Theo Von used to work out with David Duke (From Joe Rogan Experience #925)


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Theo Von

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Theo Von is a stand-up comic and podcaster. He is the host of "This Past Weekend with Theo Von."


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Hello freak bitches. And I go, I gotta go. And so I leave. And then I never worked out of that gym again. I was like, well I'm done. I can't come here anymore. And this fucking guy's trying to get my money. Plus he's a big dude, so it was kind of dangerous. Dangerous to say no. Dude, I used to work out with David Duke when I was growing up. Holy shit. We shared a back fence when I was growing up. Holy shit. We used to go to, I mean that's kind of, I don't know if you consider the Ku Klux Klan a pyramid scheme or not, but... And he dated, I worked at this seafood restaurant. I was a busboy over there. And he dated the prettiest girl that worked at this seafood restaurant. Was this when he was in the KKK? No, this was after. He was non-practice. And honestly, he seemed like a nice guy, dude. How many years ago was this? I mean... This is 1995 maybe? So that was when he was in the public eye. He was like a big deal back then. Right? Wasn't that when, was it later than that? That he was like running for public office? Let me think. It was, no, when I was younger he was running against Edwin Edwards, I believe, for public office. That was probably around 1990 or 88. I feel like he did some stuff after that though on a national level. Or was it on a state level? Was he running for governor or something like that? He ran for governor a couple times. Yeah, him and... I remember the signs, it was because Edwin Edwards was a crook, allegedly, and David Duke was a racist. And that's what the, one of the campaign posters said, don't vote for the racist, vote for the crook. That was the campaign poster that was everywhere. And the crook won, that man won. That's crazy. But we used to go to the gym. And I'll tell you this man, he was, you know, I don't believe in his practices, but he was a... He was elected to Louisiana House of Representatives in 1989, and that year the sitting representative resigned his seat to become a judge. And Duke ran in the special election to fill his seat. The Daily Beast describes the race in writing. The off-year specials election, in which David Duke threw himself little media notice at first. Through himself, little media notice at first. Who turned himself to, as a pro-life fiscal conservative, was known as an ex-clan member. He eschewed overtly racist language and instead pointed to crime in the city, criticizing affirmative action and minority set-asides. Yeah, I just did chest and tries with him, so I wasn't in all that. You know, we just did basic workouts. Did he quit like a bitch when the reps got high? Dude, he was a... He was an animal? He was strong. Really? He was a strong man, yeah. Probably a lot of people after him to kill him probably got to be on your P's and Q's. Probably. And he gave me direction, he just gave me direction, you know, and he didn't... Like how to do it right? He didn't conversate a ton, but he would, yeah, this is how you do it. This is how you do it. Did you ever ask him about the Klan? I didn't ask him about that, dude. I wanted to try and meet his lady, dude. I was trying to mill around and see if I could smell a pair of her pantalones, you feel me, dude? You and your little kid? I mean, at that time, I was 15, man. Oh, so it was gorgeous. Really? I was erect, bro. How old was she? I've never been more erect than I was back then. Ever?