Joe Rogan Reacts to Swedish Deportation Protest Story


5 years ago



Jeff Garlin

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happens and you complain about it on Twitter, you're not changing. Let's talk about change. Did you read about that girl from Sweden, from Sweden maybe, who got on the airplane with the guy who was being sent to Afghanistan? I did read that this morning. I have never been more... The guy was being deported and she wouldn't sit down. She knew when he gets back he's gonna die. He's gonna be murdered, this guy. That was her attitude. What is this stuff? Because I only read the headline of it. I didn't read the whole story. So she's on the plane, specifically bought a ticket knowing that he's being deported. So she did it on purpose, she's an activist. She's an activist, but I don't know what she's done in the past. All I know is she refused to sit down and at a certain point there was a soccer team on the flight, stood up with her. There were other people who said, we back you, but there were also a lot of pieces of shit. Sit down, you're making us late. Everyone's going to die and look at her putting herself on the line. And then she was a... She and the guy who was being deported were finally escorted off the plane because she did her research. And her research told her that the captain can have them both taken off the plane and take off anytime he wants. So the story was that he was being deported because of ICE? Is that what it was? See I didn't. I only read the one story. See if you can find it, Jamie. But they were deporting him and then he was gonna get sent back to Afghanistan. And then he was gonna be killed. Yes. We live in a weird time when it comes to this. We live in a weird time. But for her... There was a story I was reading about some woman who was devastated because her daughter in law was being deported and she was a Trump supporter. And her daughter in law has been in the United States her whole life and being deported and you know, just couldn't believe it. You know, came over here as an infant, that kind of thing. And you're an illegal alien that no one gives a fuck if you've been here for 30 years, you only been alive for 32. You get sent back. And that's a disgrace. It really is a disgrace. No it's a horrible thing. And people are like, well why don't you fucking try to get your citizenship. Seeing this young girl, young girl, believing so strongly that she bought a ticket, got on the plane and then wouldn't sit down. But what happens now though? What if the guy still gets sent back and still gets killed? But she still... She did something. She did something. And maybe he won't. Yeah. You don't know. But that's more than just her putting on her Twitter account. This is not right, people being deported. This is someone actually doing something. Yeah. It's hard to do. Doing something that doesn't injure somebody else. And it inconveniences people, but nothing more than that. What if you had a layover though? You had a big gig. What if I had a layover? Yeah, it was a huge gig. I'm on her side. Oh come on man. I know that from the get go. I'm just sold out crowd. No, no, I don't care.