Travis Walton Remembers Encounter with Aliens


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Travis Walton

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Travis Walton's personal story of alien abduction inspired the science-fiction film "Fire in the Sky", and has been featured in multiple documentaries devoted to the subject of UFOs.


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So, what do you remember from that moment on? When I regained consciousness, it wasn't real quick. It wasn't real woken right up. It was real slow. It was dim. My consciousness was kind of like in and out for a while. I didn't know where I was. The pain and the feeling that I was mortally wounded, something was so wrong inside. I felt like I was dying. This is what really fueled the panic when I finally laid eyes on these creatures. All of the mental programming that we get from Hollywood that aliens are invading monsters didn't help. But I instantly associated this feeling of dying with pain with them. So I was combative immediately. Where were you? I was lying on my back on a raised table. There was a light above me. It was not real bright. It was not so bright that I couldn't see the outline of the fixture. What did the fixture look like? Kind of like that. Only much larger. Just a soft glow. In the movie, there's a little bit of striking on the part of the aliens against me. That didn't happen. I lashed out at them. The one closest to me, I felt really weak. I didn't have enough strength to do much. My arm contacted him. He just fell back. Very unexpectedly easy into the other one. I rolled off the table in the other direction. They came around the table and the three of them were coming towards me. I grabbed something from behind me, an object off the shelf there, and started swinging it at them. What was the object? It was just some large, long cylinder or rod of glass, some clear material. I wasn't studying it. I was looking at them and swinging wildly, screaming threats. They stopped. I was planning on attacking more fully, just making way past them. The only doorway I could see was on the other side of them. It looked like a doorway? Yeah, it looked like a doorway. What did they look like? I guess it's a pretty typical description nowadays. Very large eyes, hairless, two eyes, nose, mouth. I didn't see them speak or no change in the expressions. In the face of all the screaming and the fear that I was projecting, their lack of reaction probably just added to my panic. Did they feel like they were a living creature or a robot? Well, they were without expression, I'll say that. I've had 45 years to think about that. In more recent years, I think maybe if they're telepathic and it's developed enough to where they don't need to talk, they also don't need facial expression. So their ability to communicate with each other would be much richer and more complete than we have. Speech and frowns or smiles would become obsolete pretty quickly. That is a theory about where human beings are headed. If we continue to evolve, we will one day reach this point where the biological limitations of our monkey bodies will slowly start to fade away and we'll have different abilities. Why would we need to frown or smile if you can save much more? Did their musculature look smooth? They had no clear muscles? Yeah, they were pretty smooth, very light. When I hit the one, it fell back into the other one pretty easily like he weighed hardly anything. Like a little kid? Yeah. That was the most terrifying experience of my life. But when I tell this story and try to relate to people, I'm trying to communicate what I experienced and how utterly traumatic that was and how it was so devastating. I was on the verge of catatonic for weeks after it happened. I don't want to relate this story in order to inspire fear because I've had enough time to think about it that I think that it was unwarranted that my reaction was just due to my ignorance of the situation. The fact that I was returned at all is pretty significant. The idea that these beings are just kidnapping people willy-nilly and doing terrible things to them, I don't subscribe to that theory. I try to separate what I actually experienced from things that I've concluded just from thinking about it. But it seems to me that they've been seeing observe, there have been sightings before I was born. Had you heard of the Betty and Barney Hill story before you were abducted? I probably had. But I thought if they had some sort of sinister intentions, it'd be a done deal. They wouldn't be sneaking around hiding. I believe with that level of technology, look at it this way. Human beings, just virtually everything technological that we have is just a few hundred years old. Before that, the most technological thing we had was fire. In just the last 50 years, the progress of our science has grown to far overshadow everything we had accomplished in thousands of years before that. I'm thinking what astronomers tell us about these other star systems is that they could be hundreds of thousands, millions or maybe billions of years older than us. So if we accomplished the kind of technology that we have in a few decades, what is possible with millions of years of development? We couldn't begin to recognize what they're capable of. So I think it's presumptuous for people to say, oh, they could never do that. It really is an interesting conundrum because we know what we can do and we know where we came from. We have a very clear history of technology when it comes to humans. And we also know that there are planets surrounding stars all throughout our galaxy and all throughout the universe. But we're still skeptical. It's so funny. And so it is. But for a guy like you who's actually encountered it, even though you saw it, it had to not seem real. Oh, yeah. Your question and your sanity for sure. I mean, it was like I was practically catatonic for days afterwards. Catch new episodes of the Joe Rogan experience for free only on Spotify. Watch back catalog JRE videos on Spotify, including clips, easily, seamlessly switch between video and audio experience on Spotify. 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