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Jeff Garlin

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Jeff Garlin is a comedian, actor, producer, director, and writer.


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The store yeah, no not a charity you don't into the charity of the store. Yeah, I don't care It's good good good donation mm-hmm yeah, that's a A place is a fascinating place really I was gone for seven years, and you know I've been back for four now and it's a It is just I love the original room. Oh, it's incredible. It's the room That's got it going the main why I left all three. I don't they're all different the belly room is okay And the main room here by the way the main room performing in the main room does not bother me I hate the green room really hate it Why the cocaine piano in the middle of the room and the best piano? Oh, yeah, but the point being is most of those people I don't want to see oh hanging around back there Yeah, they just hear it. There's such a negative vibe really I think that there's a lot of comedians at play there that are a big bowl of dead weight. Whoa yeah Wow, but there's a lot of any names, but there's a lot that are joyful and great And I dig and I like watching and my favorite thing to do is laugh at my fellow comedians But on the flip side some people just man there there their presence just depresses me Yeah, I don't feel that okay Maybe do an impression Just mime it No No, but some really I think yeah because you know the thing when I started in comedy which is 82 Working through comedians really were a group that stuck together You don't think that's the case now. No I think that rich. I think for the past. I think it started changing in in late 90s 2000s to where it was every man for himself and a lot of people it wasn't like you're part of this Fraternity it was like fuck you. I'm gonna do this. You know my thing with competition is Go do your thing if the audience digs you more great if I'm auditioning and you're auditioning go beat me in the room I don't give a crap But there's such a competitiveness and I know that's part of why Eddie doesn't do spots Because Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy because when I work with him, I would say why don't you go? He'd say the looks that I get and the vibe that I get from comics It's not pleasant and I go I knew exactly what he was talking about. That's so weird I have the exact opposite feeling comedy now and about it's particularly like the store and like the camaraderie of that place I don't I don't get it by the way I dig a lot of people there But the people who I dig know I dig them right and I and the other ones who I don't dig don't know anything It's not like I spent right of course. Yeah, but there's lots of guys and gals that are great But yeah, so plenty of them that like please step away I was having a conversation about this with a friend of mine recently who was living for a while in a place that he hated and he was saying that if you are in a place where Everyone's negative you really kind of forget that people can be positive without a doubt Yeah, so why should I leave the comedy store and at least half of the times I play they're leaving their driving I'm feeling like not positive. That's so weird Where's by the way? I sometimes now arrange it the only set that I do at the comedy store now is I sometimes will close The seven o'clock original room show hmm Because there's no one after me, so if I'm five minutes long no one's giving a crap right and They've already seen the whole show There's no it's just and I can do that zip in do it and get the hell out hmm I'll do a benefit in the in the main room or like I did watch a Tony show right kill Tony Yeah, we're gonna bring you into the fold Jeff Garland bring wedding to the bring you into the fold of the nice people By the way, I know the nice we have nice conversations with them But the other people are always there hovering hmm the hovers. I don't like a good I don't like a hover no hovers overing that is brutal when you're having a good way If you're not into a group if your groove is not about making people like like I don't care whether you're political social how you Do your comedy? But if your ultimate goal isn't to bring joy into people's lives What's the purpose right if it's not about the laughs and joy right and so I find here's the thing I don't dig a lot of ego running around the store when I'm there and most the people I don't like have the biggest egos. Do you think that they're more confident people because you're a very accomplished guy So maybe that's why you're getting that weird vibe. Okay? I've been told that before but if I thought that that would be weird so I don't Well, that's because you know, there's a great line. I'm not an alcoholic But I do know this line from the program which is what you think of me is none of my business Which I love that's a great perspective great perspective. So what they think of me is none of my business I just know what they're putting out there. Mmm. That's all. Yeah I think sometimes people will look at you and go well Here's a guy who's been on I mean some of the all-time greatest television shows ever, you know, you're you're a guy that's got a massive like Your your your resume your accomplishments as a comic and performers very enviable. So maybe perhaps they Generous guy On every level I like being generous and I like helping comics, you know sticking my hand out doing what I can to help So I don't feel that I put anything that they should be fearful of out No, but I think it's their own issue I mean, I remember when I was yes when I was starting out I would get real uncomfortable when I was around really famous people. I'd be like wow This is feels weird to be around this guy in real life. Yeah, yeah that that can be You've always been very very friendly. That's what I want to do I know I like to be a warm thoughtful person who most of the time prefers stay at home I'm gonna go out if I'm gonna go to the farmers market if I'm gonna go to the Comedy Store I'm prepared to talk to people take pictures of people be warm to people Engage with people because if I don't want that I stay home, right? And so if I'm in a negative bad mood I really will go do my set and get out but that doesn't happen very often, but I'll stay home Yeah, that's why you need that downtime, right? Yeah, you got to be able to recharge gotta be able to recharge I never I used to not allow myself that I used to be worked so hard I was reading this article yesterday about Tom Cruise and about Tom Cruise's life being very strange. Jesus Christ Jeff Garland What is going on with your phone? What is that? Ringer what is that? It's a theme to a man and a woman Man and a woman is it's a it's a French movie Jesus Christ