician gonna bootle the hood. Cory Booker did. Mary and Barry did. He can smoke crack too. Yeah, sure. Hahahaha. You know why I met Mary and Barry when he was just re-elected. He was just re-elected. That's crazy. After the crack, right? Yeah, after the crack. Like 94? Yeah. Um, Jamie, I just... The crack is back, nigga. The crack is back. It wasn't 94. Maybe it was after... I don't know. It was, um, I was in the studio with... It disappeared. There was only a bell for a second. I think I texted it to you though. Oh, Mary and Barry was like, Bitch, set me up. Set me up. You were smoking crack though, bro. No, no, this is what happened. We were sitting in the studio. It was me and Jim Norton and Obie and Anthony. And I forget who else was a guest. But Mary and Barry was walking right by this... There was big glass doors at Sirius XM. And, uh, he was just walking right by. He was on some other show. Someone go, go grab him, go grab him. Get him in here. So we open up the door and Mary and Barry just walks right in. And he sits down. And then, is he gone? Is he dead? Yeah, Mary and Barry's dead. Okay. He dead. Rest in peace. Rest in peace, Mary and Barry. Very good. You one of the most famous crack smoking ass, diggers of all time. I'm sitting there and I know I got a couple seconds with this dude. And so all my predatory instincts kick in. And I'm like, we got to get right to this. They're going to pull them out of here. As soon as they know what this show is all about. Because we're a bunch of comedians. We're fucking high. It's seven o'clock in the morning. What did y'all say to me? I was high as fuck, dude. I was eating pot lollipops and shit. And I was like, I go, what? We talked about him smoking crack. And one of the things I brought it up really quick. But he said he goes, hold on. No one knows what's in that pipe. That's what he said. Oh shit. No one knows what's in that pipe. Diplomatic badass. No one knows what's in that pipe. That's the illest. Wow. I would vote for that guy because that's a hell of a politician. It's a good move. I like what he's saying. But it's really, I like how he's trying to do it. You know what I'm saying? He's like, no, that's tobacco. You know, it's like, no one knows what's in a hot dog. Right. You know, I mean, you see the bun. You see the hot dog. You tell. Can you give an act? What percentage would you get correct in terms of ingredients? Right though. Right now. If they give you a test. I wouldn't even. Oh my god. I wouldn't even. I'd be like, I don't know. Pig tail, pig butt hole. Who knows what's in there? Dicks and feet. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Feet and all kinds of shit in the hot dog. All kinds of shit. Yeah. Yeah. So that was it. Oh, it's an audio? And so that crack story started with that. But there's been no evidence that, I don't, we don't know what was in it. I mean, I was up there for some other reason, quite frankly. What do you think was in your story? Oh, okay. I took one drag on it. Okay. Do you feel that they were trying to railroad you because they didn't like what you were doing? Time out. What year was, did he get called smoking crack? That's a good question. But here's the thing. And who had a camera for him? Here's the thing. Yeah. I don't think anybody did, but here's the thing. So what? What if he was just drinking? Right though. Because he was trying to listen to all the things he just said there. Now I've changed my perspective since this happened. Getting older and more experience in life. And the influence you have here. But also realizing like, hey, the guy, if he did a good job as mayor, who gives a shit if he gets high? Right. Who cares? It's a personal life. If he gets home and shooting heroin, he's got a butt plug up his ass and Oculus Rift on. And he's tripping balls on ketamine. Why do I give a fuck? Is this guy safe in education? Right? Is he providing healthcare? Is he making it safer for people? Is he bringing people together? Right. Is he letting people know, hey, we have more in common. Everybody tried to kill me. FBI tried to kill me. Well, they might have. That's the thing. How did they have the hit camera? FBI has killed a lot of people. Yeah. As the governor of DC? Yeah. No. Who hit the camera? That's what I want to know. Who hit the camera? Like Willie Dee said, you got to let a hoe be a hoe. Yeah. Get on there baby, a hoe, bro. And sometimes some gals need a little money. They'll hire a camera. True. Wow. You got to let a hoe be a hoe. This is what you got to do. Tell us, nish, be a snitch. Cindy Lou. Yeah. Stupid ass bitch. Hit the camera. We had smoking crack, bitch. All this good cracking here, you want to have a camera. And the thing is, I mean, for the most part, it's just that he's partying. He's just like, hey, listen, man. Why is it bad? Why is it bad? Does he fuck up his job? Here's the thing. If he shows up Monday morning, he's cracked out and decides to nuke China. What kind of bombs we got? You're like, OK, OK, OK. Yeah. If he's a real, yeah, if he's like a degenerate crack head. But he wasn't a, he was a... What if he just... But what if he just sits in a chair? What if he sits in a chair? What if he's got a lazy boy and he puts his feet up and he just keeps pounding? That's like your... Keeps pounding whiskey. You're gonna be a professor. Yeah, just gets... No, way worse than that guy. What if he just, he's doing what's legal, but he's in a chair and he's just not going anywhere, just pounded it. How come that's OK? Well, talk about the affix of crack, Freddy. Freddy? Freddy. Freddy? Freddy? Freddy? Crack, cracked out Freddy. What's it say here, Jamie? Talk about the effects