Why Mike Tyson Agreed to Comeback Fight Against Roy Jones Jr.


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Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson is the former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world and host of the “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast. http://www.miketyson.com/ http://www.hotboxinpodcast.com/


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He sends me this text message, he goes, dude, check this shit out. And it's you training with Rafael Cordero. And I remember looking at it and going, oh shit, what happened? What happened? Because the last time you were in here, you were talking about how you didn't want to work out. Yeah. Because it would ignite the ego. Hey, let's talk about that too. So, um, I was discussing my wife something about me being old. You know, we have to get sometimes when I complain to your wife, you wouldn't take it out on some kind of perspective. And she said, well, why don't you get a kid on this treadmill for 15 minutes a day? I said, ah, she said, just 15 minutes. So it went from 15 minutes a day to two hours a day. That's what you were worried about. Yeah, exactly. But I was complaining about my weight. And so, um, I don't know, I guess I tried on some clothes and it was disastrous. And so I was worried about my weight. And she told me the 15 minute round, it went two hours a day. And I just started losing weight. And then somebody came to my brother-in-law said, hey, Mike, man, I know you're not going to win, but somebody said, would you fight this guy for like 40 million or 30 million bucks? I said, man, get the fuck out of the way. I said, whoa, this is a ding. I was just getting ready to get the fuck out of the way. And I said, whoa. And I said, well, who would they like me to fight? And he said, one minute. And then it's Bob Sapp. I said, okay. And so I'm saying to myself, well, I know Bob. And I said, who? Because I know Bob is big and strong. I said, whoa, one minute. How would they like me to fight him? Can I fight him under the markers of Queensberry rule? And he said, one minute, Mike. He asked the guy. The guy said, yes. I said, I'll fight him. Right. And so Bob Sapp was the first one that was brought up. Yeah. People don't know Bob Sapp. Bob Sapp was a giant fighter in pride. At one time he was like 375 pounds. He was fighting all the kickboxers. Solid muscle with abs. That's incredible, right? And it went from him to somebody else and another guy, MMA, then this guy, and then somehow some other fighter, the Van that didn't went from who else? It was another heavyweight champion. We just a bunch of guys up here that didn't fight. And they say, you know, it came down to Roy. And I'm like, I don't know what the hell's going on. And then he signed the contract. I signed the contract. Next thing you know, I'm in the gym again. And this disaster. And I'm trying to get in the shape. I'm thinking, did I really do this shit? Oh. You know, you would probably know because if you get in shape and get in condition, they're two different animals. They don't even belong in the same workout, the vision of working out. Like getting in shape is just being kind of fit. Yes. You know, getting in shape is able to fit your clothes. Right. You know, that's getting in shape. Being able just to fit your clothes. Being in condition is being able to come outside of your soul. You know, you can't do that automatically. You're talking about being in fighting condition. Yes. Yeah. That's a rare state and you can't keep it for very long. No, it is just people need to understand that. Right. The emotional state to prepare for that is. Oh, my. Embargling. Well, that's what I was seeing when I was seeing you hit the pads. I'm like, this isn't just working out. There was something going on, man. When you were working out with Cardero and you were ripping to the body and throwing those hooks, I was like, this is a man who's preparing to go to combat. This is not normal. Getting ready to work out shit. That's why when I saw that video, I was like, oh, I'm going to tell you something about that video. Yeah. I did that video and I was in bed for a week. That was 30 seconds and I was in bed for a week. It's not funny because it made me realize that this is this is this is big boy shit. OK, boy. This big boy should do without his right there. That wasn't really cool. That's in the gym. That's now the thing is, though, now that's now that's going for, you know, five and six rounds. That's now. But I'm talking about before that 30 seconds, the first time I ever did it, I caught. What's the shit you could be? Can't well say, yeah, everything came in everything. All that shit came back to make me quit. Box all the pain started coming back. So when you started training again, did you start doing it slowly after that? Extremely slowly. And then I started dabbing in the alternative stuff like what kind of stuff? Prior therapy type shit cryo stem cell research and therapy and some other interesting stuff that I don't know. And it's just beautiful stuff like what kind of stuff? I don't know. Hyperbaric chamber than just everything. Everything. Everything to help you recover. It's really interesting. It is. Well, I saw you when you walked in today. I was like, God damn, you look good. You look good, dude. Your muscles look good. You look like you're vascular. You look fit. And that's and I'm starting to feel fit. That's what's interesting. I know what they do. Like I think I'm in shape and then the next thing you know, you think you're in shape and then you start having like Ralphie or start throwing punches at me. It's like you're fighting. I can't punch back when I got a boy. And then two rounds go by. You need to. Well, I'm not in shape. I'm in the bag. Six rounds. I'm doing the three or five round six. I'm jumping rope. And then I do two rounds. Somebody is a whole different psychological preparation and woo. How much time has gone since you first started exercising? Like when did it when did it start? So here we are with like August 23rd or something like that. Twenty second. When did when did it start? It had to start something like April. April. So what? Something like in the middle of the lockdown. Yeah. So you just just started just training. And now here you are five months later, four months later. How far away do you think you are to being in like fighting shape? Oh, fighting shape. One of the times come November 28th. That's when you'd be ready. Exactly. Now, why did you guys decide to move? You were supposed to be in September. Right. I believe it was a viewing situation at the proper timing for more people. For audiences. Yeah. I believe it was something of that nature. It's so exciting. So it's going to be awesome because it's going to be me and everyone else that's involved Aeros and anyone innovation. And we're going to start off the Legends only league and that's going to be really breathtaking, especially starting off with me and Roy. Yeah. And I'm looking forward to that. I have athletes from every general. It's an array of everybody who was who believes that someone they're all going to come back in all fields. And this will be something that me and Aeros intervention created together. And I think this is going to be pretty awesome. So Legends only league will be like all sports, baseball, basketball, everything. Everything. Everything. Yeah. I think imagine if something crazy like we did with Billy Jean King to have somebody yes say one of the arena somebody play Mac and roll and that kind of stuff. Right. Exhibitions and stuff like that. If somebody like a man of war can play one on one with whoever I ever seen somebody. Yeah. I mean men of peace. Men of war is the horse. Men of world peace. Yeah. No. It's an amazing idea. But particularly for you like seeing you hit the bag again and seeing you hit the pads and get excited about it is very, very interesting to me because I knew that you had that thing in your head where you didn't want to ignite your ego. And then you had this quote that the gods of war reignited your ego. I read that I got so excited. Well that's the excuse I can use. Yeah. That's a really great excuse that I can use. 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