Joe Rogan on Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys Controversy


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Guys hiding no, but yeah, but Dallas bitch. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's even Crowder died. It's my fault Right. Yeah, dude moved around a lot. Yeah. No, I know. Yeah. Yeah, that's true But remember he did that thing that Bob Ross paints Muhammad. Yeah. Yeah, dude that tick balls Yeah, you know, it's literally something that they're allowed to kill you if you do and he did that allowed. Yeah, I mean it's Strange time. I mean, this is also a time where that criticizing that criticizing anything That's Islamic is very dangerous because people call you a Islamophobic and because people want to kill you I got two different things going on at the same time, but those same people will have no problem mocking Christians I am yeah. Yeah, I'm not even like I'm not a right-wing guy I consider myself a little more to the left, but there's something I like about right-wing media Especially like the funny type of right-wing media that they take fucking crazy risks You mean like Kumeya like like Kumeya like Crowder like Steven Crowder is really funny takes a lot of like Gavin McInnes I think is fucking hilarious Gavin's in the crossfire right now is the eye of Sauron is upon him He's really yeah said too much stupid shit about like inciting violence And now that there's some article saying that the FBI considers him that the Proud Boys are a hate group But then Kumeya sent me something that he sent him and I'll send it to you He's saying it's bullshit the first time I heard about the Proud Boys I was doing Gavin show in New York and now he he was with Dante Narrow Which is a black comic in New York, and he was like hey The me and him are in the Proud Boys, and I was like fuck the Proud Boys He was like let's explain right what it actually is as a joke at first It was like we don't jerk off so that we'll want to fuck our wives and then like four months later I was like oh, yeah, I guess quit the Proud Boys today Well, you know oh is it today? I thought he had quit that years ago though. Just got posted I think maybe Jamie I'm sending you an article to where he's realizing how problematic it is yeah, I connected with these people and You know look it's one of those fucking things you want to have a group you can't control everyone in the group So anybody in the group that does something horrible. I just sent you something Pull this up This is Gavin's response to all this because so many people got mad at me that I had Gavin on in the first place This first of all I had Gavin on because he used to be one of the founders of vice Also because I had Gavin on before that and he was fun to hang out with then when I had him on Did he become weird now? When I had him on the last time one of the things that he was talking about was the Proud Boys I didn't even know what the fuck that was I think maybe I'd heard of it, but I thought it was a joke turned out it used to be a joke it started off as a joke on compound media and Anthony will get into it better He knows the history of it But they were making fun of something and they decided to make a fake mock group called the Proud Boys Now the problem with this is when you have a group that's supposed to be fighting Antifa and I actually tried to express this to him when he was on the show because he was talking about kicking people's ass We're gonna punch him in the face. I'm telling him to punch people in the face. I'm like, okay That's not how reality works Like I don't know if you ever been punched in the face or if you've been around people that like to punch people in the face But you don't just punch someone in the face What happens is you punch them in the face they come back with a bat somebody gets a knife people get guns it always escalates It's gonna keep going. You don't just get away with punching people in the face, you know And yeah It's not good that these Antifa people bring bike locks and smack people in the heads with them And that's kind of the point in that in the first place those people don't understand What happens when you start the chain of violence when you start that domino chain, they don't understand what happens they think that they're living in some fucking book that they love about some revolutionary liberal character that you know reaches out and and and smashes all these oppressors of social justice So reality in reality you just hit a guy with a lock who was talking to you you assaulted him with a deadly weapon and the Next thing you know, they're gonna kill you or they're gonna beat you they're gonna punch you So when a guy like Gavin says something like you should punch them in the face I understand why he said that because they were inciting violence these these Antifa people would hit people with things They were in masks They some of them some of them were doing it non violently some of them just wanted what they thought was the right things to happen But like all groups you got a fucking big group You can't control everybody in the room and that happened with the proud boys, too I think I think he decided to have this thing that was gonna you know mockingly oppose Antifa then it became real and then it became violence and This is this is just one of the problems that people have when there's a fucking group of people opposed to another group of people And you know him quitting the proud boys is definitely smart but I don't think it's gonna help because now people are there's they're saying he's a white supremacist and Yeah, what the perception that people have of you is almost important almost as important what as what you actually do It's probably even more important almost yeah Because not for you and not for me not for people that are gonna actually read into it But for people on the outside the perception of who you are is is is too many things to learn Okay, he's a racist. Oh fuck that racist. That's all people here. That's all they say and then they keep moving Meanwhile, you got a guy who's Gavin who first of all, he's not even American. He's Canadian Second of all, he's married to a Native American woman. He is not a racist. He said he's a provocateur 100% unquestionably he says ridiculous shit cuz he thinks it's funny, but he's always seen a very bad situation It's almost a troll or like yes, I didn't even think I'd like I know him I'd like we're not good good friends But I I like him a lot and I'm pretty sure he's not even right-wing like I think he's just fuckable Yeah, he's definitely fucking with people and he definitely has some right-wing ideas But more than that, he doesn't like some of the ridiculous aspects of the left So it's more in it's again like he's a more opposed Some of the more preposterous notions of the left and he is really right Yeah, but he's right on some things to a right wing on some things But look he came onto the show dressed like fucking Michael Douglas from falling down as a goof. He brought a briefcase and everything Or a tie and the white short sleeve button-up shirt. He did it as a goof like that's him He said he's a weird guy. Yeah, it's funny. He says funny shit, but he but in this when you Here's there's two different ways you can go through life, right? You could pretend put on an act or you be yourself What he's chosen to do is a little bit of both. It's chosen to pretend a little bit but also be himself So it's hard for people to know where the line is. Yeah, that's fun. That's fun. If you're getting away with it It's not fun when it turns on you. Yeah, and then you go. No that part I was joking around about people like says who like Who's who's right and who's wrong? Like it gets it gets real slippery when people don't actually know who you are where you stand Yeah, and I think he was Joe He thought was fun to fuck with people a little bit on with certain things and in this climate man That can be fucking dangerous. Yeah, that's Andy Kaufman of 2018. No, he's not he's different thing He's Gavin McInnes, you know, and I really I'm sad that all this shit is going down And I hope it passes over and and people get to understand me. He's not a perfect person But no one is but what he is is an interesting guy who's weird says funny shit Did he take a shit on the air once on his show? He stuck his finger up his ass and shit He's not a bad guy. He's a maniac. Yeah