The First Stand-Up Comic Was a Fascist?


5 years ago



Bill Burr

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Bill Burr is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Monday Morning Podcast. He's also the voice of Frank Murphy in the Netflix animated sitcom F is for Family, currently in its fourth season.


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Ripping them apart. Can you imagine that that used to be show business? It used to be like in a covered wagon, you'd pull into town, ladies and gentlemen, gather round! And there was a show. And then you have a minstrel show and people would sing and do puppets and there'd be a play. And you would, yeah. And that's, when do you think the first guy got up and told jokes and made people laugh? Like when was our first, Oh, who's that guy? He wrote that great book on the history of standup. And it was a guy like Frank Fay or something like that. Was the first guy that went out there, like, I don't need to have like a fucking hula hoop and spinning plates. And he just went out and was like, I'm just gonna tell stories and make them laugh. He kind of did a monologue type of thing. But he was the first guy. If I had it right. What year was this? I think it was the twenties. And then in the forties, he was actually on the side of the fascists. He was a fascist. Yeah, there was people. Really? Yeah, there was people in this country that, didn't think what those guys were doing was necessarily wrong. Which really, if you look at the history, forget about this country of humanity, like there's always been that. So what fucked his career, if I'm remembering this correctly, this could be like fucking, I hope I'm saying the right guy. So he ended up doing this. Here it is. Yeah. Frank Faye stand up. He did this show. All right, I guess that's earlier when he's doing the props. He's come out dressed like he's in the foreign Legion. But he did a show right after World War II, right after he won. And it was a pro-fascist rally in New York City. And he was the big name. He signed on to do it. And the night was called the Friends of Frank Faye. Whoa. The first stand up comic was a fascist house dream. No, I can't say, I don't know that. But then there's other people that, I got a buddy of mine that will argue that Mark Twain was. Yeah, Samuel Clements. We'll argue that he was the first stand up. So I don't know really, I think it just sort of poked its head up and then ducked back down, like somebody improv'd the line. Like, hey, I did that without my hula hoop. You know? See, and I went good, nah. So, I went w couldn't