Mike Tyson Was Once Fined $300,000 For Weed | Joe Rogan


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Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson is the former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world and host of the “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast. http://www.miketyson.com/ http://www.hotboxinpodcast.com/


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Because they sound ridiculous. I got a, I got a foot in Detroit, Michigan one time for Andrew Gallata. I got, I got tested, I tested for marijuana. They charged me $300,000. Jesus Christ. Finally $300,000. That's a lot of money. Where'd that money go? Who took it? The commission. They broke it up. Yeah. They chopped it up and went and did coke with that's what they did. Yeah. That's crazy. $300,000 for some weed in your system. Now you're selling it legally. Yeah. And this, I mean, this is just bizarre situation. I'm just going with this bizarre world and see what happens. It's beautiful, man. I never thought you could do this self marijuana. I never thought it'd be in that business. I know. At this stage of my life when it, um, it came at the right particular time, I saw it online. I saw Tyson Ranch online. I saw something on Instagram or something and I was like, that makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. Why not, man? In this day and look, everybody loves you. Why not? Why not go into business? People never dreamt about it. It's just a, a no brainer. People are going to want to buy your weed just cause they love you. I want to distribute all over the world too. That's where it gets sketchy. Yeah. There's some spots in Asia you don't want to bring weed to. No. Singapore, you can get killed. Oh yeah. No, but that's some parts of the world that they, they accept it. Yeah. Like I went to Europe to buy weed before, I mean, and it was, um, they were selling the plants. They weren't selling the bud. They were selling the plant. You had to buy the plant and wait till the plant develop and make buds and all that stuff. Wow. Selling the plants. I was like, what's that purpose? They wanted you to grow your own. Yeah. That's the only way. So you were working with a bunch of different growers. Explain how you guys are setting it up. The whole thing we working with other growth, but my main objective is to be distributed all over the country. So to, and also the ranch where you're going to have like a destination. That's going to be our resort and that's where people can come. It's going to be, um, it's going to be like, um, what's that big concert thing to have our own concerts. There's Chinchilla. I forgot the name of it. Coachella. Chinchilla. It's going to be something to that effect. Yeah. Oh, that's awesome. So you're going to do shows down there too? Absolutely. Yeah. We're going to do them again. We got to be our first show when Miguel's going to be our first show in February. Oh, wow. Oh, that's amazing. That's beautiful.