Chris Rock Responding to Will Smith Slap in New Special


12 months ago



Bert Kreischer

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Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comic, podcaster, and actor. He's the host of "The Bertcast" podcast and YouTube cooking program "Something's Burning." He's also the co-host of the "2 Bears, 1 Cave" podcast with fellow comedian Tom Segura. Watch his latest special, "Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle," on Netflix.


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I can never do what Chris Rock did with the live shit. I would be fucking dead in the water. The live one's an interesting choice because Louie did a similar thing. Louie did it live on his website and then he's gonna release a full edited version of the set. And then I guess that's exactly what Chris is doing. He released it in the full edit. The shit about Will Smith was ruthless. Yeah. Ruthless. It's just like imagine the, you know, in life you play chess. You move pieces around. You say, I do this and the counter would be that. Yeah. Imagine the thought like, I'm just gonna slap Chris Rock, one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time. It's not like he's gonna tear my very vulnerable life apart after I smack him with some of the best comedy that anybody's ever written. And he's gonna hone it over a year before he releases it. Yeah. Like what a terrible unprovoked attack. What a dumb thing to do. To do, to like be that person who's like publicly loved, you know, like Will Smith was. Until that moment. I mean, until that moment, nobody really had a bad thing to say about, maybe you didn't like one movie or maybe you thought the superhero movie was dumb or, but everybody loved that guy. I loved the superhero. Everybody loved that guy. I loved Will. I still love Will. But those two keep my wife's name out your fucking mouth. Those two are what sunk him. If he just slapped Chris Rock and then sat down and didn't say anything. People would think it was a joke. They wouldn't know what to do. Yeah. It would kind of drift off and people would forget about it. They would think, and they would say to Chris, was that on purpose? Did you guys plan that? Oh. Then he would have skated. But I'm so, I'm not happy that it happened, but I'm happy the way it happened. Because when I was trying to explain to someone who's not involved in show business how bizarre the industry is. And how untethered those people are to either morals or ethics or just the reality of human nature. They are completely connected to the zeitgeist in terms of what's popular and what's trendy and what's accepted by our group. And what's rejected by our group that no one has, I mean, not no one, but in general, the mindset of the people in Hollywood. There's very little independent thought. It's all groupthink. So when Will Smith, after smacking Chris Rock and all that other craziness, goes on stage and wins the Academy Award and gets a fucking standing ovation. That was like, that's those people. That's this, they don't know what to do. They don't have the ability to say, hey, that's not right. I don't care if you're famous. I don't care if you just won the Oscar. You cannot salt people. What you did is ridiculous. The way you're behaving is crazy. It didn't even make sense. It wasn't even proportionate to what he said. You overreacted in such a strange way. I have to wonder, are you okay? Like, what the fuck is wrong with you? No one did that. They all like, yes, it was amazing. They went to the Vanity Fair party. He was dancing. It was almost like it all went away until the rest of the world was like, are you out of your fucking mind? What is wrong with you? That is crazy that it did not get acknowledged at all. And then I guess, do you think that's a testament to the Internet? Because the Internet was like, what the fuck? Yes, it definitely is a testament to the Internet because the Internet is just representative of most people. There's some people that thought that Chris deserved it. Don't talk about someone's wife. There's a lot of goofy people out there.