Travis Walton's Problem with "Theories" on Aliens


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Travis Walton

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Travis Walton's personal story of alien abduction inspired the science-fiction film "Fire in the Sky", and has been featured in multiple documentaries devoted to the subject of UFOs.


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The J.Rogan experience. A big step forward, a big improvement was the hypnosis. The whole process of hypnosis is sort of a deep relaxation at the same time you're confronting these memories. That helped a lot. The problem that people have with some hypnosis sessions is that you can be led into false memories. True. And I think that does happen. I think, you know, having been at many, many UFO gatherings, I think some people are mistaken about their experience. I believe, and this is just my personal opinion, I understand, I try to stick strictly to what I experienced. And then my own musings, my own philosophy, I've had 45 years to develop. I think that probably some people do have extremely unique dreams that seem so real that the actual physical event didn't happen. And I've tried to argue with people about how evil their intentions would be, you know. And I'm saying, you know, that decades that we've been having these sightings, with that sort of technology, if they wanted to replace us on this planet, we'd never know what hit us. I don't think that, and actually I think they're so advanced that if there's sightings, it's not an accident. It's not like they slap their forehead, oh, humans spotted me again, I have to be more careful next time, you know. No, I think they'd be perfectly capable of being undetected. We never have any. I think these little glimpses are probably a generalized, a customization that we might need as a species, but maybe on the other hand, there's some more individual interest. And I used to be really skeptical, I'd hear stories where people were describing them as having some particular interest in them, and I'd think, I'd tell them, you know, that'd be like them walking by an anthill and saying, you know, I think I'll have a conversation with that little ant right there. Humans are a bunch of savages, but at the same time, I believe they probably do have, if you saw one when you were eight years old and you see one as an adult, they know it's you. Their ability to process data and retain it and store it is beyond anything we can imagine. I think we're on the verge of that kind of a paradigm shift with something I would call the computer brain interface. The minute we can do that kind of thing, it's kind of scary about the possibilities, but I've been at conferences where people talk about these beings as being predatory or evil. One guy was trying to tell me that they capture people, dissect them and dump their body. And I said, okay, name one. And he goes, well, so and so. And I go, no, no, not the guy who puts this theory out there. Who's the victim who was found cut to pieces? And then I said, so name one. And he gives me another name. It was still somebody who's promoting this theory. And he just didn't get it. I said, who's what's the name of the victim? And he couldn't come up with one. So I'm skeptical about that. Anytime there's a fantastic subject, whether it's UFOs or psychics or Bigfoot, or you find these people that just want to believe, you know, and it's very disheartening. There's something about that. Like it's hard to separate truth from fantasy. That's a lot of these folks. And I think there's a lot of fantasy and delusion going on. And I have encountered other people that I do have, do believe had legitimate experiences. And experiences, but I wouldn't consider them in the majority. And that's an unpopular view. But no, I share that view. You know, I'm not completely skeptical, but I'm skeptical enough. I just I also know that it's in it's an aspect of human nature where people want to tell stories that make them unique without actually having to have done anything special in their life. They want to be special. And some people tell stories that make them out to be very special because they've been chosen to have this unique experience with an extraterrestrial. You have it. They have. It makes them it satisfies these delusions of grandeur that some people have. I personally try to downplay that aspect of it. I say I really favor the idea that this was an accident. It was precipitated by my foolish move of getting too close. I believe they probably just took me aboard in order to correct damage that they were a part of that was even unexpected for them. So did you have physical damage that you could see? No, but one thing that leads me to think that all of the repairs they might have done weren't complete was my initial EEG brainwave scan. This was done at the same hospital where Muhammad Ali did his. And it was very, what do you call? Irregular? That's the term. Double blind. Dr. Candel did not tell the technician what I was in there for. And so he wasn't looking for some particular thing that would support or deny my experience. So he just described an unusual pattern in the brain that in another brainwave scan years later wasn't there anymore. So what was this unusual pattern? I'm trying to think of the exact wording. It was a bisynchronous wave alternating from front to back. I remember those words. But I have the report from both EEGs. So I've been interested in finding someone who might have been hit by lightning or some electrician that raised up against a wire and had a huge amount of energy come through the brain and see if an EEG compares to this weird pattern that they're describing there. But there's a lot of speculation opened. And I, of course, have done trying to figure out why, what happened there. And there's some amazing things that sometimes I try to stick to the stuff I can document, stuff that where I have other witnesses that are documentable. That's what I go for. 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