of crack. I mean, everybody handled drugs differently, man. So, you know. Put that up there, Jamie. Says, MaryamBarry76 says, further down in the interview that he believes the FBI was trying to get him to smoke a substance as high as 90% pure cocaine. Damn. Damn, bitch. That ain't crack. And chemists at Barry's subsequent trial testified that the drug used in the sting operation was in fact 93% pure cocaine. Holy shit. Yeah, you get that scale. So they might have been, they might have, they catfished him. Yeah, they might have been trying to get him to die. Well, I'm gonna tell you this right now. Oh my God. Look at this. They had an EMT on the spot, which is not only. They did try to kill him for real. Yeah, not only unusual, but rare in the history of the FBI. Barry noted as he offered evidence to support his claims, the FBI attempted to kill me. Why would they have an EMT on the scene if they weren't trying? Mmm. Wow. We had to let him inhale. It says at the bottom, the FBI official says the purpose of the medical standby was to provide potential medical attention to Mary and Barry should his criminal activities require it. His criminal activities that they brought the fucking coke for. They made this with QAnon, Joe. They don't talk about this shit. They don't talk about this. They don't talk about coin and tell. They don't talk about the Tuskegee experience. Mary and Barry being set up by the FBI. They only talk about weird. These are people trying to fuck kids. Wow. I never thought I thought that. They never talk about that shit. Someone's like, oh, it's talking about Oprah and Jeffrey Epstein. But someone talked about the 4.4 billion that the Catholic church was paying. People are tribal. They're just tribal. And they don't hang out with you. They don't hang out with people that are interested in that or that story. People hang out with you. You're hanging around with a bunch of flat earthers that believe that there's a basement somewhere where all the kids get fucked. That's all you think about all day long. But that actually happened to Mary and Barry. You don't have time to listen to Cornel West. You don't have time. We're just reading FBI. You know what I'm saying? But you're so wrapped up in your own bullshit. Yeah. You're so wrapped up in being tribal. You don't have time. I thought Mary and Barry bought that crack off the corner. That is some D-spokes. No, no, no, no. Because you're talking about some 90%. I was like, that ain't no regular crack. No, no, no. That's an FBI crack. That's the FBI crack. That's Iran-Contra crack. Yeah, that's some different kind of crack. Ain't no crack 90% cocaine. Me listening to him talking about it has changed my perspective. I bet. And also, me listening to me describe the video that I saw where all these people were like, nothing wrong with smoking a little crack every now and then. Like, I remember seeing that. I remember thinking at the time, these people were crazy. They reelected him. And look, they don't care about crack. They don't get it, right? Now, as a grown man who understands media, I realize, oh, no, no. There's probably a broad range of opinions. There's probably a lot of people that go, hey, what do you give a fuck if he's smoking crack if he does a great job with the budget? I don't know if he did. So gives a fuck. I don't know if he did. I literally know nothing about the guys. Yeah, if he's bad, don't reelect him. Exactly. But they did, though. Right, they did. Yeah, but I don't think it was. Was he bad? That's what I'm trying to figure out. Maybe they missed him. Maybe the new guy got in place and he was boring. And maybe Marion did a good job and smoked crack. That's possible, too. Right. Like Burt Kreischer. He's a funny comedian and he's a drunk. OK, I was going to say, I was like, Burt smoked crack? No. I don't know. Damn. I'll be like, damn. How much is there a difference? Well, one's illegal. That's it. That's it. Exactly. That's the only difference. I don't know if he did a good job. But let's assume he did. But if he didn't do a good job, you should be mad at him for the job that he did that he fucked up. Not for the fact that someone who set him up busted him. Right. Smoking crack with fucking EMT camera. An EMT crew behind them. Hey, this shit's fire, bro. Like you need to stay on. Just in case he has a heart attack like Limb Bias. That's crazy. Right. That's Limb Bias scale coke that they gave him. Meanwhile, how hilarious is it that because cocaine's illegal, 93% is crazy high. Right. It is. Right. But I want to know. How did they get the Naga virus? That's 93%. How much have you got 93% vodka? Where's my vodka, bitch? 7% is water, you fucking cunts. It's Coors Light. Yeah. I want to know how they got that in a crack recipe. 93% cocaine? Because, n***a, it's half. It's chemistry. It's mostly soda. Right. I want to know. It's mostly bacon soda. That wasn't crack he was smoking. He was smoking cocaine. Well, he thought it was. It's the same thing. According to Karl Hart. No, I thought it was weed. He's just like a little Cocoa Puffs ain't nothing. You know, it's different. And you ain't even putting up with that. It's also different in like where you're doing it. Right. In a hotel room with a hooker. I mean, if you're in Vegas and you're in a fucking suite and you're overlooking the neon signs and you're doing coke. Yeah. You're doing coke. Catch new episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience for free only on Spotify. Watch back catalog JRE videos on Spotify, including clips easily seamlessly switch between video and audio experience on Spotify. 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