Will We See Aliens In Our Lifetime?


1 year ago



Nate Bargatze

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Nate Bargatze is a standup comedian and host of the "Nateland" podcast. His latest comedy special, "The Greatest Average American," is streaming on Netflix. www.natebargatze.com


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But pumas are, you know, an established animal. To have like some cryptozoological creature like Bigfoot that's undetected. But it's fun. It's fun. I want to believe. Yeah. But I don't really. Well that's like in the ocean, like they find some big fish, you know, or some big whale, like extra, like some, and you're like, I don't know, we never knew it was down there. The compelling, there's two- I don't know, they think aliens could live in the ocean. Show me. Yeah. That's how much- That was Jeremy Corbell was talking about that the other day. That they, you know, it's hard to say like what kind of information he's getting, how accurate it is. But they're basically saying, think about the movie Abyss where the aliens lived underwater. It was like, that's probably what's going on. Yeah. There's some sort of alien base underwater or some meeting place where that's where they hide. That's where they go to be undetected. Do you think you're going to see it in your lifetime? Bigfoot or aliens? Aliens. Like, you know where it's like, oh, like we have to like talk to them now. We have to like interact with them. Well, there are, there's video that is impossible to ignore. There's some things that are impossible to ignore. And then there's eyewitness testimonies of people who are rock solid, totally dependable, like fighter pilots who have seen some things. Like the best examples, this guy, Commander David Fraver, who was off the coast of San Diego in 2004. And this is corroborated by multiple points of data. They had this, this tracking system that tracks things above Earth's atmosphere. And they found this thing went from above 60,000 feet above sea level to 50 feet above sea level in less than a second. They have no idea how it's doing this. They have no idea. There's no method of propulsion that's visible. They've followed this thing. They locked onto it. It blocked their radar. It blocked their tracking systems rather. And then it jetted off at an impossible rate of speed. And then the Nimitz relocated this thing at their cat point. The cat point is where the fighter pilots, when they're doing this test, they're doing this exercise. They were supposed to meet at this very specific point. And that's where this thing had gone. Like this thing had read their manifest and knew like, or read their plans and knew where they were going. What's wild? That is way more compelling to me than Bigfoot. The Bigfoot thing is just fun. But the alien thing is fun and likely. There's something going on. And I go back and forth. Sometimes I think maybe it's some sort of government drone that's like so sophisticated. And it's totally top secret. And if we ever go to war with China, that's when they're going to break it out. And then sometimes I think what they are is something that's monitoring us and making sure we don't blow ourselves up. Making sure that we make this journey from territorial apes with thermonuclear weapons into some sort of an advanced intergalactic society. And that there's a very crucial moment where the instincts of these tribal people, which is all of us, all human beings, these tribal territorial people, where you have to keep them from sabotaging any possible future progress by blowing themselves up, by killing each other, by destroying the earth. What if we talk to them and then when you say that, they go, yeah, that was it. Is that easy? Like, not that easy, but like, you just go, is that it? There you go. Yeah, that's about it. We're trying to keep you guys from blowing yourselves up. This is like, but maybe that's like the natural thing that you see. Like when civilizations advance, like there's a very precarious moment where like they have the capability of blowing themselves up, but the reason and the logic to not do it, but they also have these instincts to control resources and take over territories. They still have those instincts, but they have to bypass that. They have to figure out how to end. So that's when aliens start circling and just keeping an eye on us. Yeah. This is that that's the primary. That's what you would hope, right? Instead of like them attacking us. Yes. Because then so. I think if they were going to attack us, they would have already done it. If they really could do all those things, they could probably take out our power grid pretty easy. Apparently, the stories are that they're able to shut down nuclear launches and nuclear facilities and that they do that and they hover over military bases and that they just shut everything down just to let you know, hey, bitch, you know, I can just flip that switch. Yeah. Don't get too fucking squirrely out there. That's so crazy.