Chris Rock's Comedy Post Will Smith Incident


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Nate Bargatze

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Nate Bargatze is a standup comedian and host of the "Nateland" podcast. His latest comedy special, "The Greatest Average American," is streaming on Netflix.


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That dude's been famous for so long too that like is it's if you're in a circle Yeah I think he's like one of the best if not the best ever like well 100% one of the best ever if you go back and watch bigger and blacker You know you go back and watch bring the pain those are fucking classic specials. They're as good as anybody's ever done Those are two absolute rock-solid classic all-time great stand-up comedy specials That's crazy undeniable But I liked it cuz it was like that was like when you were saying something and it was in in the form of jokes So you're saying these big points and it's done in the form. It's rapid boom. Yeah Like that's what that's why that's why to me like it's like he is just it's another plant Like I mean he's pacing this day Yeah you can see him like even like he was on Letterman when like the Letterman stuff with the Women and he went on Letterman and like Like what are you doing these girls and like search yelling like when that man got in trouble the cheating on his wife or all That stuff did he get in trouble, right? Yeah Yeah, like a long time ago and Chris went on and Chris was a guess and just talked about it. I think it Saved Letterman because it was just being talked about in the open right, right and he went in and I was like they would with With Chris you can see like he gets like a zone in his eyes where you can just tell like he's not even really looking At anybody. It's just like comedy. Yeah, it's calm. He's like it's is in the groove of just you know An elephant walked in front of him. He would be like I never saw it. Like it's just his eyes are just like, you know Just pacing he's really funny again right now. That's what I've heard I saw him at the store before the whole Will Smith thing and he was working out his material. He was fucking good, man He was really good like classic Chris Rock shit Cuz you know went through a hard divorce lost a shitload of money And it's a lot of pain and so and then came out of it and then on the other side of it It's like he's really good right now Yeah, I heard someone They someone told me about his hour now there heard it's great. Yeah First for my friend Eddie Bravo, he saw him at the store and he texted me he goes brother This guy is on fire right now. He goes he's so good right now I go really he goes you got to see him and then I was there like a week later And I got a chance to watch the set It's nice to see it's because you know, there's always that drop-off point with a lot of like great comics Like they'll have a couple really good specials and then they have one It's not that good. Yeah, I'll have another one. That's not that good And you're like like, ooh I feel like you need to be an underdog like you want You almost like you want to have people doubt you right and that's the whole beginning of comedy is you go on stage And this crowd doubts you so the very your first time on stage is Talking to 20 people that don't think you can do this. Right? So you every time you go on stage is Just proving something right and then maybe you get too big to a point to where now they're there And if you're not aware of it, like they said like the other you said like this self audit Or if you're constantly just reminding yourself that you're not like you almost like you tell me you're gonna say to you like dude I'm nobody I'm an idiot. I don't think I know how to do comedy to be honest Like you think that all is you know, like I want you to take an hour You're like, I don't know how I could ever do it ever again I should quit honestly and get a regular job and probably is gonna happen like you just this panic Yeah Of just all this stuff And so if you don't have that then you can kind of get lost and then you're like and that's where I think specialists can get bad You're just cramming them out and you're like, oh you may do one. I'll do it tomorrow I'll go and you just are pounding them out and then you need that back to like and almost like with Not saying Chris was at that point, but like it the resurgence of now he's a true he had that happen at the Oscars so now Everybody's gonna be like expecting a lot from him if he comes and does something whatever It's like I mean, it's it's not there's no payback. There's no nothing. It's like, oh dude, who cares? Yeah, but if he comes back with this next special and it's it's it's what it What I'm hearing it's supposed to be it's gonna be it's right back where it's I mean it was at his best Oh, I saw he was killing. I mean killing and You know, it was a drop-in set it wasn't you know, it wasn't an you gotta find that I think you got to find that motivation Yes, the motivation that makes you you know Sinbad said that I remember in a book He's talking about he's like cuz it's hard to go you've right He was riding greyhound buses to shows and so Sinbad's like laughing with the Buster I mean He's just like the most funny career and you're in limos or something and then everything kind of changes and you lose that that hang Where you lose that? Perspective of like that kind of outside. Yeah world and you think like well I walked to my show and my coffee wasn't where I thought it was gonna be and then and you're like, well, that's someone's job You're like, you're like that you go. Well, all I do is ask for that to be right there I don't think that's crazy. Am I being crazy saying that I would like my coffee? Right on that stool when I walk past it, you know, and you you don't go what? Yeah, you don't go get it do you go get it's across the street There's a Starbucks walk over there go grab whatever you want to grab and you're like, but I don't both people recognize me instead you like no one's gonna Just go over there and go do your dumb thing and like bring yourself back to like some kind of reality Yeah to go like all right you get insulated you get insulin. Yeah, and when you Chris Rock, how do you not get insulated? Everywhere you go. Everybody says. Oh, that's where's rock