Freddie Gibbs Talks Cocaine with Joe Rogan


3 years ago



Freddie Gibbs

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Freddie Gibbs is a rapper, founder of the ESGN music label, and 2020 Grammy Award Nominee.

Brian Moses

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Brian Moses is a comedian, writer, creator, producer and host of Roast Battle.


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The J.Rogan Experience. You know why they got rid of it, right? Why? Black people. Really? That's what I got it? So, actually, this is... Hold these dots. Tell me when. You good? Okay. But Roland, did he get that already? Oh, Jamie already got that. Alright, let's finish the thought. Yeah, so, the reason the .45 caliber bullet exists, and the reason they got rid of... or the reason they made Kalkane illegal is because when blacks were working the docks, in the late 1800s, early 1900s, they had these things... there was a rape, obviously, that's what always happens, right? Emmett Till, all of them, right? So, one reported a rape, and a cop, it came up, and... There was a black dude on Kalkane, because they would give the dock workers Kalkane to keep him up all night. That's when it was legal. And then, there was a coked up black dude, right? Real big dude, I guess. And a woman was saying, he's chasing me, right? And he was just... I don't know what the fuck was going on, but the cop was shooting at him, and there was no stopping power enough, except for the bullets. They didn't make a bigger bullet, the .45 caliber bullet, because what they're using was something like a little over a .22. Damn, and you know, this is some real shit, because this is a crackhead back in the day. I shot that nigga nine times with a Tek-9, and he kept running down the alley. Hmm, different. Different crack though. Different coke. That was crack. See, that was coke. This was crack. But they said... But they said no Kalkane. Kalkane crack, according to Karl Hart, they're the same thing. They are the same thing. One just... One just has baking soda, that's all. You're just freeing the base of the powder. That's why it's called free base. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? This should probably make it famous, yeah. But crack is different. Kalkane Kray's Negroes, that's what they called them. The difference is the... In sentencing, that's the difference. The difference in sentencing is crazy. Powder to rock. It's crazy. Didn't Obama change that shit? Somebody must. I hope. I don't believe it's the same anymore. I think Obama changed it. I think... I want to say he did, but I don't know. You know what I mean? I'm trying to have the same sentencing for crack and Kalkane. You know, that's the same shit they did with marijuana. When William Randolph Hearst was trying to make marijuana illegal, they put out these stories saying that black and Mexicans were raping white women. And they blamed it on this drug. They blamed it on marijuana. When marijuana wasn't even called marijuana back then, the marijuana was wild Mexican tobacco. So they made this new name. So when Congress was making marijuana illegal, they didn't even know they were making hemp illegal. What the target was, was hemp the commodity. They were trying to make the paper illegal, and they were trying to make the textiles illegal. Because William Randolph Hearst, not only did he run Hearst newspapers, but he also had paper mills. And then on the popular science magazine on the cover, it said hemp the new billion dollar crop. Because they came up with a new way of processing it. A new machine called a decorticator. And so when they invented this decorticator, it was exactly the same kind of thing. When they invented this thing, people were all going to start growing hemp, and hemp is superior paper. It's better for clothing. And William Randolph Hearst was like, not so fast. So he made it all illegal so that he could just keep his paper mills and keep making them with wood and keep using all the things that he's already used before instead of him controlling the industry. That's amazing that they could literally just say that about black people back then. Capital. They're raping everybody. Well, we got to get rid of it then. Didn't believe he made up a name for the plant. The plant already had cannabis. So they called it marijuana. It was like, oh my God, like bath salts. Like, oh, geez, it's a new thing. What is this? PCP. That's what... You know, PCP is the same thing as ketamine? Yeah. I didn't know that either. Yeah, ketamine, special K. When I went to Australia, that's all the bitches was snorting. They ain't had no real cocaine. But it's a triclage. That's what... They was snorting all ketamine. They said, you want some coke? I said, that ain't real cocaine. I said, we are all the way in Australia. We are thousands of miles from Columbia. You don't have real cocaine here. I don't believe it. They don't get real cocaine in Australia? No, no. They snorting special K. Really? Yes, ketamine. What about UK? Because every time I go out there, they always have coke. But I'm like, there's no way. You know what? All the big Colombian drug dealers, they ain't fucking with America no more. They going to Europe. It's easier. Easier to import the drugs. Really? Yeah, it's way easier. They making way more money and you get less time. When I was locked up in Europe, you know what I'm saying? For that bullshit I was locked up for? Yeah, that's crazy. Like, it was guys in the cell that was there on drug offenses. And I'd be like, damn, how much you get called for? They're like, man, I got called with like four keys. And I'm like, damn. I'm like, well, how much time you about to get? He like 18 months. I'm like, what? The way it should be. That's what I'm saying. But you get called that over here. You doing 18 years? You doing 18 years. Kellen Winslow Jr. is getting 14 years for rape. Who is? Kellen Winslow Jr., Kellen Winslow's son, right? He played for Miami. He raped somebody. He raped people. He gave me rapey vibes. Yeah, but they're... He raped homeless women. Oh, my God. Oh, yeah. Like in their 50s. Jesus Christ. Give him 20 years. He got 14. He should. I'm saying, bro, it should be 30. It shouldn't be like, you know, because if I go at four kilos, I'm probably going to jail for 30 years. Definitely, for sure. See what I mean? But if I rape a woman, three women, I'm going for 14 years. Yeah, the thing about kilos is... And they'll get rid of cocaine. The other thing about kilos is like it's only valuable if somebody wants to buy it. Right. Like somebody has to want it. Like, you're not really doing anything wrong. You're just getting something to them that they want. You're not really hurting them. No. I'm enabling them. You're allowing them to do coke. Right. And how many... I mean, if you were just doing coke, that's the thing. What's my... Yeah, here they are. The thing about coke is like if you're just doing coke, like real coke, not all this cut up shit. This is the other thing that Dr. Carl Hart, he's actually a professor at Columbia. Don't you think that does heroin? Does heroin, yeah. Yeah. I've seen that shit. I was like, what the fuck? Interesting guy. Oh, yeah. Because he's... First of all, he wasn't doing any drugs at all until in his 30s when he was a research scientist. Word. And he realized while he was studying these chemicals that all the propaganda were spreading about him. It was all bullshit. So he started trying them. I mean, everything's better in moderation, man. Catch new episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience for free only on Spotify. Watch back catalog JRE videos on Spotify, including clips. Easily, seamlessly switch between video and audio experience. On Spotify, you can listen to the JRE in the background while using other apps and can download episodes to save on data costs all for free. Spotify is absolutely free. You don't have to have a premium account to watch new JRE episodes. You just need to search for the JRE on your Spotify app. Go to Spotify now to get this full episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.