These Are the Married Guys Bill Burr Envies


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Bill Burr

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Bill Burr is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Monday Morning Podcast. He's also the voice of Frank Murphy in the Netflix animated sitcom F is for Family, currently in its fourth season.


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Like Dean went out and drove a bunch of fast cars out in Vegas and he was just like, he posted them too, he goes, uh, was showing how fucking cool it was and it was like the next time, that time I went out there, I took my lovely wife with me. So we were doing, you know, couple shit. I was going to be like, hey, thanks for coming to Vegas. I'm going to go drive some fast cars. They have a CVS that's all lit up, the Vegas style. You should check that out, honey. You know, like where the fuck would that get me? But uh, that was a good trip for us too, by the way. A good family Vegas trip. Yeah. It's a good thing to do, uh, as a married person to just sort of like my mother-in-law watched our kid and we came out there and it's, it's hilarious. That's nice. Like dates. Yeah. And we, well, but we immediately go right back to like me and my wife have like ridiculous chemistry laughing, like just totally on the same wavelength and it just fucking resets. And I'm, I'm learning now, like you got to just with the day to day and dealing, you know, my guys do date nights. Do you do a lot of date nights? Yeah, probably not enough. It's like everything. Do you work out? Yeah, not enough. Well, yeah, not enough. And then your relationship becomes like the same way. And I've, uh, I finally gotten out of my stupid fucking, you know, die on every hill, fucking argue everything, you know, I'm getting out of that and I'm starting to understand, you know, how to, uh, how to do it. That you're not in competition with your wife. That's what you got to understand. Yeah. But then there's also that she's also human. So everything she says isn't right. So you just have to pick. Yeah. You got to pick, uh, cause I'm not going to be that guy where happy wife, happy life. Oh, those guys are done. I watch whatever TV she wants to watch. I'm envy of some of them. Are you? Those cause they have the smoothest fucking life. Never lose their house. They're just like this. They're like a fucking, uh, you know those big doorman buildings where I got a package for you, Mr. Brogan? Like you become that in the relationship. You should just say we're like the bell cap and something like that. You know what I mean? Yes. Those life or doorman. Yeah. Um, they're like in a union. Nudered. Yeah. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being a doorman before everybody in a fucking uniform gives me shit. Um, yeah, they're like, you become like that in the thing. But no, we came back and, uh, last night, you know, uh, before we went to bed, my wife was like glowing. She was like, I had the best time and we barely did anything. We just fucking hung out laughing. You know? You appreciate that a lot more once you have kids, because you realize like this is a rare moment. This is hard to do. It's hard to get away. Yeah. I mean, yeah, it's hard to connect while someone's going, I want, I want popsicle. I want a red popsicle.