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Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson is the former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world and host of the “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast. http://www.miketyson.com/ http://www.hotboxinpodcast.com/


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What do you think a beep is gonna do now? What I think who could be yeah? Well, he does whatever the fuck he wants to do. That's what I think I think that guy's probably the best lightweight of all time He's a monster He I think he's probably gonna have some fights at 170 pounds eventually if I'd imagine At 155 there's you know, there's good fights for him Tony Ferguson's a great fight for him I'm really interested in seeing that I'm really interested in seeing him going up Really interested in see him fight at 170 pounds from the fight Well, first of all Tyron Woodley who's the champ at 170 that would be an insane fight George St Pierre if he decided to come back and make a big superfight that would be an insane fight I think 170 has a lot of opportunities for him, but I think 155 does too. They just have to figure out who's gonna fight him He's an international superstar now, you know could be especially the way he smashed Connor Connor such a superstar already that the way it could be won and did it so dominant? I think he's I think he's through the roof now I think when people when he comes back and people see the pay-per-view numbers of his fights are gonna realize how how huge this guy Is because he's so interesting. He's very humble very very He's very polite very well-spoken a very religious guy lives with his family Lives at his parents lives at his parents his family. I believe yeah, but I'm not speaking out of school I believe that's true and obviously it doesn't have to for money. He's rich as shit now Yeah, but he's just a monster the best best grappler I've ever seen inside the 155 pound division. He just smashes people What do you think about John Jones though? What in what way and the still his skills is phenomenal? The best ever using distance he knows distance better than anybody He's a master at knowing when he can hit you and you can hit him. It's watching him fight Much anymore he's back. He just won just won the title again just fun. I was in the gust of Sun. Yeah Yeah a couple weeks ago. Yeah, the for bacon title It was Daniel Cormier relinquishes title and it was like It's weird right like Cormier is the champ because John Jones tested positive for something So they stripped him and then Cormier became the champ. It's a You know, I think they'll probably fight again whether they fight again and heavyweight or light heavy really Yeah, I think Cormier and John Jones. Oh, yeah, he wants to if he wants keep going, but he says he wants to retire soon He's 40, you know, yeah Still looks good. He looks great, especially at heavyweight and heavyweight. He's he doesn't have to cut weight He's got so much strength and just so agile. He's such a unbelievable wrestler, too I mean his wrestling skill the skill level and understanding of wrestling is so high It's so above most people anybody fight out fighter jing John Jones. He dominate. Yeah. Yeah That's how good John is John's that good. He's that I mean it just sucks that he's had so many controversies in his life But I'm hoping he puts all that shit behind him. Have you ever spoken with him about? Yeah, you never bought his personal life anything. We met before and talk Well, you're a guy who's gone I mean when you went through legal problems yourself you you overcame you came out of it on the other end I think would think a guy like him could benefit a lot from So it's just so difficult and it's so unfortunate they have to go through something, you know, do you think so? Yes, really? unfortunate, you know, because sometimes people They don't survive situations like that because they're so wild and they're having a good time too much and the party and the champ You have to have to come to an end that stuff if you don't bring it to an end It's gonna bring it to come to his own end. It might not like that way then Yeah, so you think for a guy like him maybe getting in trouble was a good thing If only if you learn from experiences like that, you know, I think I was just a wild guy I was really a wild guy. I look at myself now I say myself when I spent all those trips in those psych woods and stuff. So what was that all about? What was wrong with me back then? You know, yeah, I must I was really disturbed back then But you're somebody who got to the point where you got like it's really fascinating because I know you know, you're a public figure So we I you know, I've been able to watch you my whole life You went through all that stuff and then you got to this point where you're very self reflective and you look at you are able To comment on it. I don't think most I mean most people regardless of whether they're famous or not just still don't get to that point where they're able to look back and Examine who they were and doing wild shit and with ruthless honesty. Yeah Reflecting itself to discover who you really are