The Future of Anti-Radiation Clothing


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Duncan Trussell

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Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comic, writer, actor, host of the "Duncan Trussell Family Hour" podcast, creator of "The Midnight Gospel" on Netflix, and the voice of "Hippocampus" on the television series "Krapopolis."


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There will be no like secrets Within 20 years there would be zero secrets of anything in your mind You won't even be able to keep thought secret within 20 years, right? Because they'll figure out a way just to like read just to do it man Just to know what the neural energy is inside of your brain pick it up Yeah, and then translated anyone driving by people that's oh my god. It's coming ten foil That's when truly people are gonna have to start wearing Imagine if that's what really works. It's not tinfoil, but it's one of those what are those things called they You put your phone into and then Faraday cage. Yeah, it's like a Faraday cage There's no doubt it is tin foil hat. Yeah, the tin foil hat It's a Faraday hat and when you see someone wearing it you're like there goes a liar Look at them with their fucking liars helmet on they have to wear that so we don't know what they're really thinking But what if the hackers get a hold of that and make? like Influential programs that go into your fucking memories and and change memories like well we have these digital memories But we also have filters Fuck up someone already made one of these this is the best day of their life by the way Faraday cap Oh my god, they have one lambs Faraday cap wave stopper technology 99% UV and wireless radiation Why do I think it's hot that she would believe that? Right a pretty girl that is a Faraday hat on cool like yeah, she's so crazy She believes the government's trying to wire. I like it. It's fucking cool. Yeah That's like a little red whining. I love that. Oh, this is on Amazon. It's only 60 bucks Wow Faraday radiation protection. I'm gonna wear that on stage from now on that's my new look. Yeah, but what happens you start wearing that podcast? We're wearing those and our and all of a sudden we're weird dose, please We're way more articulate We're way more articulate imagine like our clear up what if all of a sudden you just feel more relaxed And you realize oh my god. It's electronic Interception just like Jesus Christ. I got fucking up bees. Yeah, you know they think cell phone signals are fucking bees up Yeah, I think it's like a constant jackhammer They're like whoa like this shit is not supposed to be out here. They're supposed to be out communicating somehow or another They don't exactly know That's so creepy man. That's so sad. I what's so funny? Would say it there's a beanie a beanie. Why is that so funny? You just thought it was that funny JB did you get a contact? I know we know there's Temple where oh Maybe he's they would get temple a new beanie against 5g cell towers smart meters and Wi-Fi. Maybe that's what uh Maybe he's ahead of the game keep your family protected You should keep your family protected your fucking kids to wear beanie Yeah, man. Oh, we got to get a beanie. We go. Well. We should definitely get a hood Well, why don't you start making them? Jre Faraday cat cages. It's called a very touch and go raincoat. Oh nice like a night Shielding for your mind you're a knight of the digital war there you go. Oh, that's a Faraday cage That's oh for hunting that way I could really be one with nature without any influence by the government You can keep your phone in that pocket right near your ear Here my flicks like a cell phone pocket does the Answer your phone from right there. Hello Duncan speaking. There's like a little hole where the microphone is at the bottom Oh god. I love it, man. I I'm actually there's a whole industry out there for these things of course Pretty fascinating. It's probably let's get ready for Faraday cage underwear because I know those are out there, too Right I mean that makes more sense to me a dick sheath something to keep you at the EMF Yeah, yeah, like a jock strap like some kind of a harness 100% that makes more sense in the hell. Yeah, but there they go Yeah, it's already there. Where the where we got here all of it. Those are Faraday cage. Yep, Faraday underwear Very very good. That's you give that to your girl. So baby. It's the same company lambs are all over it That's crazy, man. You said baby this pussy can't be on an open network. We've got to close you to the digital signal I'm gonna put a Faraday cage over that pussy Anti-radiation under all that I mean, I don't know if that's a bad idea as a testicular cancer survivor I think it's a good idea Do you think that the radiation that you get from cell phones gives people cancer or could I don't know don't answer that? Cuz we're on podcast We don't know. We don't know. I'm like don't answer that what I would it's terrible question answer Oh you but you guys think you're allowed to go. I don't know and then say maybe it's this right? Like we don't so clearly we don't know. I don't know But I know that like before I got testicular cancer I played a lot of fucking World of Warcraft on a laptop right on my dick. I know that Jesus Christ Is that what did it who knows but I would imagine Keeping like a powerful thing that's radiating energy over your balls Is probably not the best idea. That's not the best idea. No try to get a little separation I don't think that's crazy or anything