Joe Rogan on Michelle Wolf's Trump Tweet


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Only place in the world that speech is protected by law. Yeah, you can still get in trouble by saying shit. You can still get protesters. Did you see Michelle Wolf dunk on the president today? No, no, she dunked on Trump, dude. Donald Trump talked shit about her saying that she bombed so hard last year at the White House press correspondence dinner, which unfortunately for him, we've all seen the video and she didn't bomb at all. In fact, she killed. She had some funny shit. And so he wrote today that she bombed so hard, they're now going to bring someone like they're not going to do comedy anymore. They're going to bring in an author. Here it is. Yeah, it's like what she wrote. So-called comedian Michelle Wolf bombed so badly yesterday in the White House correspondence dinner that this year for the first time in decades, it will have an author instead of a comedian. Good first step to come back of a dying evening and tradition. Exclamation point. Maybe I will go. Question mark. She writes, I bet you'd be on my side if I had killed a journalist. Hashtag be best. That's good. Oh, God damn. Look at she's got two hundred and ninety seven thousand seven hundred sixty nine likes sixty four thousand one hundred sixty nine retweets, one of which is mine. That's brutal. That shit is hilarious. She's she's a savage and he's that's silly. What he did was silly. You can't say someone, but he does. I mean, that's his move, right? Just it doesn't have to be real. But you shouldn't say someone bombed when we can watch the fact that it didn't bomb. Yeah, you pull it up at any time you want. But you could watch the video she can say that, though, because since the people that have seen it know she didn't bomb, but the people that didn't see it. Now they think she don't think it matters. I think in the magma mindset, OK, if you had a magma mindset, it would be you don't need any reality other than the reality that you all decide upon. And you press forward with fucking hashtags and American flags and red and white hats and you just keep moving. You just keep moving. And eventually what you're doing is you're like hacking the news cycle because the news cycle is just so everything lasts a day, maybe two days, four days, no, he's a fuck about Stormy Daniel. Stop talking about it's over. Like that's what's going on. I mean, that's it's and they've kind of figured that out in sort of an odd way. Like even him with a Stormy Daniels thing. Just don't talk about it. It'll go away. It's going away. Not only that, like the fucking lawyer now, he got charged with domestic violence. The lawyer for Stormy Daniel. The guy who was going to run for president. Now he got charged with domestic violence and chick out of restraining order. It's over, baby. So like you just keep moving. All they do is just keep moving. Just keep moving. And eventually like this. Like, yeah, obviously she didn't bomb. He can say she did. And even she dunks at him. Keep moving. Just keep moving. It doesn't nothing ever sticks because he's caught a wave. Like this is the news cycle. So crazy. Everything's so crazy. There's nothing stationary that we all can examine for long periods of time. Everything's just moving. Everything's just constantly moving. There's there's no stability. It's chaos. And with him in the White House, he knows there's no stability because he actually got to be the president. Yeah, he figured like he treats everyone like a comic treats hecklers. Yes. And he's like and people that that say that he's stupid. He's he's so smart. Like he figured. Yeah, he figured all this shit out. He figured out that all the protocol that was established in the fucking 1800s and early 1900s, that doesn't mean it anymore. You know, this is not Harry Truman. Yeah. You know, this is this is not George Washington. This is 2018. There's porn everywhere. OK, Oxycontin's are killing people and no one's talking about it. Cigarettes are killing people. No politician ever brings up the fact half a million people die every year in this country just from cigarettes. Shut the fuck up. Keep moving. And then, you know, he said he had that little Jeff Sessions, little munchkin working for him forever, which is saying that good people don't smoke marijuana. Like the whole thing's chaos. He knows it's chaos because he's the top guy. You imagine being the top guy in something as insane as like the United States governmental system and seeing the lobbyists and special interest groups and all the money and all the fucking chaos in Saudi Arabia is cutting up journalists. You got to keep your mouth shut. It's fucking madness. And he's the top madman.