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Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson is the former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world and host of the “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast. http://www.miketyson.com/ http://www.hotboxinpodcast.com/


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My main objective and everything I've been embarking on and been involving myself with it's all been because of a fresh start. I feel fresh, I feel new, I feel there's nothing to stop me, nothing to be in my way and it's just an awesome feeling. So this is from doing that one DMT experience that sent you into a different person? I did it one time but I did it many times that day. But yeah, I don't know what it is. I'm trying to figure it out but I've changed but I still don't figure it out. I still don't know how. Yeah, I describe it for a lot of people it's like resetting a computer. You reset a computer you have a fresh new desktop and there's only one folder on the desktop and that folder says my old bullshit. Listen, stop. I'm saying to myself right now sometimes I'm wondering if this new feeling that I'm possessing right now, is it a real feeling? Does this stuff really help? Am I lying to myself again until the next moment, that next feeling come to do some drugs, to be with somebody else? What's really going on? Is that feeling going to come back? At this moment, does that feeling feel like it's never coming back? It can never come back if you decide that it's never coming back. But you have to make that decision pretty much every day. But you can never come back if you want or you could slip into the old ways. That's what a lot of people do. When a lot of people fall into drug additions, relapsing, when they relapse they're not physically addicted when they're relapsed. Obviously they're clean and then they decide to go back in. It's because there's comfort in those old patterns. Because this new way of life is just they get anxiety, they feel like it's a lot of pressure to stay clean. Let's explain it. I hate that. I always hated that, oh wait, I never wanted to do drugs but then I do them again. I never wanted to. I hate to... No, no. What the... No, come on. You understand what I'm saying? No, I don't want... Fuck, I don't want that. And then once you do that, then you're going all out now. You got to look at that. The girl, oh man, this is just a dark, dark, vicious cycle. It's real dark. It's self-destructive. It's all about ego inflating and self-deprecating, self-destruct. It also alleviates you from the responsibility of improving. That pressure of keeping it together, staying sober, being disciplined, all that stuff. Once it's gone, it's gone. Like, ah, I'm just fucking crazy. I'm crazy. This is just what I do. I'm crazy. And it's easy to fall into that trap and that's what happens to a lot of people who relapse with drugs. I never want to go back to that again. That's just a no-win situation. That's one of the great things about marijuana that people don't understand. They think that a drug is a drug is a drug. They're all falling under the same category. But you can use marijuana and just be peaceful and not chaotic. And the opposite will make you think more about the consequences of ruining your life.