Josh Homme Still Owns His First Car


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Josh Homme

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Josh Homme is a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor. He is the founder and primary songwriter of the rock band Queens of the Stone Age.


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Those cars, you really feel the road. Oh yeah. So if you run over a P, like you definitely get princessed out and are like, I know. Yeah, it's super light. I have a 67 Camaro I've had since I was 14. Oh, those are great. It's my first car. Oh, that's amazing. You have your first car? Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. Goddamn. And there's been times when I haven't done well or something, I've had to sleep in it and all these things. So we have this long relationship and it never breaks down. It's always just wonderful to, we're wonderful to each other. And you feel the road. When you hit something, you're like, hey. And so you're attached to it. And I love riding in a caddy or something like that too, where it's like you could run over multiple bodies and feel nothing. Right. Right. But I enjoy the drive when I'm on the road, sitting on a seat with five wheels, one on my hand and four on the road. It's a great experience. My old man for a brief second, I had a 65 Corvette Stingray. They're amazing cars. The way that thing looks, they just nailed it. It's very organic. Yeah, they nailed it. It's definitely taken off of a Stingray. Someone was like, ooh. Well, I don't know. It doesn't really look like a Stingray to me, but what it looks like is just- It's that front. There's that bit of that shaping, that inspiration of the shape to me. I guess, yeah. And I think I'm so always at a loss when it's like, if you could make something and you're going to ask everyone to help you, and we're going to grab all this shit from wherever we're going to grab it from. Can we make it look cool or no? What is your aversion to? Not everything has to look like an egg or a drop of water. And if it does, can we do that as cool looking as possible? It should look great, because don't you feel good in that car? Oh, yeah. Yeah, it looks great. Yeah. It's also, to me, it's like you're rolling around in a piece of history. 1965. That thing was created in the early 60s. Someone figured it out and put it together, and then made a production line. And did the most important thing ever. They said, this is where we stop. We're good. And they were like, this is what it looks like when it's finished. A completed thought. And other people were like, fucking good idea, man. And I just, I have a 67. You have a 65. I was like, that doesn't mean there aren't things made today. It just means like, I'm down with that idea. It's also, it captures a very specific time in American history where they made these cars that were worthwhile, because when you go to 77, nobody gives a fuck about a 77 anything. You know what I mean? Like, who's buying a 77 Mustang? Get the fucking thing away from me. You know, they all look like shit. There's a lot of people selling them. Maybe. Well, I also think too, this guy pulled up on me in a Prius that was quite new. And he rolled down the window and just looked at me and waved his hand over his nose, and he goes, stinky. No way. Really? Yeah. On Fairfax, kind of by the Whole Foods there at Santa Monica. And I just thought, this is my first car. I haven't got another one. So you've probably gotten multiple new cars. That's the only car you've had? I had a Bronco, and we have a family car. Your whole life? That's it? I had a Magnum for a sec, but I never sold this car. Wow. Magnum was great. I can't believe you never sold. That is so cool. You never sold your first car, and it was a 67 Camaro. Like what? I've had a lot of experiences in there that were wonderful and some of them were challenging, and they're all, it's incredible to have that. Locked into that car. Yeah, I mean, but it's the shape too. That's like one of the great all-time iconic shapes in automotive history. That first one was like an attempt to be like Mustang schmusting. Yeah. And they really hit it out of the park. Because 67, 68, and 69. You can almost hear the Mustang going like, well, um, you know, because it's beautiful. But I was thinking to this guy, like, I see what he was trying to say, but he's probably bought a shit ton of cars, which is way worse for the footprint, just off the, plus batteries are made on three condens. What does he think he's going to do? Fix you by going stinky? He's just being a twat. He's trying to build himself up again by breaking me down, but like my grandpa always said, he didn't swear very much, but he, one of the things he was like, I'd have to give a shit for it to matter. And, um, I just kind of chuckled. Because I was like, thank God I'm riding in the car with him, you know? Yeah. Because certainly he's going up to the next like Monte Carlo and it's like stinky. Yeah, he's just going to do it all day. He's not like a stinky parade. He's traveled around in a car that gets 50 miles to the gallon, just mocking everything with a V8. Yeah, but also like on a, on a stinky parade. And that's, that's a, that's a something I don't want to float on. It's a lot of negativity pumping out there. Yeah. But it's just weird to roll down your window and do that to people. Like, come on, man. Well, certainly that's too much free time in my book, you know? What's this too much self-righteousness? Yeah. Stinky. Stinky. There it is. Look at that one done up. Woo. Look at that bad boy. Oh, well, God damn. If I could turn on my, do you mind if I turn this on? I'll show you a picture. Is that yours? Mine looks- It says. It says it's yours. Is it not yours? I don't think that's his. Isn't yours black or is yours silver? Yeah, it's silver. Is it like that? It looks a lot like that, except I don't have those. Actually, I used to have, I, that's real close, but that's not it. Fuck you, internet. But it's strikingly close. For example, this has no door handles and no mirrors. And yours does. And mine does. It also has a hood scoop from what seems to be a Corvette, actually. Which mine does not have. And those rims are much like the ones I had on my Magnum, but not what I have on mine. I think that's the hood from 69427. I think the SS and the- That's it right there. There it is. That's beautiful, man. Yeah, and I'll show you what it looks like right now. Because I ended up dropping a crate engine because, and there, which is- GM, which one? It's a Dyno blue printed 350. With aluminum heads, so it weighs like 800 pounds left. And it sounds like you're stepping on glass, like in an endless mazel tov parade too. Because like, like, you know, like a glass and a hanky. Yeah. When they're like, like- Glass pack mufflers. Well, in truth, I tried to calm that down because as you crest 100 miles an hour, with the mufflers too loud, it's like, what? It's a bit like being in a B-52 bomber for no reason. You know? Yeah. And let's see, my rides. I'll show it if you don't mind there. Because it's pretty, it's lovely. When did you put the crate engine into it? About five years ago. And what a great idea that was. Oh yeah, changed the balance of the car, right? Oh, yeah. And it's got a new front and rear clip under it. Oh, nice. So it's on rails. Like, you couldn't roll that thing. If you like lubed up the freeway, you know? Like, here it is. And I got these Hoppster rims on it. God, that looks good. You know what's amazing about it is I get in that car and I take the kids to school or something. And it's contagious because what happens is you feel really good. As you know, you get in your 65 and you feel really good. And you pull up with a smile on your face and go, hey, it's a daily driver of this thing. It's my daily driver. That's a perfect rockstar daily driver, by the way. Well, it's 67 Camaro. What it is is something that makes me feel really good, that is not part of a crisis. Yeah. And you're not midlife, not pre-life, not post-life. It's just mine. And I feel like myself in there. The kids get in there. I have five-point seat belts so you don't need a car seat because I have a seat belt that makes a car seat look like you're doing okay. Right. It's a harness. It's a harness with springs that like slip. Anyway, so they can be in the car as it is and take them to school and kids go like, whoa. And they get to get out in that. Yeah. And that's how they start their day. Right, right, right. It's a little adventure. That shit is tight. Yeah, that is tight, man. Like even being in traffic, people are really nice to you too. They pull up and they go, yeah, man. Most of them. Some go stinky. Don't forget about that guy. Behind the ass of something cool is stinky. Yeah, that's true too.