Joe Rogan - Henry Rollins Has $200,000 Speakers!


5 years ago



Jeff Garlin

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A ton that's what I do when I'm at home. I read a lot. I listen to albums and I read music and Say albums do you have like a record player have a record player and I have albums okay Thousand albums probably about a thousand holy shit. Yeah, I enjoy it Do you have like a room that you go to I'm going to I'm moving into a new house Which will be have a specific room that I will go into to strictly play guitar and listen to analog Yeah, if you do, you know Henry Rollins at all. I do know Henry Rollins. We're not great friends I mean, but I do know him. He's an acquaintance of mine. He's a fascinating guy. He's a fascinating guy good man Very good that dude very inspirational guy to inspires me. I dig him. I I did an interview with him at Largo I dig him big time. He's got these crazy quarter million dollar speakers in his house Yeah, like there's his speaker room. Yeah, you look at this This is the room. So he has all these albums and those those gigantic things by the way the dude on the right I think is Robert Hilburn who was the critic for the LA Times. That's how much I did music I think that's Robert Hilburn. I'm pretty sure so Henry gets Henry who obviously Became a great Johnny Cash He wrote the great Johnny Cash book that came out of years ago as I saw you dig Johnny Cash by the pictures on the wall I love Johnny Cash. I had a dog named Johnny Cash just died recently Unfortunately my granddaughter's name is Johnny. Um that those still speakers are fucking crazy. Look at these speakers. He's got Yeah, I just got new speakers and they're like eight thousand for a pair and I thought I was not look at the size of that That's ridiculous. That's like 200 grand. It's that's like 2001 a space out. He's looking speakers I want to go over his house, but I don't want to ask I don't want to be like Henry. Come on, bro. Let me come over your house. I don't want to be that weird guy I'm looking for the day avoids cuz I know I downloaded him. I didn't want to own them But how many people do you think own those speakers? I mean, I think yes But that first of you have to be wealthy. Yeah, or that's where you want to put your money Click on that yellow one that you just what's that? Oh, that's the same speaker except in yellow Oh, those are a big ball of run because they look like plumbing supplies. They don't look good I don't think they look I think they look good. I think they look futuristic again. I saw here we go. Why we get fat