Joe Rogan Reacts to the Andy Dick Harassment Allegations


6 years ago



Owen Benjamin

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Hello freak bitches. Dude, and that's why it's like I get furious about the people that misrepresent themselves a lot more than the like there's all these scandals in Hollywood now and you know the spaces in the wine scenes of the world are so much more dark and evil than like you know There's that scandal with Andy Dick and I like Andy Dick I'm like the dude's an obvious dick grabber and he feels bad about it And he fucking just wants to get punched. When they asked him what did he say? What was his initial? What was his initial comment? It was something like It's like kissing and licking is what he does. He's been doing something like that. No, Matt Misbehaviors his middle name or yeah misconducts my misconduct. They're signing up for something. Yeah Yeah, that you know, they were upset because they fired him from an indie film because of sexual misconduct by the way. I Hate to be cynical because I don't want to say that anybody wasn't victimized but If I was running an indie film that was so fucking stupid I hired Andy Dick Yeah, I might be the type of guy that would make a statement about Andy being Andy. Right? It's like we're gonna put our foot down enough Enough and then hey if you want to see this film it's gonna be appearing at the Sunset Plaza and blumbos Well, it's good move It's at least gets people talking about something that they would never have talked about Because Andy Dick hops into the the river of speculation as to who's a molester. Yeah, but like for me He's so much like he's just he's not a snake Yeah, it's not like the snake in the grass where you like. Oh that guy's misrepresenting himself. No cos exactly It's it's a dude is like I grabbed a dick and got knocked out. Yeah, he's just like grab his dick. Whoops Yeah, he tried to grab my dick. I knocked him down and then he apologized and I was like, you're all good, man I know that you're just freaked out. You get excited about weans man and Rita was like, oh, thanks We're not really fucking up any day. I'm like he's vulnerable. It's about vulnerability, dude It's like some people are just these vulnerable people and like I'm a giant like he's not trying to it's not about power He just blacks out and grabs wieners But he's also like in in a different way than you he's a perpetual button pusher But it's not really like the worst thing in the world to be that button pusher, but that is what he is Yeah, yeah, it's like he's not He's not as competent with it as you he doesn't navigate the waters. Yeah, I'm not grabbing dicks Andy's But like, you know, there's hills and valleys To like your interactions with people and like there's certain hills where you like you go you just get way too crazy with it Yeah, you bring it down and you try to figure out what's what's a good middle ground Andy It's all spikes. It's all like The owns it owns it get the ground and that's when I have a hard time judging people like The the person I've always been is trying to not be judgmental. It's the it's the snakes that I'm like Oh, you're you're telling everyone about global warming in your private jet like you can go fuck yourself You know, it's like it's the same with like Andy I'm like Andy has never acted like not a train wreck dick grabber and like when my friend died the dude wrote me a fucking Sweet email like he's a sweet man He's just blacks out tries to grab leaners get sober no more weiner grabs and so when I see him getting pulled through the muck I'm like you can't associate him with these like power fucked up guys that are like you want to part Watch me whack off on a ficus