Joe Rogan on the "Free the Nipple" Movement


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Reason was free the nipple a big thing here There was more in New York in New York like a lot of gals were they decided they were gonna protest That men could be topless, but they can't yeah, and they passed that right I had a friend that she was telling me and we had this conversation And she was like no, but like a female female breasts aren't sexual So I should be allowed to show them and I was like look you know that I know that my penis doesn't know I'm sorry if I see tits my dick is gonna get hard. I'm sorry It's not like I respect you, but if if you fucking pull your tits out my dick is gonna get hard Yes, we almost forget the animals we do we do forget we were animals But you know it's also that we're just not used to seeing tits Yeah, if tits were out all the time eventually get used to it the problem is changing gears Look at those people in the fucking island. They have weird tits Someone needs to tell them they need nice West Coast tits West Coast Yeah, I don't know man. I I think they should be able to do it though They want to walk around topless, but the problem is there's too many dickheads You're running into a river of dickheads you're gonna try to go upstream through that with your tits hanging out That's fucking true. You go to a bar if you want to go to a bar topless like look that is chaos Yeah, yeah, that's going out the rails. Yeah, you definitely should be able to do it But I don't think you should yeah, if you're my friend like I say if in an ideal world She should be able to yes. Yeah, you should definitely be able to but do I think you should do it no? No, don't do that people gonna try to suck them It's like it's if someone's gonna touch your tits, it's it's so rare You have to be in like the perfect bar in Asheville, North Carolina You could be there from 10 to 2 and nobody will touch your tits like one place Someone's gonna touch your tits people are gross like even even when girls Ariana Grande sang at Aretha Franklin's funeral Even that preacher tried to touch her tis. Yeah, there was a camera. He was gonna grip Yeah, so imagine if she had freed the nipple fucking crazy. He would have gotten he would have got a pregnant. Yeah But there's there's no argument and saying they shouldn't do that like right it shouldn't be a law. Yeah, this is almost like I Mean you can make parallels to compelled speech because I don't think that you should be naked and just walk down the street If you're a girl, but you should be allowed I don't think you should if you're my friend because I would say listen you're gonna get harassed It's it's it is a way more likely that you'll get raped Yeah, I would think I mean I'd like to know what the I don't want to do a study But I would like to know what the statistic I mean, I would not like this That'd be weird excuse make make these people get raped like just walk around Four of our subjects get raped. Yeah, you don't want to want to do that study, but I Think if you live in a tribe like that Uncontacted tribe outside of India they're probably super accustomed to seeing people naked and they probably act normal. It's probably not that big a deal We're weird, you know, it's like What's in the box man, what's in the box and we would cover everything up bodies are all covered up or feet are covered up