Legendary Film Producer Jon Peters on Meeting Elvis and Michael Jackson


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Starsborn was something that when I first read it I called her and I said I read this thing She said, you schmuck, it's been made three times before and she hung up the phone on me That was 1976 with you And that's when I met Elvis I went through your IMDB Holy shit have you produced a lot of movies Yeah, a lot of marijuana man A lot of getting fucked up Jack You made so many movies Yeah, over 100 That's incredible Yeah, because I always was a story teller And as a kid I didn't always tell the truth But they were my stories My life became my story My stories became my life The things that I'm doing today Are things that I said I would do I wanted to be, I wanted, I was in love with Ali I made Ali the life story of I was in love with Presley I wanted him to be in Starsborn We flew up to Vegas And we met with him And he was so fat he couldn't sit in a chair He was about 100 pounds overweight And he said I got a problem and I got a problem I said what's your problem? He said I'm having a fight with my girlfriend And I said what does that mean? He said well she's flying in my 747 For two hours I haven't decided whether to let her land or not So yeah, so I've been lucky I've been a really blessed lucky guy Did you meet Elvis when he was doing karate? Yeah So that was when he was Ed Parker's student? No, no, no, no, no, I met him once When he was really fat And Colonel Parker called me and said he wants to do the movie But you can't be a part of it So I called because I was a producer I created it, I wrote it There was my thing then, I was obsessed with this movie And the love story was me and Barbara We copied it And Barbara said fuck him I said fuck you And so he didn't do it And then later after the movie Priscilla Presley called me And said to me I gotta tell you He wanted to see it on opening day And he did And he cried that he didn't do it Because I would have got to the other side of Elvis I would have got to the pain I would have got to the feelings I would have got past the other thing It would have been gigantic Because I saw that in him I could feel the pain in him So when you met him was towards the end then? Yes time Towards the end Did you watch the film? The new one? The new Elvis movie? Fantastic It's amazing, right? Yes, because they did it differently Yeah, they did a completely different thing It was amazing Just the way it was edited and put together With all the things in between the scenes It was incredible It was so good But that story is such a unique story Because there had never been a person like him before That was that famous Ever He still gives me Chillsman Michael Jackson was like the next one, right? He had never been someone like him either Michael Jackson and I I went to him And when I was doing Starsborne I mean Batman And I had Prince to do the music And I wanted Michael to do the warring theme So it was like a fight So Michael Jackson plays Michael Jackson plays Batman, the guy And Prince plays the Joker Jack Nicholson But Michael backed out We became friends He took me to his house He showed me Thriller And he said I showed him this because you did American Werewolf in London And I copied you to do Thriller Wow