Rob Lowe and His Sons Went Hunting for Bigfoot


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Rob Lowe

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Rob Lowe is an actor, producer, and director. His new podcast "Literally! with Rob Lowe" is available on Spotify.


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Was Michael Landon Aquaman? Patrick Duffy. Patrick Duffy was on. Man from Atlantis. Man from Atlantis. That's right. I saw the first thing, dude, the first time I ever saw something being filmed in California. I had just come out from Ohio. It was 1976. And traffic was all blocked off at the Malibu Pier. And it got out of my... and I saw the lights. It was in the daytime. It was so long ago, they still had lights for daytime shooting. And they were about to do a stunt to where Patrick Duffy is the man from Atlantis who was going to jump off the Malibu Pier. And I was so fucking excited. I used to try to swim like him. Because remember the man from the next... Yeah. He would swim like a porpoise. He would swim like a porpoise. And my favorite thing was what made him from Atlantis was this part of his body had a web. Yes. That's it. This is it. Right here. That's all I had. And couldn't he breathe underwater? He could breathe underwater, but this made... That was all I could afford with the special effects. A webbing between his thumb and forefinger. I'm so into it. I'm not going to be getting land to sky anywhere. Are you really? Oh yeah. Fuck. I love it. I'm trying to figure out where it was. They think they found it. They think they found something that represents exactly what the depictions of Atlantis were. Like these rings, concentric rings. They think that there's some place... Oh God. I want to say like... I want to say off of Spain, off the coast of Spain. Isn't our guy Graham saying that basically Atlantis was the pre-existing civilization and it was not an island or one place. It was all of it. Yeah. That's what they think. But it's all speculation. But whatever it was, there's so many different versions of that. So many different versions of this spectacular seaport civilization that was destroyed in the flood. The flood of the Bible, like Noah's Ark, there's also an ancient story called the Epic of Gilgamesh. Yes, of course. Yeah. And that story is a very similar story about a flood. And this is one of the things that Graham Hancock points to, that there's all these civilizations that talk about... But had no interaction with each other in theory and yet they all have the same oral histories. I did a show with my boys called The Loaf Isles and it was basically... It was an excuse for my boys and I to run around in a souped up raptor around the country and explore urban legends. Oh, wow. And it was Anthony Bourdain meets Scooby-Doo. It was a fucking dream come true. That sounds awesome. It was a dream come true. What network was this for? A&E. They were great that they let us do it, but it couldn't have been a worse fit. When they put us with ancient aliens for one night, we blew the roof off the place. Really? And we got to look for the wood ape, we got to look for Bigfoot, we did poltergeists. The Loaf Isles. See if you can find the opening credits for The Loaf Isles. It's one of my proudest moments. What year is this? Four years ago? Let's see if they have it. Give me some volume on this. Love spooky legends and scary mysteries. Are we gonna give you trouble for using blue eyes to cut that out? Joe didn't see my homage to the very, very end, my homage to Hawaii Five-O. It's the very last 30 seconds of the clip. You have to see it, because I'm sure you remember this great shot from Jack Lord's credits in the end of Hawaii Five-O. It's right at the end. Go over here, right here, watch, here it comes. Do you remember that shot in the balcony? Yes, I do. I did that. I did it. Yes. That's hilarious. I designed that whole credit sequence. I got the song. I did the whole... It's one of my favorite things I've done. Blue Oyster Cult. Don't fear the reaper. It's best. It's a great fucking song. So, what are the subjects? You went for Bigfoot? We did Bigfoot twice. We did Bigfoot up in Northern California in Walnut Creek. The Patterson, Giblet, film was shot. Turns out, the wood ape of Arkansas, Oklahoma is the most active place. That was where we had some really radical experiences, where I heard stuff. You heard stuff? Oh yeah, I heard lip popping and chest beating. Really? You really think it was real? I heard chest beating. I don't know. Who made a great fucking Bigfoot movie? Bobcat Goldwight. What? Yup. A great Bigfoot movie. Come on. A scary Bigfoot movie. What is it called again? Do you remember? Willow Creek. Willow Creek. Oh yeah. Did you remember... You ever seen... What is this? He did it like Blair Witch style. I'm writing that down. I love that. It's fucking good, man. We had a great time and we went with all these guys who were real legit people. They're like regular people and they spend their time out in the woods and they know how many are out there. It was crazy. Matthew, my youngest son, through the thermal imaging saw him doing the thing with a high bind. So you really think that Bigfoot's real? I don't know. I mean, here's the slogan for the low files was, it's more fun to believe. It definitely is more fun to believe. And that's really where I come down on it. I don't have a dog in the fight, but it's way more fucking fun. For sure. Way more fun. I want Bigfoot to be real. I've always wanted it to be real. The problem is the people looking at it also want it to be real. They're trying so hard. They see shadows. They think that are Bigfoot. There's some interesting things. There's some interesting things in terms of like dermal ridges they found on footprints. And there's also- There's a lot of hair samples in the show that come back and they don't know what they got them from. Not really. Really? Yeah, I looked into that. Oh, tell me how do that. I did a show called Joe Rogan Questions Everything for sci-fi. Me and my buddy Duncan went up to the Pacific Northwest. We brought stuff to real biologists and we actually had samples analyzed. They're all bare. When they say that there's some human or primate DNA, it's always contaminated. It's like the chain of custody between the actual piece of hair and getting into the lab is always contaminated. No one just stops- No, it's next to their granola bars and their backpacks that are hiking out. If you touch something, you get your sweat on it and it could show up as human DNA or animal DNA mixed with human DNA. The problem is the people that are into it, the real problem is they want to believe so fucking bad that they just have this crazy confirmation bias and they only look at the good things. Well, my favorite episodes of The Low Files were the ones where we didn't find shit. They were my favorite. Because it's just a dad and two idiot kids having a blast. The thing about Bigfoot that's interesting is Native Americans had more than 100 different names for that animal. They don't have names for other mythical creatures. Then on top of that, there was an actual animal called the Gigantopithecus. It was a huge ape-like creature that stood on two legs and walked upright and was probably some sort of looked like orangutan-like. It probably looked exactly like what we think of as Bigfoot. It was an actual real animal. Have you ever seen the images of that? I have. It's funny, the deep connection between Native Americans and that legend is really, really profound. I've had in one of the episodes that we did, we talked with some of the elders and they would say, no, I reached through the window and touched my chest. It's like, you're like, this guy's not crazy. I'm not talking to a crazy person. Right, but they also have peyote. Native Americans have other shit. That's true. It would let you see Bigfoot. Maybe that's the thing. You only see Bigfoot. Bigfoot's real, but he's interdimensional. You only see him when you're on drugs. That could happen. That absolutely could be real. If you get on the right psychedelics, you'll meet alien.