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Robert E. Lee was, or I'm sorry, the union guy. He was his grant? Grant. Grant. We had a drinking problem, but then was like, oh. And he probably had it from PTSD, you know, and he's just telling that story with such kind of emotional depth that was cool. It's nice to watch that instead of read it sometimes. Yeah, I don't think any of us are ever going to be able to truly understand what it was like to live without television, without radio, without cell phones and war. Like what? And then war inside the same continent with other people that are supposed to be just like you that speak the same language. Yeah, that you run the risk of going, hey, Gary. Yeah, right. Especially if you live in like fucking Virginia or somewhere on the border. You could know the person who's facing you. Sure. And be like, best of luck to you, Gary. I hope I do and don't get you. I don't know what to think. I was reading this article too about how many murders took place after the war was settled where, you know, like where people were like, hey, you know, we're not done, bro. You killed my whole fucking family. Yeah. They're like, cool, Lincoln, we're good. We're not good. Let me hang on for a little bit and start assassinating people. But after what would seem like a lifetime of that sort of witnessing that and doing that and watching things that you recognize as injustice, the idea of someone getting stuck in the blame and as a vendetta and that. I can see that, but you see how that's really, it's probably why we're still having problems now. It's definitely some part of it, right? Yeah. It's like, my great, great, great, great told me. Yeah. You know, when people are sort of like dipped in that coolate of because my great, great, great, great, great felt this way. I'm supposed to too because we're related. And sort of empowered by the success that he's had in business and seeing how he could change the world in his businesses. I said, how about you and I? He said, what do you mean? I said, we'll use your money in my eye and we'll make films. And the first, well, then I, you know, so I'm jumping careers at this stage. I'm going from being a fairly successful, you know, still photographer, really busy to a career where I had really no business doing it. I'd never really made a film before, not even really a short film. And so I'm, you know, nervous. I'm feeling sort of full of myself. Like I'm going to start this great career. We're down the Caribbean on a boat and my kid starts with Jim on vacation with our families and my kids does playing on the beach with another kid. It happens to be Steven Spielberg's kid. So Steven comes over onto the boat to meet Jim and I, he made Jurassic Park using Jim's computers, you know, Silicon Graphics. And after I had Steven alone for a few seconds, I said, do you have any advice for a first time filmmaker? And he said, yeah, never make a movie involving boats or animals. Oh, great. And of course the first film we did was The Cove. But at least these are, you're not, you don't have actors and special effects and boats and animals. It's just a part of the story. It's not like you're like with him, I think what he's meaning like jaws. Exactly. Yeah. Because you know, you have to match shots and all that. It has its own set of, you know, trying to keep the horizon level on a boat. You don't want to give the audience seasickness. But you know, I would add to that, like don't do a movie where people want to kill you because when we did The Cove, it was, you know, it was exciting but dangerous work. Yeah. I mean, they made these claims like all of a sudden people got stronger and faster and more endurance. Like there's no evidence to support that. There's no evidence other than their anecdotal statements of what they did. There's no one has ever put anyone on a vegan diet and then run them through extreme endurance tests and found the significant increase in VO2 max or muscle strength or any of those things. None of this has ever been done. So if it's true anecdotally for these people, it would have been really interesting if there was some actual data to go with that where they showed studies. Right. I mean, we have James talking about his ability to do the battle ropes that all of a sudden he could do an hour and before he could only do 10 minutes. I find that really hard to believe that you gained 50 minutes of your battle rope time just from ropes. That was the only thing in the film that I found hard to believe. You know, I'd have to let it go. I mean, the guy's an athlete. He's an amazing athlete. He was a great fighter. He's got fantastic endurance. He has excellent martial arts technique. I would just buy it at face level or at face value. But there's a lot of those. There's a lot. And I mean, we can go through it and talk about, I mean, there's that problem, which is there's no peer reviewed evidence to back that up. But even the anecdotal evidence is a little shaky as when we start to talk about some of the athletes in the film and then also examples of athletes outside of the film who, you know, switched to a vegan diet and we look and see what happened to them after they did that. The problem here is something that I call the vegan honeymoon, which is, you know, you take someone who's been on a standard American diet, they're eating KFC, McDonald's, et cetera, and they switched from that to a plant based diet. Well, of course they're going to feel better. They've gone from eating absolute crap to real foods. And so for a period of time, they're going to feel better for sure. But then what happens over a longer period of time, you know, some not getting enough protein just in terms of quantity and not getting the right quality of protein that starts to have an impact. Micro nutrient deficiencies, you know, vitamin A, zinc, calcium, iron, things like that take a while to develop. So you're not going to see that decline in performance happen right away. It might take three months. It might take six months. It might take nine months. It depends on all kinds of factors, genetics, health status going into it, the type of exercise and activity that they're doing, the way they're implementing the diet, et cetera. So you have to not just look at what happens a month after someone goes vegan. You have to look at what happens six months, a year after or two years after. There was a couple that adopted a child from Russia and they thought that the child was a little kid and it turned out she might've been 30. They don't know how old she was. She tried to kill them. She scared them. It was a fucking horror movie. They thought they were adopting a little kid, like a little six year old. It's a fucking 30 year old with some sort of a metabolic disease. Yeah, well that serves you right for trying to be a do-gooder. They'll never do anything again for anybody. They'll never do one thing. The husband will try to break it up. She's like, fuck you, Herman. Fuck you. You almost got me killed by that midget. The idea that there are midgets dressing up as children and trying to burrow into families so that they can wake up in the middle of the night and kill them is truly the funniest thing that has happened in recent memory. I don't think she's technically a midget. I think she's something else. Whatever she was, she has a growth disorder that keeps her looking like a small child. Did you see there was a video recently where it looked like a kid was getting thrown off a bus? Yes, yes, yes, yes. It was like a little person who was just thrown off a bus. But it was a scam. Oh, was it fake? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ari and I both got duped. I got duped because my friend texted me. There's a pedophile midget that just got thrown off a bus. It is hilarious. It is the funniest thing ever. When they unzipped the hood and you see this grown up face. There's a woman who looks like what the fuck she does. I don't think they were in on it. No, I don't think they knew. The people on the outside didn't know. I think the guy threw that guy off the bus and that was the scam. And then the dude who was the little person in the hoodie, he was in the scam and the driver was in on the scam. But I don't think the people on the street were in on it. So now what happens when these little people wake up and they're activated, they're like I'm going to kill the family. How do they try to kill them? Well, this lady, she was threatening. She was threatening to kill the family and they were really worried that she was going to do that. She was going to poison them or something like that. I think that's what it was. It's scary stuff. It's a horror movie. Because you got to think who knows what kind of abuse this little kid had gone through, well actually a 30 year old, as a little kid through in Russia. And all these foster homes and foster care and they are fucking ruthless over there. It's rough. It's rough. I imagine it's not the best place to grow up as a person with a disorder. What's up Jamie? I feel like I'm hearing, are you saying that happened in Russia or was it a Russian kid? It's a Russian kid. Okay, this has happened in Indiana. It's actually a Ukrainian kid that was recording the story. That's Ukrainian as part of Russia. That's okay, isn't it? It's one of the former Soviet Union. It's fine. They had it for three years before they figured this out. Oh my god. Now what kind of, what were those three years nice? Like were there nice memories? It started out good. Isn't that odd to look back and be like remember when we all went to Disney World? No, they were probably like, hey, this bitch isn't growing. I think they said that she was creepy. In the article that I read, I think they were actually like, they would wake up and see her like standing at the door. Like I think there were things that she did that, yeah, very, very bad.