Joe Rogan's Full Comments on Kids Playing Video Games


3 years ago



Joe De Sena

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Joe De Sena is the CEO and founder of "Spartan" and the "Death Race". He is also a NY Times best selling author of "Spartan Up", "Spartan Fit" and "The Spartan Way".


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I found, I don't know if you agree with this, there were a ton of kids along the way growing up as I was building my business that would say, oh, I'm not into this. I'm not into that. Kind of like you described yourself. And they don't do anything because they're looking for that thing. And I would argue, do something. Do fucking something until you find that thing. Yeah, I've never been that kid though. I've always been into things. I was into art or I was into something. I always found things that I was interested in. Just none of them seemed like they were normal things that other people wanted to do for a living. Like the path, like a career path. But I think that there's a lot of people that don't have any, there's no one, they're not modeling their life after someone that they see that they admire. Someone that's successful, someone that is doing something that they enjoy and love. Sometimes kids have to see that. And if their parents are living a bullshit life and their neighbors are living a bullshit life and most of their family lives a bullshit life, they just fucking lay around. And then they seek refuge in drugs or video games or something that stimulates them. And video games are a real problem. They're a real problem. Why? Because they're fucking fun. Addictive. Yeah, well, I have a real problem with them. And you do them and they're real exciting, but you don't get anywhere. It's like you could do like martial arts, right? You could learn jiu-jitsu. You get obsessed by jiu-jitsu. And then three years later, you're like an elite jiu-jitsu athlete. You're entering in competitions. You're a purple belt. You're moving up. Yeah, you're doing well. You're thinking like, I might be able to open my own school one day. You got confidence. Yeah, if I have a hundred students and those hundred students are paying me X amount of dollars per month, I can make a living. Holy shit, I can have a, this would be amazing. And then you see your jiu-jitsu school and your jiu-jitsu instructor has all these students and drives a Mercedes and he's got a nice family and like, that's the future this way. You're doing something exciting and fun and you don't, or you could just be playing fucking video games. Three years later, you could be that same kid just playing video games, waiting for the next VIX, whatever the fuck game is, you know, next Xbox game to come out and you're going to waste your time. You have children. I have children and it's a big battle in the house. And my kids, I don't know if you're going through this, but my kids are now saying, well dad, this guy made all this money with this video game. He's a man. That's real too. That's real too now. So like, that's one in a billion kid. I don't know if it's one in a billion, but you know, look, I heard the same argument about comedy. You know, my own parents were like, do you know how few people make it as a comedian? I was like, okay, does anybody make it? Somebody makes it, right? They figure out how to do it. They make 11. I'm going to do that. I know what I'm doing. I was real lucky that my parents were not around very much, so I didn't get much advice. So I figured it out myself. So there was no one telling me I couldn't do it. So green fields. I, yeah, I just, I was like, I'm going to find my way through this. And since no one's telling me it's impossible, no one's telling me I can't occasionally out here, someone say, what are the odds? I'm like, listen, this fucking loser. That's my thought was always like that guy's a loser. Like if you think like that, you're a loser. There are kids that make a lot of fucking money playing video games. But the thing is like, you have to be adaptable. You have to be able to play multiple video games because the one video game that you get really good at, what are the odds? That's going to be around five years from now. You know, like what's the big one now? Like Fortnite is that do they make money off of that? Yeah. And then there's a call of duty. They make money off that. What's the big money? Starcraft used to be the big one, right? That League of Legends Counter Strike. Counter Strike is still the half life mod. Yeah. Variations of it have come out, but it's still basically the same exact game. They don't make money off quick though, right? Not really. Nah, really. One or two guys do, I think. Yeah. See, it's, you got to pick the right game. You know, you can be obsessed with the wrong game. But what are you going to spend five, 10 hours a day on that? You have to. You would have to. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.