Analyzing R. Kelly


3 years ago



Freddie Gibbs

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Freddie Gibbs is a rapper, founder of the ESGN music label, and 2020 Grammy Award Nominee.

Brian Moses

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Brian Moses is a comedian, writer, creator, producer and host of Roast Battle.


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Are Kelly still in jail too? I believe so. Damn, that's fucked up. Why? Huh? Why? Why is it fucked up? That he's still in jail. Are Kelly. Why is it fucked up that are Kelly's still in jail? Yeah. Them niggas have fucking jams. I'm not saying he shouldn't be in jail. He should be there. Imagine. It's a waste of talent. Imagine if they said you had to deal with them. Imagine if they made a deal with them. They said, listen, you can you can take months off of your sentence with each album you put out. Oh my God. Wow. And all the money goes to charity. You, man, you need to be the new attorney general. Hey, man, you can't. I have a fucking a shiny. But like, listen, Mr. Moses, let's make a deal. If you were the opposing, if you're the opposing lawyer and you and I met and we decided, let's just smoke a joint and talk about this. Well, yeah, it's hard. You know, right now with all the shit that had happened with our Kelly, it'd be very, very difficult to listen to a new R Kelly album. And he didn't talk about it. Did you listen to the one that he did release the one song that did release? No. Listen, man, it's pretty fucking good. Oh, I'm not a good song. I'm not bullshitting. Yeah. He's a fucking piece of shit, but he's got great. So some people got upset at me that I said, listen, I understand he's an extremely flawed human being. Extremely. This song is pretty fucking catchy. Who was that one that he released on SoundCloud after he got like dropped by his living in flight remix? There was no there was a song he was talking about. I'm having a flight risk. He was talking about his whole thing. Not guilty. Yes. This has a soul called not guilty. He does. Art Kelly. Does he? Yes. Probably with 18 songs in a row. It was on the best of both worlds. Right. Remember trapped in the closet. Right. Remember that trapped in the closet. Yes. He had a whole did a soap opera. Yeah. Yes. He did. He did. Are Kelly is that him out for a recovery. Kelly is an innovator, man. Everybody else. I forgot. He's an R&B. He's the king of R&B. Okay. I'm a 19 minute song called I Admit. I admit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I heard 19 minutes. It's good. It was like trapped in the closet altogether. Listen, I'm not saying I endorse what he's done. I do not know. I'm not saying what I'm saying is the sounds that he's making the things that he's saying, you can apply them to what you think he did or didn't do and it'll fuck it up for you. Yeah, bro. If Hitler puts out a fucking R&B soul album tomorrow with fucking Della Conant, I'm not. Yeah, I'm not like forgiving him. I'm not forgiving him. What I'm saying is I'm going to say this. I'm going to get Hitler. Yeah. I do. I do think some of them bitches and them families and them niggas and shit like that, that was letting their daughter go with our Kelly. They knew what the fuck they was doing. I'm not letting my daughter go with our Kelly nowhere near or any motherfucker. You know what I'm saying? Like was every black parent said when they watched that documentary, they were just like, if I ever let my daughter go, I'm not letting. What the fuck is going on? You know what I'm saying? And then like the shit with the hotel, I think a lot of that shit was bullshit, but I think R Kelly and nasty motherfucker, he need to go to jail. But you know what I'm saying? I think that he let a be a ho, but he was just dipping in shallow waters. You can't do that. Yeah, you can't do that. I'm like, go be a ho with some old girl. And it's like, man, you rich as fuck. You can't be any woman you want. Why do you want to fuck with a bitch that can't even drink at a bar with you? I think there's a madness of that kind of fame, like the level of fame that he had. And you ever see that one video where he was on stage and these girls literally reach up and grab his dick while he's dancing and singing in front of him? Imagine Sinatra in a similar circumstance. Oh my God. I want you to stop and think. And I'm not saying that Sinatra did the same shit that R Kelly did, but I want you to imagine what kind of a connection does this man have to his fans? I mean, he is dancing in front of these ladies in there. He's singing to their face and they're patting him down. And people are screaming for the people that are just listening to this. This is wild shit. It's wild. I mean, this is Jesus Christ. It's wild. But they grab his dick. Eventually there goes. There goes. She's massaging his dick while he's singing in front of everybody. This one of his last shows he did too. He's telling her to do it, by the way. He's saying, wipe my balls. Oh, people are wiping me. Listen, we need Jimmy Fallon's and we also need R Kelly's. Oh my God. We need Hyenas and we need lions. People wiping me. We need Republicans and we need Democrats. We need everybody. Everybody. But. Is she wiping his ass? There was some shit that he did that was different than this. The problem with this guy is the stuff that he did was like you start looking into it and you go, Jesus, how old is everybody? Like what is this? It's like the stage shit like doing that. The art that he produced, like being able to stand on stage and this girl grabs his dick in front of everybody. I'm not endorsing anything he's ever done ever that's criminal, but that is wild. That is fucking wild. That's wild. Yeah. Anything old school do up shit. I feel like they were doing that shit back in the day, you know, but like that like girls don't paint. He's on stage. I know, but they're grabbing his dick in front of the whole world. I mean, you're in the five heartbeats. Oh, this is my favorite. Hello. Time out. This is my favorite R Kelly song. Do you have your passport? Did you get your shots? Do you want to come back with Rob to America? Do you have your passport? Did you get your shots? Girl, would you like to come back with Rob to America? As if he's a legend. As if he's a legend. He said, bitch, oh my God. Oh my God. Did you get your shots? Oh my God. Did you get your shots? Oh, you're taking the shit out of it though. Oh my God. Look, look, the background scene is like, what the fuck are we seeing? They just met me like, oh man. That is pure madness. What was that one? The jail. What was the one where the girl calls up and he's mad. He's getting his hair done. What is that one? He has a whole thing where he's going back and forth with this woman. Oh, we don't want this. What is this song? We don't want this. No, no, no, no, no, no. She's mad at him and he's like, bitch, I wish you would. Burn my motherfucking crew. Real talk. That's what it is. Real talk. Real talk. Real talk. He goes, you what? What? He goes, bitch, I wish you would. Burn my motherfucking clothes. Real talk. Wait a minute. Calm down. I was at a club with who? Yes. Get the fuck out of here. Man, you know what? Girl, I'm not about to sit up here and argue with you about who's the blame or call no names. We'll talk. Real talk. Real talk. What's right and what's wrong? Real talk. Just because your friend says she saw me at a club with some other bitches. Oh my God. Listen to this. Listen to this. She said there were other guys there. Did she say there were other guys there? Well, there are people. Well there other guys there will tell me this How the fuck she know I was with the mother Give me a little bit more give me a little bit more. I don't care I got enough bullshit on my mind Go through a motherfucking pedophile case Gave who some damn money ain't gave nobody no damn money girl Oh my god, you see what your problem is you're always running off at the mouth telling your girls your motherfucking business When they don't eat with us they don't sleep with us Art piece come on man Look man Ray Charles couldn't see our Kelly couldn't read man. 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